UK Bow Tie Sales Surge

In “The Eleventh Hour,” Matt Smith’s Doctor declares “bow ties are cool.”

Apparently, fans agree.

Sales of bow ties are up in the U.K. reports London’s Telegraph.

Topman, a store that targets the same young demographic as “Doctor Who,” reports sales of bow ties are up 12 percent in the last month.

A spokeman for the store said: “Since the new Doctor Who aired we have seen a dramatic rise in bow tie sales, in the last month up sales have increased by 94%.

“Last week alone they accounted for 14% of all our tie sales – whereas over the last 6 months they have been only taking around 3% of our tie sales.

“It appears that the Doctor’s fondness for bow ties has been picked up by some of our shoppers and has translated into extra sales.”

The bow tie is thought to have first come from Croatian mercenaries in the 17th century during the Prussian wars, when they used it to hold together the opening of their shirts.

It was then adopted by the French who developed it into the form it is seen today and is worn by the Doctor.

They are usually associated with professors, teachers, clowns – and of course – doctors.

Guild of Tiemakers chairman John Miln said he was pleased the unusual trend had been kicked off by the show.

He said: “Doctor Who has sparked a trend and a renewed interest – there’s no doubt of that.

“It’s always pleasing to know when TV stars start wearing something a bit different.

“There’s obviously going to be significant interest in these style of ties now that he’s wearing them.

“I think that everyone that is on television has a big influence on the public and I would expect that the Doctor is right up there with the best of them.

“In my mind they’re going to be worn on nights out and special occasions.

“I think most of us have got bow ties hidden away somewhere and I think we are going to be seeing more of them out on the streets.”


  1. AndyMac says

    I don’t get it. In my whole life I have never attempted to alter my appearance or clothing to look like someone on TV. I get dressing up for conventions or Halloween. Those are play time. But to get a hair cut like a star on TV or to start wearing a particular piece of clothing like someone on TV in your normal daily life doesn’t make sense to me.

  2. ejdalise says

    Well, yeah, if you are a well-adjusted individual with a smidgen of self confidence, positive self-image, and are grounded in reality.

    Then again, you likely follow some sort of dress convention established and accepted by the collective (eg. you likely wear pants over your underwear, not vice-versa, and you probably wear shoes and shirts when eating out).

    In a way, some people’s choice of bow ties is not much different, as it still falls within socially acceptable mode of dress. Now, if they wore them as belts, then we might look at them askance.

  3. TallGrrl says

    It all depends on who (no pun intended) is wearing it.
    A REAL bow tie–not a clip on–is an impressive thing.
    In “Raiders of the Lost Ark”, Prof. Jones wore a bow tie.
    Drop. Dead. Sexy. (The female students were definitely turned on by his hotness. Me too. Just sayin’.)
    The 11th Doctor has that retro steampunk slightly mad scientist thing going on and it defnitely turns me on. Again, just sayin’.
    So, I LOVE the bow tie. It’s a great look.
    The 9th Doctor had his smashing leather coat.
    The 10th Doctor had his long coat and suit.
    The 11th Doctor is young, but has a ‘throw-back’ look with his braces (suspenders) and bow tie.
    Love. It.
    Guys, learn to tie a bow tie. (Clip ons are for loosers.)
    You just might be surprised.
    Just sayin’.
    ; )

  4. ejdalise says

    How about those which twirl like a propeller? . . . them be sexy too?

    How about the ones already attached to the front of a sleeveless, backless shirt (the kind which roll up like blinds when they pop out of the waistline?

    Didn’t Les Nessman, Pee Wee Herman, Jimmy Olsen, Magilla Gorilla, Dagwood, Krusty the Klown, and Moe all wear bow ties? . . . and let’s not forget Lurch.

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