Slice of SciFi #137: Walter Koenig & Sky Conway on “InAlienable”

koenigw.jpg conway.jpgIn the News:

  • Star Trek fans will be happy to know that, after nearly a year in production, the new audio program “Star Trek Unity” will be released on December 15, 2007. There is even more info then we can give you in one short news story on their community page.
  • Fox is throwing a Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Poster contest. We have the details.
  • The writers may be on strike but, that doesn’t mean they are without work…welcome to Internet Entertainment.

Movie Talk: We look at two newbies for next weekend — the fright-fest called “Timber Falls” and the highly anticipated, mega-budgeted film “The Golden Compass.”

Special Segment Enormous of Australia gives us a review of the new kid on the block called Take TV Player. It should make an excellent holiday stocking stuffer.

TV Talk: NBC has announced the full season pickup for “Chuck” and “Life,” but no official word yet on the fate of “Bionic Woman” and “Journeyman,” although, as we reported on the website, “Journeyman” will at least get its first 12 episodes run.

James Marsters will join the cast of “Torchwood” for at least one episode. He will also star in a made-for-TV gritty new miniseries playing serial killer Ted Bundy.

Ben Stiller will be wearing several hats to get his ideas for a television SF comedy off the ground based on the Marie Phillips novel dealing with ancient Greek gods living in 21st Century society.

Interview: Renegade Studios presents the premiere of “InAlienable” – a new science-fiction film written and starring actor /writer/director Walter Koenig, produced by Sky Conway and also starring actress “Star Trek: The Next Generation’s” Marina Sirtis and “Battlestar Galactica” actor Richard Hatch, among a list of other prominent names in the craft. Walter and Sky talk about this new film, as well as some other projects, including his role in the Tim Russ production of “Star Trek: Of Gods and Men.”

“InAlienable” will premiere on the Net first as a pay per view on December 15 before going to theaters. Go to the Renegade Studios link listed above to buy and watch this exciting new film.

Future Talk: New Line purchases the rights to the new animated/CGI feature film “Planet 51.” Academy Award nominated director Spike Jonze, the man behind “Being John Malkovich,” is bringing the popular Maurice Sendak children’s story to life with “Where The Wild Things Are.”

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  1. says

    Hi Sam and Summer,

    This is Tanveer Naseer, director/co-writer of Star Trek: Unity’s first episode “Disunity”. First of all, I’d like to thank you for providing coverage of the release of our first episode on your show. I can tell you that the actors and the team behind Star Trek: Unity really appreciate it. Now the reason why I’m only replying to this now is because I actually didn’t catch this show and our inclusion. Yeah, I know – no soup for me :) But in all fairness, I was kind of pre-occupied at that time with the roll out of our first episode and making sure we wouldn’t have any glitches. And I’m proud to say that premiere day of “Disunity” went off without a hitch. Anyways, I had a friend over last night and when I mentioned Unity, he got all excited and said he heard about it on his satellite radio.

    Now, the reason I wanted to leave a comment here is because I wanted to add a correction to your report about our series. Daren Dochterman is in fact not working on the Star Trek: Unity project; the only connection between Daren and Unity at the moment is that we are one of the mirror sites for his Doomsday Machine SFX “enhanced” footage. Of course, we would love to have someone as talented and an all-around nice guy like Daren on our team. But at the moment, that’s not the case. However, our CGI will be done by Matt Boardman, who is one of the VFX artists currently working on the CGI sequences for Part 3 of “Star Trek: Of Gods and Men”. So I think the audience will still be in for a visual treat.

    So, I just wanted to append this note to your show notes so that future listeners to this podcast don’t get the wrong impression about Daren’s association with the Star Trek: Unity project. Again, my personal thanks to Sam and everyone on the Slice of Sci-Fi team for their coverage of our first episode. We really appreciate it.