Could a New Star Trek TV Series Be on the Horizon?

If Sal Lagonia, president and producer of Project: Cardinal, a whole new concept in Trek lore, has his way that possiblity seems promising with “Star Trek: Cardinal.” While Lagonia admits to having no prior experience as a producer, he does claim to be a semi-professional screenwriter, having “done a great deal of production work for various series and movies, as well as owning a film degree,” according to the project’s creator.

I am hoping to make further contact with him to verify what other projects he has worked on in the past.

His attempt at revitalizing the 40 year franchise back on to the small screen will concentrate on the crew of the USS Cardinal, a small vessel which is charged with the unglorified job of maintaining the Ferengi border, a small rectangle that also happens to connect the Romulans to the Cardassians in a smugglers corridor. The crew would be charged with chasing criminals and would-be invaders.

If this were the be all and end all to the series, some Trek fans might burn the studio down in protest. However, it is not the be all and end all. The creator of this unique concept is not just giving the crew a mission and leaving it to the writers to decide what random aliens they will encounter every week. Instead, the crew of the Cardinal is inadvertently placed in the center of events that will change the entire galaxy.

From the very beginning, the crew is faced with mysteries that don’t have solutions, mysteries that are causing powers to challenge other powers. The Federation Starship USS Cardinal is placed in the unenviable position of stopping a war, something that becomes increasingly harder until they are no longer able to accomplish that particular mission and war becomes inevitiable.

The show’s creator promises a series with a beginning, middle and end stating that a definite plan for seven seasons of storylines, with the plots changing direction from time to time leading in alternate routes. “Instead of blindly moving forward, we have a definite plan that is brought to a logical conclusion at the end of Season Seven,” stated Lagonia.

Basic Seven Season Outline

Season One would involve introduction of themes and include increasing tension on a weekly basis.

Season Two would begin a small, localized war with an old familiar race. But even as the war is waged, the mysteries only increase until a new enemy is introduced.

Season Three continues with the war growing in scope and begins a massive story arch that will truly be the hallmark of the series.

Season Four is something never seen before in Star Trek – It’s the USS Cardinal and its crew who breaks a cease fire, and becomes stuck behind enemy lines, with a government unwilling to help them.

Season Five begins a more character driven look into the war, and how it is effecting the lives of the show’s heroes.

Seasons Six and Seven begin to close the concepts that were opened and carried through the first five season in a proper fashion, without just throwing something together at the last minute (which seemed to occur far too much with the last series “Enterprise”).

“While the external factors remain planned, internal factors must not be forgotten,” explained Lagonia. “It is easy to attempt a grab at ratings by creating a spontaneous romance, or a random attitude shift in the crew, but it alienates fans in the long-run. Instead, character interaction must be well planned, especially in a series so focused on character.”

For the crew of the USS Cardinal, this will involve a more realistic view of family than we are used to. Longoria’s contention is that one of the largest complaints about “Star Trek: The Next Generation” was the lack of conflict among the crew. The crew of a starship is a family, but families will hardly come together instantly after being placed in a difficult situation.

On the USS Cardinal the crew is filled with characters that are constantly in conflict. Family is not chosen, after all, it is thrust upon you, and you need to make good with what you have. With each character in direct conflict with at least one other character, and a ship that forces interaction among the crew, we are left with a crew that must work past its problems with each other to solve the external problems facing the ship. As old conflicts are closed and forgotten, new ones arise to take their place. There will never be a lack of character conflict with a crew of this nature.

The crew in question is also not the best and the brightest we are used to seeing. Instead, they are those who could be the best and the brightest, if only they were given the chance. There are those plagued by their past, or fearful of their future, or perhaps even fearful of themselves. They are from different cultures, ages and sexes, and many of their differences cause a great deal of friction among other members of the crew.

The ship serves as an analogy of the crew. It is also a ship that simply was never given a chance; a cramped, glitchy ship that was not deemed worthy enough to serve as a front-line vessel. It is a mix of different technologies that were never designed to work together, and without much effort, considered irreparable.

The more the crew learns to work together, the better the ship begins to perform. Troubles set aside between crew mates coincide with mechanical problems being fixed on the ship.

Creative Plan

Longoria has plans to pitch the idea for a CBS weekly series that will begin with a two-hour pilot episode which will introduce a number of mysteries and deal with tension growing between powers. Surrounded by warships, the crew must stop one power from invading another. The stakes are high, any mistake could lead to war. The USS Cardinal is out-gunned and has almost no hope of succeeding, and can only rely on the wit of its crew to succeed.

The action-oriented pilot will bring characters and concepts together in a way that will grab the attention of the fans and hold them for the coming episodes. With well-defined, “fan-inspired story archs” following, the enormous base of Trek fans will gladly spend an hour every week watching CBS.


  1. says

    Seven seasons is really too long for most series. Why does Paramount always try to force ST series to be seven seasons?

    I think they should take the first 3 seasons and combine them. You’d get rid of a lot of the fluff.

  2. says

    This sounds like a positive step to take for trek, but I agree that 7 seasons is too much. Shows don’t get to last 7 seasons anymore except in rare cases, I’d rather have a well produced, coherent and complete 4 seasons than something left hanging by short sighted TV execs.

  3. Nick says

    The basic premise isn’t all that bad, but really it’s no better than 99 percent of the other fanfiction floating about the net.

  4. Jack says

    I don’t like this at all. Sounds like more soap opera, the kind of thing that killed Enterprise, choked DS9 and bled the life out of TNG. What happened to “boldly going where no one has gone before”? There is a whole universe of infinite possibilities out there. Why does this franchise seem doomed to hash over the same old stuff. Learn the lessons from TOS and give us something that facinates us, makes us think and wonder. or root for the good guys to win. We don’t need to agonize through the petty wants of shallow people or struggle to remember the minor details of a show from three season ago to know what is going on. If I want that kind of drama I can watch Desperate Housewives! Wake Up and Smell the Dylithium!!!

  5. Kyle Nin says

    To me, it sounds a lot like “Deep Space Nine”, except replace the station with a starship.

    I’d really be willing to watch any new Trek series, just as long as it’s not TOO far from the original concept.

  6. Nick says

    Sounds to me more like he’s taken Firefly and transposed it into the Star Trek universe. As premises go, it’s not awful, but it doesn’t excite me either, and it’s not a Trek show I’d want to see.

  7. Magess says

    So, what -would- people want to see in a Trek series?

    I haven’t been keen on the universe since probably watching TNG when I was little. Everyone seems to agree that it’s somehow done everything that it can do, explored all that the universe lets them. So what would you guys want to see? What wouldn’t be rehashed and refried sci-fi but still be in the Trek universe?

  8. Kyle Nin says

    From the article, I’m assuming that this would take place in the 24th century. Is that correct? Or is it a little later, like in the early 25th?

  9. Tony says

    Firefly? Firefly?!?! Why do people mention this show as if it’s the pinnacle of TV sci-fi? It was half a season and an ‘arc’ that just started before it was dumped and people go on about it like it was a 7 season run. Has Nick seen anything else but Firefly?

    As for this show, please no. Could there be anything more uninteresting than Ferengi border disputes? Seeing those ugly little trolls on TV again could only be a bad thing…

    USS Cardinal sin…

    This will no more “go ahead” than “New Voyages” getting a Prime Time spot.

  10. Nick says

    Yeah, Tony, I have seen more than Firefly. I wasn’t making any comment on it beyond seeing a resemblance between that show and this premise. I don’t know where you got “the pinnacle of TV sci-fi” idea from, but I neither implied, nor do I believe that to be the case.

    I do agree that this treatment is a non-starter.

  11. Kyle Nin says

    I thought that everyone thought BSG was “the pinnacle of TV sci-fi”. Not me, but everyone else.

  12. Tony says

    The “browncoats of a failed tv show” make out it’s something special..and Slice has more than once made it and Serenity out to be more than it was. The premise sounds much more like DS9 and B5 than anything, I’m not sure how you got the Firefly comparison other than it’s a “ship in space”.

  13. says

    Firefly was special. It was just strangled in it’s crib before it had a chance to breathe. Pinnacle of scifi television? It held the promise of that, but since it didn’t make it at least two seasons, we can’t honestly make that comparison.

    There is a “resemblance” to almost any scifi show in space because there’s a setup for a conflict between two or more opposing factions, and the result of that conflict can change the planet/galaxy/universe.

    Same basic premise, found in many stories. Using that premise, you could make the Serenity comparison, which if Firefly had lasted several season, it would have gotten to that point and beyond.

    Now, about this new Trek series. First, it sounds like the setup presented in the less than stellar B5 spinoff movie, “Legend of the Rangers” more than it does Firefly or Serenity. Oh, and please, make it stop.

    Honestly, I think Trek writers spanning the entire 40 years of Trek need to sit down with Rod and Majel and Gene’s notes, and hammer out what the galaxy would look like 200 years beyond the end of the latest crop of movies involving the TNG cast.

    It’ll probably take a month, but once they’re done, they’ll write down the state of the Federation, its allies and its enemies, make it canon and make it consistent within itself. Then, take a break for another 2-4 weeks, and ponder what life would be like in that universe, for all of the races, not just the humans.

    After that break is over, come back and dream up cast, conflicts personal, global and galactic, then work in the technological advances. After that, map out a story, from beginning to end, keeping in mind those consistencies that were written down… have a bang of a beginning, and end that makes sense as well as brings closure to a story, and fill in the rest as you go.

    Anyone that writes a story that pisses on the canon of consistency has to contribute $1000 to a pool. I’m not sure what they’d do with the pool at the end of a season, but that’d pay for one helluva wrap party.

    That’s my rant, and I’m stickin’ to it :)

  14. Nick says

    Gee, Tony, let’s see; a crew that doesn’t get on and a “cramped glitchy ship” filled with misfits. No, no similarity there. Yeah, there are ideas from B5 and DS9 as well, but the similarity to Firefly struck me initially.

    Try losing that chip on your shoulder, Tony. You’ll feel better.

  15. Arkady says

    First off, I doubt this is the new trek series beyond this dude’s wild claims of being the ‘leading project’ most of the forums he has posted on has been little more than hopes of validation or begging for ways to contact CBS (look on for an example.)

    It’s a clever attempt at viral marketing using blogs but this is essentially television vaporware.

  16. Nick says

    “It’s a clever attempt at viral marketing using blogs but this is essentially television vaporware.”

    My feelings exactly.

  17. says

    So Cardinal is basically Battlestar Galactica in the Star Trek Universe. What’s that about keeping story continuity? Sounds like George Lucas did better than all the different Star Trek people have done. Gene’s probably rolling in his grave.

  18. Kyle Nin says

    I would suggest going back to the original concept of going out and exploring space. Maybe make it 100 years after TNG. But that’s just me.

  19. Nick says

    “While Lagonia admits to having no prior experience as a producer, he does claim to be a semi-professional screenwriter, having “done a great deal of production work for various series and movies, as well as owning a film degree,” according to the project’s creator.”

    So basically he’s a fan with an idea. Whoopee. Add him to the list. This is news, why?

  20. Roger says

    Personally, I love this idea. I remember seeing this float around a few months ago and was hoping it would get some recognition. Are the Manny Coto rumors true? I’ve heard them, but no one can confirm it.

  21. CaptAncheron says

    Wow, ‘Trek becomes the child of ‘Trek being gang-raped by BSG and DS9.

    Good thing this is just another fanwank idea that’llgo nowhere, otherwise I’d think Trek really is dead.

  22. Mary says

    i’ve been a fan of this for a while now. i wasn’t too fond of the idea until i read some of the scripts. it seems too dark until you read the script and see that its really very light and fun

  23. says

    Ugh, what is it with no-talent fanboys coming up with war-plot after war-plot? There’s a reason TNG ruled and DS9 sucked: people are sick of war stories.

    Trek needs to stay true to its spirit of exploration and the ideal of humanity’s future.

  24. Kyle says

    Hi, I made the coffee for the real producers on some low-budget flicks, and have a relly kewl idea for the next Trek show. I figure starting a fake rumour about Manny Coto being involved will make people take me seriously. Please everyone campaign CBS on my behalf because I’m not talented enough to actually break into the business on my own merits.

    ‘Nuff said.

  25. Joe says

    I’ve noticed more people insulting the writer than the idea. Is this a good sign that the concept really is good?

    I’m not shallow enough to ignore the idea and attack the creator. I like it

  26. Kyle says

    Maybe because A- his idea’s not very good in the first place and B- he’s not the professional he pretends to be, and this isn’t a genuine campaign, it’s just a fan with delusions of grandeur.

  27. CaptAncheron says

    Craptacular concepts like this is why I wish CBS/Paramount would put the hurt on fanfic and fan-productions.

    Folks, the next Star Trek series isn’t going to be the DS9 mk II wetdream of some fan.

  28. Steve Austin says

    I have to agree with #26
    this headline was quite exciting…then in reading it it just appears to be another fan film project, except with no actual footage.

    Maybe I am missing something…but the question is valid ‘how is this news?’

    I can write down some of my crazy ideas for a new trek and mail it to cbs and say ‘it is a proposal at CBS’. Producing a season of new Trek would cost 10s of millions. Does anyone think they will hand that kind of cash over to someone with no experience producing a show for TV


  29. Kurt says

    I will give this guy credit for having a concept and a plan for each of the proposed seasons. However, I agree with the DS9 and Babylon 5 comparisons. I also agree with the comments that this idea is going nowhere.

    I have a plan to recreate the Holy Roman Empire. I just need enough of you out there to declare me your Emperor. Oh yea, I also need someone to send me a jewel encrusted falcon as tribute, that would be nice.

  30. Joe says

    I notice that people are either saying it’s a Firefly rip-off or a BSG rip-off… Excuse me, but aren’t they on completely different ends of the spectrum?

  31. says

    I wouldn’t say that. Both ships are dirty, both crews have problems, both creators/producers/writers are revered, both have bad guys with overwhelming numbers and technical prowess, and both have fan bases that seem to have nothing else to do. Used to be Star Wars and Star Trek.

    At least I’m not with the weirdos anymore.

    Egads, whata meesa saying? I LOVE ‘EM ALL!

  32. Brad says

    The first reaction I got in reading about this was something similar to BSG and DS9. What you have to realize is that not everyone is going to like the series and you can’t please everybody. I personally did not like TNG. And this thing about getting back to exploring, thats what they did with Voyager and Enterprise, VOY barely got through its 7 seasons and just as Enterprise started getting good, they ejected the warp core out of it. It really doesn’t matter if this guy hasn’t done anything big, half the writers never did before they went to Star Trek. I agree that this has a snowballs chance in hell to make it on TV but if it does I would give it a try.

  33. El Gringo Maleante says

    Why would you people even bother with posting this article.
    This is not a legitimate show nor are the people involved even in the right mind.
    The only thing that could come out of this guy’s ideas is a fan film.
    You have to be deranged to think a studio or television netowrk would pay any attention to this.
    Really, wake up – this kind of thing is not healthy.

  34. says

    Hey, Gringo Maleante, or whoever you really are, could you please stop spamming the comments thread?

    You submitted 8 different comments with different email addresses but all from the same IP address, so the software flagged you.

    I was about to approve all of them until I noticed that they all came from the same IP, so I just let your first comment post and deleted the rest of them.

  35. Capitan RompePopola says

    Hey Summer brooks,
    Someone needs to knock some sense into these crazy kids. This whole article is just plain nonsense.
    Please tell Sal to send you a list with his filmography or produced credits. I hope you guys can find some real stories to write about in the near future. This kind of mentality is what has killed Star Trek in the first place.
    Fans turning their backs on the franchise and thinking they can come up with a better show without any type of screen writing or storytelling experience or abilities, It’s just plain dumb and childish.
    I did not mean to insult anyone but please let’s keep things real!
    Much love,
    – El Negro con la pinga salvaje que te la enturra por la boca y te sale por el hoyo (That’s me!!!)

  36. Ste says

    How does this guy have 7 years planned out? Anyone can plan out 7 years of tv if it’s done like that.

    Year 1. We meet the crew and ship
    Year 2. They start doin stuff
    Year 3. They fight bad guys and do more stuff
    Year 4. They fight more bad guys, and yup, do more stuff
    Year 5. They break cease fire and go on the run
    Year 6. They meet new bad guys and argue over coffee
    Year 7. They tie up all the ‘stuff’ they’ve done.

    There. Now I think I’ll send this to Paramount to get green lighted…pfft, yeah right!

  37. tdatb says

    I went to his site and checked it out. I tried to leave a post in his guestbook but it wouldn’t seem to take it, so I’ll post it here. This is based on reading his descriptions of the series premise and of his character backgrounds.

    “Well, you don’t know the difference between “effecting” and “affecting”, can’t spell “necessary”, and think you can write? The EMH idea as stated is absolutely idiotic, the idea of space and life-support resources in such a tiny vessel being wasted on a crewmember’s child is ludicrous, the “conflicted crew” bit is WAY overdone to the point where they would actually kill each other before you could finish off Season 1. No authority would ever assemble such a mess as a crew! I think you must’ve watched “The Dirty Dozen” and “The Magnificent Seven” too many times. Reality doesn’t work like that and neither does believable fiction.
    Oh, and you need to reread your character descriptions: how could one of the Klingons be the “ancestor” of someone dishonored by the Romulans and resentful of them for that reason? I think you must’ve meant that it was one of his ancestors that this happened to, making him the “descendant”. Such egregious errors do not bode well for the acceptance of your proposal.
    My very first memory of life was watching the premier of Star Trek in 1966 on a 12-inch Zenith in black and white. I’ve seen some very stupid things done to the franchise over the years – the first season of TNG comes immediately to mind, being so poorly scripted as to be unworthy of even the Star Trek animated series, as well as the travesty of “Star Trek V: The Final Frontier”. This concept is, in it’s current form, about on par with those.
    Go back to the drawing board, plan for a 4 or 5 year run, enlarge the ship a bit and make it much less of a lemon, cut the number of pre-existing conflict points by half while still allowing for the introduction of new elements as the story arc develops, give us more background on the captain and what he did wrong to get this punishment assignment, give him 1 normal officer who followed him to this assignment out of loyalty other than a Romulan kid suffering PTS. No Cardassian crew with Klingons aboard and the Bajoran/Cardassian mix thing has already been done: don’t be quite so derivative. Include an Andorian, a Tellarite, or perhaps a Caitian – an alien that goes farther back towards the beginning of things. I’ve always thought the exclusion of these founding or other early members of the Federation in the sequel series was a mistake, although that’s just personal opinion. Leave the “strange powers” stuff to the Q or the Organians. Buy yourself a good dictionary and thesaurus set and hire a proofreader.
    The idea of having an end in mind from the beginning and a pattern for development to that end is a great one. It gives the writers tighter constraints without stifling their creativity and should ensure that the story doesn’t take off on stupid tangents. One big tale told piece by piece in a coherent order is the way all series other than sitcoms – where the overall story usually doesn’t matter – should be done.
    I really don’t believe you’ve a snowball’s chance in Hell of CBS/Paramount picking up this concept as it currently stands. Even with a great deal of refinement the chances are slim. You might, however, want to give some thought to removing the concept from the Star Trek universe and setting it in it’s own. Syndication, the Sci-Fi Channel, or other cable networks are viable options for original science fiction series. Remember, syndication gave us Andromeda, Babylon 5, Earth: Final Conflict, and even Stargate SG1. Succesful seasons in syndication led to eventual Sci-FI Channel pickups of three of those.
    Anyway, keep on dreaming. The only shame from failure comes from failure to try.”

    That’s what I tried to post there. Perhaps this will make it’s way back to him from here.

  38. Boydan Frooling says

    The idea behind a real story arc inside a star trek series is wonderful. Will there be shortages of basic resources? Increasing bans on warp travel? People who are genuinly disagreeable who are NOT campy “bad guys”?

    Can star trek make the transition into the post-battlestar world? Can the production values make their sets look less like candy shops and more like battleships? Can we leave most of the interpersonal gushy-stuff on the floor and concentrate on the conflicts?

    Major studios DO support good sci-fi, Firefly and NBC’s Battlestar (yes, it IS NBC — not syndicated) are solid proof of this.

    What is needed is a production crew that does not work entirely from boardroom decisions and focus-groups. Star trek fell to the lowest common fan denominator, and ignored the cinematic and production neesds of expanding its product, and instead focused on the innermost fantasies of its least important fans — the “convention” trekkies.

    Left to these devices, trek itself became stale and stagnant, and afraid of change. If a character was killed off it was because of a contract dispute — or an actor opting out — never due to plotline needs. Inside the plotline There was usually enough air and water to go around. Everyone was committed to the same basic polyanna goal of selfless exploration of space. Conflicts were dealt with. Wars were WON or LOST.

    That beautiful tuesday morning changed us all in many ways, we are no longer a polyanna viewing public. Our heroes are proven false, our enemies slip through our fingers and we are loosing our civilization not only to the enemy but to ourselves, one fear and one human right at a time.

    Our cinema and our television are forced to grow with the rest of us, not just those who can dress and talk klingon.

    If there is ever a time to let good talent take a good franchise and make a GREAT product it is now. Star Trek is at its core a fine universe to play in, wide open and waiting for more painters to continue the scrolling canvas. Lets scroll enterprise and voyager to the past and look to a future both brighter and far, far darker.

    Boydan Frooling

    P.S. — 7 seasons would mean you need at least 40 “turkey” episodes. Cut it to 5 and you’ll have a great story

  39. Pimenta says

    It’s funny to see that most messages that say it’s a bad thing to have similarities with both bab5 and DS9 also say: let’s do a TNG thing.

  40. Stu says

    Whatever you can say about those wackos at TrekUnited, they had a real producer with real money behind him approach Paramount and still got told to bug off. This wanker has no financing, no qualifications and nothing more than a poorly written fanboy concept and thinks that CBS is going to hand him the keys to a multi-billion dollar franchise. He’s never going to get past the secretaries.

    You people must be really desperate for news to publish a non-story like this.

  41. says

    ^rough translation of above comment:
    Just surfing the net, I’m stumbling over the following article:
    New ST series horizons.
    Wow, what spawn of hell thought of this?
    7 seasons?
    One more boring than the other?


  42. Daniel says

    I have been wondering if Star Trek was going to take another giant step for man kind? I personally was pretty disappointed for the major part of Enterprise, thou enjoyed Season 3 the most in regards to the Xindi.

    IMHO people tend to like action and not be bored with typical soap opera’s (I mean heck, I would go and watch Neighbours if I wanted to just that!).

    I think personally Star Trek should be looking towards a more in the future look. Like how the Federation has expanded (or even possibly obliterate / desolve it), new races, new enemies, new technologies and the likes. I think also there should be more shows where federation aid comes into play and show how us the real spirit of human kind holds together and what makes us so special.

    Needless of my comments, I would enjoy a fresh approach on star trek and welcome a new series.

    As I always say, I will give anything a chance a first time round.

  43. Ana says

    A new series right now is a bad idea. Trek is barely recovering from Enterprise. Cardinal may have some potential, like Enterprise once had. It’s just a bad idea for the moment.

  44. says

    I think there should be a “STAR TREK” only cable TV channel.. we got every other stupid channel from 20 music channels.. a military channel.. kids cartoon channels, etc. and Sci-FI Channel and G4 as nice as they are to carry star trek are just not SHOWING enough Star Trek! :) true Trek fans need more.. a dedicated channel.. now I own all the episodes from all 4 shows.. and all the movies.. I do not go to conventions and if I did go I would not dress up.. but I think it might be fun to go to one sometime.. but not to get off the main topic which is a Star Trek Only Channel. We need one.. surely we have enough episodes to play between the 4 tv shows, the animated show.. biotics about the cast, documentaries about the show.. footage from conventions, and of course the crown jewel.. a NEW SERIES.. since it would be on it’s own channel would not have to worry about premature cancellation.. every so many years a new show can spawn as the old one finishes.. maybe even a few made for tv(Star Trek Channel TV) movies.. maybe one on DS9.. some cast intervies… star trek news show perhaps.. we could go on forever.. I think we should all petition for that.. if the NY METS and NY Yankees can have a station of their own.. Star Trek SHOULD DEFINITELY HAVE ONE! :-)

  45. says

    I’ve been saying we need a Star Trek Channel ever since the inception of cable television. Glad someone else out there agrees…now if we could just find somebody with the big bucks to listen and believe and finance the idea….Could also be another great outlet for really good fan productions like New Voyages.

  46. Mark says

    A new Star Trek series would be great. The problem is, what Sal Lagonia is proposing is NOT new. I have no desire to see a show that highlights a “would be” crew on a 2nd rate ship delving into the same tedious, politically laden conundrums that stifled Deep Space Nine!
    Gives us a crew that generates the kind of chemistry that make fans WANT to watch. Put them in a cool ship that demonstrates the Federation’s finest technology. Then have them face new races, situations and enemies that challenge both the ship and her crew! The finest episodes of TOS, Voyager and TNG did just that. Come on studio execs! Wake up and smell over 40 years of Trek coffee!

  47. Aylakaye says

    I don’t care for this idea at all myself. After watching every episode of Star Trek Enterprise and being introduced to the possibilities of an Enterprise J that is what I want to see. I want to see the war between the Federation and the Sphere Builders. When are we going to see that? Or are we just being teased through-out the entire series of Enterprise? It is unlike any writer to leave such a large opening for a new series to come into play and them not grab it- I think the opening is there and it should be used. “It is the most logical course of action”

  48. Chris says

    It’s a horrible idea. “Hey let’s have a ship patrolling the Ferengi border!” I have a better idea… let’s not. And a ship made up of different technologies that don’t work properly together? That sounds like something that space pirates or Pakleds would be flying, not a Federation starship. What they should do is continue with the Temporal Cold War, but do so from the point of the 31st century. Actually, on second thought, no, that would be too much like Quantum Leap.

  49. says

    i think they go with a ship like the prometheus (message in a bottle). Put it some time in the future and based in a area of space to explore. there is just too much stuff they can do. With the right writers and a good crew and plot, there shouldn’t be any trouble. A star trek channel would help too. Just putting it on air one day a week doesnt help.

  50. Kyle From Illinois says

    I am not sure why they can’t come up with a new series? We are talking about adventuring in the big ole Universe.
    How can you possibly run out of immagination when the topic is so endless?
    I have watched TNG and Voyager more than 4 times in their entirity.
    I know if they can put together another show like voyager where they actualy leave the Galaxy this time and go into another, I would be glued to the TV.
    Enterprise failed because it was not believable. When you watch the Kirk ST then watch Enterprise, it just don’t make any sense.

  51. Roger says

    I notice alot of you are rejecting the series without even looking into it. Why don’t you just go talk to the producer for a while, its not like he’s hard to find.

  52. Chris says

    Actually, Roger, I have talked to the Sal Lagonia, to great lengths. His ideas just do not hold any water. There are too many premises that just extend the realm of credulity too far. I’ve looked at his ideas, and found them lacking.

  53. Huckfin says

    Here is a idea just bring back Star Trek : Enterprise . But say 20 year later with a new crew .

  54. Auran says

    Just leave off where voyager did. With all the technology that they encountered in the series from the borg or from the federation trrying to get them home. Theres 4 quadrants inthe galaxy we’ve seen 2 and only heard of the other 2 come on theres still so much left to explore even outside of the galaxy and like i said above with the technology that got voyager home, say, masterd and 20 years after they go back to the delta or another quadrant or even outside the galaxy into another and explore voyager explored the delta abit but they were on a straghit path home. And what of the borg did they get destroyed or do they live on the queen died in frist contact and still survived to see voyager.

    ya know its not that difficult go exploring instead of making DS9 in a starship with the crew fighting with the crew. And nothign like enterprise…come on!!

  55. john says

    i think it will be alright. Why is everyone so stuck on the original series and tng? times move on. As for firefly, it was a show with some good potential. and can easily be compared to star trek it got chopped to early

  56. says

    Read Frake’s answer to the star trek series issue here:

    nuff said..screw the above guy’s idea..frakes HAS produced and directed tng episodes and they were very good,and he is willing to act in a star trek series based around the starship titan….geesh.

    frakes is gold for paramount,as would be a new series based around the voyages of the starship wonder paramount’s previous efforts with star trek have failed..why? they are being to experimental with the franchise.stick with what works and the shows will be watched.

  57. moresco says

    The problem with trek shows is that they’re always from the viewpoint of the good guy. I want to watch a bunch of villains soar through the galaxy causing destruction and enslaving Federation peeps. :p Seriously, the story is too stale to continue in the same light. Something new and interesting is in order.

  58. Bones says

    It sounds ok… but I agree it’s a rehash of the same thing but just an added spin on grittiness. It doesn’t sound like B5 either, sounds a bit more like BSG…

    Honestly, time for a change, bring us three seasons of I.K.S. Gorkon! and may the Sci-fi channel do such a series and do it well, I’ve truly had it with network executives.

  59. Wes says

    I think they should bring back Enterprise and complete the series. Except this time they need a decent time-slot and advertisement. Enterprise was one of the best writing ever done on Star Trek. Not to mention, the cohesion of the cast and crew. Bring it back.

    As for the Cardinal. This show does not sound good. There is nothing I can’t stand more then a show that does not move. DS9 is an example of this. Just stagnant TV. The only good episode is the one where the station actually fired up its thrusters.

    If they are compelled to do something new and NOT bring Enterprise back they need to explore the extreme future. Beyond TNG by about 100 years. Of course everyones favorite bad-guys (The Borg) needs to be the focus of hostile aliens to appear.

  60. Phil says

    I don’t agree that seven seasons is too much – it MIGHT be if the series isn’t that great – but if it is a really great series, then seven seasons would be OK!

  61. Roger says

    I just don’t understand these comment. Some of you think its too dark, others think its too light-hearted. Some of you think it moves too fast, others think its too stagnant. Some say its a copy of Firefly, some say it’s a copy of DS9 (which is completely different). Can you all please explain your thinking?

  62. Wes says

    Here I am to explain what I mean by the Cardinal being stagnant like DS9. I don’t want to see a show where a ship is patrolling the same area. Star Trek is based on exploring new worlds. I can’t stand the same setting every week. I want the show to go places. It’s also the reason I hated the movie “The Breakfast Club”. :)

  63. Cameron says

    I think that the only way the show can go is forward in time from the latest it has been. I would love to see a story line set somewhere in the 25th, maybe 26th century. Instead of continuing to fill in the gaps in between series, show us where we go after the events of the 24th century.

  64. Michael says

    I hope this is an April Fool’s joke gone too far. But if it isn’t — God in Heaven, WHY WOULD YOU EVEN BOTHER?

    The Great Bird has long since left the Galaxy, people. Why can his legacy not be allowed the dignity of resting in peace? Doesn’t anyone at Paramount have something better to do, like — I don’t know — producing decent television? Did the impossibly ill-advised train wreck that was UPN teach them NOTHING?

  65. Roger says

    The show isn’t really stagnant, though. Talk to the producer, and he’ll explain everything. It may start out in a small corridor, but it gets really exciting

  66. medley says

    I was loosing him when I found out it would take place on the edge of Ferengi space. I detest the Ferengi and always have. It’s the biggest reason I stopped watching DS9.

    I lost complete confidence in the show’s ostensible creator when he said it would go seven seasons. TNG and DS9 were anomolies. Space operas rarely last that long. Even the deliciously baroque farscape could only make to four.

  67. Roger says

    So you hate it because he planned seven seasons?

    And it really has very little to do with the Ferengi. This is what I mean – People insult this show without actually looking in to it.

  68. Kevin says

    I think they should bring back Enterprise 20 years late with a new crew like someone else has said. It has a good story line and overall was a good series. Put it in a time slot where it can actually be watch, not stuffed in the background somewhere to just fade away.
    Star Trek was built around the ship Enterprise and was meant to explore strange, new worlds. Don’t reinvent the wheel.

  69. Alethea says

    7 seasons is a good number. Be careful not to compare ST with other shows, whether scifi or not. As time has proven, ST beats all other scifi shows in popularity, 7 seasons is needed!

    My concern is that the story lines may drag on to ridiculous lengths (thinking DS9 and Enterprise) and just become annoying. Such a small area of space may be deemed boring after a while, although the suggestions are the captain will break with the Prime Directive and go beyond enemy lines without Federation support.

    Remember light relief is very important too, something Enterprise missed on a whole which I think was part of it’s demise.

    Looking forward to it’s premier.

  70. Jon says

    I think a show about the mysterious Section 13, or Starfleet Intelligence would be cool. Covert ops, and you could combine all of the elements (soap opera, fast paced action, mystery) without sacrficing to any one of those elements.

  71. Michael says

    First of all I want a final 5th season of “Enterprise”. For me the last episode was a shame.
    The concept of Star Trek Cardinal sound interesting, but at the moment not very innovative. We had already a long war in DS9.
    For me a very intersting idea would be a seriel about “Section 31″ 😉 !

  72. Greedo says

    I can not understand why anyone would critize this show… I would love to see ANY new star trek series. Especially one in which the majority of plots would involve the relevent races of the alpha quad. (terrans, vulcans, romulans, klingons, ferengi, cardassians, tellerites, andorians, the breen, trells, orions, nossikans(?) and others i may have forgotten) The one thing i actually didnt like about the other shows is how there are way way too many sidestory episodes where you meet a race/planet once and then NEVER EVER hear from them ever again. Voyager and DSN often did this with races that were in the delta or gamma quadrants, which made sense that you wouldnt see them again. However when this happens anywhere in the alpha quadrant I tend to find it rather lame. I do like some occasional side episodes but its better if they can later be tied back into later episodes even in the most minor way. In conclusion, I really hope they do make this show and possibly more shows further down the line. A true fan ought to be happy for any show, never mind one about the confrontations between the major alpha quad races!

  73. Dragonfly says

    I think that this sounds great and, personally, would prefer all seven seasons. I feel this is a good idea because it always takes a season or two to really feel out the characters and get everyone working together as a team.

    Now on to why I love this idea. Personally I think star trek has too long been tying itself into focusing on events that introduce huge new things (like, say quadrants of the galaxy) to the trek universe, and while new species and unknown territory are kinda fun, they’re not the reason most of the fans watch. The trek setting is unique, the feel of the world differs from that found anywhere else. That unique feeling is addictive, and beyond that the characters, and the differing dynamics between different crews and on different ships is just… beautiful. Having guiding principles for all of starfleet; but seeing how each captain and character interprets those rules in their own way.

    What I mean to say is, I love that this show isn’t afraid to focus on a ship that doesn’t have some grand mission. It’s not star fleet’s flag ship or a station in a position of extreme strategic importance; but it’s still important.

    I also think there’s something to be said for learning more about alpha quad species; there are many that haven’t been as central to the story as humans, vulcans, klingons ect.

  74. Geeeez says

    ALL of you will watch it, the number of seasons does not matter as long as its GOOD enough. Some shows should never end, The Shield, Heroes, the end Buffy was a sad time in my life. Its all about public outcry. They did the last series of friends 3 times.

  75. says

    BOOO…Personally I think the idea is “alright” but wouln’t it make it like DS9 and Voyager just introducing a new ship and crew….they need a third and final enterprise Series leading up to the Last Enterprise wich is Enterprise-J….say start with Enterprise-E and lead up all the way to J with a newer crew starting in the end of Season 3 or the begining of season 4 or so and than continue the rest… only be 6 seasons for this one…I JUST WANT ENTERPRISE-E BACK!!!

  76. David says

    If they were to have another show it needs to be based on more into starfleet and the federation’s future. I remember the episode where Q first appeared on Voyager and said that humans werent supposed to be in the Delta Quadrent for another 100 years, ok lets pick up there. How far have we gone in the universe, are we still at war with the Romulans, were the borg all destroyed in the last episode of Voyager, so many unanswered questions.

  77. Joe says

    I was not crazy on enterprise. I think a new serious should be set in he 24th centery in a ship that is the flag ship or even a battle ship and xsploring space.A bit of politics in startrex is grand but they should not over do it. IT should be full of exciting storys and we should feel proud of the new ship not some crap one that is allways out gunned like in enterprise.

  78. Carol says

    This is, without a doubt, the best Trek idea out there and should be picked up immediately. I’ve heard about it a few times on other websites and on the radio, and I think it’s just wonderfull.

    It’s about time we get to see a more realistic ship, one that makes it feel like the crew really is a family – A disfunctional one, but a family. I’m also happy to see some really strong women characters, and not just a few, but a wide range that cover the entire spectrum. There’s the young naive one, the young hell’s angel one, the single mother, the older grandma type and… well, a crazy one! Naomi is my favorite by far. She’s so realistic, and it’s fun watching a smart woman who also can kick a little ass.

    If you drop them a line, they’ll send you a few sample scripts. Not only are they hilarious, but they’re so well-written. You can almost feel the chemestry between the characters, and they each say a little something too, which is nice. There’s some good social commentary in there.

  79. Mohamed says

    This people wont listen to us anyway or take our advise, if they do that we would not be having this conversation anyway but rather a great series!

    However one think we all recognize here is that Star Trek has to move on…

    For me the best idea is to be more realistic with story lines.
    Example we could have a threat to the Federation or the the end of the Federation and a new order has to be created, or some politics could be played like invading other planets and some members breaking the laws of Federation which could lead to the end of the Federation.
    And have none Federation members taking advantage of that,
    and have earth invaded by some unknown new species and building a resistant group.
    And have earth people who have been exiled trying to return to earth and join the resistance.
    We need to have earth people stealing technologies from other races something they would normaly not do to save earth and joining forces with others who might have been enemies in the past to face the new threat, and also have within them traitors and spies.

    The stories have to look REAL like they do in our world today! But you can have all the hi tech gadgets its all part of Star trek.
    Even Babylon 5 had sometime more real looking storyline which included politics. (Please don’t get started on B5 now)

    If the people watching cannot relate to the stories something they see in their world? Any new venture for a series is dead!

    The last thing they should think about is to think about all the little tradition detail.
    That’s why people like William Shartner are not interested in starring new Star Trek movies, because they know its going to kill the past glory of Star Trek with this cheap un original stories, which look the same anyway only with a new face mask.
    It simply should take Star Trek into a new level of imagination and surprise the viewer with new original,realistic, hi-tech, surprising Star Trek which manages to gain new viewers and fans for the future, if that does not happen and it does not gain more younger viewers its dead, most of the viewers are veterans anyway and not that young, if its to make serious money and stand out and last it has to appeal to many new age groups, just look at Star Wars, X men, Superman, they all changed and appeal to many age groups. But Star Trek is now seen something for the old which does not gain new fans, which i think is sad, because I’m young and i love it!!!!

    Some will say he is nuts, but hey the whole tradition does not have to be out of the window, all I’m saying its time for a new concept for the survival of Star Trek future, if not you will never see a new Star Trek movie or series, which i think is even far worse for the fans, it cannot afford to fail again and not have good ratings!

    I wish you all the best, and be united all for the sake of Star Trek, whatever our differences may be, we love Star Trek!!!


  80. Stef says

    Hello Star trek fans and creators,

    I was looking for a new series of Star Trek to be created and i was surprised that there are plans to create a new series. I read the plot and i am already fascinated. Really, seven seasons is not too much i think. Related to that i remember the seven seasons of voyager and it was fantastic, always exploring the unknown… With the case of DS9 it is true that there were too many seasons, partly because the story was always in or around the space station, so it became a bit boring sometimes, but in all a great series i think. So my opinion is : seven seasons for the ‘Cardinal’ series is just enough for a good storyline. Thank you for answering my prayers.


    I would rather not see star trek in a tiny weak ship like is described here. I want to see a new series in a new ENTERPRISE. Perhaps it could continue with the Enterprise E or a whole new Enterprise NCC-1701-F or anything.
    I would love to see the universe explored in the Federation flagship and not some boring little freighter.
    I want to see the Federations most powerful ship engage possible enemies and scare them away and not have a little freighter called cardinal that the Romulans would just laugh at. The Enterprise always put fear into the eyes of all possible attackers and I want that back like with Kirk and Picards ships, all Star Trek since then has been boring and weak. A new Enterprise in the universe is the best way to go.

  82. Nick H. says

    Finally… i have been searching everywhere to see if there was gonna be plans on a new Star Trek Series… See… i was mostly into Voyager… and I like the idea of exploring the unknown… not like TNG… and i did not care much for DS9 but it was ok… so yeah can’t wait…
    I also think that they could of done more with Voyager… maybe one more season or maybe a movie on what happened when they have returned… i have read the books… but i still think that they should of made a movie on it

  83. Davis says

    Although this seems like a good idea, all it may be is a flop when they dish out the first and second season (that is if it ever comes out) In my personal opinion Star Trek seems to be going backwards and not forward. The last truly worth watching Trek was Voyager, it was something new, with new techonologies and cultures, exploring the delta quandrant, the show was amazing, and then we went backwards to tell the story of how it all came to be with Enterprise, it wasn’t to bad, but seemed rushed.
    Why not make a trek that goes on to tell the story of after voyager, go beyond and expand into the alpha quandrant, tie in movies of Trek with the a new show, riker has his own ship, what do the new ships look like, how far have they gone in space since voyager came home, thats the key everything should begin from when voyager came home, not start from square one and make us watch a ship that has problems with its hardware and a crew that should be seeing a family counciler since it’s so hard for them to get alone and stop a war, If I wanted to watch that I’d watch my mothers soap opra. They should make something that takes us into the future and not keep us in the present with something completely new.
    I say scrap this idea and rework it!

  84. lee M says

    i agree with 100-101 they need to do something along thoughs lines its too bad the the fans cant get togever with the pmount and do a show that will work, because who knows how to make a show better than a fan of it.

  85. Wes says

    I see some people in here are downing the “Enterprise” series. This probably stems from catching a couple of episodes here and there. Ultimately deciding that it wasn’t that good. Well, I was one of those people that concluded just that. But being a Star Trek fan I decided to give it another shot on DVD. I have to say that starting out on Season 1; episode 1, made all the difference in the world. I loved seeing a prequal to all the great shows that made the series a legend. Even more beautiful was how the crew evolved before your eyes. In addition, the actor/actress chemistry was magical. Bottom line, I suggest to all you Star Trek fans that didn’t like “Enterprise” that much, to step back and give it another chance from the beginning. I’m glad I did. This is one of those shows that don’t leave a great first impression. Especially with the terrible intro song. GAG!

  86. Wes says

    PS. Prepare to be angry at the final episode. It skipped ahead to the ending. Skipping a couple of seasons because it got cancelled. But still worth it because you can see how great it ends.

  87. Scott says

    The show sounds great, so much better than the junk on television at this moment. And 7 seasons sounds perfect to me. I’d watch it.
    And I did like the show “Enterprise”, and thought it was cut short. But yes that intro song was bad. Very bad.
    Like it was made for some odd prescription drug.

  88. JORGE says

    Enterprise is the best series made from the original. For a future must be plot ending the war with the transdimensional aliens and establishing new deep space misions resemblanced the original design ship with a styilized workout. Cardinal maybe do the thing but want to see different aliens from other series crossed.

  89. Max says

    The new series sounds like a good idea, though seven seasons should be considered as a gift and therefore should be richly packed with plots, mysteries, storylines, etc…. no dragging on like a soap opra, I’m sure it’ll be good!

    Just for interest, what about a series where most of the major races of the milky way galaxy travel to another galaxy via a wormhole that closes behind them, trapping them in another galaxy, sort of like an ‘international’ or galactic contingent put together to explore the other side, the USS Cardinal could be a part of the group. (potencial for new races and settings) Dunno… its just an idea.

    Anyway it all sounds good cant wait for the next Star Trek Series. Best of luck to all for the new series, make it an awesome one. :-)

  90. Luke says

    Im not sure what to make of this new series really. Perhaps the producers need to take certain elements from TOS and the rest to give it a fresher approach, however, if this series crashes and burns like Enterprise, then this should be the final straw.

  91. Paul says

    Captains log: Stardate 27247.94

    The Enterprise has been in mothballs for some years and space travel has been taken for granted since the peace times. However,a new enemy has entered our galaxy and many have forgotten how or just dont want to fight.One by one settlements and outposts in the outer reaches of the quadrants have been subdued surreptitiously and the rug literally pulled out from under their feet. All communications have failed and attempts to contact them in person have failed due to massive force fields erected around entire planets. Starfleet has been a toothless tiger for years and is powerless to act. A few specialized operatives from the now “defunct” sector 5 still remain and operate underground,funded by the Vulcan resistance movement.
    Drastic times call for drastic action and,in a plan that was considered a “long shot” my DNA and that of Spock, have been utilised to produce clones,complete with intact memories and full historical knowledge since the time of our “deaths”. A new starship,sleek, contoured also for atmospheric travel has been specially designed with the lates in shield and defence technology. Her name, UFP ENTERPRISE, a culmative effort between worlds and cultures to produce a flagship of a new fleet for a new era. A fleet designed to boldly go where no one dared go before……

  92. Brian says

    I like the idea of a new star trek series. I am probably a fan mostly of DS9 because it had it all … adventure, romance, and great character development, my only complaint about the series was it lost wind in the last seasons and the 7th was kinda slapped together. I think that they were trying to do a little of the traditional star trek format (aimlessly traveling the galaxy) mixed with a reoccurring story line. Doing it that way made the story line drag on and on like a soap opera, personally I would have focused more on the dominion story line and less on the emissary prophets.

    I agree that 4 well produced seasons with the proper build up and climax would be more entertaining than 7 seasons full of filler episodes that stray from the main story line. I think DS9 could have accomplished the same goal in 5 seasons rather than a full 7…same goes for voyager.

    I think the key to holding peoples interest is to have a story line rather than following the traditional format of going from planet to planet each episode.

  93. says

    I just read this idea and raelised its almost identical to Deep Space 9, its just a ship rather than a space station…

    Im sure someone can come up with a better more original idea for a new star trek based series.

  94. wazzerie says

    My idea might not be anything too spectacular but I’m personally longing for anything new from the star trek universe. I have always wondered if it was possible to do a series based on star fleet intelligence (black ops) to show how they do their intelligence gathering etc.. The new ship would be capable of much more than spying and may sometimes be called upon for other duties (e.g exploration of points in space that might be of strategic or economic importance to the federation). The crew will have to deal with the moral implications of some of their missions as well. The stories will sort of reflect on present times with similar issues and conflicts so there is something subtle that each viewer can relate to.

  95. Brian says

    what about several mini series? Perhaps 10 one hour long episodes that focus in on a certain period ( like one of the many wars that are always spoken about in various episodes of ST). tighten the story line so there is only room for the good stuff…I’m thinking something like band of brothers but star trek. 😛

    I like the black ops star trek intelligence idea, that would make a killer star trek mini series : )

  96. Bud says

    I don’t understand why people want to obsess over regaining TNG or TOS. I understand wanting some of that thematically, but let the Enterprise rest. She’s done. We don’t need the Enterprise-J. We don’t need Captain Kirk in the 24th Centure. If you want Kirk or Picard, those series are on DVD. Thematically DS9 was a big shift and did a lot of stuff TNG hadn’t. Voyager was probably closer to the spirit of exploration. Enterprise, in my opinion, was strengthened more by its characters than a lot of its plot, though Seasons 3 and 4, I felt excelled beyond what came before it.

    But let’s move into new realms, not rehash the Enterprise and play up 60’s cliches. Yes, personally I would like to see some of the idealism of Picard’s crew back and the more socially evolved humanity. But, there’s only so many ways you can squeeze the orange. If you play up an episodic series then you can brush over some of the internal conflict that would arise, because each week would be something different without having to worry too much about what happened to the characters episode to episode. Which was one thing I started to hate about TNG.

    I loved the show but I can remember being thirteen or fourteen and thinking to myself, this is not how reality is, and the fact that episodes are so distinct from one another kinda took the polish off the show as I grew up. The carry over nature of more continual arcs and relationships was something I appreciated in DS9 and Enterprise, and Voyager to a lesser extent. But if you replaced DS9, Voyager and Enterprise with what I have heard here continuously: A new Enterprise J with a revamped Kirk or Picard crew, then that concept would be so stale the Trek series would have been dead 7 or eight years ago. Because thematically, if you refuse to explore new territory, then you’d only have TOS replayed for forty years. And there’s only so many times you can watch Kirk putting his moves on an alien slave girl.

  97. Chris says

    I think it sounds promising. BUT, it could use a better storyline. I hope the new series has an interesting crew. I also wonder if the USS Cardinal will be the traditional federation ship you know with the saucer section. Live long and prosper!

  98. Bri says

    it sounds good to me! 7 seasons sounds great too, lots of scope and time to evolve storylines and characters just like in DS9. Some of these comments are saying 7 seasons is too long but I think it should be standard, providing the quality is up to scratch. I’m sure the authors will have something up their collective sleeves to catch us unaware and i am looking forward to seeing what transcends. However, this is a very important series for star trek as ‘enterprise’ fell below the standard of Voyager and DS9 and if that trend continues then our favourite show may come to a dramatic end :(
    Good luck and bring it on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  99. Luke says

    Will this take place after Voyager? They really need to put it back in the future where it belongs. The one problem I had with Enterprise was that it was in the past. It screwed up all the history and the characters sucked.

  100. Roger says

    Seems like Slice of Sci-Fi was on to something. I’ve just heard that Cardinal will be featured at the March convention in secaucus!

  101. eNdEmiOn says

    Why will they not think big!? Lets skip a few 100 years ahead or maybe a 1000. Lets make the ships faster and much more advanced (energy based for instance instead of mater based). Give people standard telepathic and telekinetic powers. Make them enlightened but not flawless. Lets interfere in other cultures helping them evolve.

    Let them explore the boundaries of the universe and find out what lies beneath/behind.

    Why the hell would you patrol a dangerous border with a shitty little ship? Why not the first and most powerful battlecruiser made by the federation?

  102. says

    I tend to agree that while the overall plotline is original in some concepts, it does sound like more of a soap than the story of space exploration. This totally killed DS 9 with me, and wasn’t what made Enterprise as good as it could have been. Enterprise had a lot of promise, but went down the old tubes. DS 9 just blew wind all together. Voyager was one of the best series ever, since they were stranded in the Delta Quadrant and were really going where noone had ever gone before.

  103. Dusty says

    I’d like to see a Trek show developing the Romulans a bit more; possibly one that is based on the Romulan Wars; there wasn’t much development/involvement in that story with any of the series, but in each case where they were involved, there was alot of intrigue and strategy. They seemed a very good opponent to the Federation.

  104. Alex says

    Agreed, Dusty. It’s good to see this series is getting back to those days when the Romulans were the wiley enemy that could match even Kirk. Bring on more strong Romulans!

  105. Dion says

    We’ll I thought the plot sounded incredible. Raised the hair on the back of my neck and put goosebumps down my arms. Lets bring it on!

  106. david(warmad5) says

    ok all hard core sci-fi people will watch about any thing sci-fi if it keeps them hooked.
    i like all sci-if programe’s esp startrek all of them. the story good we will watch and give the the credit if good.7 year is too long and a bit of a drag unless they can keep us hooked on the story and if the people are good it.
    so yar get it started and get us hooked

  107. Dennis says

    I really think its time to go with what worked and bring back a new Enterprise weither it be 1701-E or later. A strong advanced ship that explores and can engage an enemy. Voyager returned home with amazing tecnology, Enterprise gave us a glimps into the war with the shpere builders, the Dominion in the Gama quadrant, and the Borg collective rebuilding? These are the things most people want out of a new series!

  108. marcus says

    I would like to see what happens to the federation after voyager. Since they acquired such advance technology from the future, how is that integrated into the entire federation? Does the federation become bullies and make other superpowers unite against the federation? With that, Does the federation develop transwarp or slip stream technology and start to explore the entire galaxy? What becomes of the doctor? I would like all these questions to be answered in a new show. They could make a show about the new transwarp or slip stream ship with the new armor plated shields. It is just so much. Why would you make star trek like us with alot of drama. This is the future we are suppose to know how to handle such issues. I understand you need to develop the characters but the unnecessary drama will make them like us. I want something better when i see star trek. Better people. Humans evolving into something great not petty.

  109. Don says

    Marcus, that pettyness was always there in the other series too, it was just masked by arrogance. It’s about time the self-rightous Federation had to look at itself in the mirror.

  110. Travis says

    just wondering, is this going to be anythng like entrprise? because gene rodenberry(sorry if it’s spelled wrong) meant star trek to be about exploration and new discoveries, thats why its called star TREK and not star WARS

  111. jp says

    forget all that should do a few tv movies ex what happened to sisko and the rest off ds9 crew or how does seven and the rest off voyger crew get up to when get home good movies with good stories. spin off, of the next generation with riker and try would be cool.what ever they do cant see it happening for another few years

  112. Don says

    Travis, Trek was always about exploration of the human spirit, not space. Enterprise didn’t seem to realize this, but it looks like Cardinal does.

  113. Steve says

    Oh, Hell yeah! Best idea I’ve seen since DS9! I’ve seen far too many stupid ideas passed around not to love something this good.

  114. cappy kirk says

    idiot fucking writers like the person who wrote this were the people who killed star trek in the first place, constantly trying to put a ‘twist’ in gene rodenberrys story. YOU CAN ONLY TWIST SOMETHING SO MUCH BEFORE IT SNAPS IN HALF AND DOESN’T WORK ANY MORE!!!

    You dont have to constantly change the story just to make it interesting the old stories were interesting,

    Star Trek the original series = Brilliant, revolutionary 5*

    Star Trek TNG = amazing, top banana, best title sequence ever STILL! probably the best captain

    Star Trek DS9 = brilliant, imaginative (NOT JUST A DIFFERENT SCENARIO JUST FOR THE SAKE OF IT) cool captain, quality cast, some of the most memorable characters in the whole of trek eg: Quark, Odo (their relationship) the original Dax Garak etc… TOP SHOW, POSSIBLY THE BEST

    Star Trek Voyager = Nice, very imaginative plot (NOT JUST A DIFFERENT SCENARIO JUST FOR THE SAKE OF IT) some good characters eg: nelix, 7of9, The Doctor (amazing charcter one of the best)

    Star Trek Enterprise = ….Good Cast, Scott Bakula in particular, would of liked to have seen them in a different series, one with a plot or a storyline maybe….
    would prefer this series never to have been aired. A DIFFERENT SCENARIO JUST FOR THE SAKE OF IT

    Star Trek Cardinal = crap name, crap storyline. A DIFFERENT SCENARIO JUST FOR THE SAKE OF IT if this series is made it will be a KNIFE IN THE STOMACH of Star Trek, that is already on its knees


  115. cappy kirk says


  116. 3 of 4 says

    Haven’t read the whole thread, I will eventually, but I love the idea of a new series. My roommate and I had kicked around the idea of Star Trek: Titan. Jonathan Frakes isn’t exactly busy right now and he could carry a show as Captain, especially with a strong cast surrounding him.


  117. don says

    Not that I don’t like Franks, but let’s face it, that character has been fully fleshed out. There’s nothing more to do with it.

    Now, bring him back as a guest star and I’ll be happy. Season one of Cardinal supposedly has a spot open for him to return as a guest, though I don’t know the details of it.

  118. Rob B says

    I might like to see a star trek series that takes place 1000 years after Next Gen, with new Ships and abilities, new tecnotlogy that has been improved on, and if possable new creative concepts(aliens, bio-warfair, genetics, time travel ex). I would also like the show to have the feel of having a better understanding of the universe in which humanity has reached the end of the uiverse and back again based on the big bang theory. Since scientist think that time will recreat it self after it contracts to its distruction. A new univers will begin with a new big bang, life will start over with a new begining. It wold be nice to have some closher to the Next Gen series, and see the implace that it had on future events. But just a thought.

  119. Rob B says

    Star Trek: Special Forces: an elite Mission also sounds great. This would be a great opportunity for Star Trek to become a little darker, with more war, preventative measures, and a stronger arsenal. It wold need a strong captin figure, who is not afraid to to pull the trigger. but maintains the Trek aspect. A successor to Picard, unfortunately know one has been able to pull it off since. Great job Patrick. You’re the man.

  120. wazzerie says

    Yes Rob B, I think so as well. I mentioned the same thing about 28 lines above but it seems not too many people are keen on that idea. But I think it would be a very good idea and will capture a wider variety of fans and has the possibility of covering so many issues as well.

    I guess it’s too late anyway since someone just said they’ve seen a sample script for star trek cardinal.

  121. don says

    Wazzerie and Rob B, what you propose seems too dark and more about cool guns and violence than true human exploration. One reason I like Cardinal is that it blends action and human exploration so well.

  122. Rob B says

    Don, I think you are absolutely right, but I really think that star trek will eventually get phased out due to repetitive story lines (same topic with different characters, similar to the Enterprise series. Star trek needs a new blockbuster series to gain the interest of young and old viewers in order to take such an excellent TV series into the 22th century. In focusing on action and war, this will make a whole new generation of viewers, and keep them coming back for more. Once that is achieved, the writers can go back and focus more on humanity and exploration. I would love to by pass this process but I feel that it might help the cause. I’m not sure where I’m going with this, but I do know that there needs to be something very different and yet the same, to gain new viewers and keep the old ones happy.

  123. don says

    Well, the way Cardinal is approaching it seems to be the best to me – Don’t turn into something you’re not just to get new viewers, because those viewers won’t stick around. This is something Enterprise did and failed.

    What Cardinal tries to do is draw new fans by offering the same type of thing that attracted all of us in the first place. It’s a very intelligent, ceribral show that still has a knockdown-dragout fight every once in a while – Like Stephen Hawkings meets John Wayne. This is what brought me in back in the TOS days, and what made the franchise grow during the TNG/DS9 era. Voyager is really a case study in this – When it combined Hawkings and Wayne, it produced classic moments. When it strayed away, people tuned-out. Unfortunatly, no one learned from this and Enterprise was a debacle of epic proportions.

  124. james says

    Warning!: I suck at spelling!

    I think they should make the next star trek series, (if there will be one) talke place about 5 years after Star Trek Nemises. The end of the Nemises kind of forshadows an alliance between the Romulan Star Empire and the Fediration. I think if, about 5 years later, there is an exchange program with the Federation, like in the TNG episode where Riker joins a Klingon ship, exept with the Romulans. The series would be about one or two humans adapting to living on a Romulan Warship. Writers could be really creative with this idea since we really dont know a whole lot about the Romulans, and there could be plenty of plot twists. maybe one of the romulan crew members hates humans and tries to kill the main character, maybe the alliance ends and the humans are held captave on their own ship. Anything could happen.

  125. Tommy says

    Star Trek is simply based on the human condition of forward thinking & imagination. Character based plots work fantastically well, but success, in Star Trek, uses these characters coupled closely with ‘what may be possible’ or ‘what can we look forward to achieving’. Posing a series that doesn’t take this to heart, and dwells in what’s already been seen (or god forbid going backwards, like Enterprise) is going to be entertaining at best, but never a cult classic, which is what we’re all eagerly awaiting.

  126. Chad says

    I have no idea why Star Trek Enterprise series failed granted it had one more season then TOS. I thought it was a proven series and I would have liked to have seen it go 7 seasons. It was fresh, new, great ideas and being a die-hard Trek fan it filled in parts of the Star Trek timeline that are still unknown. The Star Trek timeline is VERY important concept for some of us trek fans. For me I look at it as our true future, a realistic future regarding the human situation, which is so noble, it deserves to be aspired to. This series of a small ship patrolling the ferengi border sounds mundane, dull, and pathetic. Honestly “a small vessel which is charged with the unglorified job of maintaining the Ferengi border.” Are you for real!? No body cares about the Ferengi border and nobody cares about a small ship. We want big ships! Rikers new ship the USS Titan is 2 to 2.5 times the size of Picards Sovereign class Enterprise E. The series have always focused on the Enterprise (with the exceptions of DS9 and Voyager.) If a new series is to be made there are 3 great ideas, which are on every true Star Trek fans mind. #1) we should go back in time and focus on the era after Capt Archer and before Kirk. Focusing on the aftermath of the Romulan war and the early Federation. The second option should be a series based between the time of Star Trek VII (the lunch of the Enterprise B) and Encounter at far point. We have only seen those red uniforms in movies II-VII, I think the classic Wrath of Khan uniform should make a debut in a TV series. My third and final idea is to jump way ahead in the future to the Enterprise J, a time when the Xindi, Klingons, and Cardassians have joined the Federation. The stories ideas are endless, the new technological ideas are endless. Compared to these three ideas, the USS Cardinal idea sounds pathetic

  127. Sideshifter says

    Star Trek TNG = Exploring
    Star Trek DS9 = War
    Star Trek Voyager = Getting home
    Star Trek Enterprise = The early years
    Star Trek ??????? = What do we want it to be?
    We have all heard ideas, but what do we the fans want?
    Personally i dont know, but i would love to hear honest ideas from fans.

    Come on people what do you want the next Star Trek TV show to be?

  128. maybeadream says

    I would love to see another jump like the next generation did when it first came out but not to distant that people are lost say like 100 years or alittle less. Basicaly something new and something fresh with some new tech (transworp or something like that would be nice),more advanched ships, federation expansion deeper out in space, new alians and maybe a few old ones like the borg and all the regulars of course from the alpha quad.

    That was my main pissoff with enterprise, dont step back step forward, kirk was the man and it all ties well in with all the motion pictures to almost the next generation let him have the past, archer blew the whole series blew and it visualy put the original to shame with our modern media. Im not saying its not right to put out the best product you can but how do you go from touch screen and a tricorder the size if a can of soup to green red blue and white buttons to a tricorder you need to almost put wheels on. GO FORWARD NOT BACK

  129. Rob N says

    This idea seems dry and boring to me. There are still many questions left unanswered after the conclusion of DS9 Voyager, and even Nemesis. For one, what came of the alliance between the Federation, Klingons, and Romulans? Are the Romulans back to there old tricks again? Not to mention the Cardassians, the wormhole, Sisco.. The list goes on. Even after nemesis, what is the situation with the Romulans there? As far as Voyager goes. Voyager came back with enough technology from the Delta quadrant and the future to cause a major power shift in the alpha quadrant. What becomes of all that? Will starfleet design some sort of Battle cruiser? you would think so after the dominion war. Personally I would like to see some of this new technology in action. A new ship maybe, or expand more on the prometheus class. What I would have in mind for a series. Somethign taking place after Ds9 and Voyager. Something to answer questions and tie up loose ends. A show similar to TNG. One ship, exploring the galaxy. At the same time, encountering and experiencing certain events that could answer some questions. An ongoing story-line type show, with some random episdoes here and there. Sort of like how DS9 flowed. But not as dry as the whole Xindi-Earth thing.

  130. Rob B says

    Well I have to admit that Cardinal sounds like it might be pretty good after reading a little more about it, mind you I would be happy with just about any new star trek show at this point. I would still like to see a show that takes place after Next Generation, but that’s just me i guess. I don’t like the idea of going backwards in the series, as do many others out there, but I am willing to give it a chance.

  131. maybeadream says

    Im glad that im not the only one out there with that same common sense. Sorry if im sounding rude but rob B makes the best point in my mind set. And yes they need to tie things up with voyager and have all those delta goodies used in a new show. Not to mention what janeway brought back from the future in the last 2 shows.

    If anything they could have done a bunch of movies on enterprise kinda the same way they did with the original. I would have paid 15 bucks to watch one of those every few years but series honestly need to be interesting and they need to keep your attention so you devote an enjoyed hour every week to watching them or its just a good nap. There are way to many good shows out there and writers need to think about that. Hopefully in cardinal gets going they will heed from past mistakes

  132. Per says

    I doubt that it could be done, but star trek has been on and off for many years now, always the brave captain and his crew against impossible odds… Thats what makes it fun, BUT, I would love to see a series with a klingon, vulcan, even romulan perspective on things, allthough i think it could be difficult to make.. People wouldnt relate to the characters, but it would be fun.. For the devout fans such as myself that is.. I really hate all the fanmade crap, their ideas are good but the casting and dialouge is always very one-dimensional and boring.. They never have the brilliant captains, and thats the thing about star trek.. Archer, Kirk, Picard, Sissko, Jaineway.. Brilliant casting, a trek show MUST have a good captain, without it it just does not work, I love tng but there are a lot of elements there i dont like (crusher, troi… need i say more?) And allthough the show is about exploration you need an underlying conflict that boils towards the end of the season, thats what makes it really exciting, the episodes that are out of context are the most boring ones because they dont drive the show forwards, yes they give us a better perspective of the characters but they tend to be dull and boring.

    They could also TRY to be a bit more creative with their aliens, I mean, how many two legged, two armed, two eyed species can there be in the universe? On our own planet there is only two, us and the monkeys, but there are dozens of four legged animals etc. The Xindi spicies was a fun twist too bad the whole season sucked except the E2 episode.. Time Travel + Underlying Conflict + Hopeless Situation, thats what makes star trek interesting, if it hadnt been for patrick stewart and brent spiner TNG would have sucked big time, the federation were too powerfull, I like voyagers plot a lot better, the good old hopeless situation..

  133. Ron L says

    My 2 cents, I would love to see a series starting at the formation of the Federation and focusing on joint efforts of exploration between new allies. Surely there is plenty of writing to be done there, but what I would love to see the most would be Star Trek: Relativity. Take another step into the possible future and dedicate a series to time travel, the first season could explain why the Federation found it necessary to build timeships and that it’s mission would be to preserve the timeline (at least as we perceive it). One of the best reasons for this series is writers could easily finish plots from other series that were abandoned and left many of us annoyed. For instance Wesley Crusher, although I couldn’t stand him on TNG there were plenty of episodes leading up to how “special” he was so you couldn’t help but get caught up in it, then the traveler takes off with him and thats it? ST: Relativity could be the first Federation Time Ship built to preserve the time line, going back to correct other species messing with it and dealing with a whole slew of species not necessarily in two legged form during Relativity’s time….imagine the possibilities. Just a thought. To reiterate what Rob B said, I too would be happy with something, just please don’t make it an old mans dream!

  134. DJ says

    I like some of the recent comments. I would like to see a show take place in the future, but not quite as far as a 100 years, more like 20 years. I would like to see the new technology especially the technology that Voyager brought back from the delta quadrant, like the Transphasic Torpedoes and the new armor plating! I think it would be nice to see some of the old characters from TNG, DS9, and Voyager, that is why I wouldn’t like the series to jump too far into the future. I personally would like to see an all out struggle for the survival of the federation with possibly the Borg? The Borg have almost always been THEE enemy. There was never an all out war with the Borg, just minor skirmishes. Also I think they need to tie together some of the gaps in the story like you guys are mentioning. I don’t know how you guys feel about this, but sideshifter asked for HONEST feedback and that is what this is.

  135. redstarr says

    A series based on war and the same plot for 7 years is doomed to failure.

    The new series should focus on exploration and some of the new developments in quantum physics. Several plot twists would be great.

    Focusing on Romulans or other races previously introduced is tired, very tired. A new approach is needed, not a rerun of other series. I love the idea of Star Trek: Relativity! Good call Ron. Jumping between several different time lines would be quite interesting. Perhaps going into other dimensions or other universes would also be interesting.

  136. Bc says

    Ok, Cardinal idea stinks, very narow minded. Im sure that when a new show is made it will be out of the box a little more. With new ideas, new directions, new technologies, new realities, new universes and have a much more inspiring name for the ship than the above.
    Oh and i hope they will make the new ship a little more reliable than its predecessors were ( A CANNEY HOLD IT TEGETHA CAPTIN ). Oh and another idea has just came to me, wouldnt it be cool to have a holographic ship that can hange shape and apearance and incorporate new technologies into its matrix so that it improves its self as it goes on, something that im sure technologies will be able to do in the future.
    Oh and what did become of star child Wesley Crusher?

  137. don says

    Why is it people either love this idea or hate it… and why is it those that hate it tend to ask for the very things Cardinal is offering anyway?

  138. Bc says

    What Cardinal is offering is boring-boring-boring.
    If they make that show I think I will shoot myself. Conflicting characters…Cramped glitchy ship…Ship considered irreparable…Mechanical problems…Ferengi border…Smugglers…Romulans…Cardassians…Chasing criminals and would be invaders…..Are you feeling bored already?
    Pass me the musket.
    Let us boldly go where no one has gone before. Explore strange new worlds, seek out new life and civilizations.
    Just get a new ship point it towards any unknown part of the universe…and engage, so that together we can carry on the wonderful adventure that is STAR TREK.
    I’m sure thats what Gene Roddenberry would have wanted.

  139. don says

    So, BC, you just want to point in a direction and have forhead of the week episodes? Talk about boring.

    Not only that, but what’s wrong with having Romulans, or smugglers, or invaders… Isn’t that a constant in Trek?

    To be honest, all of those things you mentioned as boring are pretty exciting. I can’t wait for this.

  140. says

    I Think if they were going to make another TV series they have to keep the interest of the old trek fans and new trek fans as well. I have to agree with some comments posted here. I am not sure if a ship basically stuck in one spot is such a good idea. It really does not fit Gene’s vision of boldly going where no one has gone before. I think if they were to have a scenario and time to place the series in, would be to make it closer to the 21st century. I will tell you why. There has been a lot of space exploration in the last number of years, with mars expeditions on the brink, and the private sector going to the moon with in the next 5 years, I think inspiring people to think about how to get to these places faster and to think about new technology that could possibly be invented in the next 20 years. The Voyager 1 space probe will reach interstellar space very soon. We are on the right track for space travel. Think about it for a moment in the first ST look at the tri-corder and our now cell phones, even though it does a different job the concept has been passed down from the trek movies. The scientific community has been experimenting with plasma as we sit here and type. Gene’s vision is not to far off where we are going. The only thing stopping us now is world peace and cooperation. But we are getting there with the international space station, where they will actually assemble the first intersteller space ship.

    I have watched every episode of all trek tv series DS9 was one series that got old fast. The thought was to have a station to which everyone came to them. Great thought bought there was not enough for the writers to write about. The other suggestion I would have is to agree with others go further ahead in the time line. Maybe they have found a worm hole in the delta quad which is stable, where they can solidify their relationships with new species, encounter the borg again but this time there are ready with a stronger ship with more weapons to blow them out of the water. Give the new captain the power to make the choice to blow them up or let them carry on, that would be a switch. Go further than the Delta quad there are other galaxies out there like another person had mentioned maybe this time it could be a time vessel or a multi-dimension vessel but this technology could help them explore space faster. How? well the big bang theory, with time travel they would not have to travel as far but would not find as many life forms. Inventing new quand beyond what Gene’s original vision was I don’t think is going to far in changing his thinking. I really think the writers need to go back and gather as much information in all series and fix some things in the time-line this could be the mission of this particular vessel. There are so many ideas that fans have I am not sure why they do not accept these ideas any more. When the writers decide on the next series I hope they think about how they can inspire the space race and explore all the new worlds out there. Go further in space, add new areas of space to travel in. Trek was about exploration why could they not have found more space out there to explore. Having a Ship that goes nowhere is not exciting. They would still be able to have some of these misfits and technical challenges and conflicts with each other. Think about Voyager when it first aired They had two crews cramped together on one ship there were alot of conflicts which they had to over come. I must admit I am not a screen writer and have not wrote a manuscipt, but I really enjoy watching and being inspired by such a series.

    If Gene was alive today to see the advances in space exploration he would be writing and having new series after new series. Why not have two series at the same time , one ship and captain, and other which maybe communicating with each other in a new area of space instead of one captain have two. The captain has to have more conflict as well. These are all great ideas, but will they make it in to a series probably not. But I know that Trek will not die as long as people are exploring space. Instead of going to CBS go to Discovery channel or Space channel or something like that. Maybe the writers could have an online writing blog where the fans give as many ideas to the writers where they could give the fans what they would want to see. I think the writers should open there minds to accepting ideas from others and taking the idea and using creative juices to ramp up the series. I hope I have given my thoughts on this, with out offending too many. Overall a ship staying in one spot is not exciting really.

  141. Bc says

    Yes, some nice ideas Daccman.
    I wonder what Don has to say about it though.
    May-be he will say (thats the things Cardinal is offering anyway)…
    Daccman, it seems as though you realy want to be inspired by a new t.v. series and the Cardinal idea perhaps has not managed to do that. Everyone is entitled to an opinion but for some reason the Cardinal idea does not seem to inspire everyone. There must be some reasons for this type of view.
    I think that generaly people who think a little more out of the box may be abe to imagine much more than others and perhaps this side of human nature will ensure that we continue to prevail and evolve as a species. Oh, and make an inspiring, exciting new Star Trek series.

  142. Bc says

    Star Trek has become more than a t.v. show it has become an outlet for the dreams and aspirations of many Humans. So how can it be taken lightly? Daccman made references to tricordors and mobile phones suggesting how science fiction mirrors science fact. So let us chose some science fiction and wait for it to become fact. The Human race hopefully has some choice in where it is heading, is it up to us, if it is should we accept the chalenge.
    Some say that the future is pre-ordained in a kind of grand plan, some say that we have the power to affect the future and some say that there are many possible futures. So let us see how we think things are prevailing and make our own choices. What i am sure of is that somewhere out there even everywhere there will be races thet have exeeded all of our expectations. So we had better up the anti and up it soon.

  143. Don says

    Very well written, BC, but I would contest that Trek is not so much a look into the future as a look at the possibilities of humanity, and what we could accomplish if we shook our problems off. One thing I like about Cardinal is that the crew really is a good example of the struggle itself, whereas the crew must overcome their shortcomings and work as a team, and can become something wonderful and powerful, as well as a shining example to those around them. The crew of the Cardinal can be contrasted with those around it to really bring that point home.

    But you said something very true, and that is that not everyone will be truely inspired by something, no matter what it is. While this show has something for everyone, it may not have enough for some fans, but I’m sure TNG, DS9 and Voyager all had that same problem. Remember how fans threatened to boycott the new series because Shatner didn’t like it? We all got over it.

  144. says

    Yes Very well written Bc. I can see where you could get the idea that science fiction mirrors science fact from my above post. I was only really suggesting that Humanity itself needs to be inspired to create these types of technologies, work together as a team and blast off to other new worlds and galaxies. People find inspiration in a lot of movies and new TV series these days. As for the crew of the Cardinal, I would love to see the crew work together as a team to settle person conflicts and technical challenges. In my opinion I don’t feel that a ship on the border would be exciting, now I could be wrong as well no body really can speculate as to the outcome of the new TV series until it is broadcast across the cables to your television. Don maybe be right not everyone will be happy with the new series but there might be points that do interest people and they will soon over come that anxiety that it is not what they wanted to see. I can see how it may seem selfish to think that everyone wants to see the new Trek series the way they have envisioned it in their own mind. The idea of the Cardinal and the crew is not a bad idea by any means, I was merely satisfying my thought that having something in one spot for any length of time could conceivably be not as interesting as warping across the universe.

    When people watch TV Series they are entertained, but occasionally, they can be inspired as well. With a new Trek series I find that being inspired is not a bad thing, and Don is right, if you don’t like the new series, tough, suck it up and you will get over it.

  145. Tim says

    I say continue from enterprise, maybe 20-30 years later. It was leading up to the Romulan War.

    However, a break is needed from sci fi shows, especially startrek/babylon5/BSG cookie cutter types. The current television phase is still reality tv.

  146. Rob B says

    So, Is there any new trek news regarding the new movie, or TV series, I have just seen info on Star Fleet academy featuring a young Kirk and Spok. This Idea sounds pretty good. But with all the effort around making new episodes and movies in the past, what the hek is going on for the future of star trek. Are there any ideas? I am really curious about this and am creaming my pants for the next new generation series. As I recently read, the one great thing about trek is that it really allows people to use their imaginations for new possible technologies, and may some day make them a reality. Have we already used up all of these ideas? Is there really nothing new to aspire to? Since allot of the technology in the trek world used to be science fiction, but is now a reality or close too. I would love to hear about technology that is new and refreshing that we have not yet seen on TV or in the movies. Pleas help me out with this and fire the neural pathways :)

  147. Roger says

    Um, Rob – You’re posting that inside an article on the next Trek series, which takes place in the future. If you want an answer to your question, just scroll up. Cardinal kicks ass.

  148. Geordie says

    Yes thats my real name :)

    By far the best star trek series had to be Enterprise. I enjoyed it, especially the low-tech challenges that TNG, voyager and kirk would have easily overcome. That was a nice touch all through the series.

    This is what i’d like to see in the next series:
    1. A series set between the Zefram Cochrane era and the “Enterprise” era. Even more low-tech than Enterprise, but there is a hundred years worth of storylines to be told.

    2. A series set after TNG, Voyager and DS9. We have seen glimpses of the time travelling capable ships in “Enterprise” from the ~30th century.

    3. Further to #2 they could REALLY expand on the character “Daniels” from Enterprise, do a series on the era he came from and so forth.

    4. Make a TV series based on the goings on onboard a Klingon ship, the glorious victories, the battles won and lost, what else do Klingons get up to when they’re not fighting it out??? This could be cool.

    4a. Similarly, we could explore the galaxy aboard a Vulcan ship, or even go real high tech and create a Vulcan Ship that is capable of travelling to other galaxies, or time travel (even though they are convinced that it is not possible 😀 )

    There’s a LOT of star trek to be explored, if Enterprise is a taste of how good it can get from now on then I sure hope they get on with it soon because they haven’t produced a damn thing since it ended, making this the 2nd longest hole in trek history since TNG started.

  149. Tom says

    I took the time to read all the above comments and would like to contribute my 3 cents worth… Two things… 1 – A dedicated cable Trek channel is an awesome idea. With 5 previous series, a nice daily lineup could continuously run with occassional slot fillings including recent documentaries etc as someone above mentioned. This would also be ideal for all new Trek series launchings.

    2 – Time travel has captured humanity’s fancy for centuries. Its not proven or disproven to exist, not to mention the ultimate dangers. I’ve always been interested in every action or event being played out on different plains of existence (ie multi dimensions, multi universes). The possibility of killing ones own grandfather before they’re born, etc. Messing with timelines is the most dangerous (enemy) there could ever be, yet the most exciting, and most educational. Recently the show Journeyman died due to NBC’s stupidity. I grew to love this show as it dealt with time travel, and it showcased how one small incident can alter the future in sometimes major unforeseeable ways. A new ship based in the 25th century (built upon tech scored on Voyager) would be tasked with protecting the timeline. Not only would this afford them the opportunity to go back in time as bring justifiable closure to unfinished storylines and unanswered questions for Trek fans, but the new storylines would be endless. Imagine returning to the 25th century and discovering humanity has been de-evolved a million years? Imagine traveling back in time to the birth of the universe, or to the distant future to witness the death of our sun? I could go on, but I think my point is stated. I believe this approach is the best way to satisfy those that wish to revisit the past universe, ships, aliens, and characters, while still leaving a wormhole (door) open to new, innovative, and mind-energizing storylines.

    Let’s just hope they do it right by putting it on its own cable channel, and be a little more realistic with the crew by including more than one or two token characters (one negro, one asian, no gays, etc.). Let’s be real that in 500 years there will be at least one gay in a crew of 1000 and NAACP wouldve required more than one brotha (per thousand).

    Ok, enough ramblin’… Peace in.

  150. Blue says

    I like the 29th century idea the best, personally. I always wondered what other interesting issues they 29th century guys would encounter, and what really advanced culture the humans had learned about time travel from…

    If I can’t have Buffy, Angel or SG1, at least let me have Trek. (not that it’s the least)

  151. Tom says

    In thinking back to a particular Voyager episode, there was a Star Fleet captain that traveled back to the 24th century to engage Voyager. If I remember correctly, his name was Captain Braxton, on the USS Federation timeship Aeon, from the 29th century. His being from the 29th century coincides with that time traveler on Enterprise (also from the 29th century). Perhaps an interesting premise could be a 29th century federation captain traveling back and giving a 25th century captain and ship time travel technology (breaking the temporal prime directive), but not providing good reason or explaination. This could start the series with darkness and unanswered questions of morality and motive. It would be new technology for the 25th century, which could easily cause problems and create dangerous situations. In looking at the series finale for ST TNG and Voyager, there was time travel involved. Who knows how creative a show based on that theme could be? At the end of the series, the captain that started the whole situation could return and perhaps undo his decision to provide the technology to begin with, therefore undoing the entire 5 or 7 years of events we experienced on the show. Just some interesting thoughts. I don’t think Cardinal is such a bad idea, but it doesn’t seem very imaginative. Like people are saying, DS9 playing war liasion and police, and the local alpha quadrant alien storylines have been beat to death. Time travel could allow for new alien encounters, and answering questions and storylines from other series that were left hanging.

    If only writers would listen to the fans, and do some research such as googling for blogs on the subject, I think they’d secure successful shows more often. Just my additional 3 cents worth. Chow — Tom

  152. mleko says

    the whole idea is not that important (it doesn’t matter if they set this up in another galaxy or ferrengi border) its important what they do with each episode. Every series had terribly boring episodes abusing the same ideas again and again… So if they trying to give us new Star Trek it should be fresh, because they can do another copy series or new (even on the ship patroling ferrengi border) fresh in each episode!

  153. Don says

    Agreed, Mieko. Have you seen the first season episodes posted on Cardinal’s website? They sound very unique, and alot of the concepts he seems to be incorporating are very unique as well.

  154. Tom says

    I do have to agree with mleko on the point that each series has abused the same storylines over and over again. If you take the time to analyze each of the five series, it’s as if they had 20 or so storylines, and they played those particular 20 out on each of the series. I noticed this occurrence in TOS and TNG and thought it was an attempt to bring the 1960’s series into the 1980’s/90’s, but after seeing the same story played again on an episode of Voyager, I realized it was simply unimaginative, lazy writers.

    It should be noted how easy it is for us to attack the writers while providing no real input or tangible material, but I feel that is not the case with true Sci-Fi / Trek fans. We provide tremendous amounts of ideas, but the overpaid fat execs at Paramount, UPN, etc. are more concerned with the quick sell (political correctness and lots of overt sex).

    I must admit I’ve become increasingly more discontent with television programming the past five years. The majority of the new programming is usually one of three types. CSI: Somewhere, Reality TV with oversexed young idiots who fight constantly, and/or a new gameshow that gives away millions for answering questions a 5th grader knows. F’ing BORING!!!

    Anyway, now I’m just b*tching and no one likes to hear or read that. I apologize. Just like I tell religious idiots… If you don’t like what’s being offered, don’t watch.

    Peace… Tom

  155. josip says

    i saw this is a very old article, so i am interested is it really going to be this series and when, or this is just a planing. sorry but i cant read all the posts. it is too much.

  156. Roger says

    Josip, the series will be featured at the convention in Secaucus this march. After that, we’ll see whether it gets a fair shot, but it’s become very, very popular so far.

  157. 59 year old fan says

    This sounds horrible!!!!! Why a war story?
    TOS was a show of adventure, they really never knew where they were going from week to week, each episode stood on its own as good story telling with adventure, Too bad the last TV show did not have Mr Coto in charge from the begining, as season 4 was the best Trek since TOS.

    With him writing and directing Enterprise could have been the series to do what no other trek series could have done…Unite the fans by tieing in stories from each series as Mr Coto had done with Ent. TOS and Next Gen in season 4, future season could have done the same with Voyager and DS9, the other HUGE problem was lack of promoting, had the show been promoted that would also have helped.

    What ever Trek comes to TV next I hope CBS is smart enought to get Manny Coto in charge of it! or it is doomed!

    I think Trek 11 is doomed I have seen JJ work I hated war of the worlds and MI3. Way too much violence!

  158. James says

    In my mind, there are two major things wrong with Star Trek:

    1. It lasts too long
    2. It never lasts long enough

    My idea is basicly the show “Reunion” but about a Federation ship and crew.

    Do you know what I mean? I think the new series should be comprised of seven small series, but are really seasons, each of them set ten or twenty years apart, covering major events in Federation history. Each season takes place ten years after the one before it. They will be linked together by the sama ship. The series starts with the christening of the ship and it ends with destruction or decomission, and we wont know which until the end. Perhaps the captain of the ship in the third season was born on the ship in the first season.

    I like this idea, each episode would be fresh, and it would be intresting to see peoples whole lives unfold before your eyes

    What do you think?

  159. Roger says

    James, that sounds like an anthology show, and that’s probably the most discussed and, frankly, worst idea of them all. I mean, it sounds great until you start to think about it closely. First of all, the cost is enourmous. New sets and actors would have to be hired regularly. Second, the show is essentially about nothing. Why do I care about a bunch of people who will be gone soon anyway? Maybe I’ll care about the events, but Trek isn’t about events, it’s about people. Third, this will be the least Trek series ever. You’re about to cover every big moment in history, and leave us with nowhere else to go. Fourth, those ‘whole lives’ you want to see unfolding wouldn’t actually be unfolding before us. We’d see a year in the life, and then get an epilogue mixed in with the next series.

    Anyway, it’s a good theory, but like most theories, it doesn’t stand up to testing.

  160. Amy says

    Enterprise was a boring disappointment. This could be too. Star Trek fans are drawn to the f-a-n-t-a-s-y of a better future, not the reality. The episodes of Original, TNG, DS9, and Voyager were heavily character driven and the adventures were secondary. It wasn’t what they did, it was how they did it. Each character had their unique strengths, weaknesses, querks and desires. The open wide-angle views inside the ships with color everywhere beats the dark dreary grey of the cramped quarters of the Enterprise prequel. I loved the idea that people could get along and work together. It’s fantasy, dah. Now, they want to bring out another cramped dark old starship with people fighting with everyone including themselves. Might as well bring out the old Battlestar Galactica reruns.

  161. James says

    Well, I figuered it would be the same set all the way through just looking older each season and a lot of the actors would stay on a while but would apear a decade older in the next season. i dont know it was just an idea. thanks

  162. Roger says

    Everyone has ideas, and it’s best to share them, since that’s when you know if they stand up to objection or not. An idea like Cardinal that lasts for three years without series opposition stands up to objection. 99% of the ideas don’t. At least you’re coming up with something, most people just tear other ideas down.

  163. James says

    honestly, i think the cardinal thing sounds pretty good, but Enterprise sounded just as good and started really well but after one and a half seasons it got really, really boring. I worried that the same thing is gunna happen again: it will start strong but will get weak fast. But who knows! it could still be great. id still watch it

  164. Jeff says

    I agree with #19 Summer Brooks. Star Trek is about the future. Its about outer space. Its about Kirk. Its about Picard. Its about the Enterprise. Its about ships. Its about new technology. Its about new friends. Its about new enemies. Its about going where no man has gone before.

    The future of Star Trek, is here. We are catching up to Science Fiction. Everyday. Every minute. Science Fiction is becoming Science cold hard fact. We dont need to see people with Tricorders or communicator badges, because we have tricorders and communicator badges, they are called Cell Phones. Go further. Stop milking Gene Roddenberry’s genius to death and adapt and continue. Lets boldly go where Gene would go with everything. They need to keep the basics that we have yet to obtain. Faster than light travel. Check. Huge Ships. Check. Transporters. Check. Ok. What else? Now I know what you are all thinking. We have invented everything. And we need nothing else and with what already exists in the Trek universe, there is nothing else. WRONG!!!! There are still limits. Where there are limits, there is always something beyond those limits. It just takes the right person or people to break those limits.

    The heart and soul of Star Trek, is outer space. Border Disputes, between races you already know. The neutral zone. Ferengis. Cardasians. Blah Blah Blah. So I guess since space is broken up into 4 quandrants and we have been to them all, thats it. We have conquered it all. Right. And because we sailed across the Atlantic and circumnavigated the globe, we have that one wrapped up tight and held under our little finger I suppose. Meanwhile we change the world and make new discoveries about our own planet, daily. There are still places, on earth we havent been, and yet, in a TV series, we are done? Not to mention, our minds are so close minded to think we can trully know that space is only the 4 known quadrants. How boring! Break Free! Go beyond. As the Scifi progresses, maybe we need to progress with it. OH NO! They discovered the fifth quadrant! ( I know that doesnt work) but you know what Im saying. There is more out there. Even if the bad guys are straight from the pit of hell. Who cares, its fresh, its new to Star Trek.

    STAR TREK IS KIRK and PICARD. I dont care what anyone says. Without Kirk, the series would have flopped faster than it did. I wouldnt be ranting like this, because I never would have seen TNG, and consequently I never would have watched DS9, Voyager, or Enterprise. Kirk, wasnt my favorite character. Nor was Picard. However their characters make it all believable. The concept is larger than life. So you need acting that is LARGER THAN LIFE! You need shooting from the hip like Kirk. Oh and all you Firefly fans, Captain Malcolm Reynolds is Kirk with a small brain and kicked out of star fleet academy. Thats why you like the guy. Thats why I loved firefly. The best part of any captains role is when they throw orders out the window and trust their gut. Kirk did it a lot. Picard was the opposite. By the book. Picard was too perfect. We all waited for him to slip up and change. And he did. Its happened. He still took lots of risks though. And that was the Kirk in him. Every other Star Trek series the best, episodes in my opinion involve the captain breaking the rules, and mimicking Kirk. I tell ya what. Lets do a 200 years past TNG series on a future enterprise, call it a firefly class ship, and put Nathan Fillion at the helm. The combo of firefly fans and Star Trek fans will bring it back to life on its own.

    The ship has gotta be the Enterprise. Its the common thread that propels us into the future. What the hell do we care about other subplots and sub stories. SUB PLOTS ARE SUB PLOTS, BECAUSE THEY ARE SUB-WORTHY. If it was something interesting enough to talk about, it would have been the series, not the sub-plot. THATS WHY SPIN-OFFS are about as easy to make succeed as Italian Restaurants in Little Italy. Stick with gold. Some of the best episodes of TNG showcased the progression of Enterprise and what it would look like. How about the other aliens? Gotta upgrade everyone. Any reason Klingon Ships haven’t changed in all the series? Are they that good? Lets get it together. And lets stay away from some of the ship designs of Voyager. They sucked so bad it took Borg Ships to actually get out attention. Even then it was. Wow. Cube. Sphere. Is this the bad guy or a kid trying to put together a puzzle.

    Ya need friendly aliens. Lets change up who they are. Maybe we get along with the Borg 200 years in the future. Maybe we are all united against a whole new set of foes from another dimension or the far reaches of space or someone Janeway pissed off in the Delta Quadrant. Lets admit it. The list is long.

    The Enemy’s need to be sinister. Maybe the new bad guys take out earth. Destroy the heart of our civilization. I think thats a good reason to be at war. No squabbling over little stuff. No picking on one race. What if the new enemy takes out the home worlds of all known races. Klingon’s, Romulans, Vulcans, Cardasians, Humans. A massive strike of dooms day devices. It sounds devilish or obscene. But think about it. 200 years in the future. We are constantly colonizing, and finding new worlds, and spreading. Maybe the universe doesnt need trillions of humans, roaming the galaxy, so the galaxy has a change of heart and bing bing, new bad guy, here to bring balance to our own worst enemy, us.

    We need to go where no man has gone before. We need to get away from time travel, even though it still has to be an integral part of whats going on, because, lets face it, we havent mastered that yet either. But since, it has een going on so much, lets give time travel extreme consequences, like spacial distortion ( space pollution maybe?) that way its a last resort.

    I know Prequels are sexy, and in, and there have been some amazing prequels. I like the new concept for Star Trek XI. But Enterprise has tried to kill my favorite TV show and it quite possibly may have done that. We cannot fill in the gaps while writing the future. The beauty of the future is that it is unknown. We dont need to further explain the universe, or Kirk, or enterprise. We need to Launch it into the future and leave the time line alone. There are trekys who can recite the time line of Star Trek better than the history of their own country. We need fresh. We need fantasy. We dont need family interactions that never get along. I watch TV because once, just once in a while the crazy families DO get along. I know in reality it doesnt work like that. But I dont need TV to be that much like life. Reality is walking out your door in the morning Why do we need TV if its reality? We have reality at work, at home, on the road. Why do we need more of the same junk out of our TV. I still believe the biggest mistake TV ever did was go down the road of Reality TV. I know execs and opinion polls dont reflect that, but eventually we will wise up. Like most things we do, it will take doctors, shrinks and scientists with pills to tell us we are destroying something else. I think it will be our own imaginations. I wonder if there will be a little blue pill for that.

    Congratulations! The new Viagra IM. Thanks to years of cancer research we bring you VIAGRA IM. The fix to the boring mind. No longer will reality plague you. Side effects include throwing your TV out the window from the 32nd floor apartment and an erection lasting more than 48 hours. Ladies, look up and look out.

    Either people are just that stupid that they like watching their screwed up lives on the small screen in front of them, or people are that depressed that they feel better about themselves watching how screwed up everyone elses life is. Either way, STAR TREK WRITERS, YOU ARE MISSING THE AUDIENCE! STAR TREK FANS ARE INTELLIGENT ABOVE ALL ELSE. IF THEY WANT STEAM AND SEDUCTION THEY WILL WATCH ONE OF THE OTHER 1000 CHANNELS THEY HAVE OR GO ON THE INTERNET AND WATCH FREE PORN! Im not saying you dont need to bring back Jeri Ryan. WOW! THatd be awesome.

    Im just saying stay away from everyday life. Lets continue the story. Lets not get caught up in opinion polls, and what people will think and how people feel. Star Trek is the future. Star Trek is our future. We are living it as I type this on my itty bitty Mac, wirelessly. Lets see what else we can whip up. Lets see whats out there.

  165. ruth says

    not another war!
    at this point in time that is too close to our reality.
    I liked The Next Generation the best because in their reality they had solved the issues that plague us today.
    We need to see alternatives to fighting!
    I am weary of war in my real life I surely won’t watch war for recreation!

  166. Culminator says

    I also preferred TNG the best, followed by Voyager. When I look at Star Trek, I look at possible future problems we may encounter as a Human race with space exploration. I also look at the psychology behind the characters and expect them to hold true. Gene’s productions did just that. I could relate to the reactions of characters. I also look at the possible technologies that could be developed – they need to be plausible. If Cardinal is hovering around war themes, much like DS9, it would bore me to tears. I want to feel hopeful, warm, fantastic at the end of a series, I don’t want to be reminded of the world we live in today. Star Trek needs to get across the notion that intelligence and technological advancements must mean some sort of comprimise, teamwork, tolerance and ultimate understanding must eventually evolve for progress (we can hope … can’t we …).

  167. roger says

    Cardinal doesn’t hover around war themes – You said you wanted to see problems humanity would face in the future? Mostly this show is about keeping your human spirit and your sense of optimism and hope in a time when a ship like that is really needed as an example for a galaxy straying from that. This is very similar to what the human race is going through now, and will go through in the future.

  168. Han So Low says

    Star Trek Cardinal lmao, why not just call it U.S.S POPE!!

    Its ridiculous fud like that which killed the word “Trek in Star Trek”, the show sounds like a pansy move to revive the spirit. Screw that people, we want action, we want cgi not over aged pmsing teens in space on an intergalactic missionary service. I agree with this whole eight season jargon, I mean come on, most of the episodes just end up either as fillers or cloned copies.

  169. Han So Low says

    Neither Don just an angry fan agreeing to a few comments and getting his two cents across nothing more really.

    I leave the politics to the technocrats!!

  170. Rich says

    As a Sci-fi fan who has not watched Star Trek since the end of DS9. Since then I have been a fan of Farscape, Firefly, SG1 and B5. Here is what would bring me bask: something darker and more challenging.
    300 years in the future, the Federation has all but collapsed. That happened on too fronts, economically and military failure. The Romulans or someone have invaded and taken most of Federation space and they can hardly fight back, so they surrender (or on the verge of it). But a number of Star Fleet personnel refuse to except it and go rogue to fight for what they believe in, everything the Federation stood for. Of course one of the ships is a 100 year old Frigate called Enterprise. The crew would be a polyglot of some of races and personalities, the best and the brightest mixed with some of the worst. Various races we haven’t seen since the original series. No uniforms, they are after all no longer really star fleet.
    Five seasons. It would wrap up with the partial restoration of the Federation.
    Like I said, something like that would bring me back

  171. 80sKidFan says

    Neat.. Studios got-a remember Star Trek done right, with a slice of originality makes money,, they like money and we like star trek!

  172. Flectarn says

    I’d probably watch this… but, it’s perhaps trying to hard to make trek fit in with current sci-fi preferences. Problem is, the federation dosn’t realy work this way.
    what i’ve been think would be cool for a while now is to base the show from the PoV of another race… my preference being the Romulans. this lets you explore the darker aspects of humanity, with out tarnishing the bright, futurist aspects of the federation.
    just thought i’d throw another half baked idea that won’t happen on the pile.

    been wishing for a star trek channel for ages. (and it’s 6 series not 4)

  173. Tom says

    Why not combine the three or four common themes of ALL television programming of today… Reality TV, CSI: Somewhere, Sex, and Violence, then spawn a new Sci-Fi Trek series?

    Strand 20 hot, young, horny, sexy people on a starship out in space, without any fancy technology (make it more of an “Apollo 13″ space experience), and after they’re all done having sex, and killing each other (with very interesting, twisted investigations into those killings), the final remaining person alive wins a million dollars.

    Of course, that person would be returned to Earth and sent to prison for tax evasion as they would’ve been under the impression the show would pay the taxes on their behalf.

    A few working titles I have are: CSI: Space, CSI: Star Trek, CSI: Sex Trek, or perhaps Earth’s Next Top Model?

    (Insert sarcastic conclusion to this post here).

    – Tom

  174. Matt says

    7 seasons? No problem! give me as much Trek as you’ve got but don’t be afraid to be brave with the plots while sticking to the Roddenberry vision.

    I agree with another writer, it does sound a bit like Deep Space 90210 ( which was a bit of a soap opera) but on a space ship. I would rather see them exploring the Beta quadrant or somewhere else new. And/Or put it even further in the future and challenge those writers to come up with some truely original concepts. But whatever they do they should make a better effort at making it SCIENCE FICTION not soap opera. When it comes down to it, true star trek fans’ll watch it anyway but they’ll sell more DVD’s in the long run and keep the star trek fires burning if it fires the imagination.

    My last 2 cents is, who really cares about the Fereng?, So why make them a pivottal part of the story? They’re not a formiddable enemy or trusted ali. All they do is annoy. Why not go with something like trying to rehabilitate the Borg after they have all been severed from their collective after some sort of computer Virus? while you’re at it, put it in the future, in the Beta quadrant, near the Tribble homeworld…

  175. Don says

    Matt, first of all, the Ferengi have little to do with the story – It’s mostly the Romulans and Cardies who are connected via this little strip.

    Secondly, the Beta quadrant is just as explored as the alpha quadrant. Half of the Federation is there.

  176. wazzerie says

    Yeah back again, it’s interesting to see what people have written since i last visited.

    Don you replied in #142 that what I was proposing was too dark, with a lot of cool guns and violence, but I don’t think so. What I meant was covering the series from a whole different angle. We always hear of starfleet intelligence- why can’t we see them in action? Intelligence gathering covers so many spheres (exploration, politics, diplomacy, etc) and certainly doesn’t have to be violent all the time.

    It would give the series flexibility and be able to incorporate so many ideas that people have mentioned above. I detect there is a distinct yearning for the incorporation for new technology especially post voyager technology. This would be the perfect opportunity for that.

    The Black-ops ship will be charged with maintaining federation interests whichever way possible(prime or no prime directive). No matter how perfect the federation may seem, they will still have to fight dirty once in a while to ensure survivability that’s how any governing system works now or in the future.

    The episodes can cover deep space reconnaissance (of whatever species), deception, counter-intelligence, securing natural resources and establishing remote outposts or colonies for mining, assisting with high level transport of diplomats across the whatever borders… The twists and flavors are endless.

    One thing I can’t remember anyone mentioning is the fact that they would have to invest a bit more on the sets used for the plots on any new show in the offing.

  177. D. Biel says

    comment #209 remark
    I remember that at the end of Star Trek Voyager they destroyed the queen (the one in command of all of the Borg). With all the other Borg disconnected, I feel that they might die off. However, after I read about the virus idea I came to think of an idea where they would “adapt” (before dying off) by creating a virus to take over other ships and its crew and create new drones since the old ones would have died off.
    I thought up this idea from a game (MegaMan X) where the archenemy was actually a virus.
    P.S. This idea would only work if the setting takes place after Voyager returns home.

  178. josip says

    if i am scenarist the new season will be deep in future. for example 26 or 27 centaury. the federation will have some gate to another galaxy and most of the story will going on there. new speciec everything new. of course and other race will get that technology and explore as well (borg or kazons or romulans). for me this would be interesting…

  179. Don says

    Well, Mleko, they’re being featured at the convention this March in New Jersey. Seems like things are starting to go right for them. With so many shows being canceled, there’s alot of room out there for them.

    Who knows, by April, there may be a new article confirming they’re official.

  180. Kate Hawthorne says

    I loved reading all of the posts by my fellow Star Trek fans, so diverse, young and old. I’m a girl and have been watching ST since the beginning, every Thursday night, watching James T. Kirk cowboying his way across what we now know is the Alpha Quadrant, for three years until NBC, with great criminality and incredibly short sightedness, canceled it.

    If I can put my two cents in here, having watched TNG (many, many times), DS9 (ditto), Voyager (again), and Enterprise (through fingers for the first grueling three years and then, when it caught fire and forcing myself to get through that awful music, knowing it probably might have horrifyingly killed the franchise). I watched Firefly and Serenity until I knew dialog. I watched the ST movies – all of them (own them all). And now, we are left with SG Atlantis (yes, I also watched, several times, SG1) and a few more episodes of BSG.

    Having read through most of the above comments, I am looking forward to ST XI, I’m going to reserve judgment until I see it. I am just thrilled to see anything Star Trek come back to life.

    OK, here is my humble opinion. I agree with a lot of you – I love Star Trek, all of them, because they are based on the hope that humanity and even alien races, basically all forms of intelligent life, can overcome its predilection for warlike behavior – to find peace, to work together in harmony, to overcome differences and learn to give and take, not to take power for the sake of power, but to do something we humans are very bad at: get along together. Also, I think humanity has a need to explore and we are bulging at the seams here on earth right now. We’re overcrowded, bored and have way too much money for our own good (the less fortunate notwithstanding). That’s another reason I love Star Trek (all of them). They take humanity to that next level – to the proverbial wild west, the unexplored frontier. Only this time, with hope for peace, and not showdowns at the OK Corral.

    Yeah, I live in lala land. But that is why I loved Star Trek – and Firefly. And SG1. And unlike some of you, I don’t like the darker series as much as the, well, less darker series (DS9 vs. Voyager, ie.). But in the end, the same theme ran through all of the Star Trek series as I outlined above. There was always hope. I was never a Ferengi fan, because they always seemed beyond salvation – even if the race was framed in humor. We had the mold breakers in Quark and Rom in DS9, which made the Ferengi more interesting (to me).

    I think I agree with a lot of what Jeff #193 says. Star Treks are character-driven shows. We need to like the characters as we have all along, starting with Kirk and Spock and Bones, to Picard and Data and Georgi, and Troi and Worf, to Kathryn Janeway and Chakotay and Tom Paris, Seven of Nine, the Doc, B’Elanna, and Sisko, Kira, O’Brien, Dax, Quark, Odo, and even Enterprise’s spunky Trip and Phlox, T’Pol, Reed (I just did not like Scott Bakula as Archer, mea culpa!).

    My ST wish list also includes seeing the series in the future. We’ve already seen the beginning, we’ve run around with Kirk, then with Picard, simultaneously with DS9 and the Dominion War, the Borg, and explored the Delta Quadrant with Voyager. I believe we are now 400 or so years in the future with Voyager. I’d like to go beyond that time and see where humanity goes from there. Whatever that means.

    All that being said, I don’t want to see Star Trek turn into a teenager series – and I completely understand what a previous poster was referring to, even if some of you don’t. The current network mindset is to draw in the younger demographic. I am a little afraid that current Science Fiction is going to be represented either by teenage ghost or slasher films, or brainless sci fi soap operas like Kyle XY. I understand there is a place for such shows, but not in my definition of good science fiction! I do not want to see more tired game shows or dumb reality shows. I like good mysteries like the CSI’s and Law and Orders, but come on! Isn’t it time for us to get back to basics?

    I, and I think everyone seriously posting here, miss the Star Trek series. All of them. We miss our friends and enemies, trials and tribulations, fun and games played out every week or so in all things Star Trek. I want them to come back, give me something to look forward to, I mean REALLY look forward to on television.

    I’m just happy to find out that I’m not the only hopeless Star Trek fan who really should “get a life.” Hey, thanks for listening. My heart to Star Trek, may it live long and prosper!

  181. LEB says

    I’m sorry, but this idea just does not appeal to me. Another middle-aged white male captain, who sounds way too much like Kirk? A “wacky” Romulan (if can there be such a thing)? Another EMH doctor? And it doesn’t sound like any of the female characters are either intelligent or over the age of 30, except the “motherly” Cardassian.

    It really does sound like a bunch of fan-fiction. There’s no new ground being broken here, it’s just more of the same. Yes, Star Trek’s appeal is that is it character driven, but it’s also deeply rooted in SCIENCE fiction, as well as a good dose of social theory. Gene Roddenberry had an optimistic view of the future, and of humanity’s ability to overcome even our greatest challenges using nothing but our own tenacity, ingenuity, and burning desire to better ourselves. So where are the challenges? Where is the opportunity to reaffirm that humanity, even with its flaws, is at its core strong and good?

    They want to do something truly groundbreaking? Get rid of the fluff and the big-busted female ensigns, and bring some intelligence back into the series. A clever revitalization of this fantastic franchise would not only do old Gene’s soul some service, but would give the fans something they’re missing from most of the garbage on TV these days.

  182. Regie123 says

    “So basically he’s a fan with an idea. Whoopee. Add him to the list. This is news, why?”

    Nick, it’s news because unlike most of the lame-ass complaining wise guys on here including you, this guy is doing something about his idea. He’s MAKING IT HAPPEN.

    I hope they keep the seven series format. I’ll watch every single episode. I haven’t seen anything fresh in the ST franchise for ages and I’ll enjoy a new movie or a new series.

  183. Regie123 says

    P.S. What makes your b!tching and complaining and criticizing so beyond pathetic is that this is still in concept stages. Most of you need to do something you’ve undoubtedly heard a million times before… get a life!

  184. says

    Here’s a concept that worked well for Babylon 5, a LIMITED run, with a beginning, middle, and end. Star Trek and X-Files kept going and going without truly stopping, perhaps it let to their downfall. In Trek’s case, the third season was a big mistake. In X-Files, the mythology never had resolution, and the new X-F film won’t try to answer questions asked in the series either. I am writing my first teleplay with the intention of if successful, have a limited run of 2-3 seasons with a beginning, middle, and an end being a feature film. I think having the fans wanting more would be ideal for any SF&F show. IMHO, limited run series or films are a great way to go! More details of my teleplay are on

  185. aaron says

    it’s not a bad premise but there are alternatives to rehashing romulan cardassian ferengi ‘trouble’ it is called new frontier series of novels written by Peter David. featuring the starship excalibur capt. Mackenzie Calhoun Cmmdr Elizabeth Shelby, and a host of new races in our sector: xenexians, thallonians, redeemers, selelvians, and the danteri. the character conflict develops naturally from the contrasts in the make up of the crew, vulcan doctor, dual sexed hermat engineer, and a walking brikar security cheif not to mention the mugato
    !!all under the command of a barbaric warlord who freed his entire planet from off-world appression before he was nineteen a feat which could only be matched by graduating from starfleet academy

  186. Ruth Pinkus says

    I was so pleased to see the thoughtful discussion by Kate Hawthorne. DS9 was my favorite, for exactly the reasons many of you disliked it: the plot complexity, cultural complexity, interpersonal relations, and character development. I want to see what happened after that. I want some of the same characters (whichever actors are willing to return). I want Klingons and Ferengi (yes, I liked them) and Cardassians etc., and I want to explore their cultures further. I also want humor–I agree that Enterprise was lacking in that department.
    The proposed series sounds a little too miserable in outline. It’s true that to like a series you have to like the characters–or most of them–and it seems as though a bunch of disfunctional people engaged in constant squabbles would be hard to like. But I see in the comments above that some of you read sample scripts and loved them. And after all, it’s the writing that really counts, whether in a TV series or a movie. Concept is necessary, the cast is important, and good acting is a must, but all of that is eclipsed by the writing. So if the proposed series is really well written, that might overcome the above objection. Of course I’d watch it anyway!
    Those of you who want Frakes as Riker captaining the Titan have a point; the Titan books are solid. But if Frakes is available, I’d rather see him captaining a future Enterprise, starting a few years after the return of Voyager. Let Picard be an admiral, and appear occasionally if Patrick Stewart is willing. And if Michael Dorn can bear to put on the Klingon makeup just every now and then, I’d love to see how Worf fares as an ambassador!

  187. Nick says

    “Nick, it’s news because unlike most of the lame-ass complaining wise guys on here including you, this guy is doing something about his idea. He’s MAKING IT HAPPEN.”

    No Regie123, what he’s actually doing is manipulating people and trying vainly to use viral marketing to get himself ahead.

    This is not even under consideration by anyone at CBS, and while I give him credit for having the cajones to try, I object to the way he’s using people and presenting himself as something he isn’t.

  188. Don says

    Actually, Nick, I met him at the last convention. Looked pretty official to me.

    From what he says, no one in CBS even wanted to talk about this up until recently, and even now they seem to think a Trek series would not do well, and he’s out to prove otherwise. I’m sure one of the reasons they think that way is when people like you totally dismiss an idea without looking in to it. I know you haven’t looked in to it because most of your objections are incorrect.

  189. Nick says

    Well if you want to believe his spiel, Don by all means do. You’re the one being hoodwinked though.

    Anyone can set up an official-looking presence at a convention. He has *zero* standing with the people who hold the reigns to Trek, though he certainly likes to *imply* otherwise. And I know that because I *did* look into and not take every word coming out his mouth at face value.

  190. gary says

    Star trek new show needs more action less soap opera. The ships name should be Enterprise it does not need to be the flag ship. IT needs to explore for new worlds and life forms plus deal with a war with alittle romance and laughter along with old and new friends and foes. The ship needs a new weapon or carry fighter’s on board which would add a new twist. The reruns are growing old fast and in 1-2 years I believe people would be ready for new trek show. These are my thoughts.

    My dream show would be star trek and battle star galatic meet and federation save galatic fleet to only have the borg and cylons interjoin together to form a new enemy to the federation The Borlons, but I am a dreamer lol

  191. Drew says

    I agree, we need a new generation of Star Trek with new and exiting technologies like Starfleet experimenting with transwarp on the USS Enterprise E in the 25th century with a new crew or maybe go further and have an Enterprise F? it could open up a whole new concept of galactic exploration. Maybe even beyond. We need to see new technologies the way we saw new stuff when TNG first came out; we saw replicators and holodeaks. We need to see stuff that takes Star Trek to the next level like long range transporters and instant short range transporters, ones that take less than a second to dematerialize and rematerialize. What about the deployable hull armour in endgame? Or what about phaser resistant personal armour? Or personal shields? I want to know what happened to the class of battleships of which the Defiant was the prototype. The ones that carried more firepower than ships three times there size. How about all those cool vehicles we saw in the last three films? How cool would it be to see the federation in an all out war with say the Andromedan Empire? Transwarp would totally make intergalactic travel, exploration and war possible. We don’t want to see an inexperienced bickering crew of the Cardinal fresh out of Starfleet, we saw that with Harry Kim, and Bashir and others. We want to see a crew that is young but has worked their way up to the top, to the Enterprise, through other assignments. We want a professional crew, not a soap opera. Please don’t let Star Trek suck any more!

  192. Nilsa says

    How about a new Series called “Sisko’s Return”? When he “died”, (Deep Space Nine Series) there was a glimpse of other possibilities. He can even be played again by Avery Brooks older and wiser with another big mission in which Odo could also plaY a new and secret role. Dax could appear again (in her new host shape, although the final one was a nice girl, she could be developed too)as well as Worf with a new romantic interest. Other characters of previos series could make guest appearances, inclding a reasigned Data with some “experimental feelings module”. How about Garak we never saw what eventually happened to Cardassia after the war with the Dominion.

    This could also include the unification of Vulcan and Romulus. Or the struggle for it?

    There were so many things left unfinished that can be ellaborated into a great new plot/sequel?

    Please!!!! No more paralel universes!!!

    There are so many other things to work out and develop.

    Please think ABOUT IT!

  193. Ruth Pinkus says

    I love Nils’s comment (#230). He’s thinking about the people and the history (history that hasn’t happened yet, but it’s still history), rather than the technology. It seems as if so many of the commentators are just interested in the gadgetry. Yes, the technology can be fun and can open up possibilities (i.e. holodecks) but Star Trek has always basically been about people. When the people are good it does well, and when they’re boring or unlikable it doesn’t. That was the real problem with Enterprise, not the silly song (successful series have survived far worse theme songs) and not so much the fact that by going back it screwed up the history that came afterward, although that was annoying. It was the fact that nearly all the characters were boring (that is everyone except perhaps the Vulcan science officer–and you note that I can’t even remember her name) that really did the show in. You couldn’t dislike any of them, but do any of them stay in your mind like Kirk and Spock and Picard and Data and…? I want Worf and Seven of Nine and Miles O’Brien and Nog and The Doctor and as many as possible of the other really memorable characters, as well as new characters of the same caliber. If the characters are good and the writers are good, the show will be good, regardless of the technology. Is that asking too much? I hope not, because without that, a new show is doomed from the getgo.

  194. Kystien says

    honestly 7 seasons is perfect. Gives you lots of room to work with and you know you have a quality show. I would rather have a show with a plan, instead of a show with nothing planned. thats where you get dumbass story lines that just don’t make sense and has no effect on the overall show. We need consistency. We need a star trek series that will take from previous episodes and incorporate them in the whole of the show. Besides Trek needs a whole new make over. Enough of this crap of exploring new worlds and civilization. We need to have a show were we are so involved with the Characters, that we forget about the fact it is star trek. Take for example these tv shows: Prison Break, Lost, and Heroes, Nothing happens in these shows just for shits and giggles. It all has a purpose.

    Thank you one and all.

  195. Minsk1 says

    Hey, guys I really enjoy reading all your comments. I agree that the plot and the characters have to drive the next Star Trek. I take Babylon 5 as an example, the complexity of the story line was taken to climax towards the end and it was excellent. I believe it is possible to do the same in the star trek world. Any news on whether CBS took the pitch yet?

  196. TexasG says

    Please… No more soap operas! I like not having a plan… and i don’t want to get sucked into some melodramatic garbage… I would like to See Star Trek the ‘Third Generation’… I really don’t mind if they revisit the same premise as the original series or TNG… I really liked watching Star Trek and forgetting about day to day life… It used to be like watching a western… Then DS9, Voyager and Enterprise turned it into a Soap…boring…

  197. Albert says

    Id rather them take something from previous episodes and build on it. What if we left the humans and the federation as being the main story plot. Since DS9 other races have come into full maturity. DS9 has more explored and developed Ferengi,Klingon, and Cardassian culture. How about Captain Nogg, or have a Klingon Bird of Prey as the main focus point, or how about doing a series on “Section 31″. I think doing a series on section 31 would be awesome, you could do whatever the hell you wanted story wise.

  198. Brandon says

    All I got to say is Star Trek is awesome 7 seasons isnt too long just crappy writers dont know how to expand onto something they have made so they prelong it by putting in small drama episodes in the middle AKA (gayness) Now Voyager was right on with star trek or Genes original concept explore and some action DS9 was an abomination to trek history burn all dvds and take it off the air enterprise was getting good once again crappy writers killed it and TNG we need not speak and TOS we need not speak they are awesome.


    1. We aint goin back to the past we have came so far in trek technology to mess that up and take a step back is too much.

    2. Cant we all get along? why the hell we always fighten people wow just stop lets go find a damn new planet or something aka exploring.

    3. State of the art ship most likely lets do another ENTERPRISE CLASS SHIP and no not sovereign im talking ENTERPRISE J HERE.








  199. Ash says

    I have an idea of my own for a new Trek series

    try this on for size

    Lets just say eath’s sun just went supernova as part of a
    chain reaction within the alpha quadrent. A select few af all speiecies make it out ahead of the wake and continue on a cross universe trek (via slipstream) trying
    to find help in the answer to the ulimate unraveling or the universe.

    This idea is to good for tv.

  200. Brian Gillow says

    don’t mind seven seasons, don’t mind 15 friggin seasons, as long as it’s good. with all the crap on tv now, american idol, game shows, all the reality shows, etc I could never get enough of a good sci-fi show like battlestar galactica or star trek. I agree the soap opera stuff needs to go away,but, I’m not against an episodic type show like battlestar is. I think the thing that made the original series so damm good, was not the concept but the great characters, and the chemistry between them. that’s hard to do and get right. the relationship of kirk spock and McCoy was so fantastic, and the actors that played them were so perfect, then throw in scotty, uhuru, etc and it was a great combination of actors/characters. that’s what you need in a new star trek. they need to find perfect actors to go with some new great characters that you really want to see every week. the story comes later, or is secondary. the basic problem is this. intelligent fans want this, and want exploration and adventure and some action, etc, but the producers want ratings. they want more sex, and relationships, conflicts amongst the crew, etc. a strict cerebral show like what a great sci-fi book has, doesn’t get the ratings. i’ts too bad because most of you here have read some great books in this vein, but these books would never make it to television because they are beyond the general public. so we are stuck with the same old thing. If they could take a great greg bear book and make it into a star trek series, that would be the best thing, but the general public want hot chicks in spandex and kung fu fighting.

  201. paul says

    i think there should be an star trek series call star trek titan base on the book and explore ne worlds and the enterpise e in for 3 eposide a year to give a hand a 5 year mission and if fans want more they can contuine with the series.

  202. rashon says

    man star trek is the shit i still watch tng and capt janeway do there thing on spike im glad they still play that shit but i would love another series but they should carry it forward with new tech and stuff like that kinda how when picard was traveling though time and data was old and riker had the enterprise and it was hooked up!!! man they need to stop trippen goahead and make a good show thats all wewant and federation people dont beef on there ship to much thats the startrek i know the kind that has values and holds morals and raises ?’s that is what we want right or wrong?

  203. Steve says

    Just finised watching Voyager from season 1 to 7, and like many other newbies I went searching to see if a new series would be following after the New Enterprise series. To be honest I think the owners of the Star Trek brand are being cowereds, they are too scared to risk damaging their brand any further. Such a shame when money dictates the future of such an institution such as Star Trek.
    I agree with all those who want to see a more futuristic Trek series, Voyager was good as you could fantacise about the future. If a new series is produced I hope they look to the future i.e. post voyager or TNG, and not look back. I understand their are a lot of middle-aged people out their who grew up with the origonal series however what about the new generation of people like me who grew up with TNG and Voyager, maybe we want to see more of that and not more of the past remonisance of the origonal series. If the owners of the Trek brand want to make money then surley its on the new gerneration of Trek fans and not the old.

  204. Ruth Pinkus says

    Not so much commentary about “middle-aged people”, please! I’m one of them, and I much prefer the newer series–any of them except Enterprise–to the Original, which looks horribly dated to me now–like watching I Love Lucy reruns. And what’s wrong with interpersonal relationships? (Some of you call them “soap opera”.) They are what life is made of, and without them any series, whether Star Trek or any other, would be sterile and not worth watching. I can see that some of you guys just want gadgetry, special effects, and scientific concepts, but I doubt that even you would really like a series that consisted of nothing but those! Remember, Kirk went in for plenty of “interpersonal relationships”! And what about all the relationship stories on TNG? As I recall, when that ended, a vote was taken among viewers, and the favorite episode was the one where Picard lived at lifetime on a planet that had been destroyed hundreds of years earlier, all in 27 minutes. That episode might be called “pure soap opera” by some of you. Star trek should be about life in the future, all aspects of life, not just the techie aspects!

  205. steve says

    Appologies about the comment “middle-aged people”, I think I was being a bit presumpsious thinking those people brough up on the origonal series would prefer that, however you have proved me wrong. I do agree with you about requiring relationships to be exlored and followed by the viewers. In Voyager relationships formed as equal a part of the show as the gadgetry did, and i beleive its a vital part. By delving deeper into their characters and relationships you start to get to know them and even identify with them.

    But what every series comes next (if any) I think it has to be set after voyager and not before / during the origonal series.

  206. Christain says

    Ok. I think we need 7 sesons. The reson being that when I look back on shows like babalon 5 wich only had 5 sesons (and tecnicly should have had 4) I find myself wanting more then what thay have. When I wach all of DS9 in one compleatly trek filled month I STILL find myself wanting more. (I have wached all of DS9 a total of 3 times so far and I am 14)

    Now when writeing a new show people must remember something. ALL THE STORYS HAVE BEEN TOLD. Wether it is the story of comeing home from far away. (Seen in VOY and Battle star glactica and Greek writeing) Or exploreing new places ( TOS. TNG. ) Or wars of good vs. dark (star wars, DS9) it has all been done at one point or another. So what the thing that faces the new writers is how to take the old. put an new spin on it. and make it look new.

    Why do people wach startrek? I mean before thay love it for just being startrek. The reson is that people love to see what is comeing. allot of things from TOS are now a reality. So when we approch the startrek that is becomeing modern we must once agian push the limit of what we are building and see what is even further off. We need to take TREK after VOY. Way after. I would say about 200 years.

    Then lanch it allong with STARTREK ONLINE.

    (please forgive mis spellings. I am dislexic and do not know how to spell all that well.)

  207. steve says

    I am getting so bored with searching the net for any scoop on a new series, and I cant find anything. Do you really think Paramount is not going to produce a new series? I hope not… their are so many fans out their that want a new series.

  208. Mark says

    How about instead of exploring space, they explore time?
    Time travel is something that appears in all star trek series, but is never really dwelled on. It could be about a federation time ship from the future, fighting a temporal war with another race, it would provide opportunities for cameo’s from previous star trek series, and would allow for us to see what happens to the characters after each respective series. Perhaps it could give us a new perspective on events that happened in the past series. As the series went on the crew morality could drop, seeing as they have not seen their friends and family for sometime, and will never see them because they will be constantly traveling through time, fixing things that get messed up. It could end with a mutiny with one side for going home, the other side continuing the mission. From there the time ship could be destroyed and everything they have done and un done doesnt matter, the crew who wish to leave can be left in their time at home while the time ship continues its mission, or they could finish their mission and all go home, and destroy the time ship or find a new crew for it.

  209. Helena says

    I would just love another series.. especially the “go where no-one has gone before…” idea…. I would actually love to see a universe after a borg invasion, wiped out by some biological weapon and a new nemisis. A few humans, cardassians, klingons, bajorans, on an exploratory ship in a universe a little more advesarial after the borg invasion, going on normal missions, whilst continually trying to find a solution to the ‘new’ adversary. Actually anything would be great… and although I found enterprise season 1 a little tough going, I really enjoyed the next three seasons and was sad when it ended… now waiting for this current hiatus to finish…..

  210. Michael says

    I love the idea of a new star trek series, but why not put more thought into Enterprise. That show had some promise and could have carried on for a few more years till it was caught up with TOS. Starting a new trek series out with the premise of war, with so much conflict in the world seems a little rediculous. Like some of the posts have said..what happened to the exploration factor, which i know must be harder for the maker of the series, but shouldnt we consider the “To boldly go where no one has gone before” to mean exploration, not annihilation.

  211. enkilleridos says

    The pinacle of sci-fi is the original Star Trek with James T. Kirk. A lot of our current technological advancements are because of this show. Flip-top cell phones for instance people said wouldnt it be cool if we could really do this? I am a trekie, even though I want to see what happened to the universe after nemesis but the new movie seems promising. I loved Voyager and thought it a shame that it actually ended when I can think of so many ways it could have gone on. Or at least a movie about it. But TNG was a seven year mission. So was the original Star Trek. Keeping tradition of the Star Trek shows anything less than seven seasons is sacrilige in my book. I would like to see a Star Trek tv show go longer than seven seasons. It would be a refreshing thing to see more. That or an Academy tv series would be interesting.

  212. Matias says

    all I would like to say is… look at the mere quantity of people still not completely bored by Star Trek -reflected, in part, by the amount of people viewing and responding to this pitch- !!!!!

    Gieb . more . Star Trek
    Noes . 7 . seasons
    Gieb . more . pewpew

    and for the love of god, where has the really cool commander attitude gone?! Kirk knew how to handle tough situations, he just beamed down to the planet and threw it down with whoever stole his communications officer again!

  213. Eric the Blind Geek says

    For a pretty cool take on what the possibilities might be for something like this, even though it’s different enough to stand on its own, you might want to check out, the Star Trek: Lost Frontier series. The production quality is top-knotch, and it’s a fun series.

  214. Tom says

    Here’s an idea: let’s have a Trek series that focuses on a Klingon ship. One of the most fascinating aspects of TNG was the exploration of the Klingon culture, its mores, and its political intrigue. We saw humor, and honor, and cunning. Imagine a Klingon Bird of Prey on special assignment with Starfleet, staffed primarily with Klingons but having some Starfleet liaison officers on board as well: a Vulcan, perhaps, and a few human officers. Now THAT’s a series I’d like to see!

  215. T'PAULO says


  216. Nicola says

    As a huge Star Trek fan growing up, I am eagerly awaiting confirmation of a new star trek series. I disagree with saying 7 seasons is too long for a series, it seems to be the norm. I was however hoping the star trek writers would take a new direction including the Temporal Prime Directive and timeships.

  217. Mike says

    Sounds a lot like DS9 to me too. Why not take a giant leap in the future and witness the birth of the Time Patrol. We don’t know much about what’s going on over there centuries away. Could be interesting, don’t you think?

  218. James says

    I like the Cardinal idea, the only thing i dont like is that Naomi Wildman will be in it. Also, when you skip ahead 25 years in a show like this it can cause a lot of confusion, so I think Sal should change the Mark 7 EMH to the ACTUAL docter from Voyager, maybe he hasnt been activated for 20-something years. This creates the “passing the torch” effect that Sal wants. And the docter would be as confused about “current” events as most of the audience. Do you get what I mean?

  219. James says

    Also, keep in mind that since she is half Kitarian, she would appear to be 50, since Katarians age much faster and Cardinal would take place 25 years in the future

  220. Mookster says

    How about a series with captain braxton and the federation time ship Relativity? could even intertwine the voyager episodes? or maybe purposely send out a ship to the Beta Quadrant… for exploration. Voyager brought back info on slipstream technology… maybe it can be perfected and allow further exploration.. we need a new series… come on paramount…

  221. Sam (Not SoSF's Sam) says

    Remember, James, Ktarians sorta ‘plateu’ in age. They start their life growing faster than humans, but eventually, it all evens out.

    Anyway, I like your idea for the doctor, but I like the Naomi character. Especially with what he’s done with her. I didn’t think I was going to like her, but she’s actually my favorite character in the series.

    As far as Cardinal itself, I have a few issues with it, but overall, it’s by far the best I’ve seen. No stupid fanboi ideas or endless cameos, no kitbash ship, and no endless battles with no respect for the moral effect Star Trek can have. Cardinal is a fun show that still gives you the serious sense of wonder and morality Trek has always given me (well, until Enterprise).

    That being said, the Vulcan Engineer gets on my nerves, and the doctor is a totaly unorigional concept, plus a producer who claims to be more of a Hollywood outsider than he is (he wrote for NBC, but downplays it so the idea looks more fan inspired), but these are small complaints. The series itself is brilliant.

  222. Coops says

    I’m not all that fanatical about Star Trek, but I do find it a lot more watchable than most of the schlock on TV. These days it’s all reality TV; murder investigations; soaps centred on sex and conflict; and (here in kiwiland at least) makeovers of gardens, homes, and personal appearance.

    For me, Trek lifts us above the trivial pettiness, the darkest elements of humanity, the pitifully transparent and tawdry grabs at ratings, and the just plain mundane: instead it shows us an advanced, ethical, worthwhile version of humanity that we can all aspire to. It’s about exploration, building alliances, improving ourselves and our understanding of the universe. It’s good for the spirit.

    Scanning through this thread I’m seeing three main ideas from fans:
    (1) “Project Cardinal”
    (2) USS Titan
    (3) Timeship era

    For me:
    Project Cardinal wouldn’t grab me for the same reason DS9 didn’t… it descends too far into interpersonal politics and conflict. Taking into account the angle this series is taking, the age profile of the female crew, and what the grabs for ratings did to Enterprise (did we really need Hoshi’s bra? or T’Pol’s backside?) I suspect salaciousness would soon follow if this ever made it into production. Why watch this when there’s so much of the same on TV already?

    USS Titan sounds best of all – exploration, back to the Star Trek ideal! I’ve never read the novels, but a new more powerful Federation ship that can hold its own against the Borg, boldly going where no man has gone before, sounds like just the thing. Combine story arcs and character-developing single spisodes, as was done so well in ENT season 4. Steer away from the fight against hopeless odds… it’s been done already, DS9, VGR, plus B5, Star Wars, and other non-trek shows. A balance of power reminiscent of TOS and TNG, perhaps initially between the post-DS9 allies and the Borg, perhaps later the same allies and a new enemy from fluidic space? After a personal appeal to Admiral Janeway from a near-defeated Species 8472? With Borg coming in to aid the allies and turn the tide in the final season (my enemy’s enemy is my friend)? Just a spur-of-the-moment suggestion, probably full of holes, but I think this sort of thing would be consistent with what sets Star Trek apart from other shows on TV. It’s also a kind of natural progression; first the disparate nations of Earth unify to a world government, then the disparate civilisations in nearby space unify into the Federation; now the disparate Alpha quadrant powers and their neighbours unify… I think Gene Rodenberry might have liked that.

    Timeships: a lot of potential for taking Star Trek in new directions, but a lot of potential for confusion as well. With all the leaping about in the timeline it would be hard to keep track of the state of the galaxy at any given stardate. The storylines would have to be heavily constrained so as not to disturb “future” events, which is perhaps a problem that ENT writers suffered from. But even so the huge potential for paradox would slip a lot more incinsistencies into Star Trek canon… which would alienate purists I’m sure. Maybe leave this one for Series 7?

    Seven seasons? Sounds good. I never watched TOS but I’ve watched all the other series, I think they all started a bit slow but improved with time. It takes a while for the actors and writers to develop the characters, as well as whatever the situation is that they happen to be in. It takes us as the audience a while to develop our understanding of those same things. My feeling is that it’s not until that development is complete that the richer, more complex storylines can properly unfold. (Kinda like a gazelle learning to walk, eh, Archer?) That’s why I think it’s such a pity ENT was cut down just as it was starting to reach its potential.

    The producers at Paramount have a decent size chunk of the viewing audience out here waiting for a good Star Trek series to draw them in. I think if they can stay faithful to Rodenberry’s vision, and resist the temptation to add unnessecary character conflicts and sex in an attempt to grab viewers from other shows offering the same, they may find the solid viewing audience they’re looking for. Why fight over a tiny share of the mass audience when you can have your own little demographic all to yourself?

  223. Sao Paulo aka Defiant says

    I agree with what some others have said, bring back DS9. That show was by far the best and had some of the best Sci-Fi battles in Sci-Fi history

  224. budster says

    CBS and Sci-Fi just doesn’t give me a warm fuzzy. I would really question their commitment to this kind of series. Since the emergence of some many other networks (Spike,FOX,SCI-FI,etc) the big three have appeared to try too be more of a caviar and wine kind of channel. I like the concept of a new Star Trek series, but would rather another network handle it. As for bringing back DS9 I like that thought or a combination of DS9 mainstays along with Voyagers mainstays.

  225. says

    I wrote a similar idea a couple of years ago called ST: USS Thunder.

    A Tactical Ship sent to the southern borders of the Federation frontier to act as ‘Sherrif’ the Doninion War destabilised the whole alpha quadrant and Starfleet is stretched to the limit in trying to keep it together as crime unrest and border fights start to erupt.

    The Cardinal idea is similar however i’d drop the Ferengi border bit. (cos i ****ing hate the Ferengi) and i’d reintroduce a new race plus have more Lyran/Gorn/Hydran/Tholian stories.

  226. wakeyboy says

    I think this idea is incredibly boring.

    What I would like to see is a series set in the late 24th century that goes back to the original concept of ‘boldly going where no man has gone before’. I would suggest that the largely neglected Beta quadrant is further explored. We know about the Klingon empire and the Romulan Empire laying claim to parts of the Beta quadrant, but theres so much more unexplored.

  227. Matthew says

    I love all the Start Trek series, with th exception of “Enterprise”. The idea behind that series was a good one, but too many mistakes were made and they put too many people off. The worst sin committed was the title music for “Enterprise” whoever was in charge of that should be ashamed of themselves and if that wasn’t enough to put you off you had to put up with one of the most annoying characters I ahve ever come across (apart from Nelix in Voyager!) Commander Tucker, I think “Enterprise” would have lasted much longer if they only sorted out those two things. But that’s in the past there is no current Start Trek series out there and we have to make do with watching regurgitated showings of TNG, DS9 and Voyager, and although I can just about survive on those repeats, I and from what I have read in other post, many, many, many others want and NEED a new Star Trek series. I agree that we have done the past in other series and we need to focus more on the future and so having a series set in the 25th centuary (at least) or further would be good and would enable the writers to be alot more creative with ideas and plots and new aliens. i also think that it would make a nice change to have a Star Trek series without the already well known aliens such as the vulcuns, feringi, Cardassians, Roms or the Borg. It is time to shake things up a bit more and have more aliens serving as crew on the starship and less humans. why not have an alien Captin. But above all else I really do think that a new Star Trek series is well overdue and so the sooner a new series is put together and produced the better.

  228. Sam says

    Wakeyboy, we’re penned in on the Beta Quadrant side. Starfleet extends a great deal into it, but is restrained by the borders of other empires. There’s nowhere else to go there. Alot of people forget that half of Starfleet is in the Beta Quadrant.

    I would like to mention that I dislike the alien captain idea some have mentioned. I don’t see how it really explores humanity, by putting the major decissions into the hands of someone non-human. To me, the conflict the human captain goes through is central to the series, and what it says about humanity. I wouldn’t mind having someone explain to me why this idea is so popular among some fans, because to me it seems like it would cheapen the franchise. I want a good, old fashion, James Kirk-style captain in the next Trek series.

  229. Lynn says

    This is a fantastic idea! I’m so used to terrible concepts that I almost judged this one without reading it, but I’m glad I did. CBS please PICK THIS SHOW UP!

  230. Rob says

    I love TNG and DS9, I have wanted a new series for ages. But I don’t want it to be ruined by the crew mates being little emo faggots and fighting all the time. maybe it could work with some heavy rifinement

  231. Ruth Pinkus says

    Remember practicality. You can only get old characters back if the actors are willing to do it. Brent Spiner apparently came to hate Data so much that he insisted on his being killed off, and I gather many of the other actors came to feel more or less the same way eventually. You can understand, for example, why a Shakespearean actor like Patrick Stewart would want to return to Shakespeare and forget he was ever Picard, or why Dorn and many others would eventually find their complex and stifling alien makeup unbearable. So reviving any previous series is out of the question. I’m one of those who gets attached to characters, and would love to see them continue, but I think it can only be done, at best, by occasional cameo appearances. Therefore a new series needs largely new characters, a new ship or setting, and possibly a new era. (It would, at minimum, have to begin at least 10 years after the end of Voyager, to account for the aging of any returning characters.)
    As for an alien captain, why not? I don’t buy the idea that it wouldn’t “explore the human condition”. For one thing, most of the aliens on Star Trek are much more human than real aliens are ever likely to be–a necessity, given production costs. Mostly they seem to be taken from an assortment of human cultures: the Klingons are Vikings, etc.
    And here’s another good reason to do it: on every single series, most of the most interesting characters were non-human. I give you Spock, Data, Worf, Quark, Odo, the Doctor, Seven of Nine, etc. The only human character I ever found as gripping as any of those was Picard. Many of the humans were certainly likable–Miles O’Brien was a good example–but not as memorable as the above. An alien captain could be just what a new series would need.

  232. Womble says

    Forgive me, but I need to comment here on post 278 –
    Sorry mate no offence intended, but Brent Spiner never came to hate Data & insisted on getting him killed off. The story simply developed to have Data sacrifice himself for his crew, no matter the ‘human’ idea backfired terribly for his too shocked fans.
    In fact, Spiner said to me personally, that Paramount simply don’t have any interest in another TNG outing.
    NOT because any of the actors don’t want to return for a better send-off at least, so to close the TNG chapter more to the fans’ liking, rather than leave them to their beloved Data blown into space.
    Plus, Spiner’s words of getting too old for the character, is merely to deflect from that very fact, & that Paramount want to engage into, as I put it not Spiner, these stupid prequels I really hate.
    In fact, Spiner also said to me, that quote: ‘He loved the character as one loves his own child (!) but Paramount don’t wanna know, & so he simply had to let him go, sad but true’ –
    That sure doesn’t sound like he hated Data at the end, & I take his words as FACT any day. Besides, true TNG or Data fans would love to see them all back, in a new series rather than ‘tie-in film’, no matter how ‘old’ they are. We all know Data obviously & evidently B-4 have an artificial aging program, as so established in ‘Inheritance’.
    And I know for a fact, they all would love to reprise their roles at least one last time. But as usual, the high & mighty studios don’t get that, & so the actors stay ‘neutral’. Or they ever listen to the fans in the first place & to what THEY really want. Instead they give us this ‘young Kirk & Co’ drivel now, no offence to TOS I grew up with, no, gimme the real Kirk any day. But I always thought, ‘SF’ stands for ‘seek future’, not go back into the past constantly. Live long & prosper. :)

  233. SmartK8 says

    This is my wishlist for the next Star Trek series:

    1) next century after TNG (at least, the more the better, ideally somewhere near 28th century, let the time adventures for the 30th century and further)
    2) new drive (an intergalaxy drive, but somehow restricted at first)
    3) new galaxies (explore the gamma and delta quadrant first)
    4) federation spanned accross the milky way (should be covered in first serie)
    5) new cool weapons (based on new scientific backgrounds)
    6) new races (more powerful intergalactic species like Scorpion)
    7) new technology (the predecestors to time travel and so on)

  234. says

    I have my own idea for a new Star Trek series and I think it would be much better and more important than that Cardinal idea, although my idea would be completely different than any of the Star Trek series and I mean REAL
    DIFFERENT because this series is set only on Earth in the 21st Century, taking place in the third world war, the series is about the third war alone- the fall and rise of humanity, originally I was going to call it Star Trek: The Fallen Generation but then since you don’t see much of space and the universe and no starship at all, it’s only set on Earth, I thought it should just be called The Fallen Generation but it is still a Star Trek series.

    My vision of The Fallen Generation is for it to have only 5 seasons – about 140 episodes but this series is much darker, violent and more political than any other Star Trek series- this one has more swearing, in fact it probably would have “fuck” used so this series would be rated 15 rather than PG or 12.

    The first two seasons focus on the rise of the third world war and the fall of humanity where it illustrates the war’s destruction on the planet and on the human race and shows the brutality and violence of the war and how violent and ruthless humans have become. The series focuses mainly on a group of survivors in North America who team up with each other and travel across the country trying to stay hidden and survive from enemy forces who are invading the country. The series focuses on these characters carefully and goes into deep character development and focuses on how all these characters conflict with each other and form a relationship, how they all eventually become friends as they go through a lot of experience together and how they continously struggle to survive.
    The series also focuses strongly on these character’s view on the war where they are disillusioned on war and are moral, sane and rational people who discuss how the war is wiping out humanity and they all begin to wonder what does the future hold for humanity? Some are optimistic, believing the war will end soon and humanity will slowly begin to redeem themselves, learn from their past mistakes and work for a good future (which does happen as we all know) but others are skeptical and negative, believing the war will continue until the whole of humanity is wiped out and there will be no future for them.

    After the first two seasons, the third and fourth season begins to move on through the third world war but continues to show the bruality of the war but into much further depth and becomes much darker and violent. The series still focuses on the characters from the first two seasons but some have died and introduces new characters and their talks and visions about the future continues and is a key element of the series. All the characters begin to dream about a possible future where there is no war, no poverty, no racism, no depression or evil in the world, there is world peace and everyone of different colour and race all come together and work together to better themselves.

    The fifth and final season shows the conclusion of the third world war and the extremly slow redemption of humanity but also shows all the damage and destruction the war has done and the aftermath of the war on humanity and on society where many humans have turned violent unreasonable and vengeful towards their former enemies but the season shows the redemption of many humans and how they forgive each other and become friends.
    But at the end of the series, all the characters from the past die in a tragic and poignant ending- it shows how they died for their dream to one day become a reality- for the promise that one day in the future, humanity will better themselves and of course all we all know that in Star Trek, this is what happens, their dream does become a reality.

    The final episode is a montage and shows a long history of humanity, all the major events in human history, all the wars and then shows the events of the third world war, many clips from the series, and shows all the characters in past seasons that have died. Dr Zefram Cochrane appears building and flying the Phoenix and then making first contact with the Vulcans and the final episode concludes showing the very first starship built by humans with a warp drive, after the Phoenix, which is named The Enterprise (named by Cochrane after the Enterprise E that appeared in First Contact). The Enterprise is commanded by Captain James Kirk- James T Kirk’s great great great great grandfather. The ship is launched from Earth and flies off into space at warp speed- boldlying going where no man has gone before… but where every man will go to in the future…

    This series is sending out a very important message to the world today, to today’s generation on what lies ahead in the future for us, warning us on what could happen, how we could fall, how our generation could fall- how a third world war could happen, how we could end up wiping ourselves out but also to show us a possible bright future where there is no war, there is peace, how we can better ourselves.

  235. says

    Also, if there will be a new Star Trek series set on board a starship or spacestation then my suggestion is to have the captain to be half human hlaf alien

  236. Jeddy Khan says

    The opening of Star Trek (OS) and Star Trek(TNG) …. to seek out new life and new civilisations…. In OS it was done also in TNG.
    In TNG all the adventure were taking place inside the holodeck while there a steamy soap opera outside around the ship. There was this ongoing nonsense of android who wants to become a human being. None of this has anything to do with what is on other planets. Perhaps encountering some hostile race – not as overwhelming as the Borg – there should be space battles.
    No one was really concerned about discovery of new worlds. Of course dump the ‘Prime Directive’ crap. The episode which I hated in Star Trek:Enterprise is when Dr Phlox refused medical aid to a certain race. Anyway that is all that in the past now. Star Trek should return to what the Original Series was like.
    The captain was having fun on different planet, with short term affairs with ‘aliens’.
    Why not have a series about Klingons exploring the universe or an entirely Borg series.

  237. Brandon says

    A lot of good ideas here, and most of them should NOT be given the name Star Trek.

    I liked the idea of World War III holocaust. I was grabbed by the idea of fleets of starships fleeing a supernova wave to find a home in a new part of the galaxy. And the fanboy in me enjoyed the idea of “elite forces”-type shows.

    But THAT IS NOT STAR TREK. They’re great ideas, but they have no relevancy. By labeling them Star Trek, you’re trying to squeeze an orange into a straw instead of the other way around.

    Star Trek is about the human spirit. Not phaser fights or ship battles, not subspace anomalies or rubber-headed aliens. Even the characters and the stories were only supports to the real aim: parables of the human spirit, the human condition. It’s social commentary married to science fiction. If you don’t want to think, go watch Star Wars. They’ve got another new movie coming out. (And Lucas said he didn’t want to keep on going and going like Star Trek…ROFL)

    Star Trek went wrong when its producers started slobbering over the window dressing and forgot to look out the window after TNG ended. DS9 worked as an anomaly because it was well-written and the only series on TV with big spaceship battles. Enterprise was depressingly boring; Scott Bakula puts me to sleep just by looking at me. Voyager I can sum up for you with eight lines of dialogue:

    Tuvok: “Captain, a vessel is approaching.”
    Janeway: “Hail them.”
    Tuvok: “No response.”
    Janeway: “Fire phasers.”
    Tuvok: “No effect.”
    Janeway: “Commence ridiculously contrived plotline.”
    Tuvok: “Aye, Captain. Oh, and Seven has just gone batshit and stolen a shuttlecraft again.”
    Janeway: “How many of those things do we HAVE? Someone get me some coffee.”

    Not only that, but the last two shows just sucked as TV shows. Inconsistent and recycled writing, stale tone, boring characters mumbling at each other, shameless pandering of sex…just bad showrunning in addition to loss of vision.

    From what I’ve seen, Cardinal deserves an A in the character department and a C in everything else. Too derivative, it won’t attract anyone. It has potential, man, but it is not Star Trek. Here’s what we need:

    1. New time era. TNG era has been mined to death, Enterprise is dead, TOS is for an outdated audience (and I hope to God J.J. Abrams does not go there with the new series he will inevitably get). Find a new era and execute well this time. Get away from the trick cameos, the sweeps ratings plots (bringing back the Borg will NOT bring back all kinds of viewers), and give it a new universe to explore. And yes, there will need to be some imagination involved, try not to hyperventilate.

    2. It needs to be set on a U.S.S. Enterprise, registry NCC-1701-something. That’s the common thread of the show. Get back to the pride of this universe, the flagship of the fleet. I want to see a show that opens with the These Are The Voyages Monologue again, not “Faith of the Heart”. Someone shoot me. (BTW, it’s worth pointing out that there are two NCC-1701’s yet to be fleshed out, in a time era that has yet to be explored…)

    3. Do character conflict right. Character conflict is necessary, but it works best when it’s between the cast and outsiders, not amongst the cast.

    4. No sex-pandering, no inter-cast romances, dial down the soap opera element (haha DIAL down, haha, get it?). That stuff didn’t work and insulted its audience.

    5. Yes, there needs to be an overarching theme. But the relative lack of theme in TNG was actually one of its greatest strengths; it had the freedom to address whatever it wanted, whenever it wanted. It actually had the ability to provoke some thought; Voyager and Enterprise, not so much. Theme can be a blessing and a curse; balance it carefully. The exploration factor CANNOT be counted out; once it is, it ceases to be Star Trek.

    The time travel series…ehh, I dunno, it’s awfully cerebral and just feels hokey (and expensive and impossible to maintain continuity in). But if done perfectly, it would also be a great vehicle for social commentary.

    I just can’t stop thinking about the idea someone had where stars begin going nova and the Alpha Quadrant jumps into a big fleet and takes off for a new home…BSG in reverse, without horny Cylons. I would think Omega would be a good cause for such a disaster.

    I personally want to see a series centered around NCC-1701-B. Maybe it’s just me, but I loved the nautical, atmospheric feel of the Enterprise-A era. It had its political tensions too, what with Khitomer and all, so it would actually have a lot of room for the goals of Cardinal. There’s no way that everything just became quiet and happy once the Khitomer Accords were signed; there HAD to be some reconstruction. GREAT modern allegory there. Excellent material to be explored. Thoughts?

  238. says

    Actually, why not just make a new series about the USS Enterprise E, set after the events of Star Trek: Nemesis, to find out what happens to the ship but this would just be a sequel series to the next generation

  239. Izvoran Mircea says

    Damn right we should burn the studios!!!! Cardinal!!?!?!?!??……small vessel, smugglers?…. First dissapointment VOYAGER (only last season was good) than Star Trek Enterprise….low budget crap….they should like continue series with the Enterprise C ambassador class- that was a battleship….right? or Enterprise excelsior class – B also a battle ship…….Enterprise E sux ass – ugliest federation ship ever built, even NCC 1701 A has twice the looks than 1701 E—1701 E has no shape……..REVIVE DS9…….DS9 RULES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  240. Eric says

    Well, here I am 51 one years old; lived most of my life outside the US and I can still remember as a fascinated 11-12 year-old the anticipation of staying up late (where I lived back then it was aired after 11:00p.m) to view just one more episode of Kirk, Spook, Bones and Scotty involve me in the fantasy of imagining what one day my faraway descendants will achieve. Forty years later and having watched all episodes of the subsequent Start Trek series, I am still grabbed by those sensations of the late 60’s when we where conquering the Moon.

    Make contest for the best script for maybe 4 seasons. You can even call it Star Trek Idol.

    Off course there were high and lows along the years, both in the series and in my life. But I do miss the characters dearly because they now form part of the emotional web that inspired many of us to create superlative experiences. Rethink, rephrase, visite far away clusters of galaxies this time, connect with the need to believe in magic, like none before; re invent; move forward to the year 2600, Please inspire us again, one more time. I’m sure that at least my seven children will carry on the tradition of boldly going… know the rest.

  241. Don says

    Honestly, I think this thread is a perfect example of why Cardinal is such a good idea. 95% of the ideas discussed in the comments are quite simply fanboi. Cardinal avoids the cliches and dumb fanboi plotlines. I see the AP just ran a story on Cardinal. maybe it’s a sign things are picking up.

  242. Rob says

    Honestly, I think Cardinal sounds pritty dam boring, I would hate to wast one second of my life by watching it, but I probably would cas i love star trek. So Don, If this show makes it in this lifetime, I promise you I wll have sex with my own eye socket. Please Don, Stop talking about how great this show will be, because it makes me want to puke…..[deleted by SoSF Admin]

  243. says

    Personally, I think that Enterprise failed because it tried to go back to the past. Trek fans like myself are not interested with old-fashioned ships and weaponry – we want Star Trek to keep moving forward. Enterprise’s 3rd and 4th seasons had a lot more action in them than its first 2 seasons, which is probably why they had the higher ratings, but by then it was too late.

    Any Star Trek series costs a huge amount of money to produce, especially with regards to special effects and ship battles. If Berman and Braga aren’t going to expect to spend a ton of money on a Star Trek series, then they shouldn’t bother making one. DS9’s final episode was extremely lousy, just like Enterprise’s. The least they could have done in DS9 was make the last episode continue the battle with the Dominion – instead they went cheap on the special effects and decided to turn it into a soap opera episode with no action at all.

    And as far as Enterprise’s last episode went, it could’ve at least been 2 parts. Come on. It was the most unoriginal ending of a Star Trek series I’ve ever seen to date.

    In my opinion, the next Star Trek series, which will be the 6th one to be produced, should focus on the future. In Enterprise’s 3rd season, Daniels talked about Enterprise-J in the 29th century fighting the sphere-builders. That itself is a great premise to build a series on. Start off in the late 28th century and have the first two or three seasons focus on exploration. Then the fourth and fifth seasons can focus on the war with the sphere-builders. And finally, the sixth and seventh seasons could introduce another enemy into the fold.

    Star Trek series should always be at least 7 seasons long. As far as I’m concerned, any sci-fi series that isn’t at least 7 seasons long is a failure. Stargate SG-1 was ten seasons long before it got cancelled, although its last episode was a massive failure as well. I don’t know what’s wrong with these stupid producers, but it seems no one knows how to properly end a series anymore.

    And don’t even mention the new Battlestar Galactica series to me. I hate it with a passion. It’s nothing like the original series. What the hell happened to lasers and torpedoes? Instead Universal Studios comes up a new version of Galactica that makes the ship look like it was constructed in a junkyard in the 16th century, equipping it with no shields and machine guns. Oh, and no sound effects either, because there’s no sound in space. Add to that Edward James Olmos, a guy who looks like he’s 100 years old, and you knew the series would fail with sci-fi fans long before it was aired on television. It seems like more of a soap opera than a sci-fi series – Edward James Olmos said that himself. What a joke.

  244. Mleko says

    I was thinking if there is any chance for new TV series of Star Trek, and my conclusion is that probaby we need to wait till new ST movie. If it do well, somebody may do new series for TV, but I do not belive that we will see something before that.

  245. Brandon says

    Don, the dumb fanboi plotlines may be gone, but so is the originality. Cardinal is just another example of a series idea that recycles familiar settings, familiar races, familiar events and situations, and plays it safe. There’s no boldness, no exploration, to this series concept. Trying to borrow from Firefly is not Star Trek – indeed, Joss Whedon specifically conceived Firefly as the anti-Star Trek.

    I saw Mr. Lagonia say somewhere that the lack of inter-cast conflict was one of “the” biggest complaints about TNG. I think it was just one of “his” biggest complaints. In reality, most of the community feels that the lack of conflict was one of TNG’s greatest strengths. It provided an escape from the excessive soap-opera quality that permeated television back in those years (and has made a comeback disguised as the Lost-based “mythology” show), and allowed the show to focus on exploration, problem-solving, and the core Trek values. Mr. Lagonia is probably part of the mere 1% of the fanbase who feels differently.

    Say what you wish, but TNG continues to stand alongside TOS as the golden standard for Star Trek. It was written better, planned better, and acted better than anything that’s come after it. Now that we’re able to compare every series, I enjoy TNG for its simple, unforced style of storytelling; it wasn’t trying to prove itself to fans or the studio by pandering action or sex to a certain demographic. Because of that, the action it did present became all the more powerful. They told the stories they wanted to tell, dammit, because they were good stories.

    Examples: Remember “Unification”? They brought back Spock because they had a great story for him, NOT just to bring back Spock. “Yesterday’s Enterprise?” Lower on action than most of DS9 or Voyager in terms of minutes, yet still a classic. The moral ideas of that episode are what gave it its heft. Even “The Best of Both Worlds” was far talkier, more thoughtful and more character-based than DS9 or Voyager (both of whom pretty much grew out of that one episode).

    TNG actually had a brain, and it promised a new and interesting story every week. It was a show that grandparents watched for its intelligence and its characters; it’s too bad that no studio these days gives a damn about anyone over 49. That sense of anything-could-happen might be just what viewers are looking for in these days of over-serialized TV. Heck, I suppose we could still do something more serialized, as long as it’s done well; it worked okay with DS9 and with the new BSG (which, by the way, is overseen by one of TNG’s best writers).

    But we need some originality. The TNG era has been mined enough, and so has the concept of interstellar war. We need a completely new era with TNG-style storytelling and character dynamics. Mr. Lagonia needs to respect the core of Star Trek and move his idea into a universe of his own making. Patrolling the Ferengi border is NOT boldly going where no man has gone before.

  246. says

    Star Trek needs to carry on from Voyager getting home..

    it would be the best program ever if it included all the best stars

    Data, Seven, Oddo, Quark, Garrak, Q, and all the others

  247. mobadthangood says

    They should have never cut Enterprise. There was too much they could have done with this show to have ended so soon.

  248. Joe says

    Yea i agree with andy,
    We need a new Series thats set in the time period folowing from Voyerger coming home.

    it will need good digital graphics, and good story line.

    But it needs to be done right this time! not messed up like StarTrek Enterprise (it was a boring series, and to cut it and put such a rubish ending on it, was a waist of that time period)
    ?/10 – StarTrek Origenal Series – I Dident Watch.
    (too old) lol

    9/10 – StarTrek The Next Generation – Is Good.
    (later seasons were a lot better)

    9/10 – StarTrek Voyager – Is Good.
    (wasent so keen on ‘Janway’)

    10/10 – StarTrek Deep Space Nine – is my faverit.
    (wasent so keen on ‘Major Kira Nerys’)

    3/10 – StarTrek Enterprise – I Dident like it.
    (the od episode was ok, season 4 was the worsed)

  249. Mary says

    i saw this at the convention earlier this year, and i’m absolutely pumped about it. i took home the promotional matieriel the first day, and i thought it sounded just like the million other ideas i’ve heard going around, but after speaking to some of the Cardinal people the next day, i knew this was the perfect idea for a new show. i just hope it gets picked up.

    i don’t know why, but i noticed alot of women like this idea. maybe it speaks to us a little more, i don’t know.

  250. Cloud says

    And you wonder why everyone makes fun of trekkies… It’s precisely this single-minded nonsensical ranting and raving by people with no lives that made me hate star trek. I used to watch every episode, I had uniforms, ships, figures, Posters, mugs, plates, tv shows, movies (both vhs and dvd mind you). But people like y’all burned me out. You people cant seem to shut up about this fantasy. It’s just a dman show, like Shatner said “Get a Life!” The show should never come back, at least not in my lifetime. I hope this new movie drives a stake into it’s heart and the franchise explodes in a dazzling array of debt.

  251. says

    Boy oh boy…well I love trek..I was born in 1990, so I’ve been on top of this stuff since TNG. When Voyager ended I wasn’t happy….when enteprize came, I wasnt happy either cuz it basically sucked…. To have a series like Star Trek: Cardinal…well 7 seasons is perfectly fine, if you have a great plot making it great. Ya know, personal conflict with crew makes it seem tacky, and un-original… You realy have to make a new trek great by taking off shortly after Voyager, keep some older faces like Picard and Janeway around, and have a new ship, and concentrate the series around the relationship between the alpha and delta quadratns becuase there are many unanswered questions…like :is there anyway to create a worm hole between the two?…Can the federation spread it’s alliance throughout the galaxy? Heck, what about the Gamma, or Beta Quadrants….seriously…7 seasons of overcomming war…hahahahaha right! Great story! But it’s not up to me is it? So good luck and I WILL tune in and watch!

  252. says

    i am surprised there was never a time when the dominion and the borg ran into each other. if there was ever a set of enemies that needed to meet i would say it was them. Cardinal is not the kind of trek that sounds good to me but i would liek anything well written. The whole concept of small crappy ship does not really bode well with the average starfleet vessel but i am sure they all can’t be brand new, however i think most of them work well or they are used for target practice.

  253. Tim says

    I love Star Trek! I Can’t wait for a new series. But this Cardinal sounds bad. In my opinion the best things about star trek are as follows.

    1: Peace and no poverty on Earth
    2: The Characters i.e Kirk,Spok, Picard, Data, Worf, Odo
    3: Awesome new technology
    4: Enterprise as Dreadnought class
    5: The Borg
    6: The constant threat to the universe
    7: BIG BIG BIG Space battles
    8: The Q

    And many more.

    The thing is, the producers need to take Star Trek forward and beyond Voyager. I want to see some more impossible technology more telepathy more Klingon combat and history and more Androids.

  254. Brian says

    Don’t get me wrong off the bat, but this sounds like a combination of Enterprise and Deep Space Nine, IMO the two of the worst series to have the name Star Trek. Yeah, lets take it beyond Voyager, who came back with technology 30 or so years more advanced than what they should have had. Capable of fending off multiple Borg Cubes in that relatively small ship. That set a precedence that a lot of people seem to disregard.
    +1 for more Androids as well! What happened to Data’s brother? Did the Federation make diplomatic ties with the Romulans? Whatever happened to Wesley, reunification between the Romulans and Vulcans? There’s so many story lines that could be followed up on that 10 seasons couldn’t take care of. How about letting Moriarty escape again (I really liked his character), or maybe have the life form that the Enterprise created return, maybe with a Q-like twist?

    I could ramble on and on about the things that would be really great to see in a new Trek series, and I have to say, the idea above lacks grandeur.

  255. Simon says

    I realise this is an old thread, but this “Star Trek: Cardinal” sounds like it has two major issues with its concept.

    1) It sounds too much like the shadow wars from B5, with this idea of a mysterious threat being established at the start and then increasing as the series progress and ending in a war and its impacts.

    2) Its been done in DS9 and the Dominion wars. How did anyone think this was an original idea when its blatenly not? DS9 was fundimentally what this “Star Trek: Cardinal” is intending to be and I dont see the point of it?

    DS9 had deep storylines, a growing threat from this mysterious enemy and an all out war that had lasting impacts on the Quadrant. Why do it again? Why walk all over what DS9 did really well?

    I’m all for another series, but it has to be something TRULY original and unless it can capture the HUGE success of shows like Stargate SG1 and Atlantis and offer that same originally, it just wont work.

    Enterprise was good for the existing fans because it showed us stuff we always wanted to see, with the first ENTERPRISE, but it was useless for newbies.

    We need something completely new, focusing on aspects of ST we havent covered. But we’ve done the exploration of the quadrant with TOS and NG, we’ve done the stranded ship with Voyager, we’ve done the intergalatic war and deep storylines with DS9 and we’ve done Origins with Enterprise.

    I hate to say it… but what is left? Not alot!

    Maybe do a show that doesnt involve a starship or a space station? But thats too much like StarGate… I dont see where it can go!

    Maybe it is time to let the TV shows die and just focus on producing some decent films for a change. I’m yet to see a decent ST film since First Contact and thats where the effort should be put.

    Im hoping this new film will do it justice like all the other remakes and reimaginations we’ve had recently.

  256. Simon says

    Actually Brian make a few good points above my post, concerning all the loose ends. I mentioned that maybe a new show shouldnt involve starships or a spacestation, so how about finding out what happened to Wesley and doing a show focusing on him?

    Although that would rely HEAVILY on his acting ability and whether they could persuad him to do it, but its not impossible and the actor has grown up a lot since TNG and it opens up the chance for doing a lot of camero apearances from other spin-offs.

    How ever the only other possible idea I could think of is again inspired by Brian mentioning Voyager and the Borg. The Borg have always been a winning combination, so why not have the an entire series focusing on the Federation finally taking the battle to them?

    A final strike to rid them of this threat that has existed since TNG and which (TBH) needs to be dealt with and put to sleep. Its not good enough that Voyager just destroyed their ability to reach our galaxy fast, because we know they can still get here.

    Its also not healthy for a show to have this continuing threat exist from such an overpowered enemy and not to deal with it properly.

    DS9 did it right by actually ending the Dominion threat, just as Stargate did it right by wiping out the Goaul’d, Replicator and Wrath threats.

    You cant leave enemies just sitting there, so why not use all this new technology Voyager returned with and use it to fight them once and for all.

    It also opens the chance to FINALLY get a REAL origins story for the Borg using the now (LOST style) flashbacks and to finally find out who they are, because its always really annoyed me that we never found that out.

    Too many loose ends people, and the Borg is the biggest one EVER!

  257. Simon says

    You could even have Wesley return to warn Picard and the Federation of an impending attack by the Borg. An attack greater then anything they’ve faced before hand with hundreds of ships and new technology never seen before.

    Wesley being a “traveller” and unable to just sit back and watch anymore and feeling he needs to warn humanity.

    So that kick starts the entire series.

  258. Brandon says

    The premise really doesn’t matter. It’s the quality of the stories and the acting that will sell a Trek series.

    “Cardinal”, however, is just too much for most Trek fans. The “dark side of the Federation” concept that DS9 explored was a necessary, relevant outgrowth of the show after TNG; however, not only was it a one-trick pony, but “Cardinal” doesn’t even seem to understand it. The Federation abandoning a border patrol cutter to the fringe of the galaxy with a crew of misfits? That isn’t a dark side; that’s cynicism and angst, a waiting-to-happen soap opera. And it isn’t improved by being wrapped in yet another over-arching “WTF” mythology such as is used in far too many series since “Lost” introduced the genre.

    Just jump the show forward another 80 years, put us on another Enterprise with a mission to explore, seek out, and boldly go; commit to fresh, entirely new story ideas (no recycling used concepts); get a decent cast for a change, and while you’re at it, convince us that we’re in space. Quit making the planets so small next to the ship and letting their rotation be visible to the naked eye. Show some real starfields, full and distant, with some massive nebulae thrown in. Better yet, put all that in the background while the ship is at warp, give us a real sense of how vast space is.
    And no Wesley. A single character is not an adequate vehicle for Trek.

  259. says

    As I said before, I suggest the captain of the next series to be half human half alien and this will be a major theme in the series, focusing on his character development and how he struggles to be two alien speices put together

  260. says

    As I said before, I suggest the captain of the next series to be half human half alien and this will be a major theme in the series, focusing on his character development and how he struggles to be two alien speices put together
    seems to me we got a little of that with b’elana torres but that led into more soap opera than real conflict. i realize that there will always be some soap going on but in tos we grew past all that. i still say we need good writing above all else

  261. Dan says

    Although Star Trek succeeded where most other sci-fi series failed, the long drawn out plot twists just isn’t where the American viewing public is anymore. Besides, to do Trek or any sci-fi right requires oodles of cash, a commodity in short supply across the lion’s share of networks in our internet dominated age. Star Trek could concievably work again as a movie franchise, but I believe its days on the small screen will remain a relic of a bygone era.

    Anyhow, there still exists a massive backlog of episodes crossing five seperate series, and other than the die-hard trekkers I doubt most of us will be able to view all of it in our lifetimes.

  262. says

    intersting comment you may be right dan, however i think with all the variety on the small screen now for sci fi i think what eveer it is, be it star trek or whatever else the mind can conjure, it has to be top notch to get noticed.

  263. Sam says

    This is a strange topic. Opinion for this series idea seems to be going in waves. First, someone said they hated it, and everyone agreed with them. Then someone said they liked it and everyone agreed with him. Then someone said they hated it again and so on. It’s kinda wierd. I’m new to this site, are most topics like that?

    Anyway, I like the idea alot, maybe this post will start that swing back again.

  264. Aaron says

    Why not have a new series involve the Beta Quadrant in some way? I’m not a major Trekkie, but I don’t believe too much is known about it except that parts of the Federation, and Klingon and Romulan Empires, among other lesser known species, reside in it.

    Also, I agree w/ someone’s comment about Cardinal sounding too similar to DS9.

  265. Brandon says

    What is in the Beta Quadrant that would appeal to viewers? What ideas and stories could come out of that?

    See, these are the questions a new series has to answer. You can’t just plop a new series down in a new part of the galaxy just because it isn’t explored, and expect it to work. TNG, the most popular series, often dealt with already-explored areas.

    I think that Bryan Fuller said it best in a recent interview: the standard Trek perspectives and storytelling vehicles (captain vs. doctor, alien vs. human, logic vs. emotion) have been too over-done and are completely stale. Fresh viewpoints and arguments are needed, possibly through the eyes of a new cross-section of a ship’s crew.

    Battlestar Galactica did this but was dark and gritty in tone, heavily serialized, very pessimistic (and correct) about human nature, and not always family-friendly. But it got people’s attention because it showed different crew members besides just captain/first officer/engineer/science officer/doctor/security officer/helmsman.

    Cardinal looks like it wants to do the same, but I’m sorry – most Trek fans are simply not going to be able to adapt to such a dramatic departure from the Federation they know.

  266. Roy says

    I have been a treker for a while as well. Voyager and Next Gen. were my favs. All time Favorite shows were “End Game” and “Year of Hell” parts 1 and 2. Although big space battles are alright; DS was not one of my favorite series’. I prefer the things that stimulate the mind and make you think a little about the things that could, in time, be possible.

    Star trek needs to boldly go were they have not gone before. I think that is why Voyager held my interest so long. There was not a whole lot of “been there done thats” it was a strange new world they were coming across constantly.

    What is on the other side of the mountian? What happens instead of heading home form the Delta Quadrant you were to head in the other direction? keep heading outward. build space stations along the way and keep heading out. You have to eventually come out some where. what is at the end of the universe.

    “Star trek: “Quest for the edge of the universe”. If we keep going will we eventually hit the edge bust through a wall only to find that we are only a dust particle of something much bigger then we could ever imagine?

    So many possibilities. So many normal everyday people out there with their own ideas of where Star trek could go. I read one person say that they should let the people submit their ideas and I think that is a great idea Star trek star search.

    Might as well come up with another series. It would be the hell out of these fucking reality show OMG… Big Brother…Survivor….If I want reality I’ll go to work.

  267. Taylor says

    Voyager was my favorite because you had the same primary goal throughout the whole show, and once you see the beginning you want to know how it ends. Being 14, i never got to enjoy actually seeing the series suspence. “OH. To be continued? Thats okay, it will be on in a min.” I just want to have to wait, lol. So i hope they come up with something original that no one will expect.

  268. nate says

    Would it be too much to ask for a show based in the ‘Star Trek’ universe, but NOT based around the federation?

    Just putting it out there…

  269. matthew watson says

    so if your all so in to star trek STOP GOBBING OFF. For a start. All come together and Write something better, or wind your necks in and lets see what happens. I love star trek and Enterprise was a bit of a floppy cock. Yes it sounds like some cluster f**k betten Firefly BSG and B5 (WHICH WAS WANK). But at lest there someone trying to fan the star trek flame be for it gose out. TNG was pink and girl. We need something darker and dirtyer. Star trek the Klingon wars or something mite fill that gap. If im wrong then tell me?

  270. Brandon says

    You’re wrong matthew watson ma friend. 😉

    Trying to put a new series out there does not automatically make it the right series. What if it sucks? Then Trek will be worse off than before. Believe it or not, Trek absolutely SHOULD stay off the airwaves until someone comes up with the right idea to revive it.

    And as far as your TNG statement, you want to be careful about making broad declarations about what Star Trek needs based solely off your own opinion. 😉

  271. matthew watson says

    fair one Brandon ill wear that. But if you look at it from a nutral point of view it can come a cross a bir camp. Maybe i was a little hard, there were some dark plots in ther put the were some plots that felt like they had writers block or a bad day so wrote any old thing. I mean look at Voyage the whole plot were they had to cross Borg space was MEGA. I still watch it when its on TV and get the hump when they leave it on a cliff hanger , to me that was some of the best Trek ive seen. The last season of TNG. So im sorry if i was a bit hard but im looking at it from a nutral view as well as a fan, RSVP Brandon 😉

  272. John says

    I agree with Roy (Oct 11, 2008). The whole premise of Star Trek is to “Boldly go where no one has gone before.” The idea of a unimportant little ship full of misfits fighting with each other while patrolling a known border and causing a war just doesn’t do it for me. If i want to see constant human conflict I’ll just watch a soap opera…or the news! The crew of TNG held our interest every week with all kinds of different stories and only occasionally were the photon torpedos fired! Writers nowadays seem to think that the only way to keep an audience interested is to have the characters constantly stab each other in the back and to blow something up as often as possible. True Star Trek fans are better than that. That is why we should have a series where the fans submit the basic story outlines and the writers write the scripts based on these outlines. We can have some truly unique episodes instead of the hostile, ratings-driven crap that makes up 99% of Television today!!

  273. daniel says

    I have waited long enough for a new star trek to appear. I have waited in silence for the star trek gods to reappear. It is time for the faithful to speak up, speak out. The most beloved scifi franchise in history, has been silent for too long. We the faithful have been silent for too long. It is time to stand up and say, WE ARE HERE, WE NEVER LEFT, COME BACK TO US.

  274. edward says

    What the Trek universe needs is an updating to modern times, however with that in mind it needs to hold true to the kind of quirky morality trek has always had. We need to be brought into a universe where nothing is secure, where the enemies are ruthless and violent, and still though this may be true the Federation are the beacon of hope for the galaxy. If you watch a show like Lost, you care for the characters because the writing and atmosphere is so clausrophobic that none of the characters seem to be very secure, they are all in constant transition from hero to villain to anti-hero but the audience loves it because they seem psychologically to be leading into the right paths and plots are never given away until absolutely necessary which is the genius of its appeal. Trek needs to take a leaf out of that book, there also needs to be sense of continuity, Trek all too often has an adventure that begins and ends in 45 minutes without any real story telling in the process…. Ship loses crew member via kidnapping/subspace tear/wormhole and is all too suddenly and in a rushed fashion found. In Star Trek Voyager, they never struggled for anything, there was no sense of desperation or urgency to their mission which in turn I think was off putting because they had such opportunities to explore characters in that show that just weren’t availed of. They also neutralised the borg in my opinion, an enemy that was relentless and felt threatening on its initial appearance and one which could have really made Voyager a dark place as regards storyline and adventure… It’s like we were teased with a good idea and then they never followed through on it…. Deep Space Nine relied too much on rehashed scenarios also, nothing was original about that show apart from the station which was gorgeous. It had its moments when it delved into remarkable places as regards story telling but quickly pulled out of anything which could have been interesting. As far as great storytelling came into play I refer to First Contact, the first time the trek universe really meshed some good story ideas with a nice balance of trek comradery, although the execution was slightly flawed in places, I really felt this was a step in the right direction. People want to be pulled into a sense of escapism, to have their emotions taken on rollercoasters to empathise with characters… come on Trek you can do it!

  275. Bc says

    Sorry To Say! But I Think It Is A Load Of Bull!

    But there is a recent article on that suggests Bryan Fuller wants to do the new TV show!

    Just type Bryan Fuller in the Search box on the website to see the article, if you’ve not already read it, that is!

  276. Jsweeney says

    I have to say a lot of you make sense. I for one would love to see more of the Star Trek Universe. However, we have seen the ships, seen all kinds of planets, weapons, and creatures. Please stay with me as I may jump around a bit, just kind of letting ideas pop into my head as I here…and I have been bouncing back to put stuff in and pull stuff out. Other than the format I hope you all like the ideas I’m putting out here.

    I would like to see them go on a completely different course with a new series. We have seen episodes where Picard goes undercover and works as a smuggler and seen “special ops” type agents come and go over different series. Voyager’s pilot was a criminal, there are also average joe type people all around. And an Academy on earth. What if they based it on Earth around maybe following a freshman class. There have been books about it already when TNG crew was supposed to be going thru. Imagine the pull for young people look at the success of Smallville. Entirely new characters they could easily pull former crew members from other series to be either old wizened prof. or holo-instructors (for ratings as well as continuity) Depending on the time period references could be made to something happening to one of the ships or maybe and older family member of one of the students is even serving on Enterprise, Voyager, DS9 etc. Since today everyone seems to be wanting “conflict” and “personal stories” it would give a more logical chance to do that. Starfleet is supposed to be almost military that is why TNG always worked well together they could hide that stuff and act professional. These would be students just getting trained so emotions, sex, confusion all more easily believable. And if it is successful a younger group would lead to more fun because they could take it for a longer ride.

    I also am not a huge fan of having everything preplanned I think a basic guideline and some simple rules for the series and no set number of seasons just let it run its course and evolve naturally.

    Well that is just something I would really like to see. I think it would make some money, please some of the older fans because it doesn’t ruin any of the other series, bring in a few new faces, let us explore a different side of a familiar world. And sense the people wouldn’t all be Starfleet (Civilian instructors/ Random people at different shops/restaurants etc.) We could see the differences in the people that choose to join the fleet vs. waiting tables or what have you. The possibilities are endless and since we are at war right now and the conflict seems so far away the wars on the front lines could easily mirror what is going on in the real world. Cardassian terrorists, shapeshifters, economic crisis for civilians, you name it.
    All right I’m done ranting for bit.

  277. says

    That series was transmitted years ago – it was called “Babylon 5″

    As far as people’s opinions on “soap opera” in Star Trek, my opinion is that single episodic television went out with the gulf war – I dont want to waste my time on 70’s style television, in which every single episode is going to start and end with the status quo of the series. Give me lenghty storylines, interpersonal drama and intrigue, epic narratives that keep me coming back. No more TNG, please. That show is so passé.

  278. Justin says

    Why don’t they move on to the Next Enterprise after E. How come they aren’t moving further into the future. Whats with all this origin crap. Sure Enterprise was good but lets move forward with Star Trek not look back so we can copy all the other movies coming out.

  279. Jack says

    I’m actually a Titan fan, but I think this just replaced that as my wish for a new series. I’m going to give the scripts a try and see if it lives up to the hype.

  280. MrW0lf says

    How this for an idea.

    We have seen various renegade Starfleet offices over the course of various Star Trek Series.

    Why not use these characters and flesh them out a little. The crew could be assembled from irregulars starfleet personel either disgraced or imprisoned, maquis members etc. released to fight the in the dominion war.
    (Its been standard practic for hundreds of years in big wars)

    Characters could include:

    Former admiral Pressman now demoted to fleet captain who heads up a small fleet of old & prototype starships which have however, to the chagrin of Starfleet command ,won many engagements during the Dominion war.

    He answers to Admiral Captain Janeway (recurring role) as she has mastered a ship with a hybrid crew, she is best placed to control this reserve fleet.

    Captain Benjamin Maxwell
    Former Captain of USS Rutledge a man with great predjudice against the Cardassians.

    Thomas Riker
    Transporter copy of Will Riker, StraFleet Lieutennant, Maquis & former prisoner of the Cardassians.

    Commander Elizabeth Shelby is here because she obviously did the “end run “around someone and has been “snapped back hard” pullin a phaser on an admiral in the heat of battle, has won her on friends even though she was right and saved her ship, she is here against her wishes and because of some section 31 blackmail about a mind meld shaowin she intended to pull the trigger.
    Which if it got out would ruin her career, not that she feels shes doing much better as it is.

    Lon Suder s twin Brother who may or may not be murdering crew members.

    Female Romulan Chief engineer ex-maquis whos brilliant but with questionable loyalty possible tal shiar operative.

    A Vulcan doctor who hates romulans.

    Throw in a squad of Klingon assult troops include Worfs son Alexander newly promoted and battle hardned and the potential for conflict between both crews.

    Put this crew out on the Breen border facing who ever else lives in that relatively unexplored region.

    Add to this a Secret starfleet shock tactic some borg liberated from a hive and kept in a collective, they think they are still part of the hive mind and their nano probes have been modafied to kill/subdue & render enemies compliant. They are unleashed on enemies as a last resort or for planetry tatical advantage in hostage situations. They are not allied species and the phisyology has made it impossible for the borg implants to be removed. Are they new experimental drones? are they becoming aware? how dangerous are they.

    There is also a grim secret in a cargo bay on on ship is a shape shifter who has bee assimilated, this life form is in agony, held in stasis. Kept secret. There are frequent visits from top Starfleet medical personel holo Doc, Doc Bashir, Doc Crusher.

    The adveseries they will face are the Breen as they trie to hold terratory captured during the Dominion war which the allies are trying to take.

  281. Seven says

    We need dates! Times! I have just spent the last week (re)watching all tem movies again, only this time with the commentaries on – just for something different! Obsessed, you’re damn right! But I am not alone. Live long.

  282. eur0 says

    This sounds like crap too me. No more story “arching” and what not. TNG was the best of the trek searies. They need to go back to that style of story telling. no more of this continuouse to-be-continued stuff! And for that matter. This just sounds like “space rangers” to me. Star Trek is about EXPLORATION and HOPE FOR THE FUTURE!!!!

    Instead of all these crappy ideas, why don’t we climb abaord the Enterprise G and start a NEW generation! Don’t go back. And don’t hammer the same old 80s-90s trek stuff. Lets see the FUTURE in a show about the FUTURE!!!!!

  283. eNdEmiOn says

    2009 and still not even a whisper about a new series.. The storyline seems ok. But I’d rather see a new show in the 29th century with time ships, intergalactic travel, human psyche development etc.

  284. Ruth Pinkus says

    This discussion seems to have come down to 3 alternatives: 1. continue with the Enterprise from where Voyager left off, 2 Jump ahead (anything from 20 years to a thousand) and continue with the Enterprise or maybe some other ship or station, or 3. do something radically different that doesn’t seem to have too much to do with Star Trek.
    #1 would probably have the biggest fan appeal, but it can’t be done due to the aging–if not the unwillingness–of the actors in all the former series.
    #3 contains lots of good ideas–I like the one about WWIII the best–but they really aren’t Star Trek. (Just putting Zephraim Cochrane in the final episode of a 5 year series is hardly much of a connection). The time travel ideas might be made to work, but the production costs would be horrendous, and only the very dedicated would be able to follow the story.
    #2 is probably the most realistic. A lot of you have mentioned younger members of the various casts, especially Naomi Wildman, Alexander Son of Worf, and Wesley Crusher. There are plenty of others, for example Jake Sisko and Nog. A new series with some of these characters–now adults or even middle-aged–would provide continuity and allow for cameo appearances by older members of previous casts as available. This would have appeal for older fans, while the younger characters would appeal to the demographic the studios most desire. And returning to Enterprise (F or G or whatever letter they’ve reached) would appeal to just about everybody.
    Another major disagreement concerns stories complete in one episode vs story arcs. One person says modern audiences won’t follow from one episode to the next. Another says modern audiences won’t tolerate “old-fashioned” story-telling that finishes artificially in an hour. I guess I agree with the latter. Look at the success of Lost! If anything I think modern audiences want longer story arcs and greater complexity.
    Then there’s gadgetry/technology vs human values and personal relationships. Rereading the entries above, I see a smaller cadre really gung-ho for the technology, as if it were the major focus of the series. But most seem to appreciate the human values (which includes alien values) too. As for interpersonal relations, anathematizing them as “soap opera” won’t make them go away. Personal relationships have been the basis of all literature for thousands of years, and that isn’t going to change. Anyway, all the series have included both the personal side and the technological side, so I fail to see why this has to be such a bone of contention.
    Mainly, something has to happen pretty soon, or it won’t happen at all. Like it or not, Star Trek is slowly disappearing. “Star Trek the Experience” left the Hilton in Las Vegas this past Sept. (their lease was up and for unstated reasons they didn’t renew). The people at the Hilton say that it “might” return in a year or two, in a downtown (read “lower rent”) hotel, but I’m doubtful. If it were still as successful as it was originally, they’d have renewed the lease, even at a higher cost. This is a straw in the wind.
    So, you who are reading this and have the power to make it happen, you’d better do it soon. Get together some great writers who know the franchise well and produce something practical that will appeal to the Studio. Do it NOW.

  285. Ruth Pinkus says

    I forgot B’Elana’s 1/4 Klingon baby and the baby Kassidy was expecting at the end of DS9–both with a lot of potential

  286. Jay El Jay says

    I think Star Trek: Titan is needed personally…. lets follow that crew as they clear up the Romulan situation and whats left over from the Dominion War:


    Federation: In a very strong position in the Alpha Quad, have won the Dominion War and have developed an un-easy alliance wit thhe Romulan military lead by Captain Donatra, attempting to negotiate peace with the Romulans. Militarily, in a weakened state, have lost many ships and men and are slowly recovering.

    Romulans: Split between the Military and the Tal-Shiar, the military accept the un-easy relations with the federation but the Tal-Shiar dont, civil war ensues.

    Remans: Not happy with the death of Shinzon, not happy that the Fed are friendly with the Romulans, encourage the civil war and use this opportunity to become a new force.

    Klingons: Have gained vast territories from the Dominion war, not happy that the federation are becoming friendly with the romulans, so start becoming less friendly.

    Cardassians: Recovering slowly from the Dominion War, dealings with the Kessok (ala Bridge Commander)

    Ferengi: Joined the federation, many laws have changed, but thier greed remains…

    Breen: Vast Empire after Dominion War, not likely to give it up, the main villains of the quadrant, Reman/cardassian sympathisers and very anti-romulan/fed and Klingon

    Borg: Re-building slowly, but always a threat.

    Just some crazy ideas!!

  287. Daniel says

    I think the best way to satisfy everyone would be to have an anthology series.
    Each week or every couple of weeks we would see a different aspect of life in the Star Trek universe. You could do a story from any point in Trek history, past, present, or future. You could also do stories from different alien’s viewpoints, possibly not even involving Starfleet. Any crew, any ship, any event, any situation. Even revisit old shows crews or individual characters or have them guest star. It would be fairly easy to do these days given CGI and green screen technology like in The 300 and The Spirit. The greatest expense would be costumes, props, and CGI expense. Sets could be redressed or augmented with CGI. The cost of actors would be low because their would be no permanent cast. The stories could be one episode or continue for a few weeks. I think name actors would be lining up to be Captain, crew, or alien for a week. It would expand the Star Trek universe exponentially. What do you all think?

  288. Paul1985 says

    I think they should do something to do with say the ISS Enterprise?

    dont know about anyone else but the episodes of star trek: Enterprise when it was based on the ISS Enterprise was great although not sure what that had to do with the storyline!?
    How about set in the future but rather than just exploring space, how about across different Parallel Universes, I know this has been done as an episode here and there across pretty much most scifi shows.
    Or for anyone that has watched enterprise how about the temperal war?
    I think these could be pretty good but thats my opinion, what do you guys think?

  289. Cj1970 says

    I am a total Trek fan, but one of the things that always bugged me about the series was the lack of history and backgroud on the various alien races in the series.

    I think a unique approach to a series would be one told from the standpoint of one of the various alien races in the Trek Universe.

    Take the Romulans for instance. I believe that htere is potential here for a great series to be created.

    1. You have Spock on Romulus, currently teaching the Vulcan ways to the Romulan youth. This is a rapidly growing movement in the Romulan underground wishing for true reunification with Vulcan. This storyline has many possibliities as it would increase tensions with the Klingon Empire, perhaps causing them to seek new alliances with other Governments and reigniting old hostilities with the Federation.

    2. There is the looming threat of a Romulan/Reman civil war. The Romulan Military seeks assistance from the federation to combat the threat the the Reman’s pose to both Romulan Empire and the UFP. This storyline could lead to a possible peace between the Romulan’s and the UFP.

    I believe a Romulan Series would be a hit.

  290. Brian says


    Not a horrible idea, but I think you’re talking too much of mixing Star Trek with Sliders. Don’t get me wrong, both great shows, but I think that would overdo the premise a bit. I agree with Jay el Jay, make Star Trek: Titan, with Captain Riker, Troi, Tuvok and Wesley Crusher. There could even be “gem” episodes, where they rendezvous with the Enterprise or Voyager, or take Shore Leave at DS9.

  291. Karlo says

    If this really is the best idea they could come up with then please shoot whoever is going to action this. The whole ST concept revolves around a time so far in the future that petty inn fighting among charactrs on a ship doesnt happen because quite simply they wouldnt have made it through starfleet. They seem to want to copy a Battlestar style sci fi show. This is not a good idea!! BSG is fantastic but the new star trek would be much more sucessful if you just push forward a few years, better ships – faster travel, perhaps a new enemy to face in a war. The most sucessful episodes of TNG were the war with the borg, DS9 was auful until the dominion started shooting merry hell out of the station. please dont make a 7 series tale of personal heartaches because i can tell you now most people will have stopped watching by the end of series 1.

    end of line

  292. Russ says

    Doing an animated series is a waist of of money and will turn up to date fans like myself away. We want to see into the future, better technology etc and connecting story lines keeping everything in toe. Enterprise was rubbish which goes to show that no one wants to go back into the past. Let’s look into the future with new technology etc because this is what we really want. TNG and Voyager are my favourite, DS9 was touch and go.

  293. Paul says

    it should be up to us how the next star trek should be set and the captain and making a Star Trek Titan series like paul should be on the horizon we watch it and buy the dvd’s so the TNG should continue as Star Terk titan and end this prequal ballshit are tell you what why don’t we make are own website for fans to help get star trek titan off the drawing board and on to are tv screens who’s with me

  294. Bill from Albuquerque says

    What killed Enterprise was that they went and mucked up the established history that Gene Roddenberry had quietly infused throughout the original series and was touched lightly in the original Tech Manual and in some of the first novels published which had to be approved by Gene before getting published in the first place. It would have been nice to see Captain Robert April (Roddenberry’s original name for captain of the Enterprise) sitting in the center seat and see how some of the events that shaped the Federation when Kirk was Captain and to a certain extent carried over into TNG, DS9, and Voyager came to be and what the Federation was like in its early stages of existence-something that nobody has done anything with and wouldn’t necessarily bring out the torches and pitchforks. Plus they blew a perfect opportunity to do a series with the events at the end of The Undiscovered Country and featuring the Excelsior and her captain, Hikaru Sulu.

  295. Qfra1994 says

    how about a show that is set in a new galxey close to earth. the ship is bran new and all of the best things that starfleet has. it is set ten years after voyager on a deep space explore ship that was to be starfleets newest in years that was made for deep space. after the 4 year it is given to the fans of the show. To be made online.

  296. SpecialK says

    Sounds like its going to be a failure to me, as a avid Star trek fan I have a alternative idea, how about a seven season show based on Tribbles how they eat and proppergate a lot more intresting then your idea mate or do you have the mind of a Tribble.

  297. Michael says

    WE NEED ANOTHER STAR TREK SHOW! I don’t care what it is now, i’ll settle for anything. Just give us some holo-decks, replicators, & klingons, and most os us will be happy.

  298. CaptKeef says

    I love star trek, but I didn’t watch Enterprise because I didn’t want to see how it started, I wanted to continue with the Next Gen, but I have recently started to watch enterprise and it is actually very good, it has tied in well with the trek cannon except the Borg episode which was shite. But it would be great if this series was to continue onto the Romulan Wars.

    I’m not sure about this new movie, I can’t understand why people say that the trek franchise has died a death, if producers of star trek actually listen to the fans then the franchise would survive. The new movie is going to attract a wider audience, but I honestly think the movie will move away from what trek is about and has grown into.

    The best thing for trek would be an amazing next gen series, and if we can’t get the old actors then I’m sure advantage could be taken of the fact that is this a sci-fi show and we could work around it.

    We need a new cool series, about the enterprise e.


    I’m going to go see the movie anyway, just hope it wont such!

  299. angel says

    i ldont care what anyone says i loved TNG VOY DS9 ( all of them ) and i would love to see a new series set after STnemesis, im not interested in the prequel, im sure the effects are good, but i want a continuation of the story from the time frame we left after voyager, if it would include some of the DS9 TNG or VOG cast , then ok , if it was set further into the future even better … why do we have to keep going into the past? ENT already did that …

  300. mark says

    How about a series set on a Klingon ship? Maybe in Kirks time, see the conflict from their eyes.

    They could even use some of the original story lines a bit like the NG episode where the NG crew were inserted into the Tribbles episode.

  301. Gil says

    I like the idea of a new series and the idea of introducing some conflict, a possible war, etc… I also like someone else’s idea of positioning it after the Nemesis movie. It gives the story a chance to have conflicts as well as friendships with the Romulans. As far as the overall theme, some past series had it right. The idea of war/conflict is always appealing because it gives the story a chance to make the bad guys do something cruel and so repulsive that it gets you glued to your tv waiting to see the good guys do something triumphant about it. It makes way for creating some hero figures and strong friendships kinda like the Shran/Archer friendship in Enterprise. To elaborate on series having it right, the idea in Season 3 of Enterprise was right on. Something large was at stake and I couldn’t wait to see them do something about it. I can’t say the unfolding of the season lived up to my expectations but it started off great. It was something set in the future but you could still put yourself in their shoes. You could easily place yourself in Tucker’s shoes thinking how you would react if faceless strangers killed your sister and blew up your home.

    What the next series needs is a bit of the same. Friends that come in to help when in need, or the ship’s crew coming to the aid of their friends but with more exciting storylines than what we’ve seen in the past. Also, they have to throw out the lonely ship notion that happened in Enterprise and Voyager. There’s nothing wrong with a few episodes being based on having no one to count on but yourself, but I don’t like the idea of another series being in that predicament. I want to see Starfleet sending in reinforcements from time to time. I want to see new ship designs and such.

    Finally, I agree with someone else’s comments saying they need to push the timeline further in the future and stop going back in the past. It’s like Star Trek lost its creativity as far as dreaming up new technologies and dangers in the universe. Let’s see some things we haven’t seen before or build on past storylines that weren’t fully explored with dangerous aliens. I.E. Aliens from the other dimension in the TNG episode “Schisms”.

  302. rab c says

    go on its about time there is a new star trek show on tv only thing is there was no talk about the borg showing up hear and there

  303. les says

    i want to go were no one has gone before so i want the show not to be about a war

    i like the original star trek

  304. Ruth Pinkus says

    I’m sorry, but this is just going on and on. Everybody –including me–has an opinion about what they’d like to see, but I see no evidence that anyone is actually doing anything about it. If any of you know someone who can get something going, how about speaking to them? Show them this discussion! If no one who can actually do something ever sees this, what’s the point?
    Me, I’ll go see the movie, and I won’t be surprised if after that the only Star Trek I can see for the rest of my life will be reruns.

  305. Drazen says

    I don’t wanna old stuff from 22nd to 24th century, i want that new series goes foward to 25th century or 29th century.

    In Star Trek Enterprise, once showed up enterprise J, why would’t series be about that ship,and that timeframe??? Timetraveling, defending the Xindis = WAR(effects), few episodes about parallel universe…

    That sound interesting to me, not that with cardinal.

    Or something with USS Relativity?

    Best of all series is Star Trek Voyager, at least for me.

  306. Shawn says

    I think you need to shoot for the enterprise G in the tempral cold war no new ship that has nothing to do with star trek the Enterprise is the ship of star trek. The tempral cold war has been brought up in almost every aspect of star trek with out any further details to what happens. The races fight over time and space. the show can go bak and stop other races from destroying time lines and even have it that time lines change. Have some fun with it. War over space has been done now make it so that a race destroys a race and changes time and the Enterprise G has to make it better or change it them selves. have crew members come and go as the war goes on one thing happens someone goes away only to be brought back later cause of another change. you can also have the borg in here too but as good guys the borg was givin a virus to make them have their person bac well make it that it happes after the borg gueen died and Borg join forces with teh federation as help. Borg nano bots repair only hurt parts and make dying people borg but not evil borg, good borg. (like seven of nine) We know something happens to the story after voyger and I would like it to go further on that line then some new war. Try going on a war that has been in the series but never really shown and expand from there cause trust me I can coe up with some good stories for star trek. Remember start trek was based around one ship and one crew. Let genes dream and ship live on for my kids and my kids kids. Cause I grew up loving star trek and i would like it if they did too.

  307. ERICK HUNTER says


  308. Mowarsh says

    I hope they make the new movie into a series and not Star Trek: Cardinal. “Cardinal” could be taken completely out of the Trek universe and still work.
    Lets hope that’s what happens.

  309. the lows says

    uss cardinal???? it going be from saint louis??? WOOTS!!!!


    dad says they will just move it to phoenix in the middle of the night. BOOOOOOO


  310. ed says

    I’m a huge Star Trek fan and I would love to see a new Star Trek series but I’m not sure that this is the one that we want to go with. I’m sure that the Federation timeframe extends for centuries and contains massive regions. I’m also sure that many or rather most of Federation duties were typical and boring such as policing the perimeter of the Ferrengi space. But, that doesn’t mean we want a series that deals with it. I mean like, what kind of series would follow this series if it did go into production…”Star Trek: Dirty Jobs with Captain Mike Rogue.” Wait, that has me thinking. What about “Federation Manor” or “Desperate Trek Fans.” Oh, yea, and “Starfleet Wives,” “CSI: Romulus,” and “Battles 24th Century.” Anyway, what I’m getting at is that we want an exciting new series like the original and TNG. While Voyager was on a routine mission, at least we had the fortune to have the ship be transferred deep into the center of the galaxy so most of it was new species and new stories. Why can’t we have something like that?


  311. Morbidhorror says

    just a thought what about a Star Trek series not based on Star Fleet but maybe another alien race that we have met maybe these are the voyages of Captain Klang of the Klingon Empire or something

  312. Yuri says

    I stumbled upon this website after watching 2 programs on history channel that had to do with impact of star trek in the last 40 years. I have watched all episodes of trek series with exception of very last one because I never saw it air and I saw about half of the very first show.

    A few things were raised in both programs and it looks like one of the reasons why trek was taken off the air was because of low ratings. I beg to differ. I have opinions of my own of course and I am not here to suggest anything about upcoming series.

    I think that number one reason (as someone said earlier on these boards) is the fact that science fiction became science fact. Back in 60s and 70s star ships and laser beam things seemed a thing of the future and now that we have satellites and shuttles and inter continental nuclear missiles capable of destroying things. We also have cell phones and data storage devices and micro chips and nano technology. Everything that seemed 24th century back in early days of the series are things that we use daily. So… this brings me to the next point.

    Later series tried to compete in the CGI market where it was all done before by someone else. Take terminator franchise and all those other space travel blue/green screen productions, take a bunch of movies that were done about space… how can you compete with those if your budget is only a fraction of your competition.

    I say they need to learn from mistakes and instead of creating a show that fails they need to publicly announce a competition for ideas that come from fan base rather than from screen writers who try to make a spin off of a spin off of a spin off. They need to marvel us with things that seem futuristic. If all it took was 15 years for 24th century sci fi to become 21st century reality then they need to dig deeper into 26th century to make it plausible for people in 2009. Perhaps its idea of time travel or some other thing… just don’t deviate from original message which is about peace, understanding and ability to find never before seen places without blowing them to smithereens first.

    I am not here to advocate what can and can not work in tv franchise but I am here to draw conclusions from a standpoint of logic. If you start making series about peace and then go into war only because it reflects real life events when show was filming then maybe its not really a direction that you want to pursue. Maybe just maybe to bring the show back they need to take things that used to work and integrate them into new show.

    I like the idea of time travel because it seems to be a hot topic today. I like idea of parallel worlds because it has become plausible through science. I also think that idea of exploring worm holes and black holes (Hawkins and Einstein come to mind) and of course idea of trying to explain why our universe is so big and if there is really an end or does it just keep going?! I would also like to know why are there only 4 quadrants as if space is 2 dimensional. As far as I know there are 3 dimensions (and well 4 through science) so should there not be another 4 quadrants at the least? I like the idea of relocating after a cataclysmic event. Yeah while we have aliens in the series the true demise of our planet seems to be attributed to people’s actions or perhaps natural things.. so why not find a reason to have entire planet on the move because planet either became inhabitable or was destroyed by something like an asteroid. My head is full of ideas, of course, but I am also not a tv screen writer or a producer nor an actor so from stand point of a fan I would like to see the series come back and not just come back but come back with a bang. Big names.. big directors and huuuuge wow factor.

    How about a cast of most famous Hollywood actors of last 15 years and say a director like Spielberg?!

    For there to be a strong comeback there has to be a really good reason why teens and young adults who grew up in post trek era would want to watch it.

  313. Matthew A. Turner says

    I would focus the next series on a single character. Whether it be someone with minimal starfleet indoctrination such as the “voyages of seven of nine” ( i realize that sounds goofy but it meets the idea) or someone deeply vested with years of starfleet history, (someone ST fans will know). This will give fans a break from the standard “”ship/interpersonal relationships on that ship/meeting aliens/huge problem/resolution”” formula to an entire new realm of limitless span, which could feature all types of inferences from past series.
    Otherwise, I would watch another Star Trek series, as long as it remains well casted and not as monotonous and bland as Deep Space Nine.

  314. john says

    ok here it goes all… the one word people think of when you mention star trek is…….. ENTERPRISE.. why do those tv guies think they hafto steer away from that name on a ship…. it kinda looses momentum when you here of a series where the ship is calles USS CARDINAL kinda dumb in my opinion…they need to keep the name Enterprise….

  315. ROB says

    Don, I think that you take so much offence towards peoples negative comments towards this new so-called series that you heard of at a convention (Cardinal). I think that you are the one responsible for the stupid web site, and are trying to pitch this new idea in an attempt to get the fans on your side. Well, its all pretty weak. Cardinal is one of the stupidest ideas that I have ever heard of. No one want a shit series with a shit plot, a shit ship, and characters running around on their period. Take the many hints form so many responding fans, Cardinal sucks a big one. Try to come up with better idea next time, and please don’t cry too much or double up on you Prozac, cas its not a good when looking after you compulsion and mental health issues.

  316. McChicken!!! says

    What about something on starfleet command? Theyre always looking at the problems of individual ships and individual crews. I think it would work well looking at the problems in San Fransisco that people in Starfleet command on earth follow. I’m not saying make it inpersonal and bland but its a fresh thing for the series. perhaps it could be linked to the Maqis and the Cardassian wars. Someone correct me if i’m wrong but I’m not sure those events have been dealt with much. It could even be about the people in Starfleet Academy? Maybe it could enter following a single characher from graduation of whatever it is they have to do before starfleet academy and then open the series that way, and close it as they are posted to various positions? it could be an idea to show the histories of some crew members and explain thier pasts in various series. ( even though theyre chronologically seperated mostly…hummm…)

    what do we think?

  317. Bill from Albuquerque says

    If we get another TV show, which time line are we going to use??? If we use the original time line then let us have something showing the early days of the Federation when Robert April was captain of the Enterprise and his first officer was George Kirk and Dr. Sarah Poole was the Chief Medical Officer. Using interstellar war as a crutch for character study is getting to be as bad as using the classic time travel to fix the time line crutch has been to scifi in general over the last 30 years.

  318. Jim says

    I agree Firefly was special and was destroyed far too early – and for dubious reasons. I disagree that 7 seasons is too long for a star trek though. I thought DS9 only really got going in the last 3 seasons…

    I hope there is another Trek series though. I don’t really care if it is retrospective or ‘voyaging’ further into the future… There is something about the Star Trek universe that is special, enticing and accessible. Perhaps it is the touch of Roddenberry, perhaps it is chance…

  319. SAC says

    Wow this has been going on since 2007? Big discussion.

    I started to really become a Star Trek Fan only this year. I saw the movie and loved it. Now I am watching Voyager and am absolutely enthralled with the depth of Captain Janeway. The Plot line I heard isn’t as deep as TNG but in my opinion the depth of the plot line isn’t has important as the depth of the characters. Its the Characters after all that keep us in tune.

    My ideas for a new series name is Star Trek 2900 or Star Trek Genesis. Lets jump 5 decades from the end of Voyager. The technology allows for Temporal Time travel, it could open up a whole lot of possibitlies. Oh and why does the federation have to stay in tact, why can’t it be on the verge of a Civil War? Doesn’t every period of History have a breaking point? Why do we have to only stick with Star Fleet? I think the Civilian ships could be just as cool, besides isn’t it during these centuries that the belief is to work for the benefit of every body? Technology is probably readily available without the use of cash. I have entertained the idea of going back and forth between a crew of a star fleet ship, pick any name you would like though the USS Columbia would be cool , and a Civilian Ship called the Genesis hence the possible name of the show. Since technology is readily available to both sides each has almost an equal advantage except that what constantly stops Star Fleet is their total devotion to the prime directive. The Civilian Ship Genesis is a city in the sky perfectly equipped with weapons. Each side tries to out wit each other while fighting a threat coming from the outside of the Galaxy.

    I agree with the above though were ever the Star Trek universe goes it will always be enticing and special to those with enough hope and optimism for the future. In the phrase “To boldly go where no man has gone before”… guess I have turned into a Trekkie.

  320. SAC says

    One more comment… read some more of the above comments and I do like the idea that if we stick with the beginning of the Federation we should Stick with the First Captain and crew the Enterprise… in words “where they where a little more prone to pick up phasers instead of sitting at the diplomatic table.”

    I really also like the idea of looking at the drama of being part of Star Fleet command. How they deal with the threats of warring worlds and how to keep Earth Safe. Though still I don’t think it carries the punch of Following the Crews actually fighting in space.

  321. SAC says

    Okay an edit to my comment above… In stead of Star Fleet and Genesis battling each other and a threat coming from outside the Galaxy… how about the main idea be the question of Growth? How far can the federation go and grow before another war happens? How long can the people on earth be content with just science… excuse me but I believe that every body has a spiritual side… What about the sects of Human who choose to live separately from the Federation? Is Genesis one of those groups who have embraced Star Fleet technology but not totally the meaning of the Prime Directive?

    It’s an idea… Just an idea…

  322. SAC says

    Okay…I am just going to go on a rant. Star Trek is about peace and tolerance, but I think every good TV show deserves conflict and plot tensions. War is just one of those realities that we can relate too. Star Trek isn’t without wars. Its just not one of the main themes.

    Okay not long of a rant but I have a cold… um I still think that the 29th century is the best possible place to begin, on board of a civilian vessel. Time Travel, and every thing that we here in the 21st century still dream about.

  323. gigz says

    why do we have to follow just humans or the federation.
    Can we not follow space pirates/ smugglers/ terrorists/ or just a crew of outcasts made up of a group of species. this would be original at least for a few seasons with lots of possibilities, Then maybe around season three it could flip and suddenly we’re on a federation starship tracking down the same outlaws.
    just a thought

  324. gigz says

    ya i saw the new film, i liked it but i’m not sure about pissing all over the timeline.

    i suppose i’m just like everyone else hoping that sooner or later there will be another star trek series thats imaginative and intriguing with strong characters and good writing

  325. Tristan says

    Star Trek is a certain perspective and craft of sci fi. I think it was beautiful when it was open, with no specific historical timeline, not too many specific alien groups etc. But now we just know too much about the Alpha Quadrant and all those aliens around there. I think Voyager and Enterprise were a big attempt at getting away from those same ideas.

    But as big of a fan as I am I really think its time for a totally new sci fi vehicle. I’m pretty sure we know that alot of the things they talked about in TOS are impossible now (im pretty sure they wont find dillithium chrystals out there haha). So we can’t just keep reincarnating them into this false future. The point of Sci fi is to hypothesize about the future, science, and to explore the imagination and the unknown. A big part of why I liked B5 so much is because JMS created a plausible future with semi realistic technology. In the 1960s it was possible that WW3 would happen in 1996. Nuff’ Said. Lets come up with some new ideas! I really enjoy reading Jack McDevitt now. Hes a great sci fi writer with far future ideas. Gene Roddenberry had those kinds of ideas too… IN THE 60s! That being said I’ll still check out this show if it comes out!

  326. gigz says

    okay, so everyone has lots of opinions on what they would like to see, and all the stuff they hate. every star trek so far included all these elements and we were all happy to watch it. so can anyone tell me if there will be a new series anytime soon and if it is worth my while d’loadin DS9.

    can anyone recomend a book to read for the next while before the new song of ice and fire book comes out

  327. zac d says

    soo when is it suposed to come out this artical was in 2007 its now 2009 summer? iu hope i dont have to wait to long it seem that star trek online will be here b4 the new series!!!

  328. Peter Wilson says

    I love the idea 7 seasons works perfectly it always has done and aslong as its as good as the others im happy, but just hopefully people wont critisize it if it is a bit different like Enterprise was cause i loved it and should of kept on running but because it was different from the others people had to be a pain about it but still hope a new star trek series will happen soon!!!

  329. Ruth Pinkus says

    The movie was excellent, and so was the casting except for Scotty. Maybe it will get something going. If not, I guess we just watch reruns. For the person who asked if DS9 was worthwhile: Definitely. In my opinion it was the best of the bunch, subtle and complex.

  330. Mike S. says

    I for one would welcome anything Star Trek. I’ve been a fan ever since seeing TSO as a teenager. I’ve gone to see the new Star Trek twice and had a rush more than once. It was awesome.

    I’m not sure I like the new concept or not, but I’m willing to give it a chance. There are elements in the story that are inspired. A Star Trek crew with flaws sounds interesting. But let’s not forget the basic premise of Star Trek though. That man can coexist together and flourish if they no longer fight amongst themselves. Conflict within the crew would be welcome as long as they come together against a common enemy. Perhaps some more creative aliens could be introduced rather than constanting introducing more humanoids. First Contact stories always intrigued me as well as stores that introduce pre-warp societies. Even stories showing practicing Christians, Muslims, Jews, Budhists living/fighting together would be welcome. (Did I forget anyone?) Perhaps even agnostics.

    Another Star Trek series. Absolutely. If not, beam me up Scotty!

  331. JT says

    Lets just hope this time they get the music right.

    Im not attempting to slate the USA but Enterprise was far too heavily pushed towards an American audience. A running storyline is fine but it seemed to miss what the previous Star Treks had… running jokes and the odd episode that seemed to be there purely for humour.

    I suppose it could end up being cliched if they follow the previous incarnations too much but Enterprise came across as a completely different universe to that we expected.

  332. Peter says

    Im relatively new to the Fanlist of Star Trek even though im a bit over 42 years old.

    I must say that it was ST Enterprise that cougt my attention, ist very good and the plot is brilliant. Its a pity that it stoped at season 4.

    A new series is something i certainly look forward to. But there is some af the things that mark the old series that i dont look forvard to, så get rid of them. :)
    A simply HATE it when there is at problem – some one says, “wait, i got an idea” “bib”Bib”bib” – There, now we kan go faster. Its simply too easy to improve or invent new things. Another thing that i dont like is the “filler” episodes – there is simply too many of them. Let os stick to the plot – now waste my time with fillings. :)

    Peter, Denmark.

  333. Rich says

    I don’t think Gene Roddenberry would of approved of this concept, humanity is supposed to have evolved beyond conflict that is why you don’t see it between human families in TNG. in Voyager there was a just reason for conflict with two different crews forced to work together although that concept was never realised.

    Conflict is fine, but you must have a very good reason for it, this normally means non starfleet crew aboard the ship, otherwise you begin to tear up Roddenberry’s philosophy of a united humanity.

  334. rebus says

    the idia is not so good and rellys to much on politic. we need to look at a diffrent side of the fedaration mybe the darker side like some sort of black ops team every goverment or world power has some sort of department that has to do some of the dirty work could it be possible tha the fedaration are the same?

  335. gigz365 says

    i agree, if they just think outside the box but hold the principles of star trek to the core then i cannot see them going wrong. maybe follow a different species but i think a rogue trading ship with a multi special crew operating on the federations radar would offer limitless possibilities

  336. Aidan says

    Star Trek embodies a true our true love for the future; a better future based on our dreams of space exploration, meeting alien cultures in an exchange of ideas information, and appreciation for life. Someone who knows what it means to be, or to have been a part of the Star Trek franchise will not allow it to be butchered in such a blunt and misguided attempt for the sole purpose of fulfilling their own personal agenda. I’m only 14 and even I could compose an accurate articulation of what this series should at least sound like. Some people should just leave their petty inspiration to those who can muster a new tv series without destroying something that should out-live their grandchildren;god forbid the thought of this brutal stupidity from spreading to offspring…

  337. stargeek says

    I, think it is time for a new star trek series, its been way to long. I dont care what it is what is about, but something needs to happen, and happen soon. my dvd are getting some workout, just to keep me in the loop. please, what every we have to do to get this started and get it done, someone please let me know…

  338. David Richard says

    I would like to see a new star trek series, say at the beginning of the pilot episode, somehow time is altered, and only one ship, which was in some temporal anomally saved them from the changes, when they get out of it they end up centuries in the past, year 2251, they find that (say) humanity and the klingons and romulans formed the federation. and the vulcans are a xenaphobic race that hasn’t left their planet in a long time. so they are alone but their ship and technology is way ahead of everyone, so they try to find out what happened to the timeline with the intent on returning it to normal, it turns out that something Capt Archer did/ or didn’t do.

  339. David Richard says

    I’d just like to say that the ship and crew come from about 2 centuries ahead of the STAR TREK VOYAGER SERIES. so they have a Quantum Slipstream drive, and other advanced tech like that.

  340. gail says

    I don’t think 7 seasons is too long…I was disappointed when enterprise ended. we need a new series to begin. sounds like a good idea!! lets keep it as traditional as possible, no need in changing what star trek has always been about.

  341. Myotis says

    How bout one with the enterprise retaking it’s original role as exploring the galaxy we have seen parts of the delta quadrent now go the other way say a ship sent through the part of space where warp speed don’t work in suspended animation and have them going about there mission not knowing a damn thing about what has happened in the past 100 years give or take. and witness them explore the galaxy discover new races new allies new enemies new technologies. we got a whole galaxy to explore people lets get on it. I mean shoot if the federation sent a probe into the delta quad what did they send the otherway???

  342. Brian says

    you know… they should do a show on the U.S.S Titan, Im Sure Jonathan Frakes, Marina Sirties, and Tim Russ would do the show no problem, they arent tooo old yet and there are alot of great stories that could be done.

  343. Chuck says

    Myotis has it right. The Star Trek theme is “to explore strange new worlds; to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before”. I didn’t like Enterprise because it dropped that theme immediately. This new idea seems to do the same. A theme that revolves around a war is not Star Trek to me. It needs to be dumped. Start over with the basics.

  344. rebus says

    yep that right the writers should get back to the basics, the origanal idia that made voyeger dare i say the best trek

  345. says

    There are both good and bad points being made about creating seven seasons for a T.V. series. Right now, SMALLVILLE is in it’s ninth season, and seems to still have a good following with it’s fans. STAR TREK- THE NEXT GENERATION was so successful in seven seasons, that when the show ended, people asked “why end now? The show is doing so well, why not go another season or two?” It seem that Rick Berman was determined to kill the franchise off by creating GENERATIONS, then came the BEST S.T. movie- FIRST CONTACT. The next movie, to me, should have had a perfect story setup for it- the DOMINION WAR. So did Rick create another action-pack space movie?
    The next two movies were not bad, and had action, but the story just didn’t go anywhere. Data dies, to be replaced by….Data? And then, that’s it.
    And then, the whole storyline circles around into the NEW STAR TREK FILM. A young Kirk and Spock to meet the old Spock (played by Nimoy), and there by CHANGING the timeline for NEW series to come-
    STAR TREK- MILLENNIUM (Voyager as a warship from the new DOMINION WAR that quickly ends when the BORG attack).

    Just some ideas.

  346. Sci-fi-fan says

    Star trek is starting to get lame, they dont have any fantasie left , i lost all hope for star trek when i wathed DS9….They cant even invent some good alien races, all they do is take a human face, give it a rimpeld nose and suddenly its “bajoran”

    Or give it some dots in the neck and face and its a Thrill……..

  347. rebus says

    sorry to hear that, but thier is only so far tou can go with making alien races. due to the very real laws of evalution the huminoid basics.i.e hand, feet fingers and one head are all you really need to survive most places that can sustain life. oh yer why are you commenting on this page

  348. GabrielT says

    Put a cork in it you guys. There’s never enough S.T.

    Hell, make it a 77 seasoner. Just keep ’em comming.

    And please, cast Jeri again.

  349. chris says

    they should make a whole new time line like they did with vengeance on enterprise. I’d watch that, you could recycle the entire franchise and make it more war based.

  350. rebus says

    have a look at darker projects websites they have created a preety good star treck spin off aout section 31. section 31 is mentioned in ds9 and tng. much darker side of the trek world.

  351. kimberly says

    i agree with steph a good bit up ahead i dont think seven series is to much look at voyager for example that was seven series and was excellent if it was any less then i think i would be extremly depressed i love star trek especially voyager i was so sad when i saw the last episode of star trek voyager!!!!
    there hasnt been a proper star trek series for 5 years the last one was enterprise but they cut it short because there wasnt enough viewers!!!!
    i wonder how many years ago they came up with the idea of cardinal???? some of the first comments were left in 2007 so it most have been a while back in 2009 they made the new star trek movie but its time for a new television series we trekkies cant be watching re-runs for the rest of our lives i hope they persue the cardinal idea although they need to change the name cardinal isnt so good!!!
    by the way im only 14 years old and a major star trek fan thanks to my father!!!
    live long and prosper my fellow trekkies and i hope by 2011 we will all be watching a new amazing star trek series!!!!

  352. richard says

    i dont like the sound of this sounds better than enterprise but not good. ok in my opinion it should be in the star trek online or there abouts years. theres already a story. or more into the future, id also just like to say no ds9 did not suck it was great the 3rd best after tng and the original. there was always several stories going on in each episode and it was interesting. I how ever did not like voyager and the only thing to come out of that series was 7-9 and the conflicts with the borg. The rest was rubish. Good to see another series and i will watch it but its not gunna be as good as i should have been imo.

  353. Gert123456 says

    Listen guys, frankly I’m craving a Star Trek series again. I don’t care if it’s 10 seasons long. I loved Voyager and DS9 and even TNG back in the day when I was about 6 years old. I just want them to produce another Star Trek series. Everyone has their own opinion of what it should be like but I don’t care. I love the S.T universe and I’m not going to be fussy like the rest of you. Whatever they make, I’m sure I’ll love it. Let’s just support people who want to give a new series a try instead of pitching in a million ideas of how it should be and how it shouldn’t be.

  354. kamikazi says

    I’m down for anything Star Trek but please no F’ing Ferengi. Put the conflict somewhere else. How about Xindi? And yeah B5 has done that already..How about a section 31 agent posing as an ambassador at Romulus and she makes an amazing discovery that could destabilize the federation…Take it from there. Make her a futuristic James Bond type. And I think she has to be a Vulcan that was rescued from the borg so she can have a bunch of advanced tech and cool implants. I already wrote a book about it so hit me up if you want some more ideas.

  355. Eric says

    I have been wondering if there was going to be another series. I just decided to check around. The article is dated Apr. 07. Has anyone heard anymore,anywhere? And I agree,there’s no such thing as too much Star Trek,seven seasons is not too much. I am watching as many reruns as I can find now. Whatever it is,I hope it’s real Star Trek. I am tired of hearing how Star Trek is outdated. I plan on watching whatever Star Trek is there to watch for as long as I can watch it.

  356. Andrew R says

    Well i don’t know anything about a new TV series, but to Eric if you ever check this board, there are two more Star Trek movies confirmed with the 2009 Star Trek cast and development team 😀 This can only be good, Mr Abrams made a fantastic reboot no doubt!!!

  357. Ronnie says


    It needs to feel like ST. I just read over half of these posts. wow thats alot, bring in a very advanced ship that is in our quadrent but able to get around very quick a transwarp capable ship that uses the new tech from voyager. The show focus’ on loose ends. deals with the borg, the romulans(they were never given enough attention, they are just a distant maybe enemy).

    Connect the show with old characters. Wesley, Worfs Son, etc. include a few guest star apperences to give it a kick. Picard, Janeway, Worf, Crusher.

    make sure to include picard in the pilot to give it a great kick similar to SGU using oneil. and Janeway is an admiral. She could Direct Wesley on his mission. He can run into Capt. Riker. Stop by at DS9. Its ok to use the lore that we have grown up with. I have never seen the Original ST im from TNG on and would love to see something like this.

    Reality is a Star Trek series on a Good channel would be a hit and pull in ratings.

    DO IT!!!

  358. robe5030 says

    I agree!! There is no issue with going back to the good old days. Wesly and worfs son kind of just fell off the face of the earth. What about Jake and Nog from DS9? Two more people who just started their impressions in the ST universe.

    I think there could be something threatening earth. Making the show more of a double setting. In space and on different planets around the different quadrents…all of them! Maybe something involving an all out war of the quadrents. TNG, DSN, Voyager, made enough enemies in their times to show themselves as one as a threat to the classic allies of the Federation.

    I think bringing in any people from the past shows, Leonard Nemoy being the first that comes to mind, would help in giving the writers and producers of a new series a prospective of the past and would be a huge mentor to the actors to make sure that the acting isnt…well…awful and the script and story line make sense as it relates to keeping in touch with the things that people love about Star Trek.

    Cardinal……..meh…lets try to be a little mopre innovative. I mean the flagship Enterpries, the on that took a trip to the Delta Quadrent Voyager, and….the hunk of crap that patrols the border with the ferengi…..Cardinal….i hope if that the rout they take they have a ship design and other incredible changes to the technological side of Star Trek that blows us out of the water. The USS Cardinal is just not gonna cut it.

    There is some positives going forward with this type of show now. Two long playing shows in “24” and “LOST” will be finishing for good very soon which leaves spots on two networks that I feel need some sort of replacement to keep me interested. Its very easy to throw something like this on TV…but to get the ratings and keep a decent time slot is very much another thing.

    Executives are going to have to make sure that Star Trek which is in my view…dying off in its following can relate to new people by giving a young but talented cast, innovative improvements to the universe and an attractive story line that people can follow…end of the world seems to be big these days with 2012 and all that crap.

    Go for it! Make it awesome! And give the people who have followed this cultural phenomenon something to be proud of and something that can carry the Star Trek brand into the future with an ability for further expansion and improvements!!

  359. Richard says

    I wouldn’t mind five seasons instead of seven.

    All Trek needed is to bring it into the real world sort of feeling but I’m game for what they might do in the future.

    With every episode I’ve seen from Next Generation to Voyager, there have been loop holes and some unfinished stories.
    Creatures that haven’t been seen, all the Federation’s enemies with more screen time.

    Doctor Who has his enemies that come back to haunt him, why can’t Trek do this as well. I just don’t want to see a new threat.

    Star Gate makes fun of it self, but Trek never did and I think a bit of that could work.

    Worf’s son is called Alex.

  360. Richard says

    Ronald D Moore got his start on ST:NG and much later in life he turned BSG into one of the best drama series on TV. if the new Trek series comes one day, it must have a mixture of hard boiled drama, excellent writing, and no bad actors.
    I bet you that it would help change the face of TV once again.

  361. Warp says

    Try something new the plot you just givin is a wash up you need to start on something the fan never seen before that no one expects for one thing the Romulan home world blew up vulcans are an indangered race just this for once have someone who has betrayed the federation that might just start a civil war on earth since it hasn’t war on it self for over 350 years this crew of a new ship must find a way to stop it before United Earth destorys the federation and this time it’s someone in the concuil not an alien who thinks the federation has gotten to powerful !

  362. Chris Mell says

    i think the concept of the show is good, and i also think that seven seasons is a bit much considering that three series have seven seasons. i also want them to be in a different place. like the beta quadrant, i have seen enough of the alpha quadrant. but i like the fact that people are thinking about making a knew series. i will watch as much as i can…

  363. Lynn says

    A thought came to me while reading through the comments above regarding “Boldly going where no one has gone before”. What if we utilized some of the base premise in Voyager, but placed the original ship in a completely different galaxy? There is no way home, there is no help coming, and there is no communications. Now, give the ship the capabilities of the NCC-1701D in a galaxy where the most advanced races are barely at the NCC-1701A stage – i.e. the ship has superior technology, shields, weapons, etc.

    Keep the captain true to the principles and tenants of the federation and have them begin to build the next federation. Now fast-forward say 100 years and set the story here, a “new federation”, a small fleet of starships (can’t give the technology away – prime directive????), things not 100% pristine and perfect, but very functional, a reputation for fairness and openness, a need by the federation crews to acquire “compatible” equipment – probably only one secret space dock and colony for building/ repairing the ships, everyone has become a large extended family with ability to trace roots back to the original crew, etc. And an interesting hook on why the federation ship and crew have not just assimilated…

    Pilot – galaxy class ship off to explore strange energy readings and unusual activites in a normally “empty” area, few solar systems, no life, when the ship is ripped from this galaxy into the middle of a war. Two races, equally matched, have been fighting for generations. Strong lines are drawn and neither side can make any real advances (think trench warfare from WWI) when the federation ship materializes into the no-mans-land between the two… These two races, with multi-generational hatred for the other, form the core of the new federation. Obviously, peace ensues whenever the ship (or ships) are present, but feelings die hard, so both sides are constantly looking to one-up the other, possibly through acquisition of some starfleet technology? So the captain must closely guard his technologies and continue to advance them to stay in the position of peacekeeper and arbiter, while establishing and nurturing a federation general assembly, an academy, etc.

    Just a thought, but I would enjoy it, if it ever could be made.

  364. Rick W says

    Star Trek was and is an amazing show which show;s man at his best,man overcame their differences;s and worked together as one race,Humanity!.On the bridge of the Enterprise you had a daring Captain Kirk,who was not afraid to act like a cowboy to get done whatever task they had taken on and by his side was a Vulcan,man’s best friend on a alien status,Spock was his name and he and Kirk were a almost invincible team at times.Then you had a Japanese and a Russian at the helm of the Star ship,this was a time of great distrust of nations and people on earth (in real life ) .Star Trek show that men of different nations could live and trust each other with their lives,there was even a beautiful black woman at the communication station on the bridge as well.ALL this during a time in our history when the cold war was raging on and black and white predigest that was in the USA at the time.At a time of all this Captain Kirk kissed the beautiful black lady in one of the episodes and it was the first inter racial kiss on TV.I really do hope their is another Star Trek series on TV I would watch in faithfully,I love to watch the friendships that develops between the bridges personnel and how they look out for each other,they almost become family and would nt be nice if all off us treated each other on this planet with the same respect that is show on the Star Trek family…………..

  365. Jean-salman says

    I think that the series should be another 100 years after TNG. because Kirk is 100 yrs after Archer, Picard 100 yrs after Kirk so why should this be different ( not that I don’t like change but it just seems logical

  366. Tim the Avatarless says

    LOL! This thread has a longer lifespan than your average Star Trek TV series. Just dreading the second installment of the movie reboot … Khan!!!

  367. Kevin says

    that would be a waste of time!!!!! and energy!!!! to make a lame star trek series based on a ferengi loser alien that is the most undesirable of all the aliens in the Star Trek series i would never watch it! i think they need to go back to the days of exploring the unknown and meeting new aliens and new strange star trek stuff that made the series so good not this dumb “oh we need to keep the peace and patrol the ferengi border bullshit! i think as soon as Gene passed away all you dumb ass hollywood assholes think they all have it down on how to make it better! you can’t get better than what Gene first had F the ferengi space is a big place but you dumb asses don’t have brains big enough to realize that.

  368. Grant Lawson says

    ************READ THIS******************
    We have all seen that you CAN “re-skin” something and people will love it.
    Ok. Go with me for a sec. What made shows like Star Trek great was as people have said, “The exploration of the human spirit”. Now main characters and plot devices like 7of9 and DATA and The Doc. from Voyager, all were Human but NOT. This aloud the show to explore what it meant to be human, and introduced ALLOT of cool ideas and twists. The best episodes were ones that tackled spiritual questions, Philosophical questions, moral questions, the Borg and Q. As I read this thread last night in bed, I came up with an idea that should be at least considered. (I’m a writer so I can’t help but create new ideas :) )
    (I’m just going to use some of the idea backdrops people have talked about in this thread)

    Intro to the USS “Titan”. Exploring into the BETA quadrant 100 years after voyager. New tech, New aliens, gives the viewer the exploration of space they want. First episode opens with a BANG. Titan is on the “OMEGA” alert and trying to stop Romulans from retrieving the powerful OMEGA molecule. The molecule has somehow began to stabilize inside of a broken space station inside of a nebula. The captain sends an away team including his First Mate.
    The away team arrives, something happens and they all end up touching the nebula after securing the Romulans. They are all Beamed back to the Titan, and all but the First mate die from something crazy like liquidation.
    The First mate (we’ll call him Onan) Onan has no personal memories, but has all the memories of history and Star fleet. The Doctor writes him off with a weird case of amnesia and notes that his physical composition is Human, but his atomic structure resembles that of an OMEGA molecule. He is ordered to return to duty.
    HE IS THE MAIN PLOT MOVER of this series. As the series progresses he explores what it is to be human. The crew and his friends try to help him regain his memory only to find out that he IS NOT the First mate. HE IS A strange “OMEGA being” that the nebula and molecule created. there are 3 groups that want this OMEGA man (Onan) for themselves, The Q (since they can’t seem to effect him with thier powers), The BORG (for obvious reasons) and a Beta Quadrant native race.
    Onan learns how amazing the human race is. He is tempted by all of the other races to join them, BORG, Q and the like and turns them down.
    With a Character like Onan, you can literally go ANYWHERE with him, create anything, give him any power and move any ship and star system. Give him time travel ability, give him planet destroying ability, give him mind control. ANYTHING you wan’t. And at that SAME TIME explore what it is to be human, to be vulnerable and peacfeul. With an “Onan” on your show, you can’t go wrong. all the other elements of a good show will emerge, romance, morality, exploration…..

  369. jesusfreak2011 says

    Star trek DS9 in my opinion was one the best sci series, and yes I loved TNG, What i would to see is more breen and borg involved. I think a story about a ship that explores only a small area of space is a waste. The reason why DS9 was my favorite was because it had good character development, it tied into TNG. The dominion was a kick butt bad guy.

  370. STfanAU says

    The last idea sounds good as long as its not about DNA and more about native spiritual ability that can tie in with human spiritual ability. Perhaps even linking to powerful spirits in humans past. The ferengies are annoying and already enough in DS9. DS9 is the only series I never wanted to finish.

    The new series should tie in with recent knowledge of UFO styles and technologies. Perhaps even going to the known locations of real ufo homes planets. At lest getting closer to the reality of ufo’s then spaceships that look nothing like them.

    Also perhaps include the concept of a body is just a shell to new races and they move on to other bodies when they die.

    I also think it should be based further into the future about another 100 years from TNG.

    I really dont like the idea of an internal drama in the ship between crew. TNG was good because it minimized this and showed that the human race had “grown up”. I wont watch some constant drama of people conflicting all the time. Human race needs to grow up and if it doesnt happen 200-400 years in the future whats the point? Im not interested in that kind of future for mankind.

    So make the show giving mankind a future worth having as was done in TNG

  371. alex hermann says

    something needs to happen leading after voyager i mean Wat happens after that please come up with something like that

  372. deChelca says

    Dark, action, and character development. These things are okay in moderation, but they’re killing Stargate: Universe, and it was too much of these why I never liked Battlestar: Galactica. I want Star Trek, so let’s keep it a little simple, okay?

  373. Bryan says

    i like all of the STAR TREK series, but the best ones was TOS & ENTERPRISE. i would like to see a new STAR TREK series. the last movie was ok, but i just thought they could had did a better job concidering the “hipe.”

  374. Luke LeGrand says

    I’d like to see a hero more independent from star fleet. Perhaps he is ex-star fleet, but is still contacted by headquarters in times of need.
    Also, the best sf right now realizes the capacities of the computer/human mind connection. Older sf saw the possibilities, but fell short. We are very close to having sf that is surpassed by reality, at least in some ways.

  375. says

    There are usually 2 issues in life: Form and Substance.

    Enterprise didnt even get the superficial level of Form correct, e.g. not even a hint of the Star Trek french horn in the title music and the uniforms didn’t follow the foundational colors…essential pre-requisites for real Trekkers.

    A good start on the substance front might be to re-enlist another British trained male actor as Captain. The Capt. in Enterprise sounded like a farmer.

    Let’s do better with the next one.


  1. […] unknown wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptIf Sal Lagonia, president and producer of Project: Cardinal, a whole new concept in Trek lore, has his way that possiblity seems promising with “Star Trek: Cardinal.” His attempt at revitalizing the 40 year franchise back on to the … […]

  2. […] Slice of SciFi reports on a new Star Trek television show being pitched to CBS by Project Cardinal. I am impressed with their ideas as they show more understanding of what made Star Trek successful than those who created some of the more recent sequels. Simply pointing in a random direction and exploring no longer works for fans of today. Star Trek fans expect an engaging, fast moving story with a definite direction in mind. The story must have a purpose, a soul that interconnects the various stories. Everything must have meaning. […]

  3. Neue Star Trek Serie?…

    Gerade blätter ich so durch das Internetz, da stolpere ich über folgenden Artikel:
    New ST Series horizons
    Wow, was für eine ausgeburt der Hölle hat den den Plan erkoren?
    7 Staffeln?
    Eine langweiliger als die Andere?
    Weshalb müssen die den Rodenber…

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