Slice of SciFi #35: Interview with Chris and Matt Cushman of Cushman Design

This week, Michael, Evo and Summer talk about Slice of SciFi’s move to XM Satellite Radio, the winners of the MST3K and The Triangle giveaways, plus more TV and movie news!

Contest News! We’re still accepting entries for an actual prop from The Chronicles of Narnia until December 16!

Be sure to follow the contest instructions!

News Bytes:

  • Death Race 3000 remake stalled
  • Sci-Fi to Sci-Fact: Interactive Bartending Robot in action in Korea
  • Star Trek Communicator ceasing publication

SciFi Trivia: Listen to the gang try to guess the source of 3 movie and tv clips. We promise, the clips are a bit tougher this week.

Movie Talk:

  • The Bourne Ultimatum, 3rd and final installment in the Bourne trilogy slated for 2007 release.
  • Batman 2, the sequel to Batman Begins, rumored to feature Penguin and Joker.
  • Live action version of Neon:Genesis Evangelion project still being sought

TV Talk: Ice Planet, feature production by Canadian company CHUM Television International, is slated to hit the airwaves in the near future. Starring Michael Ironside, the story follows a 5-year arc, focusing on human survival in the face of an alien fleet intent on destroying Earth, and sounds like it’ll be a TV extravaganza. Problem is, no one in the US is scheduled to air it. Calls and letters time?

Interview: We have an interview with Chris and Matt Cushman of Cushman Design, and we chat about their passion for designing cutaways of all of our favorite space ships.

Contest Winners! Congratulations to Steven, the winner of our SciFi Channel inscribed “Triangle” iPod! Honorable mentions to SciFi Ranter Girl, Kyle, and Robin. We also send out more congrats to Jason, winner of the MST3K DVD giveaway (and honorable mentions to Ross and Trevor)!

Other Topics: Voicemail comments, email comments and more.

If you have any suggestions or comments, please let us know.

See you in a week with fresh, new content!


  1. Walter says

    Quick comment on your Batman 2 news – Joe asked why these series have 1 villain for the first movie, then more in the sequel – but in Batman Begins there were 3 villains and that movie was fantastic. There was Carmine Falcone (mob boss), Scarecrow, & Ra’s Al Ghul. So if they have only the Penguin and the Joker they would actually be going with fewer villains.
    Great show!

  2. Mr. Toto says

    Wow, the winning entry was pretty sad. I would think a bunch of geeks could come up with more creative responses than those.

  3. Ipod rip off says

    Lame winner for the ipod! what about something science fiction in nature.. gees. Self indulgent crap guys/gal. Next time lets not let your ego’s get in the way of creative competitions.

  4. Dave says

    Word up. “I wanna be summers boyfriend” how lame can you get?
    The runner up was just as stupid. Seriously, that was pathetic. LOL! Proves that the world is indeed screwed up, and will end soon.

  5. Brian says

    Great show. However, I do want to mention that I’m not enjoying..but of course it’s new. I’m so use to the old segway music and sexy female announcer– don’t like the change so far.

    Keep up the great work guys,
    Alton, NH

  6. Joseph says

    As much as I enjoy Firefly guys, can you guys put down the torch for a while and keep the talk about it to a minimum? What really got me was that 10 minute (well, it seemed like 10 minute) advertisement in the middle for some lame podcast. What the heck was that all about?

    Firefly fans are fast becoming the decades sad obsessive freaks. It’s a good show guys but it ain’t the second coming!

  7. Joseph says

    Oh yeah, while I am at it :-), is Evo the only sci-fi fan in the world who doesn’t actually watch sci-fi?

    Everytime a conversation comes up about a show or movie, he hasn’t seen it. Doesn’t have the time or somesuch.

    I would have thought it would have been mandatory for anyone involved in a sci-fi podcast to actually watch the stuff :-)

  8. says

    After reading through over 200 entries that all said the same thing (toss in Fox for cancelling Firefly, or toss in “name your news/political target”), there weren’t many creative entries left to choose from.

    The geeks weren’t that creatively geeky with this contest, and I was truly surprised.

    Trust me when I tell you that we read or mentioned the best ones on the air.

  9. Mr. Toto says

    Wow Summer,

    I think you might have opened a can of worms with that statement. LOL! I should post my entry here to see if the readers think it is more creative than the winner(s)? Not that I should have won, but thats a very insulting thing for you to say, expecially to people who actually put a little time/effort into their entry. Or maybe for some reason all the creative entries, like mine, were sucked into the triangle and you never saw them? Hmmm…

    I also agree with the comment about Evo, when discussing a lot of movies, he’s either never seen them, or just wants to comment about how much he hated them – or how much he will hate them. For instance, whether you like Mr. Reeves or not, the Matrix was probably the best Sci-Fi movie in the last 20 years. Or for Cruise – you might not like him but Vanilla Sky was a damn good movie, so was Minority Report. The upcoming “Slither” or “Deathrace 3000″ or whatever upcoming production you’ve trashed in the past – I just dont get where the bashing is comming from? Oh and Michael – you dont have to sound appologetic for saying you liked something either, as you sometimes do.

    Overall, I think you guys have a great and entertaning show, I do think you blew it big time on the contest though. I’d still like to see all the entries posted somewhere, would be cool reading.

  10. says

    First, if we all thought all scifi movies and shows were great, we wouldn’t have much to discuss about them, would we?

    There are times when I think Evo plays Devil’s Advocate just to see how folks react, but I have no proof of that, your honor :)

    And you have to admit, the remake mania is getting a little out of hand when they’re remaking B-movie cult classics! If someone remakes “Cherry 2000″, I may have to give up on the genre!

    For me, the bashing is more about them dredging the near-bottoms of barrels instead of trying to come up with something new, rather than who’s remaking what.

    As for the contest, let’s just say we will avoid creative entries as the basis for future contests. ‘Nuff said.

  11. Secret Satan says

    “I wanna be summers boyfriend” how lame can you get? – Dave

    hey!!! geek grrls rock! You’re just jealous that she doesn’t like you as much! :-)

  12. Ignacio says

    Hi guys,
    Sorry if I am not writting on the right place. Today i found out that
    Atlantis is being aired on Canadas movie central and movie network, sonce 26th
    of november!

    I am from Spain, there is no way I can get decent SciFi unless I use
    alternative methods. This is like the 3rd world in TV quality. I forsee a future
    without TV networks… where you can buy / download what you want to see and see
    it when you want to see it. It’s not fair that all of us (well you I have to
    say) must wait until january, while canadians are watching Atlantis every week.

    Guys. I am watching it tomorow. Probably pay my debt when DVD is available.

  13. says

    I’m surprised no one caught this – as much as people make fun of Mike’s word flubs, he got one up on Evo in this podcast.

    It’s “runners up”, not “runner ups”. Mike had it. Evo did not.

    (I know it’s minor, but come on, how often does it happen? I got your back, Mike.)