“Watchmen” Sequel Finally Moving Forward

Is the long rumored sequel to Watchmen finally beginning to move forward?

It may be.

According to reports from the New York Comic Con, DC is working on plans to get the sequel to Watchmen off the ground.

Among those being linked to the project are Darwyn Cooke (New Frontier, the Parker series) J. Michael Straczynski, J.G. Jones, Andy Kubert and Brian Azzerello.

Blastr reports that DC is holding secret meetings this week and one of the subjects could be the sequel.

As you may recall, Watchmen co-creator Alan Moore is against a sequel to his influential graphic novel and has said he will not be involved with the projetct.


  1. KGDC says

    I liked the Watchmen movie. I didn’t care how it did in the movies because I knew it was made for the fans… but a sequel? No. I refuse.

  2. says

    LOVED the Watchmen movie. I expect next they wan’t to make a sequel to Citizen Cane or the Shawshank Redemption. Some stories should be allowed to have an ending.

  3. Barry from Athens says

    I’m reserving judgment about a Watchmen sequel. I can’t quite see how some of the most popular parts of the original comic series could be recaptured. but I’m willing to admit that something as rich and crunchy could be produced.

    A big part of the original appeal of Watchmen was the portrayal of superheroes as flawed and human. But everyone does that nowadays. I’m not sure how a sequel would be special or unique or take that core idea to the next level.

  4. Kurt in St. George says

    What is the point? They told the story, nothing is left to be said. Also, the most fully realized character in the movie dies at the end. None of the rest of the performances were compelling enough for me to want to watch them take lead in the next film.

    • Englad says

      It’d have to be a prequel, but it’s a god awful idea. I love rorschach, he’s my favourite character but everything that can be said has been said.

      We know about Rorschach’s, Comedian’s, and Dr. Manhattan’s past, and some of Ozymandias’s, Silk Spectre and NiteOwl aren’t that interesting.

      I suppose it could be about the minutemen, but i’m so not interested in either a prequel, or a sequel.

      If it’s a sequel, there’s THREE characters left.. Silk Spectre and nite owl and also OzyMandias. Rorschach is dead, the comedian is dead, Dr. Manhattan has left

  5. Hazza says

    Well… Maybe a good sequel could be about Dr Manhattans new world and the life he created and as they struggle through life he struggles to decide whether he should interfere and maybe taint them or let them make their own choices while he struggles to accept himself as a god….

  6. DocBrownLives says

    Being a big fan of Watchmen, I believe a sequel could still be possible. It only depends on how well it’s written. It would be a very complex story, probably taking place in the mid 2010’s, but dealing more with the idea of how long Veidt’s peace would truly last, and where humanity would go from there. I believe it would be more of a testament of how history will always repeat itself, and that despite being flawed and human, heroes will always be needed just as violence, crime, evil, and war will always return. The story will probably focus on a new set of heroes, possibly of the Generation X or Y, and how they cope with the new world their parents left for them. It would still focus on the hardships that their Watchmen predecessors went through, but to a different era and the differant events that would shape them. It would be a new companion piece to a new generation of readers. A friend of mine, who also likes the idea of a sequel even joked about those against it. These were his words (“I don’t find anything wrong with a continuation, I guess those who think Watchmen should end in 1985 are obviously stuck in 1985″).

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