Slice of SciFi #182: Interview With Joe Boudrie, Phoenix Comicon Pgm Director

Interview: Joe Boudrie, the Program Director of this years Phoenix Comicon.

In the News:

  • CERN has created a very cool one-of-a-kind supercomputer.
  • We have a DreamWorks/Reliance/Paramount deal update that leans favorably toward famed director/producer Steven Spielberg.
  • Scientists are getting serious about developing in reality the dream of late sci-fi writer Arthur C. Clarke — The Space Elevator.
  • Special Segment: A Con Review: Sushi gives a very positive review for an unique gathering called Outside Con.

    Movie Talk:

  • “Passengers” is a mysterious psychological thriller about survivors of a plane crash that leads to a secret not of this world.
  • On the scariest night of the year, the new kid in town is in for a real fright in this tale of horror, where something evil lurks just below the surface in “The Haunting of Molly Harley.”

  • Slice of Trivia: Kurt in St. George brings more cheese from the 80’s with these three new clips. Send your clips to sliceoftrivia at Kurt just may use them on the show.

    TV Talk: Because of the 8-season success of “Smallville,” the CW Network is developing a new series based on Batman sidekick Robin’s pre-Caped Crusader days. The as-yet-untitled series will look at young Dick “D.J.” Grayson.

    Interview: We talk with Joe Boudrie, the Program Director of one of the nation’s fastest growing sci-fi conventions – the Phoenix Comicon. Joe let’s us know which actors and other personalities will be attending, news about some of the Con’s events and more. The Phoenix Comicon takes place January 23-25, 2009.

    Future Talk:

    • “Oblivion Island: Haruka and the Magic Mirror” will be a new full-length feature CGI animated film from the Production IG Toon House and Fuji TV.
    • Famed director Peter Jackson has one of his most challenging films coming in the Fall of 2009 called “The Lovely Bones.”

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    Link: CERN
    Link: Outside CON
    Link: Phoenix Comicon

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    1. Cross Knights says

      Just wanted to post about Heroes, minor plot detail / spoiler if you didn’t see the last one. I’m pretty annoyed at how they made Syler’s power lust an aspect of his power instead of his own desire. Now he’s more like a vampire instead of a twisted physico killer.

      Before they really built it up like he was raised by a mother who didn’t think he was special so he went to extreme lengths to prove that he was. He wanted to prove it so much as to kill anyone who had a power, which is a really messed up moral choose to make, ending peoples lives for his own selfish need.

      Now their saying that it wasn’t he fault that he was killing people, it was his powers. That’s like saying he was possessed by a demon or something. His motivations were not his own, there wasn’t anything he could have done to stop it. In fact, anyone, regardless of who they are with this power would very likely make the same choice. This makes him much more sympathetic then evil, in fact, he not really evil at all. This makes me much less interested in his character.

      I’m pretty sure they only did this for the plot development involving Peter which I see as a bad move. Totally rewrite a old character to move the plot in a different direction. Anyone agree? Disagree? I wants to know.

    2. says

      Arkle, c’mon now, I actually remember when he said it. I was sitting right there in my living room watching CNN and heard it with my own two little Vulcan ears.

      “During my service in the United States Congress, I took the initiative in creating the Internet.”

      Spin it like you want – as many have over the past decade. Taken in contest, I know he didn’t mean it that way, but as a politician, he should know how to choose his wording better. As such, it will stick to him like tar and feathers for the rest of his life.

      Besides, on this show we never let politics get in the way of having a sense of humor. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    3. says

      I didn’t spin anything Sam. I just posted the link to an urban legend debunking site. And besides, even if I accept your argument, why is it only Democrats ever get smacked around in the media for “poor word choices”? Why aren’t we still talking about Ann Coulter calling 9/11 widows “harpies?” That one only lasted in the media until her book fell off the bestseller list. But Gore takes credit for a program he championed (as all Congressmen who fought for funding for programs they saw potential for do), and 10 years later Brian Brown is making a snippy comment about it on Slice of Sci-Fi.

    4. says

      Can’t blame Brian. I wrote the comment (since I write all the show’s scripts). But, because we don’t take this political stuff so seriously, it wasn’t written as a snippy comment, but a fun one, just like the ones done by Letterman, Leno, Kimmel, etc night after night about those on all sides of the political spectrum. Since we were talking about CERN (the creators of the internet), it fit perfectly.

      Me thinks you might be reading more into it than was actually there.

    5. Cross Knights says

      Well I’m really left wing and i find the Gore thing funny still. It’s better then the Dan Quayle potato thing which was around long enough for a lot of people to remember it but since he’s not in the media, no one cares and despite not running for anything Gore is still very active in the media.