Browder Makes Rare Public Appearance

ben.jpgOne of fan’s all-time favorite celebrities Ben Browder will makes a very rare personal appearance at The Annual Official Farscape Convention which will be coming to Burbank, California on November 3rd through the 5th, 2006!

Ben is the greatest guest any convention can have: he puts on an awesome show for his legions of fans and they will be thrilled that he will be joining them again this year! Both FARSCAPE and STARGATE SG-1 fans are excited at the prospect of meeting the star of two of the most famous and popular scifi franchises in the history of television.

Due to his limited time Ben will only be able to sign 200 autographs at the convention before heading back to Toronto and on the set of Stargate SG-1 for its shooting schedule.

Additionally, Creation Entertainment is offering a photo op with Ben and has a limited number of quick to sell out SUNDAY BREAKFAST AND CHARITY AUCTION event spots left featuring Ben and other celebrities.

For more details on ticket information and reserving an opportunity to meet Ben and all the CON guests visit the Farscape CON 2006 Official Website.


  1. SaMM says

    Do they have cigarette-sniffing dogs @ the CA airports? Will I have to parachute onto an Indian reservation -near the smoke store ; )- & make my way from there?

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