BBC Cancels “Survivors”

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The upcoming American release of the BBC remake of “Survivors” on DVD touts the set as the complete first and second season.

You can change that packaging to say, the complete series.

Total SciFi reports that the BBC has pulled the plug on the show after two seasons.

“Sadly the BBC aren’t going to do any more Survivors,” a source close to the production told “They expressed genuine affection for the show and a real desire to go again but felt that with the ratings having slipped a little since the first series they couldn’t take the risk. The sad truth is that we’re somewhat the victims of having gone out on the main channel – in some ways the exposure is wonderful but in other ways it’s a mixed blessing.

“Shows like ‘Torchwood’ and ‘Being Human’ benefitted from growing their audiences on the digital channels where it’s easier for this kind of genre show to grow and develop without being judged. With ratings over 4 million, Survivors would be considered to have a very substantial audience almost anywhere else except BBC1 and perhaps ITV.”

The source added that the cast and production team felt they had “ truly begun to hit our creative stride in series 2” and were upset at not getting the chance to develop the series further.


  1. After BBC America shifted “Survivors” from Saturday night to Tuesday I should have known something was up. Anyway I won’t be watching the remaining episodes of season 2 since there’s no point to it.

  2. I loved the second season. Very disappointing there will not be a third.

  3. Tammy Smith says:

    What a shame. I watched it mainly for Paterson Joseph (Greg). It was a good show, very scary.

  4. I’m not too surprised. I enjoyed the first several episodes but then began loosing interest in the characters and soon cared less and less what happened to them.

  5. Michael Mennenga says:

    I’m actually good with this. I liked season one, loved season 2, but saw quickly that it would probably suck if they continued on to a third.
    This makes it worth buying on DVD for those that missed out.

  6. Typical you like a series and look forward to it coming on to find out it has been cancelled. It’s getting to the point you might as well wait until the entire series has finished and then buy the box set to stop any dissapointment at the end of the first or in this case second season.

  7. I am so sad Survivors is over…have watched it on Netflix in Canada. I loved the show!

  8. I just watched the series on netflix and was so disapointed to find that they canceled it i got excited on the last show waiting to see what happened to tom. i thought the acting was pretty good and thought that they could have made another season at least. wish they would had reconsidered i am so sad now and i dont watch much tv.

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