Slice of SciFi #274: Interview with Mark Edlitz (Director, “Jedi Junkies”)

In the News:

  • Facebook is working to make sure younger users are safe on-line.
  • Blizzard is backing off from having to use your real name as your user name on
  • The tunic worn by William Shatner in “Star Trek II” is up for auction.

Special Segment: Multiverse News with Nigel Blackwood

Movie Talk:

  • Movies for families are doing well this summer.
  • Reboot Rage: “Oh God!”

Slice of Trivia: Kurts back with some new clips to test the crew and you.  Can you figure them out before the studio crew does? And don’t forget Kurt needs your clips for future trivia segments. Send them:

TV Talk:  We’ll talk about the new season of “Eureka”

Interview: This week, we talk to Mark Edlitz, the director of the documentary “Jedi Junkies”. Find out more about this project about extreme “Star Wars” fans.

In the Future:

  • Ed Norton won’t be the Hulk in “The Avengers”
  • A third “Robot Chicken: Star Wars” segment is coming.

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  1. tensaibaka says

    For those who never saw it, here’s a video of the guys who built the life-size millenium falcon: