Slice of SciFi #151: Interview with Dave Arneson, “Dungeons & Dragons” co-creator

180px-dave_arneson.pngIn the News:

  • The world has moved another step closer to the age of “I, Robot,” “Bicentennial Man,” or quite possibly “The Terminator.” In Japan the robotics revolution isn’t coming — it’s already here!
  • Academy Award nominated actress Ellen Page is out of Sam and Ivan Raimi’s new horror flick “Drag Me To Hell, and “Beowulf,” “Big Fish” actress Alison Lohman is in to take over the lead role vacated by Page.
  • The ray-gun has moved from sci-fi to reality with the new Active Denial System (ADS).

Movie Talk: On this week’s show we give you a quick rundown of all the SF/fantasy and horror films you may want to see in April. We look at “Nim’s Island,” “The Ruins,” “Prom Night,” “The Forbidden Kingdom” and “Pathology.”

TV Review: Love or hate it we have the controversial Just Terry back for his follow-up review to Season Two, episode two of “Torchwood.”

TV Talk:

  • One would think now that the writer’s have returned to their desks TV networks would be a flurry of activity with getting new show pilots geared up for the upcoming fall season. However, the truth is writers are back, but the scribes don’t have much to write for.
  • Academy Award winning actress Mira Sorvino has signed on to star in “The Last Templar,” a miniseries based on the bestselling novel from Raymond Khoury.
  • The studio gang talk a bit about season two of “Jericho” and this week’s exciting, but shocking episode.

Interview: Michael Stackpole joins Mike, Summer and Brian to talk to Dave Arneson, the co-creator of “Dungeons and Dragons” (D&D). With this week’s passing of legendary game creator E. Gary Gygax, Dave’s longtime friend and colleague, he shares and reminisces about their association and collaboration on the groundbreaking RPG D&D. Dave also shares what he is currently up to in the gaming and computer industry.

Game Review: Susie the Geek takes a look at the new board game “Last Night on Earth,” the zombie game.

Future Talk:

  • Gerard Butler has announced that he will be giving voice to “Tales of the Black Freighter,” the comic-within-a-movie that is part of “Watchmen,” the superhero film being adapted from the highly popular Alan Moore graphic novel and directed by Butler’s “300” boss Zack Snyder.
  • Could there be a new Starfighter out in the cosmos battling evil aliens and saving Earth from invasion? There is a rumor going around that may actually have feet to it about a new film tentatively titled “Son of Starfighter.” We also can now definitely report that the “Tron” sequel has taken another step closer to production.

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