American “Mars” Will Have Different Ending

Despite having the same starting point, the British and American versions of “Life on Mars” will have different endings according to producer Josh Appelbaum.

Applebaum told our sister site, TV Guide On-Line that fans can expect to find the American version of Sam Tyler in a coma similar to the British version.

“This could not be further from that,” he said.

Applebaum promises that many of the series long-running threads will be resolved and the questions answered when the series bows on April 1.

“Everything we did is completely justified,” Appelbaum continues. “It’s one of those endings I believe will make you want to watch the series again, because you’ll see that we’ve given you very distinct clues that will come together.”


  1. Robin says

    Given that “distant clues” hint, I’m going to go to Sam’s blackboard list and guess that he was drugged by aliens.

  2. Alice says

    This certainly isn’t new news. We’ve been told it will bve different on this news feed since the show started.
    Since he says …You’ll see that we’ve given you very distinct clues that will come together.” I’m voting for secret government experiment.
    It’s actually kind of silly that some of the episodes are similar if they have different a different ending. The Casino(BBC)/Artshow(ABC) episode was so much better in the light of the coma.

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