Gabel No Longer “Fringe” Regular

Warning: This article reveals SPOILERS for the season finale of Fringe.  If you haven’t seen the final hours of season four and don’t want to know what happens, stop reading now!

A season after being promoted to series regular, actor Seth Gabel looks like he won’t be on Fringe full time anymore.

If you watched the final episodes of the fourth season, you’ll know that Lincoln chose to go with Fauxlivia and remain on the other side when the doorway between the universes was closed.

Because of that, Gabel won’t  be back as a regular next year.

“I don’t think [we’ll see Lincoln again]. Unless we go to the other side, no,” actress Anna Torv tells TVLine.

Of course, this is Fringe so we could see Lincoln again if we visit the alternate universe one last time in season five.


  1. Jayson says

    I don’t think this is a big deal since they closed the bridge and left Lincoln in the alternate universe. Also, there are only 13 episodes in the final season but I wouldn’t count on not seeing the alternate universe one more time before the series ends.

  2. startrekmom says

    They may devise a story line that requires them attempt to reopen the bridge. In which case, we could see the alti-verse again. Plus, we only have an initial 13 eps. ordered, they could always order more, or drop the total as well. We won’t know until the ratings come in next fall.

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