Joss Whedon: Is There Anything He Can’t Do?

Written by: Michael Hickerson (SoSF Staff Journalist)

slither03090623.jpgOK, so I am abusing that great line from The Simpsons’ “Marge vs. the Monorail” episode… but really, is there anything that Joss Whedon can’t do?

He gave us “Buffy,” “Angel,” and “Firefly.” He has written comics, he has written movies… he’s done it all. And yet, he’s still not resting on his laurels. He’s doing more, more, more…

As his panel at Comic-Con would indicate. Joss is going to be busy in the coming months. Here’s just a few highlights thanks to our good friends over at TV Squad.

  • Buffy’s season eight is doing so well in comic books, they’re already planning a season nine. Oz returns to the Buffy-verse later this year in the comics.
  • Joss has co-written a horror script with former “Buffy” writer Drew Goddard. It’s called “A Cabin in the Woods” and is described as “a horror film to end all horror films.”
  • Joss hopes to get the long-promised “Ripper” up and running in 2008. He is working toward a 90 minute movie that will air on the BBC.
  • A new, two-disc special edition of “Serenity” streets on Aug. 21. Stop complaining and just admit you’re going to buy it.
  • He’s is finishing the score for a short film he’ll be directing called “The Serving Girl.” It is going to be a short ballet starring Summer “River” Glau.
  • Joss has a new online comic called Sugarshock available at Dark Horse’s MySpace site. It has nothing to do with Buffy, Angel or Firefly. Completely new material. This is just the first of what Joss referred to as his smaller, under the radar projects that we’ll be seeing more of in the coming months.
  • The post-season five “Angel” comic book series will be a 12-issue limited series. There’s a future for “Fray.”
  • For those of you who haven’t read “Fray” it’s a Dark Horse mini-series about a future slayer. Run, don’t walk to your nearet comic shop and pick up the trade paperback if you’ve not read it.

    Joss Whedon… how can you not love the man?



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