Abrams Pleased With Shatner and Nimoy’s Advice

Source: SciFi Pulse Written by: Ian M. Cullen In a new interview with Ian Spelling for Dreamwatch Magazine, which is out now. The producer revealed that he is very excited about the project and pleased as punch to have both William Shatner and Leonard Nimoys input. A few excerpts are included below. What’s the status […]

It’s a Good Time To Be a Trekker (ie)

Source: StarTrek.com Choices, Choices: Where to Watch Star Trek Right now, Star Trek is all over the place. And we mean that in a good way. With the announcement of a new movie in production, plus it being the 40th anniversary year, the awareness of Trek is at an all-time high. Tying in with that […]

Takei Wants To See Return of Trek Animated

George Takei, Captain Sulu and the man with that powerful voice, would like to see the animated Star Trek series given another chance for revision. The original Star Trek: The Animated Series ran for 22 episodes on Saturday mornings in the 1973-74 TV season, and, after 32-years is finally making its way to DVD today, […]

Star Trek Has Landed… On TV Land

Tune in on Monday, November 20th at 8PM/7C for the TV Land premiere of “Star Trek: The Original Series.” Also, register now for a LIVE CHAT with Mr. Sulu himself – George Takei on November 19, 2006 at 9PM/8C TV Land is offering all fans of the iconic series a chance to purchase “TV LAND […]

Abrams Leaning Toward Unknowns

At this past weekend’s Creationent CON in New Jersey, Bill Shatner told a large audience that “J.J. is committed to having Leonard [Nimoy]….and me, in the film.” Of course the film Bill speaks of is the new “Star Trek XI” that has sparked an untold number of rumors about casting ever since Paramount let it […]

5 +1 Questions with William Shatner

Slice of SciFi and MeeVee have joined forces in order to bring scifi fans across the globe some of the best text interviews with many of your favorite artists, actors, and production professionals alive today in the world of science fiction, fantasy and horror. For our first such enterprise we are proud to bring you […]

“Mirror, Mirror” Mix-up Leads to Fix-up!

Source: StarTrek.com A note from Mike Okuda, Denise Okuda and Dave Rossi: A friend was kind enough to e-mail us a note about the editorial error in last weekend’s airing of the Star Trek: Remastered version of “Mirror, Mirror.” It seems that somehow, a warp flyby shot was inserted into the episode, when the ship […]

Bill Shatner Still Talking Trek XI

Trek Web has indicated that William Shatner revealed more about his recent meeting with Star Trek XI producer J.J. Abrams at a fan convention in Springfield, Massachusetts this past Saturday night (Nov. 11). Bill referred to his last appearance in a Trek film, which was “Star Trek VII: Generations” when he made the following comment. […]

Recastin’ Kirk? Shatner Just Can’t See It!

In an interview with TVGuide.com, William Shatner — out to promote his new ABC game show (Show Me the Money, previewing Nov. 14) as well as the Boston Legal Season 2 DVD (in stores Nov. 21) — revealed that he has, in fact, had “a long talk” with J.J. Abrams about the Lost creator’s in-the-works […]

A Short Interview With Abrams About Trek XI

JJ Abrams was in Beverly Hills this past Wednesday to present an Atrios Award to his longtime casting director April Webster. TrekMovie.com was there and got a moment to talk a little Trek XI. Abrams confirmed their earlier story on the current status and Spring 2007 production start. He also explained why he hasn’t yet […]

The Real DeForest Kelley

And who was DeForest Kelley? A very private man. Among the handful of people who came to know the actor and his wife Carolyn up close and personal was Kristine M. Smith, a fan-turned-friend of the Kelleys’ and DeForest’s personal assistant and caregiver during the last three months of his life. DeForest had been Kristine’s […]

The Memo That Never Was To Be Seen

We were able to get our hands on this little nugget (don’t ask us how) that reveals some interesting behind-the-scenes casting goings-on when STAR TREK: The Next Generation was first proposed back in the late 1980’s. This information might be nearly 20 years old but it still makes for interesting coffee table chat. This memo […]

Section 31 Files Story Upate

“After a lot of persuading… I have decided to keep doing Section 31 for the time being. But this will be the last season. I am going to wrap up the arc after all.

The reason for this is varied. But the big reason is an outpouring of e-mail I have gotten since announcing I was killing it off. Especially from people in the blind community who have felt that the TV series has not really catered to them and their ilk. And my Section 31 being a pro-level audio Trek series has been something a lot of people seem to like.”