Scott Has Begun Prepping “Blade Runner” Sequel

Now that he’s finished word on Prometheus, director Ridley Scott is readying for a return to another influential sci-fi universe. Scott tells The Daily Beast that he’s begun meeting with people for a sequel to his influential classic Blade Runner.

“We have a very good take on it,” Scott says, referring to the script by Hampton Fancher. Scott also reveals the sequel will be set “some years” after the original.

Scott also says that he’s looking to shake things up in the Blade Runner universe.

“And we’ll definitely be featuring a female protagonist,” he adds.


  1. says

    Ugh, when did Ridley start wearing the flannel? Oh, wait, there are half a dozen versions of the original, aren’t there? Never mind.

    That said, still looking forward to Prometheus. Just leery of what will come of a project without a PKD template to work off of.

  2. says

    I am looking forward to Prometheus, but not sure a Blade Runner sequel will fly without somekind of Harrison Ford camera time. Bring Sean Young back too just to show that even the beautiful replicants can get old, really spaced-out and haggard looking.

  3. Forest A. Ormes says

    Without Phillip K Dick, I fear the sequel will start end with mediocrity. Agree about bringing back Sean Young. Harrison Ford must be in it. As far as a female protagonist, this political correctness imposed on a classic scifi film with one of the greatest scenes in film will likely guarantee a run-of-the mill banal action film set in the future. Sad. Because Blade Runner is a favorite film of many, many people, transcending genre. You will not come close to getting the same set design. Do you smell a money maker riding the coattails of this fine film?

    • Scott says

      “…one of the greatest scenes in film…”? Which one would that be?. I enjoyed Bladerunner very much, but I don’t recall any particular scene that I could describe as one of the greatest scenes ever…

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