Watch one of Cloverfield’s alternate endings

One of this year’s early box-office hits, Cloverfield hit DVD shelves yesterday in a single-disc edition with minimal extras.   The extras included deleted scenes and two alternate endings to the film, leading some to wonder if there isn’t a special edition, two-disc set in our future.

If you saw the movie in theaters and are curious about the bonus endings but waiting to see if the special edition materializes in the near future, Yahoo can help.  One of the two alternate endings on the disc is streaming at Yahoo! Movies. 

Fans may also recall that an HD version of Cloverfield was announced but pulled when Blu-Ray won the high-definition player battle.  The HD disc was scheduled to include more extras for the hit film and it’s widely assumed the Blu-Ray release will include these extras.  No official word yet from Paramount who will release the film on HD format. 


  1. skyjedi2005 says

    i’m so glad that a turd sequel to this piece of trash, and lost aka the new gilligans island pushed star trek back to 2009.

    i was obviously being sarcastic the movies release date being changed made me furious.

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