Slice of SciFi #68: Sean Morris and Bryan Davidson on “Rainbringer”

RainbringerNews Bytes:

  • For the next Season of “24”, Jack Bauer must save himself
  • Carter Jenkins stays busy after the demise of SURFACE
  • SCI-FI to SCI-FACT: Deep Impact — Well, Almost

Updates on previous “Slice of SciFi” Movie Talk:

  • John Woo is no longer attached to Spy Hunter, and may be recasting to replace The Rock as the lead
  • The Birds remake is based off the same short story as Hitchcock’s version, but won’t be a copy of the film classic
  • Samuel L. Jackson is cast in Jumper

TV Talk:
Aaron Ashmore, twin brother of Shawn Ashmore (X-Men‘s Iceman), will be joining the cast of “Smallville” as Jimmy Olsen this fall.

Interview: Sean Morris and Bryan Davidson join Michael and Evo to talk about Rainbringer, an indie film venture where fans and the curious can visit the website to follow along with the film’s progress, step-by-step from Day One.

Future Talk: What’s Coming Up?
Wind Chill might be a supernatural thriller, but it won’t be relying on the old fallback of all blood-n-guts and no story. What it might see is a title change before it’s scheduled February 2007 release date.

Podcasting News: We’re running the podcasting track at DragonCon, as well as running the Parsec Awards for Excellence in Podcasting. Check out DragonCon in 2006, and we hope you can make it!

Listener comments: If you have any suggestions or comments, please let us know.


  1. tllgrrl says

    I’d like to second that suggestion of putting Summer’s name in the Intro. She’s not a guest. She’s one of the hosts with Mike & Evo.

  2. tllgrrl says

    By the way, 24 is a real-time show but it follows multiple storylines that occur within that 24 hours.
    The Jack Bauer character is the main character, but there are multiple characters.
    Last we saw Jack, he was literally on a slow boat to China.

  3. says

    Here’s some information on that asteroid near-miss:
    It’s Phil Plait’s “Bad Astronomer” blog. This guy is great, smart, VERY entertaining, sarcastic and sardonic, and would be a perfect guest! He discusses science in entertainment all the time. (Has movie reviews on his site where he discusses the science behind it.)
    And, is a guest on other podcasts now and then, such as The Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe (
    You guys should consider having him on.

  4. Colin says

    One correction: “24” is on FOX, not NBC as stated on your show. The series is available on iTunes so you can catch up on any episode you happen to miss.

    Also, why you definately get more enjoyment out of the series if you have watched all 5 seasons, it would be possible to start watching at the start of next season and keep up with what is going on. It is the best show on TV, IMHO.

    I really enjoy “Slice.” Keep up the great work.

  5. says

    Liam, thanks for the link. I was looking for more info on the asteroid.

    I agree with your suggestion, I think the SoSF guys should have Phil Plait on.

  6. Karen from Kalifornia says

    Thanks Liam for the link. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Are you Stone Brew-less? Give me a shout over at the BunkCast and we’ll change that.

    This show was awesome! Just another exciting, fact and fun filled episode.

  7. Gabriel (from Tijuana, Mexico) says

    First of all, I agree with ‘tllgrrl’ about putting Summer’s name in the Intro, she’s an escential part of this great show; by the way, I missed her.
    By the way, was this show hosted by the regulars?, cus I thought one of you sounded diferent… or may be I was getting sleepy.

  8. Trevor Gensch says

    I think it was in this episode you mentioned the Space Invaders done with real people in the cinema. You said there would be a link on the website to it… can you help out and point me in the direction of the link?