“Walking Dead” Season Premiere Announced

The third season of The Walking Dead will debut on October 14.

The announcement came today as part of the show’s panel at ComicCon.

The panel also included a screening of a new trailer for season three.  \

The panel confirmed that Merle, last seen in season one, will return next year. For those of you who forgot, Merle was last seen on top of a department store in Atlanta, handcuffed to a pipe.

As for what else is ahead, star Andrew Lincoln says that this season will about Rick becoming the group’s leader.

“He’s been pushing people away to protect his son; in doing so, he loses his humanity,” Lincoln said. “Rick has isolated himself from the group and in his marriage and that’s the way he’s been protecting everybody… The season is very much about him realizing that he does need other people to survive.”


  1. says

    I’m actually hoping that DISH’s fees dispute with AMC and DirecTV’s fees dispute with Viacom open the door to us end consumers being able to get a la carte programming options at last.

    I know DirecTV has been interested in providing a la carte programming to sort of stem the loss of subscribers, but their hands have always been tied by the “bundling” crap that the media conglomerates are sticking with… offering 2 or 3 channels people want to watch with 5 more that not even bored pets at home with the TV left on all day will watch.

    I believe it’d also make some of those viewer numbers more accurate. I can’t help but wonder how many of those channels only have the numbers they say because of the bundles they’re packaged with. Makes me wonder if maintaining the channel packaging is one reason behind some of the media company mergers, because I think we can come up with a list of 50-100 channels that could go away and not be missed by anyone save the execs making money off of them! :)

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