“The Dukes” of Smallville are on Tonight

Source: Zap2it
Submitted by: Kyle Nin

For going on five seasons, John Schneider has played Clark Kent’s foster dad, Kansas farmer Jonathan Kent, on The WB’s teen-Superman drama Smallville. That whole time, the question has been raised: When will Tom Wopat, Schneider’s co-star on the hit 1970s-’80s series The Dukes of Hazzard, make a guest appearance?

“Somebody finally heard you,” Schneider says, calling in from the show’s Vancouver set with Wopat at his side, “and here we are.”

An episode called “Exposed,” airing Thursday, Nov. 3 (Tonight), reunites Wopat and Schneider, who played cousins Luke and Bo Duke, a pair of modern Robin Hoods in rural Georgia, in the classic series.

Wopat plays Sen. Jack Jennings (a nod to the Dukes balladeer, Waylon Jennings), an old friend of Jonathan’s who comes to Smallville to seek his help in an upcoming campaign.

“That was a great idea [to pair them up],” says Tom Welling, who plays Clark. “They were like two kids in a candy store, being together. You could tell that a lot of the old gags came up again.

“I used to watch Dukes all the time growing up. John’s going to hate me for saying this, but I caught it in syndication because they began that show the year I was born.”

“The difficult part is,” Wopat says, “they’re yelling for ‘Tom’ on the set, and we’ve got two TWs here.”

“I only work with TWs,” quips Schneider.

For Dukes fans, the episode contains a few inside jokes. “The senator’s taste in cars is a bit classic, shall we say,” Schneider says. “He drives a ’69 Dodge Charger. Imagine that.”

But fans expecting to see a twin of the Dukes’ orange Charger, the General Lee, will be disappointed.


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