“Knight Rider” Cancelled

A few weeks ago, the cast of “Knight Rider” implored viewers to keep watching their series.  Apparently those pleas fell upon deaf ears.

The return of “Knight Rider” is over.  NBC made it official yesterday, canceling the reboot of the popular 80’s series.

In the end, it was low ratings that doomed the series according to Alpha Airlock.    “Knight Rider” debuted with a 4.5 rating/7 share overnight at the end of September and saw ratings grow over its first four episodes rising as high as a 4.9/8 by mid-October. However, two episodes later, “Knight Rider” would crash into the wall head on, falling to a 3.3/5 by November sweeps — an audience loss of nearly 33 percent — and never recovering.

Link: TV Guide: ‘Knight Rider’ to halt production early (Dec 3, 2008)


  1. Jason P says

    I enjoyed the series. I only saw 3 or 4 episodes, including the pilot. I would have watched more.but NBC didn’t keep it on a consistent schedule.

  2. fred says

    Couldn’t finish watching the pilot and never gave the series a view. And by all accounts it was for the best.

  3. Mark in St. Louis says

    I was just telling my wife yesterday that I needed to start watching this show. Since it seems that almost every show I get into gets canceled, I needed to take one for the team and start watching it. I guess just the threat of me watching a show can do it, too!

    Oh, and I didn’t watch “Firefly” until it hit DVD, so ya’ll can’t blame that on on me! :)

  4. Frank says

    If you saw the last episode, they left it with an ending where it could end or not. They did the same with “My Own Worst Enemy.”

  5. alex says

    I took some time to watch the episodes last month, all 17 of them, and I really liked it, it can do with better writing, but Smith Cho was adorable she made the show pretty fun at times, lol. If some of you took some time to watch them all you would wish they would bring it back, you sorta get into it even though it starts out pretty cheesy.

  6. simon says

    i liked the show but what killed it was no set schedule. or that u had to wait till wensdays y the hell wensdays

  7. blogger says

    It’s not canceled already people! TV guide mispoke and the Hollywood reporter or Variety never said anything. But don’t believe me go ask NBC.

  8. says

    that is some false information there. it’s not official, it’s quoting the same source everyone else is quoting, which is not NBC.

  9. grapher says

    I agree. It was a poor start, but it improved greatly as time went on. I found it strangely entertaining. I think the second season would have been great, if they had been given a chance. I am sure they will be replacing it with some reality tv deck, unfortunately, a genre show with the opportunity to become better has been lost. It’s nothing to cheer about, sadly.

  10. Adam says

    Ok……. I enjoyed this show until the car morphed into a truck! COME ON! Then it morphed into a friggin Ford Escape! WHAT? I know Ford is a sponser, but this did not work for the show!

  11. T.J. says

    There is so little on TV to watch with your kids today. We don’t and won’t watch this reality TV crap they are pushing on us. The kids hate most of it anyway unless they are older than 13 or so. I am very disappointed they canceled Knight Rider and so are my kids. I agree the show wasn’t that great but at least it was something we could all watch as a family and hang out together for one show a week.

    Good Luck NBC. May you go the way of the Airlines…… Screw your customers, they will never forget it.

  12. Alan Jope says

    How many bad remakes (or is it a retread) of one series is enough? Knight Rider 2000, Team Knight Rider, Knight Rider 2010. Time to trade this show in.

  13. ejdalise says

    Wow. . . you’re going to be one busy guy, Bob.

    Perhaps you might just send them all a nasty letter instead.

  14. Mike jones says

    Hummmm….That sucks. I was checking my pvr to set it to record and saw that it wasnt there. So i googled it and found this site. I really liked the girls for this knight rider. I still liked watching the show even though it was tacky at times. I’ll miss it for sure. Only when the show was getting better they cancel it.
    Main thing i thought was so stupid was the fact that they had all these goverment people being involved. But once they got rid of that and left it at a cast of 3 i saw major improvment as it reminded me of the original.

  15. says

    You guys don’t want me writing to NBC because I would be asking them to cancel the show and bring back Surface or ensure that Chuck gets a third season. KR has got to go!

  16. grapher says

    That doesn’t seem to be how the network works, Sam. If they cancel KR, they will look at it as a sci-fi show failing, not NR failing. I seriously doubt that they would bring back Surface. “Hey, one sci-fi show just failed, lets switch it with another.” Most probably they would put on a cheap-to-make reality TV show.

    I’m not saying that the way they are thinking is correct, just the opposite, it is a silly way of doing business. What I am saying is that this is the way TV seems to work. So saying that KR has to go isn’t the way to look at the whole situation. If KR leaves, they aren’t going to give you something you want. To them, it is the genre fan base that let them down, not the program. If KR gets a good share of the ratings, then they will reward you with another genre type show, as the fan base has (to them) done it’s job.

  17. Kevin says

    I’m sorry,but I liked Knight Rider,especially the way Zoe,Sara,Billy,and Michael
    interacted with each other.I am sad to see Knight Rider go.I didn’t watch it at first,and then by accident,I turned it on and it became one of my favorite shows.It is being replaced by another reality show called,”The Chopping Block”.Is this really “Family” intertanment? Looks like it’s time to change stations and watch something else.NBC,you did it again!

  18. Jeff Meyer says

    You all are a bunch of f*c*i* a*s*o*e* !!!!

    Knight Rider on NBC was the greatest show ever and should be brought back post haste.

  19. lisa says

    knight rider was awesome. Loved it, plus michael was so hot. kinda sad if its cancelled, happy if its not.

  20. ejdalise says

    It appears KR has quite the erudite fan base; veritable masters of the language, they make a strong case for keeping the show on the air . . . After all, this is the age of catering to the lowest denominator, and it appears no show does it better.

  21. says

    WOW! Looks like, after some of the above comments of love for KR, that I got out of the center of this biz just in the nik of time. I’m glad I won’t be involved during the apocalypse because all this admiration for a third-rate television show like the new KR certainly has to be the final sign of the END TIMES. The Mayans got it right — the end of the world as we know it is surely upon us all now. First ,24 hr cable news stations swashing their gloom and doom ilk over the top 24/7, then “reality programming” and now viewers supporting a show that should have never seen the light of day in the first place.

    If you need me I’ll be in my underground bunker watching tapes of real sci-fi shows like Star Trek, Firefly, BSG, Farscape and B5……..

  22. says


    Fans are passionate about their shows and the KR crowd seems to be no exception. That said, I don’t think they will rival the Jericho or the Eli Stone crowd for the sheer volume of comments lamenting their shows are gone. Those two seem to be running neck and neck as the current shows that people want to see brought back…

    Oh and if it’s Knight Rider or Chuck that gets a green light to come back, I vote Chuck every time.

  23. Averre says

    The new Knight Rider is for the You Tube generation, the drooling masses who think an over abundance of CGI will make the show a gem, totally oblivious to the fact that Knight Rider is nothing more than one huge Ford ad with some horrid acting/horrid storytelling mixed in.

    This show deserves it’s fate, the You Tube generation can watch it there, right where it belongs..next to all those other people that should’ve never been allowed access to a camera.

  24. interceptor says

    I will never watch NBC again. They replaced knightrider with ……chopping block??!!! WTF….STUPID! well they suck. before KR I didnt even know what channel was NBC and now that I do i want to avoid them as much as possible.

  25. Matt says

    i simply cant believe they cancelled this show, it was so much better than the original 80’s series, BOOO to you NBC, bad bad people!!! i absolutley loved this show and couldnt wait for the next weeks episode, but i spose like everything these days its down to money and rich fat cat bosses, who wouldnt know their arse from there elbow!

  26. Ken says

    I find it funny to hear a few people insult KR watchers, insinuating that they are somehow less intelligent or members of the YouTube gen. I happen to be an original KR 80’s watcher who enjoyed the show then. I admit, I wasn’t sure about their faithfulness to the original, but it grew on me. Sure, it’s campy and unbelievable, but it’s better than most of the “reality” drivel on television today. So please, let us KR fans speak about our fondness for the show….

  27. sarah says

    KR isn’t just for the “youtube generation.” there are TONS of fans that loved the original series in the 80s, and also like this new continuation of that show. so please don’t lump us all into one group. there are lots of different people that love knight rider.

  28. Kyle says

    I can’t believe that they would cancel “Knight rider”. It was such a great T.V. show. The one with KARR was the best I think. Why cancel such a great show?

  29. Josh says

    I am 26 and I grew up watching the original show. I have looked all over the internet
    and have not read one thing that “CONFIRMS” the cancellation of this show.
    I enjoy the show a lot. I do think they could make it better, but I never miss a show!!!!!

  30. Danny says

    i love knight rider please bring it back i watched every show i love that mustang i’m 43 and a knight rider fan big time so PLEASE BRING IT BACK. i had my DVR set to record it when it came on.

  31. says

    I am so mad. I LOVE Knight Rider. I was really getting into that show. I bet If they made a second season then they would get better ratings. And if they do make a second season then “THANK YOU”………


    -Thank You-

  32. brian says

    The cancelation of KR speaks poorly for how NBC is run. I finaly had something I could watch with my son. I was about the same age when the first KR aired. Lets just dump a show with some promise and play to the psudo-reality drones. NBC execs i hope you are reading this. You have lost viewers and I will tell other like-minded people. “one man can make a diference…”

  33. Brian says

    That sucks knight rider was a good show kitt was one bad a_s mustang he could kick the old kitts butt the girls where hot as hell too

  34. Brian says

    every time i find something worth watching they cancel it all thats every on is reality tv shows that suck

  35. Brian says

    i have every eposide taped on my dvr i guess ill have to watch them over and over again there worth watching agian anyway so nbc you can broadcast all the shi__y reality show not worth watching what ever happened to jericho,surface all the good shows i guess they will take heroes,csi miami off next

  36. charles says

    If the show is canceled I hate that bc my 8 year old son Luke really liked it and we watched it together. Personally I think NBC made 2 major mistakes: 1 they brought K.I.T back as a Mustang and not a Camaro. 2 the didn’t incoorperate the old series into the new series at all! Not saying the should have brought back the( Hoff) or anything like that, but the fact that there was a whole new story line insted of building off the previously successful one from our Kinght Rider of the 80’s lost them the most of the Knight Rider lovers…. It’s hard to bring back a show when you don’t target the audiance who loved the show in the first place. Those 2 facts turned me off bc Knight Rider is on of the reasons I am a GM muscle car man today so that was kinda a slap in the face to me and others too I’m sure. Again I would have continued to watch it bc my son liked it and I enjoyed watching it with him.

  37. Aaron says

    I liked the concept and the cast, like most things in television, they came up with a fantastic formula when they did the movie, if they just stuck to that, the series would have been a hit, and perhaps even would have ran as long as the original series if not longer. Where they went wrong was letting some TV executive get their damn grubby hands in the mix, and really screwed up what could have been a really great TV show.

    But now they’ve put the reality show the chopping block in its place and its even worst then night rider. Good thing there is cable or there wouldn’t be anything worth watching on TV. NBC aside from a few shows your station needs someone in there working those TV shows that know something about entertainment. If you do bring back night rider get rid of the goofy looking new kit car, and go back to the original concept that you had in the movie. If you do you will see it make a world of difference in your ratings and when you find out I’m right you can fire some of those goof ball executives and look me up for a job.

    Bottom line the Night rider show was all that bad, but if NBC stoke to the original movie concept for TV the show would have been fine, and still running. I’m not sure if any one from NBC will read this, but please step away from Nepotism of some of your executives and get some people in there that know if you don’t entertain the public in these hard times you’ll soon be out of business. Listen to your audience instead of the nealson ratings, and get someone in there that has a good head about entertainment and let’s try and work the kinks on of night rider and get the show back on. Because truth be told its better then watching chopping block. Another dead end series spin off of Hells kitchen.

  38. hahhahaha says

    thank god they took this abortion of show off the air..i watched like 10 mins of the pilot and turned it off..id rather watch paint dry..or even worse..american idol

  39. John says

    Knight rider was a great show i watched every episode. It was the only show that was made for a real man hot cars and women and good fight scenes. With all the crap like real world , 90210,rock of love and the rest of the s#@* that on TV its was the only one with an imagination thats what TVs all about to see things that can’t happen in real life. I hate the reality shows they are the worst BRING BACK KNIGHT RIDER AND GET RID OF THE REALITY CRAP. Who ever doesn’t like Knight Rider should go watch the Rupauls new show

  40. Chantell says

    I’m a hugh Knight Rider fan! i loved the new cat and the new KITT, I watched it every week till the last one!! I hope NBC will give it another chance!!

  41. Amanda says

    I liked knight rider alot me and my husband and it was a very interesting show it kept me watching… so you ever doesnt like it i guess they have no taste in good tv shows.. so i hope they try again cause i really liked it…

  42. Paul says

    I guess everyone who is delighted to see this series finally end – still wish it were the Hoff at the wheel! Please, grow up! I loved this series! A new generation means changes were needed – actor and tech-wise changes. And that meant that the viewers needed to accept change. Unfortunately, they didn’t. Still I don’t get it – what the hell is the big deal of the original series? For me, I liked the series for the technologies involved rather than if the Hoff was gonna catch the bad guy and get the girl. Honestly, I give the new series 4/5 stars. The missing star for this rating is for only for lack of interest in plots & storylines of the episodes, everything else was cool; e.g.: the cast (zoey is hot), the new tech (nano = yes), scenery/locales (Hawaii to L.A. to D.C.), special effects (remember “MASK” that 80’s cartoon – transforming, morphing, and weapons appearing from nowhere) , and continuation of original series (what’s next for KITT).

  43. jesse says

    THey shouldnt of got rid of Torres he was the only reason I watch the dam stinking show. THey killed him off mid season.

  44. Belinda says

    I think they should keep it on the air. It is a fantastic show. I love it. Sure it may not have been like the orginal but who can say what is now a days. I feel that some of the other new shows will tank as well.
    Who came up with some of the names for them? I don’t see why they didn’t get David Hasselhoff to come in help with the new FLAG. His character knew more about it than anyone. I think it would have been neat for father and son to work together after all they had a father and daughter working together.

  45. steve says

    Thank the Lord they canceled that turd. Yeah it was bad youtube generation show for sure. I grew up in the 80s watching the original. I still have a picture of my sitting in a Knight Industries Two Thousand when I was a kid.

    I knew in the 1st 15 minutes watching the 1st episode this show was going no where.

    The lesbian scene at the beginning marked its doom. people do not want to watch perverts on tv. its that simple. i watched the whole 1st episode and that was it.

  46. clay says

    I liked the show. My son & i would watch it ever week his grades inprove becaus he so he could watch it with me . i wish that they would bring it back the cast was good we get tired of reality show

  47. exilelrrp says

    I think they should keep Knight Rider on the air!…Its a lot better than those other bullshit tv shows!…

  48. knight rider fan says


  49. says

    Easy there, knight rider fan…

    I’ve added links to the various sources to the main article. The first site we know of to break the cancelation rumblings was TV Guide, but The Hollywood Reporter had announced in December that NBC had cut the number of episodes for the season from 22 down to 17.

    Cutting a season order is never a good sign.

  50. shawn says

    it is true that the new KR was off the wall…i felt like they ripped off the transformers movie with all the morphing…that was too much for me but as alot of you stated it was a show you could watch with your kids, a family knight, the past decade (or longer) has been riddled with crap ass reality shows that are not based in reality, every has been or nobody gets their own show and they all mimic eachother in some fashion, i honestly didnt think knight rider would make it past a second season, but i enjoyed the show despite the far fetched cgi, but is it really anymore far fetched than the other drivvle they have on tv today? network television needs to bring back real shows for real people, i really havent watched network tv for years and there is a reason, they have nothing to watch.. remember the original KR? the A-team? Dukes of Hazzard? The Fall Guy? 80’s television was fun to watch….the crap they have today just makes me want to read a book!

  51. Tom says

    Well I liked the show. It could have been a lot better dont get me wrong but just as everyone said its also the networks fault too. A show on ABC family fell into that crack too. I think towards the end they were starting to try to bring it back to it orginal show back in 82 which would have made it great. I loved the old series. For one I cant see a car turn into a truck. That was a bad writin I think. The cars personality to also to bla too nothing like the real kitt. And they should never have made it a mustaine. I would have just stuck to the ponitac verison of a G8 or even better the new Trans Am they plan to come out with. They should have brought the Hoff back for a couple of episode too not just a 2 mins tie in. But still sad to see the show go. Maybe in a few years someone else will make a better one.

  52. Romin says

    While I didn’t find the show to be representative of quality programming, my kids loved it. More importantly, it was an amazing piece of advertising for Ford. I think if they could give KITT a generic American-car branding, the not-so-big-3 automakers would get together to get this infomercial back in the hearts and wallets of Americans. The timing is right, because us 30-40 something parents can wax nostalgic about Kitt of yore while falsely getting the sense that we are imparting some of our “traditions” to tomorrow’s generation. Meanwhile what generation can’t appreciate a good turbo boost.

    C’mon people what does it take to get some professional actors back on network television? We get that it’s a recession but NBC has to be able to shell out some coin for something other than reality tv and talk shows.

  53. Shannon says

    They’ve brought back Bionic Woman…. and it bombed.

    They’ve brought back Knight Rider… and it bombed.

    Does anyone think Mr. T is dusing off his gold chains for NBC to try remaking A-Team next?

    While they’re at it, they ought to try bringing back the Misfits of Science, Night Court and… yes…. the smash hit “Manimal.”

  54. George says

    That’s a crock! The show was just warming up. You put a scantally clothed hot chick on it and it would be a hit.
    I think it should have stayed on and maybe had some guest appearances.
    Just use your imagination and it could have been tweeked to be an awesome show.
    This show killed the original show by far….there wasn’t someone wearing clothes to look like Michael Jackson on it.

  55. says

    @Shannon: you *HAD* to go bring up “Manimal”, didn’t ya?

    It’s been a good two years since anyone’s mentioned that, and maybe I had an outside chance of finally forgetting… but noooooo. Now those synapses are jump-started, and I’ll never get that outta my head!


  56. Hernan says

    i had soo many people watching this show, everyone i know loved it, that just sucks….hey another station should pick it up, like they did with scrubs.!!!

  57. KITTs Driver says

    I think you people all suck!!!!!! Knight Rider was better than the original and I personaly will be boycotting NBC (with the exception of the series finally or ER) This is an OUTRAGE why cancel a show that brought new life into the series. Ratings are a crappy reason to cancel a show. BRING BACK KITT YOU MOOKS

  58. Bill says

    I really enjoyed this series! I tried watching the original a couple weeks ago and was very disappointed in the show and myself for thinking it was once cool. The old series pales in comparison

  59. Ro says

    I can’t believe Knight Rider is cancelled. I loved the show. Please bring it back. I record it everytime it was on and watched it in a few day so i can skip over the commercials.

  60. Brian says

    This is an awesome show, yet again the execs are idiots to cancel another great show. Im real close just to stop watching SciFi channel and now NBC.

  61. Alan says

    It was a fun show, had some really hot chicks in it, and was much more imaginative and exciting than all the other crap on TV! I am very upset with NBC. There just is no accounting for taste!

  62. Julie says

    My family and I will all miss Knight Rider. I think what did it in was the too unrealistic ideas, like KITT being able to morph into other style of cars, and even paint color. If they left that out, I think it would have been far more popular. Many people I spoke w/liked the show until KITT morphed too many times. Way too unrealistic.

    We loved being that it was a show that we could all watch as a family together. Their aren’t many of those around anymore.

    We’ll miss you Knight Rider.

  63. Ray says

    I think the KR show was great. I grew up on the original series. NBC should allow it to continue. I think the Ratings thing is a big joke. it is a bunch of bosses trying to line there pockets. Yeah the transformation thing is a little much, but wasn’t the idea of a talking car in the 80’s strange too. I wish NBC would reconsider, and leave the program running.

  64. Christine says

    If it truly is canceled, it is a shame. I, being the extreme die-hard fan of the original (even have the original music as my ringtone and rangback tone), fought to like the new one. It started out pretty bad but I felt compelled to give it a chance and as a few others mentioned, it got much better towards the end when they killed everyone off. I was so set to not like it and while nothing will ever compare to the original, I did like the new one. Boo to the reality shows…I don’t call that entertainment.

  65. Shawn says

    I must agree that the show started off so-so, but it got so much better as it went on. I can’t take any more dancing,celebrity chef, or weight loss shows. Sometime you just need good, old fashioned, mind-numbing television! I say bring it back, and I hope the blog that Sarah referred everyone to stands true.

  66. Richard John Franco says

    I was sad to here the show was cancelled. I am and will be a BIG “KNIGHT RIDER” Fan, and will always be one. The show could of been better though.

  67. Slicktop says

    I thought it was a great show, as did my son. So a show has a slow first season in a horrible economy? Give it a second chance! If you don’t watch it, fine, change the channel. You don’t have to wish for its demise. NBC, you screwed up. You did a good job of reviving a legend, were doing better, and then gave up? Idiots.

  68. tim says

    I happen to like knight rider. i think to many people watch crap like american idol and that fake survivior. cant they keep the damn shows i like? at least heroes and chuck are still on, for now.

  69. MH says

    People, Knight Rider is “Not Cancelled”, nothing has been officially stated by NBC, this article is a joke and shouldn’t be trusted. Support for Season 2 of Knight Rider is very strong and growing. Don’t lose faith, NBC will do the right thing and keep Knight Rider.

  70. bb says

    This is the typical dumbing down of America. American Idol, Dancing with the stars, all that CRAP has killed “regular” tv shows. NBC sucks. Thank God for tv on dvd!

  71. Jason says

    I like the show. Whether you like the show or not, it seems to be an ongoing trend of networks to cancel popular shows. Even if the ratings are not the best, doesn’t mean that alot of people don’t watch it. They need to start counting dvr’s and online viewings into their ratings, along w/ show downloads. With so many good shows on at the same time, most people tape multiple shows, then watch them later. If they do cancel the show, then it’s just another bonehead mistake that the network exec’s have made. How about seeing what actual fans think of the shows, instead of relying on those outdated ratings. Don’t they see that when they cancel a show and the fans rally around the show and sometimes get them to put it back on the air, that they made the mistake?

  72. Ron John says

    There’s has been no official word from NBC stating that this show has been cancelled. I doubt we will hear anything about it until the late summer. I think it will be brought back for another season; the show that took its time spot now is horrid (just like every other Reality TV show).

    I watched the Pilot and every single other episode. I thought the show was really good, and I had a blast watching it. I think people need to stop looking at the bias reviews and look at the people who do compliment it. I admit, I forgot it was on sometimes, which led me to Hulu to watch it the next morning, but I think that it got some pretty good views…6.5 million views is quite a bit for a show that was up against American Idol in the last 3 months of its showing.

    I hope it comes back and the DVD comes out soon; I found this show a blast!

  73. Johnny says

    well it was a bad show, I mean they really pushed the “hot chick” factor too, lets get real, how many smokin’ hot chicks know a damn thing about fast cars and computers, and the stereotypical “geek” workin’ with a hot chick he’ll never get….enough already!!! that’s why the show failed, to many stereotypes, not enough good writing and interesting story lines…oh yea, and will somebody leave the past in the past, come up with something original for God’s sake!!!

  74. MH says

    Johnny, it was not a bad show, hot chicks bring in ratings, as for the past, that is what Knight Rider is all about, I think they should have tied in thepast more with the new series, that too would bring in ratings.

  75. taoworm23 says

    Knight Rider is NOT canceled!
    This article is disinformation and should be taken down.

  76. mike R says

    I think that knight rider would of been a better bang if they used the 1982 transam am, instead of the mustang, and used a new trans am. And David h should of been more involved with the porgram…..

  77. ralph W says

    i agree with mike R, they shold have stuck to the transam instead of the mustang, David H should have been more involved. i also think the 80’s version was way better in many respects.
    – the voice of KIT in the new version sounded more automated than in the original (no disrespect to Val Kilmer at all)
    – Justin seemed to be forcing himself to act the part, David H it was natural
    – the relationship between KIT and Justin was just connecting. after 17 episodes you would think Kit and Justing would have connected better. at the end of the 7 or so episode in the 80’s version, Kit and David H had it going smooth. i remember reading where David H told Justin before filming, that the relationship between he and KIT is what makes the show…. Justin should have listened!
    – outside of the CGI’s, well there was alot more to be desired.
    one of the main problem i believe is that the supporting cast (ouside of KIT and Justin) had a better story line and better acting.

  78. ralph W says

    the relationship was just NOT connecting between KIT and Justin* sorry for that error.

  79. Brandon Starr says

    This was a terrible show through the first half, I’ll admit. But I kept on watching just hoping it would get better. Finally, by the last five episodes, they took out useless cast (although I kind of liked Dr. Greymond), gave KITT less pointless transformations, and brought back F.L.A.G. from the original series. It took them 12 episodes to do it, and by then it was too late.

  80. Mark R. says

    ,,Well,,I dont know why everone was was not liking the Show!!??
    My wife and I happened to LOVE the show,, I was really excited to see the New Knight Rider and what they could do to the show. I still thought it was awesome with the car transforming into a truck (why not) thats what seperated the old show from the new show(SOMETHING DIFFERENT!!!)
    Seaking of different,,I liked how they brought KARR back, after it was scrapped in the original knight rider. That was cool,,it was kinda like a transformer..What a way to bring back KARR!!!
    So I am guessing the show is completly over, wich is a shame. I just found out a few weeks ago Val Kilmer did the voice for KITT,.,.I had no idea,,It sure did not sound like Val Kilmer. He also did a great job!!

    Its So sad to see this TV program go and not come back…. It had all Great Characters in that show !
    Maybe someday it will come back,,,and I HOPE IT DOES!!!!!

    I will miss KNIGHT RIDER 2008 !!

  81. Mark R. says

    Oh one more point,,,I liked the idea of the NEW KITT in a Mustang!! You can’t always duplicate the show or keep the same ideas…that’s what sometimes you kill or end the show. You have to have a mix or a different idea to the same show. IT can’t always be the same, that would be boring. example,,if David Haslehoff f came back with the same KITT but a new cast of characters,,,it just wouldnt be the same. I like the new Michael with the new Kitt ( Mustang car),,
    Do hope the show gets back on track some day!!

  82. Kris says

    Please don’t cancel this show. My young sons were just starting to get into this program! I thought it was better than the original. If they gave it a consistent chance it would do better.

  83. spoon man says

    I watched one episode. When they started jabbering about someone hacking into the mainframe, I had to shut it off. The “main frame” was high tech in the 80’s, now the only ones using mainframes are under budget colleges and government agencies. It sound’s like they never gave poor old KIT an upgrade. What a drag.

  84. ZIG says

    they need to be more patient with these new shows. I enjoyed knight rider a lot. yes the ratings went down. but a lot of tv shows over the years had those issues and caught on better the next season or so. Have some patience, give it a chance to get better and to lure more people in. It has possibilities if given a chance, but alas it won;t get that chance.

  85. KR Fan Man says

    It is interesting to see that people just assume the show is canceled because of what others have written and not doing your own homework. NBC has made no confirmation that the show was cancelled, of course ther was no denial either. Networks have to use the ratings, that is what the advertisers look for when placing thier adds during shows, if the advertisers are not willing to advertisse during the shows, the network can not afford to run the show. Unfortunately SCIFI shows do not tend to work well on network television, if it is cancelled, my hopes would be the Sci-Fi channel picks up the show.

    While the acting and storylines were a bit cheesy, so was the original. If any of those story lines would run today, no one would watch them. What sold the original show was the car, in the 80’s shoows with cool vehicles did well, “Airwolf”, “Hard Castle and McCormick”, “A-Team”, etc. I mean really doesn’t anybody remeber Garth an Goliath from the original series, what a horrid storyline that was. This Series is far above the original, but just needs to air in an environment where it will get it’s chance to grow like the Sci-Fi channel.

    I spoke my peace now am done.

  86. KR Fan says

    My family watched the every episode of Knight Rider. It was something that even our children would sit and watch. We are sad to see it go.

  87. Randal L. Tuttle says

    Well Guess I dont have to watch NBC any more, There isnt anything left to
    watch. Jay Leno stinks, and the other junk they have. Oh Well I never cared
    for NBC, ABC or CBS anyway. FOX is better but they have there issues also.
    Guess I will just stick to DirecTv and not look at broadcast anymore.

  88. stacia says

    please bring it back it was one of the best show my nephew loved it also .


  89. connie kolk says

    Well I didnt even know the show existed til it was on for at least a month. Both of my kids started raving about. maybe if they marketed the show better it would have got better ratings!!!! Most of my friends didnt know about it either!!! How can people watch a show that they never even knew exsisted???? Personally I loved the show. I watched it with my kids every Wednesday without fail, provided it was on and not a repeat or not aired for some other show! I miss it alot and so do my kids! It was one of the few shows my kids and myself liked and could watch together!! I even went online to watch the first few shows to get caught up! Nbc did a terrible job and they are responsible for its failure. I would bet that if Cbs got the show it would still be on!! Nbc didnt know what they had!! The producers need to get Cbs to pick the show up and it will do much better!! What people that did watch the show were in all age groups giving the show years of life if it was just handled properly!

  90. Sofia says

    I finally found time to watch the show at hulu but was very disappointed that there’s no more new ones coming…I sure hope the producers in CBS will give it another chance!

  91. Rosie says

    why the h** did you cancle THE GREATIST SHOW IN HISTORY you BASTARDS exept for you justin s bruening!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  92. says

    well i thought they could have amped up the excitment some since the car was a way better kit then the first, even though i enjoyed the first knight rider also. but they sometimes need to give a show a chance to find a audience. maybe they should have sold the show to the sci-fi channel, they did the same shit to the new bionic woman. and if anything they should take off dollhouse, dollhouse is nothing but the pretender mixed with alias. they need diferent things on tv, im so tired of nothing but a bunch or cop or hospital shows. cbs killed jericho, those punk ass writers killed las vegas. and i hear rumors of the sarah conner chronicals, might get the ax, we the people should not suffer because of crappy writers, spend the money to get better writers, and try ti keep some of these sci-fi shows on. thats what happen to the blade tv series on spike tv, crappy writers.

  93. Gir says




  94. the lows says

    I know how to make everyone happy here. Chuck DRIVING knight rider. Eating a Subway. Huh? huh? yeah leave to dad to solve all your geeky problems. (Assumes the Errol Flynn pose) “My job here is done!”


  95. Ed from Texas says

    You know, that’s not likely, but I could see the Chuck writers finding an excuse to put him in a Mustang as a tip of the hat the way they do with a lot of pop culture references.

  96. Orion says

    As another wag pointed out, watching a few episodes of the new KR gave me a deeper appreciation of the acting skills of David Hasselhoff. Drunk and passed out on his living room floor DH is a better actor than any of the turkeys in this remake. My laptop has a better personality than the new KITT. The only change they should have made to the special effects was to add snappy word balloons, aka the ’60s era Batman show. After watching an episode on WinAmp a couple of weeks back I wrote NBC for a refund. Cancellation, if true, gives me hope for the future of the human race.

  97. Dan B. says

    Knight Rider is a great show I admit that sometimes it was cheesy but it was still cool, I saw every episode and screw those people hattin on the show. Plus I just read that the show is not cancelled they are just cutting back on episodes due to these financial times. And what do you people expect of course kitt had to be a mustang they do not make the trans am anymore is has not been made since 2002 just like the camaro what else would kitt have been a Dodge Challanger Dodge is garbage.

  98. Manuel C. says

    Their first mistake was making K.I.T.T a transformer. The original car at least seemed believable. As a huge fan of the original knight rider, the new show didn’t do it justice.

  99. Givemeabreak says

    The last few episodes since killing off Torres and Pointier was very good. They got back to the basics of the Knight Rider. Too bad, would have been good.

  100. Jeremy says

    I understand why the show was canceled, I’m not happy about it, but I understand. When taking a classic and trying to bring it back to life you need to make it amazing from the beginning and go up from there. The pilot wasn’t good enough to grab many new fans, the series disappointed a lot of the old fans, and the advertising… well, I never saw any. If I hadn’t found it by accident, I would never have even known it existed. I don’t really think that there was any real plan to run it more than one season. If there had been a plan to keep it going, the powers that be at NBC could have made it work, but there never gave it any real chance. It’s too bad they couldn’t see the potential, with today’s technology, this could have been a real cash cow for them. And, regretfully, with this failure, they probably killed Knight Rider forever.

    Let us hang our heads in mourning, for the passing of a legend.

  101. Jeremy says

    hmm, I guess I should read more before I comment, I hope the rumors that it will be back are true. Like I said, with a little work, this could be something amazing.

  102. Bob says

    Well we all knew that it was going to be hard to make a come back that would ever come close to Knight Rider that stole all little boys hearts back in the 80s as it did mine but I think they really screwed it up and are damaging the legacy that the old Knight Rider left us with.
    The storylines are outragous, the music is awful to the point I turn the volume down, there is no real raport like the old KITT and Michael Knight had, not to mention how cheesy it is. Its more like a badly made classic Indian

  103. MIKE says

    I thought the show wasn’t bad but I’m sure gonna miss seeing Sarah and Zoe every week. We need more babes like that on a weekly basis. If NBC doesn’t pick up Knight Rider I hope Sarah and Zoe come back on another show. Not only did I think they are talented actors but they are two incredibly hot babes.

  104. William Boyd says

    If the damned network would not have pre empted the series for so many idiotic reality shows things may have gone better and also NBC put the show at and on the wrong time.Why wednesday nights instead of the time slot of the orriginal KNIGHT RIDER.From a diehard fan who has ALL the episodes including TEAM KNIGHT RIDER.WAKE up NBC(no brain corporation.)

  105. Jim says

    This is NBC’s loss. They are going down along with the Republicans! Jeers to NBC!

  106. says

    I’m probably the last person in the world one would expect to defend the Republican party, but dude, comparing them to Knight Rider? That’s just mean!

  107. KNIGHT says

    fuck NBC! how the hel could they Cancelled KNIGHT RIDER this is one of the best show ever!

  108. the lows says

    Knight three points. One keep the cursing down, young ones read the web page. Two, show get canceled all the time and a lot would disagree about it being the best show ever, Third: your cap locks seem to be stuck, try using a can of air, or replacing the keyboard.

    If that last doesn’t work, try reinstalling windows.


  109. stangbrain says

    Not horrible acting but what they did to kitt after the “movie” looks like hell. For me thats what killed the series.

  110. stangbrain says

    I mean honestly what the hell is that gay hood scoop and erector set doing there.

  111. Triquetra says

    I loved this show and so do my three kids it gets harder and harder to find something we can all watch as a family. Reality TV isn’t really reality at all and most of it isn’t appropriate for young children to watch (language/nudity/etc) Even cartoons are now more adult geared than kid friendly (Simpson, family guy, to name a few) I have gotten to the point that I have purchased and viewed on line old sitcoms from the 80s and 90s with values and ethics. My kids seem to really enjoy them.

    Why can’t networks realize that families would still love to gather around a TV set together and spend time together as a family?

    My kids are 8,5,4 and they know more foul language then I knew at their age (and it isn’t coming from me!). They know more about violence and war than I knew. And while I do try to sheild them from it, it comes from every direction and as a parent I have really have had it. I am to the point that I am debating getting rid of my satellite (and cable).

  112. Steve says

    I liked the show it was great . It was little differant being a ford but u cares and it is scifi so what ever they come up with next is fine by me and my kids loved it I don’t get to many chances to watch shows wi th kids together that we all like so bring on the new season and we all will watch


  113. jon says

    i’m deeply upset by the fact that my favorite show will not be back!!!
    screw nbc!

  114. Emin says

    Al last… Knight rider 2008 is, o was I hope, based on poor scripts and bad acting. Besides a full of half-naked chicks, wtf in this? This is not the spirit of the original series.

  115. knight rider returns says


  116. Pissed off dude says

    Why? there is nothing good on tv anymore, all thats on is gay crap: deal or no deal, survivor (really started sucking a few seasons after all – star) NCIS is the only good show other than KR come on NBC dont cancil the show!!!!!!!!!!!

  117. Steve says

    I think it should be a sci-fi only series and brought back. It’s way over the heads of most people and they can’t get interested in what they can’t understand. Personally, I loved the show but knew most people wouldn’t like it because most people aren’t into sci-fi shows. All my sci-fi buddies loved it…

  118. frank says

    Did anyone notice the similarity between KR and the new James Bond, especially Casino Royale?

    I just happened to be watching the KR episodes at the same time as I had Casino Royale playing (sometimes I watch two things at once.) In KR the main bad guy shorts stocks, then sabotages the companies so the stock plummets. In one of the KR episodes they mention shorting stocks and such.

    Bond has a team at MI6 HQ who monitors him, and helps him get through sticky situations involving technology. There’s a young, geeky guy. KR has the same.

    KR looks a lot like a JB Jr., even down to the interrogation/torture in ep4 (I think it was ep 4) with Mike’s cracking jokes just as Bond did when he was being tortured in CR.

    I watched fast forwarding through the show, it really is bad.

  119. frank says

    BTW, one of the most ridiculous parts of KR was the daughter, Mike’s love interest (can’t even remember her name) beating up trained mercenaries, constantly. When did she learn combat martial arts while spending all her time studying or in a lab, or class room?

  120. Paul says

    I thought the show was pretty good, I watched the “hoff” mess up in the 80’s with the original KR… I watched this New one from 1 to 17 teen and thought it had or has potential, most definitely needed better writing ,I like the Chem with the cast both women were hot and both men were interesting to watch the Car is Ford come on!! someone said all this show is, is a huge Ford Commercial LOL somewhat right and I laughed out loud when I read that…but , if there is a 2nd season I will watch it I was a fan of moonlight I thought that was a great show to watch after ghost whisperer but cbs decided that they called the shots and not the fans …but hey for all you fans the show is not canceled yet and for all you haters ..yet is the operative word , personally I have seen worst shows make it and better shows get flushed ,this to me is a good show I would like to see them get a second chance with a second season.

  121. Ramszilla says

    I think this is another case of, good idea, bad timing for it. I grew up watching the original show which was fun and a nice way to spend an hour. This reboot of the series though was anything but fun. I gave it a shot. I watched about 5 or 6 episodes of it hoping that it would get better and lead somewhere. But it just was missing that fun factor that the original series had. The cast was fine. It was really just the story line and many changes to the show that was made. KITT was dull and boring and too high tech. I missed the days when Micheal was being chased and he pushed the “Turbo Boost ” button and went flying over everything in dramatic fashion. The car just wasn’t that same comfortable user friendly type of car that we saw in the original series. But KITT besides, the scripts just weren’t that good. The stories never went anywhere and there was just many many many problems with the show overall. I’m not surprised it was put out of its misery. The way they did it was totally wrong. If they kept more true to what was likeable about the original show this would have maybe worked, but the timing was bad as NBC has been the lowest rated network. That too didn’t help to attract viewers that may have otherwise been around had the network been riding high. Oh well, good try NBC but it was time to put the show out of its misery. Now Heroes should be next to be put down for good.

  122. James says

    I disagree with all the haters one thing that the show did that killed it was putting it on wensdays that could kill any show even shows on cbs in thier 3rd seasons took a huge hit on wensdays. The show still has a chance of being uncancelled if it becomes popular internationally which they have released it in.

  123. Haber says

    That sucks, never mind what anyone says, I though it was a good TV show and I was waitting for the next season to come on. I hope they bring it back.

  124. says

    Well NBC dioes not have the show on it’s official Fall lineup and that should indicate very sadly so a cancelation but back at the Knight Rider forums the Administrators there insist this is not so, is all very, very confusing now…

  125. Absmoove says

    Well I will be dissappointed if the show is cancelled it gave me something to watch on tv not alot of shows are family oriented and this one is or was I do agree the writing could be better I would like to see more of the main character and the car there is too much not needed dialog of the other characters. the car transforming is a bit much but cool i guess. I would like to see it return I was looking forward to it I was telling my boy about it.

  126. Absmoove says

    oh yeah! forgot to mention the car voice over is boring needs more of light hearted fun beat to it cmon val give us some life ur supposed to be mikes boy…the car is way too intelligent there is no need for for an hour with a car like that pull back a little give us a reason to watch for an hour bring us some turbo boost high speed chase downs we need more excitement….

  127. Mike says

    Guys, I have always been a fan of David Hasselhoff for many years and have watched all the original Knight Rider episodes many times along with Knight rider 2000. The new Knight Rider, in my opinion is just as good and i enjoyed all 17 episodes and am looking forward to more, hopefully NBC will listen to the viewers and continue the show cause in the long run it will bring in the numbers and make us all proud.

  128. the lows says

    You all are still posting to this??? And Brian Brown gets upset with me. Sheesh guys, it was bad, it’s over, move on. There are other shows out there.


  129. says

    Oh you should see the Stephanie Meyer’s thread from WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY back! Now move along Mr. Low and quit tossing gasoline on the fires!