NBC Announces “The Event” Return Date

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Eager for more of “The Event?”

Then mark your calendar for Monday, March 6. That’s when the series returns with a two-hour double-bill. It will be preceded by a re-cap episode.

NBC announced the mid-season return for the show yesterday.

The tenth episode, ‘Everything Will Change’, was broadcast on November 29, after which the series was taken off the air for three months.

Oscar-winning cinematographer Janusz Kaminski will also reportedly direct the show’s fifteenth instalment, expected to air in March.


  1. March 6 is a Sunday.

  2. It’s coming back on March 7th. It’s a typo in the article.

  3. Looking forward to it…it’s still a long wait though…Guess it’s better than being canceled.

  4. This is the problem to me. At this point I no longer care as it has been so long. I hope I can get back into it and it gets better.

  5. “At this point I no longer care as it has been so long.”

    Oh, come on. It’s only a three-month break. Apparently, you don’t watch cable. If you did, three months would seem fast. I’ve seen shows have six-, nine-, even eleven-month MID-SEASON breaks before. Three months is no big deal. And when the show comes back, it’ll be non-stop new episodes until the end of the season. I’m not complaining.

  6. Tripp Taylor says:

    Looking forward to it.. I did a marathon watch of all the episodes on my Time Warner On Demand..only to find they had put another copy of episode 1 where episode 7 was supposed to be left a big whole and a lot of WTF. But I am looking forward to the return..

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