Slice of SciFi #158: James Callis (“Battlestar Galactica”)

In the News:

  • We have bad news for high-end car lovers. It seems that two of James Bond’s Aston Martin DBS cars have been damaged beyond repair while shooting the latest Daniel Craig 007 flick titled “Quantum of Solace.”
  • This should come as no surprise to those who saw the movie “Cloverfield,” but producer J.J. Abrams fessed-up and admits that the inspiration for the movie came from all those old classic Japanese films about Godzilla.
  • South Korea’s first astronaut said this week that she was “really scared” when the Russian space capsule she and her two companions were in made an unexpected steep descent to Earth last weekend and plummeted 260 miles off course into Kazakhstan.
  • Movie Talk:

  • With the revelation that the title for the new X-Files movie will be “I Want To Believe,” the really big question is can the film get beyond the hard-core fans that are expected to flock to theaters to see it and translate well to the casual moviegoer. The success of the movie will depend on its ability to do so claims creator Chris Carter and star David Duchovny.
  • The in-studio gang ponders the big questions on whether are not the one week X-Files has to capture a huge audience before “The Dark Knight” gets released will be enough. They also wonder why 20th Century Fox, the studio releasing “X-Files: I Want to Believe,” didn’t take that into consideration when they picked the movie’s premiere date. Oh wait….it’s Fox!
  • Special Segment: Slice of Trivia with Kurt from St. George has a television theme this week, and our boys were three for three….try your luck!

    TV Talk:

  • Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert have signed on X-Files veteran John Shiban to executive produce their upcoming syndicated fantasy series “Wizard’s First Rule.”
  • John Crichton, Aeryn Sun and the rest of the cast of “Farscape” are not only headed to the Net for all new webisodes, with the original cast, but will soon be seen at a comic book store near you thanks to an agreement between the Jim Henson Company and Boom! Studios.
  • Interview: Because this final season of “Battlestar Galactica” is so frakkin’ good and totally on the edge we thought we would dig into the Slice of SciFi archives and pull out our awesome interview with Baltar himself, James Callis. It will also give our new and old fans alike a brief listen to our dear friend who left us far too soon, Joe Murphy, who sat in on this interview with Callis. This interview was truly one of our finest moments and one of the reasons why we do this as a real labor of love.

    Future Talk:

  • Ralph Hinkley, TV’s “Greatest American Hero” could be returning, but this time on the big screen as the airheads in Hollywood mull over if this would be a good idea or not.
  • Director Robert Zemeckis and Walt Disney Pictures are teaming up with writer Michael Dougherty to create a new animated, performance-capture SF adventure titled “Calling All Robots.”
  • The studio gang close out the show discussing on the pros and cons of the entertainment industry’s cashing in on 1970’s and 80’s TV product for the 21st Century audience instead of harvesting new ideas or established work that has yet to be made into a major motion picture or television series.

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    1. MARIA says

      Hate to say it guys, but yea JJ has been saying for months (even at least a couple of months before Cloverfield came out) and it was on most Cloverfield sites at the time. And I think the idea of having our own godzilla type monster was a fun idea, especially hitting NY. Remember Godzilla was after they got nuked? And Japan got to defeat a fictional enemy (kinda)? We got our own monster that attacked us where we were hurt-and we got to blow it up (and it wasn’t Iraq!)

    2. Mathew says

      The was Afghanistan, remember, the country we attacked after they blew up the World Trade Center.

      On the up side, I got my prize of 6 months of Netflix today! HURRAY! I was one of the contest winners.

    3. says

      Well, actually it was Saudi Arabia that attacked us, but it’s touhg to attack a country whose Prince’s pants is where the VP keeps an office.