Bring Back “The Dresden Files” Drum Stick Campaign

81px-drumstick.jpgdresden_overview.jpgIf all fans of “The Dresden Files,” which was cancelled by The SCI FI Channel are serious about wanting to get their show back with all new episodes, there might be something you can do.

Taking a page from the “Save Jericho” script, one of our Slice of SciFi fans by the name of John VanSeters took our cue about Mike’s suggestion of sending drum sticks to the network to the next level and got SCI FI President Bonnie Hammer’s snail-mail address. The drum stick is an appropriate message to send to Hammer since Harry Dresden uses one for his magician’s wand.

You can mail those drum sticks to:

Bonnie Hammer
Executive VP of SCI FI
SCI FI Channel
30 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, NY 10112


Ms. Bonnie Hammer
Sci-Fi Channel
1230 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10020-1513

You can also send to:

Mark Stern, Executive VP Original Programming
NBC Universal/Sci-Fi Channel
100 Universal City Plaza, Bld. 1440, 14th Fl.
Universal City, CA 91608

Bonnie Hammer, President
NBC Universal/Sci-Fi Channel
30 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, NY 10112

Fans are saying that SCI FI is mailing back their sticks saying they are undeliverable. This means they are getting the message because the 30 Rockefeller Plaza address is certainly a correct one. Don’t be discouraged by this callous reception. Here is also some calling information –

30 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, NY 10112
Phone: 212-413-5000
Fax: 212-413-6509

Now get those drum sticks going and don’t forget to print “SAVE DRESDEN” on each stick you send to Ms. Hammer or Mr. Stern.

NOTE: Don’t loose heart if your sticks are returned as undeliverable. SCI FI is not accepting them because of the lesson learned from the 20 tons of nuts sent to CBS. However, SCI FI does accept letters so, send in pictures of drumsticks and Harry Dresden with the message “Save The Dresden Files.”


  1. says

    IMDb says he’s only in 6 episodes, and we know that “Dresden Files” wouldn’t come back immediately.

    Best bet would be to work with SciFi Channel, let them plan on bringing it back for Fall 2008 or Spring 2009, giving them enough chance to retool whatever they thought needed fixing, and get enough good scripts written, and have enough time to have the special effects processed without being rushed.

    We’re asking for SFC to bring it back in a smart fashion, not rush it back now because we want more (nor to also say “we told you so” about Painkiller Jane).

    I’m willing to wait, especially if it means having the series done right.

  2. Magess says

    I wonder how much mailing actual objects really does. I mean, did CBS capitulate to what amounted to an attack on their offices? Or did the numbers and publicity alone do it?

    It seems to me that mailing objects just becomes a huge pain in the ass to the people who have no say over what goes on at the company.

    Whereas what gets you what you want is showing just how many dollars you have to throw around and what a great group you are to advertise to. Because suits understand dollars.

  3. says

    Ahhhhh, the massive mailing of objects is what clued them in to just how many fans out there were willing to watch the show and make an investment of their time and a few pennies to purchase the product (nuts or drum sticks), then mail it to them. It has a much greater impact than just emails (which they rarely read), snail-mail support letters or phone calls.

    The nut campaign for Jericho worked because it represented a statement from fans — and the press picked up on it as well — as we hope this campaign will do.

    Suits understand dollars yes, but they really do understand viewer pressure as well.

    Dresden was just starting to get good when it was pulled. It deserves another shot and this is one concrete and relevant way fans can make it known to Hammer, et. al., that their product is worth reviving, re-tooling and re-airing.

  4. says

    Paramount didn’t accept the dollars raised by the “Save Enterprise” campaign, and they had a lot of dollars. I’m not sure NBC/Universal would react any different to a money-raising campaign for Dresden Files, either.

    Hopefully DVD sales are steady enough to keep their attention on the possibility, but I don’t know how else to flash viewer dollars at them.

  5. tlsmith1963 says

    I never really watched Dresden Files, but if so many people like it SFC needs to bring it back & get rid of that awful Flash Gordon show. I would rather have Dresden on after Doctor Who. I don’t like having Flash on after Who–it might affect its’ ratings.

  6. Lisa from Indiana says

    By the way, this doesn’t need to be expensive to do. If you’ve got a teenager around, chances are he or she knows somebody with some old drumsticks. Or visit a flea market or some yard sales this weekend. Make sure you tell people why you want the drumsticks. You never know when you’ll meet another fan!

    Don’t forget to send a nice, polite letter along with the drumsticks. Insulting Sciffy won’t get Dresden back. You might want to thank them for cancelling Flash!

  7. Spork says

    Too little, too late.

    The Dresden “community” is painfully disorganized and so late to the game it’s pathetic.

  8. says

    Thus this campaign.

    First, it is never too late to get involved with something worthwile and something you enjoy.

    Second, It is now organized.

  9. says

    Hello and I think it’s a great idea. And the Dresden ‘community’ is actually kind of organized, we’re cooking up all kinds of good stuff at the forums at And I’m thrilled to see a huddle of fans I didn’t know about. We’ve been organizing to push DVD sales because we think strong sales are the single biggest argument for extending the life of the show. We’ve also got something like 3400 signatures on a petition, with comments, that got sent over — comment by comment, — to Lionsgate (the producers) this week. We hosted a successful raffle to raise some running money for postage, etc. And since SciFi’s been deleting comments left and right on the TDF forum, the conversation is continuing over at dresdencity. Hey, glad to hear about this and please consider joining us. It’s always worthwhile to stand up for better programming, good acting and good writing!

  10. hijammer says

    For this to really work like the Jerico there needed to be in internet store that sells the drum sticks, marks them as save Dresden Files, and will ship them directly to SciFi Channel.

  11. tim and darcy low says

    Me and dad sent them a whole box full. this is such a cool idea. way to go Sam!!! woot.
    I saw someone in the forum say, “eh who cares”. dude!!!! HELLO! why you think we get junk like flash, pain killer jane and all those lame movies on saturdays??? You got to speak up and say, “um excuse me, but coulf you maybe get a clue?” I mean serious, if you don’t say nothing then you can’t complain when they feed you crap and call it good stuff.


    sorry about the crap thing.

  12. Vanessa says

    I’m running out to get my drumsticks now! Even though it may not work, I want to try to save a great show! At least I can help Dresden, since I missed the effort when Firefly was around!

  13. says

    >>>Too little, too late.
    >>>The Dresden “community” is painfully disorganized and >>>so late to the game it’s pathetic.

    Ah the unofficial FarPoint troll crawls out from under his bridge and as usual completely misses the point. The Dresden community is neither “painfully disorganized” nor is it “too late to the game”.

    It’s NEVER too late to try a “bring back” campaign for any show one enjoys. Are the odds long? Yeah maybe, but it’s worked for other properties….Jerico, Serenity/Firefly, and the granddaddy of all fan campaigns….Star Trek.

  14. Magess says

    I wasn’t saying send them money, btw. What I was saying was that networks care about selling advertising and knowing that their audience has cash to burn is what will impress advertisers. Rather than betting all of your hopes on mailing knick-knacks, if you could find out what advertisements ran during Dresden, you could start contacting those companies and telling SciFi about it. Even better would probably be spending your money with those companies and telling scifi about it.

  15. mikerabil says

    BEST.SHOW.EVER. (on sciffy. well, cept for FARSCAPE).
    Please, please drop Flash and bring back harry. Such a great show.

  16. tim and darcy low says

    hey guys,
    where do we get the glow in the dark drumsticks at? or do they make pens that the ink glows in the dark? if so can someone PM me in the forum please. we are going have 20 more to send here, be cool if we could write on them in glow in the dark ink. hehe. be like ghost haunting the studio there. “WEEEEE WANT HARRRY BAAAAAACK!” hehe.


  17. tllgrrl aka gwen says


    May I get an “Amen” for Darcy!?
    Out of the mouths of babes, people. Out of the mouths of babes.

    That’s alright, baby.
    We feel ya.

  18. Kurt in Saint George says

    If execs at the Sci Fi channel were smart and daring, which I doubt, what they could do with The Dresden Files is make some Harry Dresden movies to fill two hour time slots.

    Like Columbo back in the 1970’s, they would only make 6 to 9 TV movies a year but each one would be an event. The stories which were chosen would have the best writing. The special effects budget could be much more effectively spent in this format then spread out over 12 to 20 one hour episodes. More of the flavor of the original novels could be worked into the movies.

    If this idea worked; both creatively and financially, the Sci Fi channel could sign other authors and adapt their material to the same format. They could garner a lot of favorable publicity, as well as good ratings, for doing something like this. From the fan’s perspective, imagine original movies on the Sci Fi channel that were actually worth watching.

  19. Russell in Berea, KY says

    The ultimate way to show fan support for a show and get suits to notice is to buy the DVD a la Firefly. I saw it’s for sale on amazon ($25).

  20. John VanSeters says

    I’m sad to report that the address I had taken from the Scifi Channel website is incorrect. I had my sticks returned marked not deliverable as addressed.

    Anyone have another address ??

  21. says

    I plan on sending a few letters…the drumsticks I’ll keep in mind if I can find em. I recently joined (great bunch of folks there btw), and am eager to join the support for The Dresden Files in an effort for renewal.

  22. John VanSeters says

    Thanks for the assist Summer and Sam.
    OK everyone, let’s get those sticks going again.

  23. Neroon says

    I used the 1st address and my drumsticks came back undeliverable. Has anyone else had this problem and if not what address did you use?

  24. Kent from Oslo, Norway says

    Right, finally got around to sending my drumstick over the pond. I also included my reciept from for the Dresden dvd-set, just to prove I am legit! Never surrender dreams!

  25. says

    Damn, Damn, Damn, we lost all the Digg nubmers when I changed this from an announcement to a regular post to make room for the SaveJourneyman Campaign. Damn, it had over 100 Diggs for this Dresden post….that’s what I get for changing the post date to keep this on the front page for another few days. Digg should have some way to keep track of that sort of thing when it happens so the Digg numbers aren’t lost….Damn, Damn, Damn!

  26. Sid says

    Y’know, the drumstick idea is catchy, but they might not be very effective.

    But the Dresden Files series are now available on DVD. If sales of that do real well, that will get the network’s attention a lot better than a couple hundred mailed drumsticks.

    Make them into late Chrismas presents or something. but that will have a lot more impact than drumsticks.

  27. says

    I tend to agree with Sid and the DVD sales could really use help right now. They’re sitting at #644 at and should really be a lot higher for such a recent release. Obviously, they weren’t marketed very much BUT that’s part of the renewal effort, too.

  28. Zarina says put the Season 1 DVD set on sale for $17.49 on 12/19 & now has matched them! Stock up & give Harry & Bob as B-day, housewarming, and New Year’s gifts! :)

  29. Luke says

    So, I know you guys are trying really hard, but the honest truth is that you’ll need to be a lot more active than this to get Dresden Files back. People offered to do so much to make Firefly continue on to season two, and that didn’t work. Find out the director’s opinion, ’cause if he/she doesn’t want to continue, it’s not going to happen. We true die hard Firefly fans learned that the hard way.

  30. Jo says

    Keep buying the DVD’s and books. Eventually they’ll get the message. It finally (just recently) worked for futurama.

    *crosses finger*

    maybe the same will work for firefly.

  31. Belashazu says

    I’d love to see the Dresden Files back on TV, either as a show or as the “movies” that were suggested. A DVD compalation of whatever they do would be sweet (and yes, I do own books 1-9 and the DVD of season one). Hope we can get Scifi to reconsider ^_^

  32. Save Dresden says

    I know people probably still don’t read this, but the Dresden Files are on Lot’s of views on there could also send the message.

  33. SaveDresden says

    if theyre gonna bring dresden files back,
    they need to replace the actors -.-
    i mean harrys supposed to have more serious face, seeing the cover of the book.
    paul guy is way too comical.

    besides, murphys supposed to be cute. the girl who played her,

    way off cute.

  34. George "kiltedhulk" Schaffner says

    Hey guys, finely a good solid show and you got to give me Vampires? Dresden is finally a good guy who had no choice in who he was out fighting for the underdog. Here I am sitting wearing out my disc . If someone out there wants to bring back Dresden then we need the cooperation of “Amazon”. When I bought “Dexter season one, they offered me season two in advance. They didn’t take my money until it was released, but that way “The Powers that Be” knew how many people were really interested enough to offer to pay in advance. Come on is stuff like this “site” for real or is it just fluff and pabulum to pacify the “Masses” until slowly good things, like Dresden, are for gotten.

  35. A.S says

    no, no, no, I think they need to keep the charcters!!!!!!! the only reason i got into dresden files were because of the charcters. Especially the one who played dersden.if they put in a difernt charcter i wouldnt even want to watch because i love how he acts and he’s just perfect for that part! hope they bring it back!

  36. Healy says

    just found this and i gotta say i’d love to see The Dresden Files brought back. Maybe we need to arrange to get noticed by producers and directors. They keep axing the ‘good’ tv shows, but keep the ‘not-so-good’ ones… we just need to show that the Dresden files was a much loved show and has a huge following that could mean making money -which is obviously all they care about.

    so get your thinking caps on and get people talking about it again!!

  37. Thomas Blalock says

    Generally speaking, public attention is what will help bring the series back.

    So what you should be looking to do, is to get every single person who you would have normally gotten to send a drumstick to do it all at once, or perhaps to send it all to once location, and then shipped in bulk in some sufficiently annoying or flamboyant package. Grand gestures, all at one time. Or a constant trickle of fairly easily ignorable content that someone can be paid a relatively small amount to filter out without annoying anyone that matters

  38. Ally says

    Well it’s good they have a myspace page, but they are not using it properly to get the word out to get the show back on the air. There are only 153 friends, you can’t take that to SciFi and expect them to do anything.

  39. Hushmalum says

    You know with Bonnie Hammer Gone you may have a chance with the drumstick Campaign.

    I’d Recommend writing something spiffy on the stick though to give the dense execs a hint like the following:

    “Harry’s Wand”
    “Bring Back Dresden”
    “Property of Harry Dresden”
    “Return to Dresden”
    “Conjure at your own risk”
    “The Hockey Stick was too big to Mail”
    “Dresden Files or Bust”
    “This Wand needs a Recharge”

    Thats all I could think of I’m sure you can b e creative.

  40. GINA says

    I can’t believe SCI-FI cancelled such a great show.They should pull some of those crappy knockoffs they show on Saturdays and bring back Dresden ASAP.I just bought another DVD set because my cousin took mine when he cam to visit(Columbia House has them for $19.95).I have left several dozen comments on the SCI-FI page and if they continue to show the crappy programs they have been putting on then I will just cancel my subscription to the channel.

  41. Robert says

    I stopped watching SciFi over The Dresden Files. It was the final straw for that network with me.

    You see they killed Farscape and enraged millions of fans with the way they did it. It was so bad they had to do a miniseries just to appease fans. Then they did Battlestar Galactica, but only did 2 years worth of episodes and stretched the series for 4 years. That math didn’t work for me, how about you?! Dresden Files was a good show, yes. But you can’t get them to bring it back any sooner than you’ll see Farscape produced again. This is what you get with NBC owning Sci Fi. Instead they air Ghost Hunters which is NBC reality crap, and is cheaper to produce… The thing to do is stop watching SciFi so their ratings drop and they either get sold or get the message.

  42. GENA says

    I am a recent fan of the Dresden files since stumbling on and reading the books. I watch them for free on I wish they would bring the series back!! What can we do??