Which Is Your Favorite Animated Disney Villain?

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Over the last nine-plus decades Disney has created some of the best animated villains in the history of entertainment. We have narrowed them down to eleven of the most iconic villains ever featured from the studio. Which of those listed is your favorite Disney baddie of all time?

Which Is Your Favorite Animated Disney Villain?

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  1. My favorite is Hades. Seriously, why isn’t he on this list?

    • As a matter of fact, where’s Jafar, Gaston (if you can call him a villain), Ursula, and The Horned King?
      You can’t tell me it’s because of the year the films were released, because all of these films were released before The Lion King, and Scar is listed. (Of course Hercules was released after Lion King, but I didn’t include that in my list.)

  2. Wow, no Jafar or Shere Khan? I may have to make an editorial update ;)

  3. Alverant says:

    I vote for Walt Disney from that movie about Mary Poppins.

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