Janet Jackson Super Bowl Fiasco Changed “Lost”

It’s been a few year since the Janet Jackson Super Bowl fiasco.

But we’re still finding out ways it had an impact.

One of them was on ABC’s series “Lost.”

Producer Carleton Cuse tells Entertainment Weekly that in the wake of the controversy over the nipple slip, standards and practices for all networks went into red alert mode. And that meant some extra scrutiny for the Kate-Sawyer love-scene in season three.

“After ‘Nipplegate,’ there was a higher level of scrutiny by Standards and Practices. It created a real sense of uncertainty about what constituted indecency. I remember sitting with [an ABC executive] going over a love scene frame by frame and debating how much of Kate’s lower breast we could see while Sawyer was lifting up her shirt,” Cuse says.

We’ll have more on Cuse’s reflections on life after “Lost” on this week’s Slice of SciFi. The live recording is Thursday and the podcast goes live Saturday.


  1. Jimmy B says

    I look North to Canada and they don’t freak out about stuff like this. So I start to wonder if the whole breaking away from England was such a good thing.

  2. says

    (Stay on target folks. Quit yer snipping or I’ll shut it down… again)

    Agreed that is is completely messed up that we live in a place where we worry about something… NATURAL as the human form but violence and all that brings with it, is completely fine. *shakes head*

    I highly doubt that anyone was scarred for life because of a nipple and if they were, they have MANY more problems to count.

  3. says

    We obviously all went to hell in Oz. The nipple was shown unpixelated on the 6pm news here. At least we can rely on your cable channels for boobies. Thanks Showtime, HBO et al.

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