Slice of SciFi #212: Interview with Dr Michio Kaku (Author, “Physics of the Impossible”)


This week, it’s an encore episode featuring our interview with author Michio Kaku, the author of “Physics of the Impossible.” We’ll be back next Saturday with an all-new show.

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Slice of SciFi #207: Interview with James Farr, Geoff Edwards, John Frank Rosenblum (“Xombie”)


Interview: This week we talk to three of the creative minds behind “Xombie,”  James Farr, Geoff Edwards, John Frank Rosenbaum. “Xombie” is the story of Dirge, a dead man with a mind of his own, who struggles against his posthumous cravings (not to mention legions of the living dead) to reunite a lost child with her family.  This web series has now been released to DVD.   [Listen to the show…]