First WGA Strike Sci-fi Casulties

100_20.jpgbattlestar-galactica4.jpgNBC’s Bionic Woman has been forced to shut down production because of the writer’s strike, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The show, shot in Vancouver, Canada, closed its doors on November 9, over a month before its regulary scheduled holiday hiatus.

Another casulty is the long-delay “Battlestar Galactica,” that was shooting episodes for its final fourth season. BSG wrapped production yesterday, also because of the strike. This doesn’t bold well for the record breaking show, as fans were already upset over the extremely long hiatus the show was taking between seasons 3 and 4. BSG was suppose to be in production through March of next year.


  1. Omni says

    So… No big loss then. I’m sure these shows have some die hard fans somewhere, but I find them to be some of the worst examples of SciFi ever produced. The writing is absolutely terrible.

  2. Bumbles says

    Can’t the producers just take a Smallville script, and replace the character’s names with their appropriate Bionic Womans counter part?

  3. Dana says

    No loss on Bionic Woman ending early. The strike is probably the reason that this show stayed on the air as long as it did, which is longer than it deserved. NBC needs filler.

    Galactica’s shut down is no surprise either, and probably no change from the viewers’ perspective. SciFi wasn’t going to air the second half of the 4th season until 2009 anyway.

  4. EddieLa says

    Found the answer on Wiki. 10 of 20 episodes of BSG have been produced. Now I can’t fault SciFi for deciding to split the season…

  5. Mayren says

    I think the BSG fans will come back but it will be hard for us. I also like Bionic Woman, though I agree the writing for Bionic Woman is lacking something.

    I think the strike is going to force alot of families into a McDonald’s and Dollar Store Christmas this year.
    There are just soo many people who work on sets and production that are truly getting screwed.
    stupid Network execs.

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