Fox Won’t Decide “Terra Nova” Fate Until 2012

If you’re hoping for a renewal of Terra Nova under your Christmas tree this year, you’ll be disappointed.

Series star Jason O’Mara tweeted this week that Fox won’t decide whether or not to pick up the show for a sophomore season until 2012.

“Decision to pick up #TerraNova for S2 deferred to New Year by @FOXBroadcasting. Everyone involved remains confident and optimistic,” he Tweets.
It’s reported that Fox is going to wait and see how Alcatraz and Touch do in the ratings before making a decision on Terra Nova.


    • Kevin says

      Proof that the show was expensive and didn’t get as high ratings as the studio expected. Not an awful show by any means, but the costs are such that the bar was very high for it to yield a return on investment.

  1. Thomas says

    Or you could just say that, like a lot of shows, this was meant to be a pilot season to see if people would even like the concept.

    • Psage7 says

      The show was great. Awsome digital affects. Great story line. this show was a good one like defying Gravity.

      • Avon says

        I really miss this show. I waited each week for it. As for the other 2 shows that were in the works after T N , Touch was silly and Alcatraz wa horrible!

        I wish they would bring back Terra Nova!!!!

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