“Last Resort, 666 Park Avenue” Cancelled

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ABC has pulled the plug on two of its new fall series.

Last Resort and 666 Park Avenue will end their runs after 13 episodes.  The network declined to order a full season of both shows, due to struggles in the ratings.

ABC said it will air the full run of both series.  No word yet on if either series will have time to create a series finale.



  1. So typical of network television. 666 & Park was a great show. With a little more promotion from the network and maybe a better day, say like a Tuesday the show would have found its audience. This is why I cannot be loyal to the three main networks because they cannot be bothered to nurture and be patient with worthwhile shows. Everything is so ratings driven that the networks often throw out the baby with the bath water. A pity.

  2. I love Last Resort. Oh well. Two more shows (three if you count Fringe)and I won’t be watching network TV at all.

  3. tensaibaka says:

    Kind of sad about Last Resort, but 666 was kind of in the writing with the constantly dwindling viewers. 666 kind of beat around the bush a little too much, and I really don’t care for the out of work screen writer/photographer side plot. Other than that it was an okay show.

    Last Resort is kind of disappointing. Although not really sci-fi in the sense we know, I think this would have really picked up if given a second season.

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