Kevin Sorbo Awakens In Post Apocalyptic World



Amnesia, starring Andrew Roth (Apollyon) and Kevin Sorbo (Hercules, Andromeda), is an apocalyptic mini-series, set sometime in the near future.

Described as “LOST meets The Walking Dead (minus the zombies)”. The story follows the events surrounding a man’s life after he wakes up in a car accident.  He doesn’t remember how he got there or even what happened. When he gets out he realizes he’s not alone… there are others.   The post-apocalyptic world he awakens in is strange and unknown to him as he is suffering from amnesia.  However, he senses a strong pull to desperately search for the love of his life.  He tries to put the pieces of his life back together through a series of flashbacks while also trying to stay one step ahead of those pursuing him for reasons unknown to him.

Amnesia co-stars former ECW wrestler Al Snow (Wonderland), Martin Klebba (Pirates of the Caribbean franchise), Christina Rose (DeadHeads), Erika Hoveland (Sparkle), Kevin Gage (Heat, Firefly) and Mark Adair-Rios (Grey’s Anatomy).

John Wayne Bosely, the creator of the series and the show’s producers are currently shopping around the project to the Syfy Channel for miniseries pickup.

Stay tuned to Slice of SciFi for updates.  Here is a micro-pilot.  Enjoy.


  1. AlanHK says

    Is anyone really “currently shopping around the project to the Syfy Channel”?
    The trailer was made two years ago.

    Has anything happened since then to make this seem possible, let alone likely?

    Are critical comments allowed here?

    • says

      Yes critical comments are abundant here, but this is the first of yours that’s appeared to be moderated.

      How many other comments have you tried to leave? I think your attempts to hide your identity by using a fake email address may be triggering as spam and being auto-deleted, since this is the first time I’ve ever seen any comment by you to moderate.

      We’ve had to implement more stringent anti-spam countermeasures since an attack earlier this year attempted daily to dump about 2500 spam comments on this site… that attack lasted 5 weeks. I almost shut off comments entirely because of it.

  2. AlanHK says

    Well, I wrote several comments earlier that disappeared.
    I don’t apologise for not giving a website my real address. I don’t want spam either, and I don’t want Google and every other searchbot and TLA to profile me and link all my comments on random sites.
    So now I created a real address for you.

    But back to “Amnesia”. What is your source for saying they’re currently shopping” it?
    The trailer was uploaded on Feb 27, 2011.

    • says

      Email addresses can’t be harvested by search engines, spam bots, or otherwise viewed by anyone save site administrators. They literally aren’t even included in the code for the pages where people leave comments. It’s been like that for WordPress, Drupal and Joomla websites for nearly 10 years, give or take a year. We wouldn’t want our readers and listeners to get spammed any more than we like getting spammed.

      As for details on “Amnesia”, there’s Sorbo’s Facebook page, there’s a Kickstarter campaign from about 2 months ago… and several other scifi news websites who posted the updates around the same time we did.

      • AlanHK says

        I should trust the site admins of a site I’ve never heard of till yesterday? My address is given to people to send me mail, and I don’t want any.

        Anyway, demanding a “real” email address does nothing to slow down spammers. I’ve adminned forums that had hundreds of spammers trying to join every day, all using valid gmail addresses. You can get those and many other domains totally automated.

        As for the news item, “several other scifi news websites who posted the updates around the same time we did”, that’s why I was dubious, and still am. A bunch of bloggers who just copy each other with none of them citing a real news source, and nothing actually verifiable happening in the last three years. Some guy’s Facebook page saying he’s trying to raise money is pretty pathetic.

        Your story gives the impression this is a new project, and says “Amnesia is an apocalyptic mini-series, set sometime in the near future” which implies it in the can. Not until the 4th paragraph is there a hint this hasn’t even been made beyond a 3 minute trailer costing $150.

        And the idea is stale now anyway. Looks pretty much like “Flashforward”, “Revolution”, “H+ The Digital Series”, all of which were actually made, or this years’ crop of “Rapture” inspired shows.

        Anyway, as I said, I just discovered your site and was excited to see news of things I hadn’t seen anywhere else. But if the reason is that they’re just pipedreams that have no chance of seeing the light of day, then, well, my enthusiasm evaporates.

        • says

          Hang on, I never said we required a real email address, I just said that you using an obvious fake one may have triggered the stronger spam responses in effect now (the domain you chose doesn’t have a valid DNS setting of any kind).

          You could have chosen a fake Yahoo or Gmail address, and not been caught in the spam trap.

          You’d be surprised how many solicitations we receive to post news about Kickstarter campaigns for indie scifi projects. Problem is, because 99% of them never go anywhere, we have to turn them down. So we’d rather post news about the ones that get their funding, or at least have the backing of actors or directors that can help get the project made.

          And Sam said that the news came directly from the project’s creator… if he’s not a credible news source, then wow, are you ever a tough sell! :)

          It’s new developments on an old project… why should that make a difference? There are plenty of good stories that took 5-10 years or more to come to fruition, many of them changing over the course of how long it took. Hell, Marvel’s spent nearly 9 years bringing an Ant-Man movie to production, shouldn’t a small indie project get a little more slack? Why should this project die because it didn’t meet your exacting standards of timely production efforts?

          (ps: I’m glad you’re a fan of H+ — I loved that series, and was really glad to get that interview :) )

    • Sam Sloan says

      Besides those already mentioned by Summer Brooks, I also got direct word from the film’s creator and producer that they are working with Syfy for possible pickup of this project. Now, it must be understood that the entertainment industry, especially the TV end of it, works at a snail’s pace most of the time having projects on the books for as much as 5-yrs out. So whether or not this one actually gets greenlit by Syfy or some other outlet is anyone’s guess at this time. However, in today’s vast digital marketplace creators of content are not limited to just getting their material out there via TV or big film companies.

  3. says

    This is John Wayne Bosley. I am the creator of AMNESIA. My PR people told me about the comments on this site, so I am going to personally address them myself.

    The pilot script for the mini-series went to a Hollywood studio that is interested in producing it within their TV division to be broadcasted on SyFy or an equivalent channel. Part of the reason for this campaign is to show demand for the series. No, this is not at all like Revolution or any other show. The script was compared to “Lost meets The Walking Dead (minus the zombies)”. But I hate mashups, so I personally don’t like to compare it, even though my PR people told me to use it in our press and marketing materials. I prefer to focus on the originality of the material, but original is hard to market, so we have to make some sort of comparisons for people to understand what that story is like.

    What you see as a video is called a micro-pilot. We made it several years ago as a proof of concept, like the one that Neill Blomkamp did for District 9. After we shot it and did some post we shelved the project until about a year ago. So the final product will have the feel of what you see in the micro-pilot, but will be of a much higher grade with a lot more special effects and obviously actors like Kevin Sorbo.

    For more information you can check out our Indiegogo campaign: We didn’t launch the campaign on Sunday, it was postponed to today, due to some tech issues.

    • Sam Sloan says

      Thanks John for the quick reply to our fans. I was happy when you and your staff contacted about this story several weeks ago. It is always much appreciated to get accurate updates from any project’s creator.

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