More Trek Casting News

Australian actor Chris Hemsworth (“The Cache,” “Brothers”) will play James T. Kirk’s father, George Kirk. Ironically, in real life, Hemsworth is three years younger than actor Chris Pine, the man portraying the younger James T. Kirk, leading many to speculate that the George Kirk scenes will be flashbacks. Another great casting choice by J.J. Abrams […]

Quinto As Spock – First Photos from JFX

JFX Online has posted the first real photos of “Heroes” star Zachary Quinto in makeup and costume as the young Spock on the set the new Star Trek film. JFX also has some images of filming on the set of a scene taking place during a Vulcan council meeting. “House” fans will be happy to […]

New Star Trek Film — Rumored Plot

If is to be believed, then the plot for the next, highly anticipated Star Trek movie will be different and yet familiar. The following is pure rumor thus far, but even if a rumored storyline is more spoiler than you can take, then read no further. The big question from the very beginning, when […]

Meet Spock’s Mom

Anyone even remotely aware of the original Star Trek series and the six movies it spawned know that Spock, the Vulcan first officer of the Starship Enterprise for 40 years, had a Vulcan dad and a human mother named Amanda. The role was played by the great dame of TV, Jane Wyatt for every appearance […]

Role of Captain Pike Has Been Cast

I am so happy to be able to report that one of my favorite actors has been cast in the important role of Captain Christopher Pike for the new Star Trek movie. We have been sitting on this for about a week now since first getting chirps from a little bird in our ear and […]

Open Call for New “Star Trek” Movie

Source: Submitted by: Tony Artym (SoSF Contributor) There is an open casting call on Saturday, November 10 in Burbank,Calif., for a feature film project called “Corporate Headquarters,”which appears to be a code name for the now-in-production “Star Trek”movie. has posted a notice seeking background talent for “the way Cool Sci-Fi Feature Film titled […]

A Nichols on the Trek Set

It looks like there will be a Nichols on the set of the new Star Trek feature film, but it won’t be the legendary Nichelle Nichols who starred as the iconic Commander Uhura for the first 40 years of the franchise’s history. Actress Rachel Nichols recently told the Toronto Sun that she has been cast […]

ACTION! Cameras Roll on “Star Trek” Movie Rebirth

Source: Submitted by: Tony Artym (SoSF Contributor) Production officially starts today on the eleventh movie in the Star Trek franchise, but the first to be directed by J.J. Abrams and his Bad Robot production team. This is also the first movie to “re-imagine” a prior Star Trek, casting new people in roles defined by […]

Has Abrams Found His Captain Pike?

From the first day it was announced that the new J.J. Abrams Star Trek movie would be a prequel to the original series, showcasing either the Starfleet Academy days or the years during Kirk and Spock’s first starship missions, it was speculated that the character known as Captain Christopher Pike would have to play prominently […]

Bill’s Pain Beginning To Surface?

William Shatner has been putting on his best actor’s face over the last several months since the announcement was made that his buddy and fellow long-time Star Trek cast mate Leonard Nimoy would be appearing in the new Star Trek film, but Shat would be left out. Even though director/producer J.J. Abrams and his writing […]

SPECIAL EVENT: “Menagerie” Now in Europe!

Source: The two-part Star Trek Remastered version of “The Menagerie” will now also be beaming onto the big screen in a special engagement with selected theatres in Europe! The screening — a first for episodic Star Trek on this scale — will also be seen in over 300 venues across the U.S. and Canada. […]