Fans Chase Moffat From Twitter

Doctor Who producer Steven Mofftat’s Twitter feed used to be a source of fun rumors and hints about the direction of the series.

Not anymore.

Moffat has abandoned his Twitter account–and you can thank fan boys for it.

One of Moffat’s last Tweets from @steven_moffat asked, “Forgive my ignorance – is there a way to limit who can follow you and Tweet you?”

It was followed by Moffat’s Twitter page disappearing without any warning or word.  His wife confirmed the bad news via her Twitter feed, saying:

So, good job to the annoying fan boys who drove him away and ruined the fun for all the rest of us!  Hope you’re happy!

Link: The Mary Sue Things We Saw Today: Steven Moffat Deleted His Twitter Account


  1. Mich67 says

    lol no matter what side they fall on…obsessed fanboys or haters it never leads to anything good…that’s why I don’t have a Twitter account. Facebook isn’t much better.