WWII Allied Fighters vs Nazi Dragons

P-51 Dragon Fighter is a World War II sci-fi, action/adventure film that will become available on DVD from Family Video and Video-On-Demand (VOD) via Pay-Per View on Comcast, Dish Network, Frontier and Verizon beginning August 19, 2014. It will also be available for purchase/download from Hastings, Video Warehouse, Amazon and other online retailers.

Directed by Mark Atkins (Battle of Los Angeles) the film stars Scott Martin (The Rig) as Lt. John Robbins and Stephanie Beran (Fatal Call) as Rachel McKee. P-51 Dragon Fighter is being released as a high-energy, sci-fi, action/adventure which takes place as the Allies advance in North Africa, when the Nazis, led by Hitler’s fascination with the Occult, unleash an ancient terror. Out of the night sky, the Allies are ambushed by dragons. Facing annihilation, a raw rag tag group of P-51 pilots are sent on a desperate mission to fight the dragons and save the war.

P-51 Dragon Fighter co-stars Ozman Sirgood (Life On Mars), Robert Pike Daniel (Battle of Los Angeles), Madison Boyd (Battle Alert) and Ross Brooks (Who Loves Judas).

Director Mark Atkins notes: “When Scott Martin and Michael Slifkin approached me about working with them on P-51 Dragon Fighter, I was honored for two reasons: First after having such a rewarding time working on Battle Force, I was keen to work on something else with Archstone. Second was having the opportunity to create an epic sci-fi fantasy action movie set against the backdrop of North Africa in WW II. What happens when fire-breathing dragons controlled by a secret occult unit of the Nazis go up against a skilled but volatile group of pilots chosen from every corner of the allied fighting force? From our stellar cast and crew to the visual effects wizards at Rogue State, everyone worked exceptionally hard to deliver the answer in P-51 Dragon Fighter.”

P-51 Dragon Fighter was produced by Scott Martin and Michael Slifkin, of Archstone Pictures. Scott Martin, comments: “Our goal was to deliver to the sci-fi audience exactly what you expect from the title, its Dragons versus P-51 Mustangs. And we enjoyed working with this cast and crew, so we’re very pleased that we are now bringing this film to the audience.”

Producer Michael Slifkin adds: “With the partners we have on this project, the production value is off the charts for a film this size.”

424 Post (Academy Award Nominee for Apocalypto) provided the post work and sound design, and Rogue State (Dragons of Camelot) created the special effects. All props and set designs were provided by ISS Props, supplier to every major studio in Hollywood.

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