Which of These Star Trek Fan Production Should Paramount Pick Up?

Of those listed — Which Star Trek un-sanctioned productions should Paramount/CBS pick up for a television or online weekly series?

Which of These Star Trek Fan Production Should Paramount Pick Up?

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  1. diana hale says

    Star trek continues is the only professionally produced web series. It’s true to the original series. Intelligent scripts. CBS would be lucky to get the project. So much more interesting than most of their current programming.

    • Nomad says

      “Star trek continues is the only professionally produced web series” Not sure that statement is true. I know that CBS has sought out help from Phase II and there are many others out there that have had professional directors and actors in their series as well.

      • says

        Phase 2 may have been the first, but Star Trek Continues has knocked the ball out of the park and is the superior production with near universal acclaim to prove it.

        • Heath says

          While I always have and will continue to enjoy Phase 2, I completely agree with this. The first time I watched the first Star Trek Continues episode, there was a moment where I forgot I was watching a fan production and felt as though I was watching a “lost” original episode. I never felt that with Phase 2. I love that they both exist, and STC probably owes its existence to Phase 2, but if I had to pick one, I’d pick STC without a moment’s hesitation.

        • geronl says

          STC films theirs as if it were TOS, aspect ratio and everything. That deserves to be applauded. Yes, often it really looks like they just threw a new Captain-crew into TOS.


          Phase II is great the way it is though, the new epsiodes have Hollywood-style animation/special effects. They are rigorous about getting the props, costume and such perfect. It is also a work of love.

          Both are commendable!!! But I’ll vote for the one who came first, Phase II.

      • says

        Just because CBS sought Phase 2’s help doesn’t mean that they are the best production. Near universal acclaim for Star Trek Continues proves that it is the vastly superior TOS production and should be the one to be picked up by CBS.

        • M Gracie says

          “Near universal acclaim” could easily be achieved by ANY of the fanfilms if they deleted all the negative comments and commenters like STC does. They’ve banned more people than they have fans….and NOT detractors either, just people who make constructive comments that aren’t kiss ass “you’re awesome, wonderful and perfect!”.

        • jagen says

          Totally agree. Just because they used parts of a set means nothing. Actually they probably did that due to the fact that they could save huge on budget by borrowing an existing set. I enjoyed phase 2 but there is no way it comes close to the production value and true nature of Continues.

        • Halliwell says

          Are you serious? Can you site where they have received world wide acclaim? It’s had two episodes, the acting is shabby, even for a fan film and their last episode was so paint by the numbers that I knew what was going to happen before the first ten minutes. Add to that the attention that the counselor takes away from the rest of the Enterprise crew and all the TNG references, there’s no way that Continues equals Phase II in anyway way. And Vic doesn’t do a good Captain Kirk. He does William Shatner, the man not the character. There is a difference. There wouldn’t even be a Continues without Phase II.

      • Arvig says

        If I could vote for both STC and Phase II I would, although to be fair I haven’t seen every series.

        Actually abstaining since I like both series about equally. If I could vote for both, I would.

        To be honest, I’m comparing later episodes of Phase II though. The earlier ones although great attempts I didn’t quite enjoy as much compared to the first 2 of STC, although yes I did like those as well.

        • says

          I believe I’m with you. I have thoroughly enjoyed both Phase II/NV (and, yes, I like James Cawley as Kirk!) and STC. (Trivia: several people appear in both series. For example, Vic Mignona (sorry for any misspelling) was a Klingon in PII’s “Kitumba.”) Vic does make a more romantic lead than James, but James had the forcefulness and the richer voice than Vic or Brian Gross seem to have.

          Phase II had the benefit of several of the original cast, plus several scripts from the original Phase II production. On the other hand, STC’s Lolani squarely hits the nail on the head when it comes to social commentary.

      • says

        “yet still hasn’t reached the level that Star Trek Phase II has in technical aspects.”

        You have got to be joking. Star Trek Continues has been particularly noted for the way the production staff have recreated the lighting scheme from TOS. Their uniforms and other details have also received very well deserved praise.

        .”Even though Vic Mignigna has more expereince then James Cawley as a performer, James still is a better performer than Vic.”

        Again, no. James Cawley is an amateur actor, with all that the word “amateur” implies. I appreciated what he has done for Trek TOS, but Mignogna has also received high praise for his nuanced performance as Kirk. It has been noted many times in different reviews that Mignogna has captured the essence of Kirk, without sinking into a parody of Shatnerisms. Star Trek Continiues has received heavy praise and it is very well deserved.

      • TheSted89 says

        I respectfully disagree. I give the nod to Vic as Kirk. I feel that James is reaching too much for the part. Plus the hair distracts me too much.

      • Steve says

        I’m pretty sure that Enterprise used the bridge set from Phase II for their 2-part mirror universe episode in the final season.

        • Aldo Rodriguez says

          Yes, they did.
          Pieces of the sets, and some of the costumes, have been borrowed by Paramount for their Enterprise series.

        • Al Hartman says

          “In a Mirror Darkly” used the Tactical Scanner at the Helm loaned to it from Phase 2, and James made the wrap around tunic that Archer wore.

          The Bridge set was not the Phase 2 bridge, they built a very nice replica that was different in several ways if you know what to look for.

          A shame that set is no more.

          Phase 2 may have loaned more items and expertise to that episode, but these are the things I’m sure of.

      • says

        As you may have heard / seen, James Cawley no longer portrays Kirk in Star Trek:Phase II. Actor Brian Gross has taken on that role in the newest released episode and those episodes currently in planning or production. I have yet to watch the latest, so can’t comment on Brian’s portrayal.

      • Chris says

        I agree, Phase 2 is the BEST, Tue to TOS and when i started watching it, i felt like i was watching TOS all over again with new episodes. It has gotten so close with the Characters, Professionl acting and amazing quality.

      • Claude Parish says

        I like both Star Trek Continues and Star Trek Phase II. I find both to be professionally produced and fueled by the passions of their respective makers. Phase II edges Continues out a bit, though. They have more of a history with Trek and if a gun were held to my head and I was forced to pick, Star Trek Phase II would be my choice to keep.
        No disrespect to all those other Trek ventures. I’m impressed by anyone who takes on this massive series in an attempt to keep it in the forefront of science fiction fandom and Star Trek fandom in particular.

      • Al Hartman says

        @Ace Praline – Phase 2 uses actual TOS costumes that are the private property of the producers. Even the newly made costumes are made using the original patterns and cloth obtained from William Ware Theiss who made all the costumes from TOS.

        STC uses uniforms from Anovos, which are good — but are recreations. Not original costumes made from actual TOS fabric and patterns.

        And the Phase 2 Cinematographers and lighting staff goes out of their way to reproduce the lighting styles of the original series. They do a wonderful job at recreating that 1960’s lighting style. They do it so subtly and seemlessly that you may be missing it.

        I think STC is doing a great job. I also think Star Trek: Phase 2 is doing it better.

        The acclaim for STC is NOT “universal” as the poll above shows, and as the many P2 fans can attest to.

        To use a famous quote:

        “You ain’t seen nothing yet!”

      • logicdictates says

        “No, I am sorry. Star Trek Continues has far surpassed anything the other fan films have done.” I’ll Stop ya right there. Sure Marina Sirtis did the voice of the computer for STC. But the ORIGINAL actress did the voice for P2, Walter and George both are fare superior Trek actors then Mr. Forest, no offense. The most renouned TOS Trek writers (hugo winning writer) David Gerrold and D.C.Fontana are on board with P2. There are parts of STC that I do like, just not as much as P2. The second episode was awesome except no one I was with, including me, could understand 30 percent of Lou’s script, someone should have helped him out with some voice overs during the post or maybe subtitle it as I had to watch it a few times and decipher it as if it was another language, not fun with a 9 year old asking you to replay every few seconds because they can’t understand it.

      • kenneth dysinger says

        New voyages/phase II has made 9 episodes and 4 mini episodes. ST continues has made only 2 episodes and 3 mini episodes. Phase II in my opinion is more of a quality production and carries the heart and soul of TOS then STC.

    • Eric Simpson says

      I love NV/P2, but it was hardly the first internet fan film series. I don’t know which series *was* first, but I do know that the first Hidden Frontier episode was released in 2000, 4 years before New Voyages’ first pilot.

    • James Nelson says

      Actually I’ve found most of the Star Trek fan productions to have intelligent scripts, certainly more intelligent than what Paramount has been lately offering.

    • Forest says

      But Star Trek Phase two is also professionally done as is Star Trek: Renegedes. And Passed Two is supported by the Roddenberry family and the original crew and writers and set designers. Though I like Star Trek Continues it is not as well done as Phase Two and Renegades

    • Scott Hedrick says

      Star Trek Phase II not only has multiple Star Trek professionals working on it in a professional manner, the guy running it was in Abram’s first movie and parts of the set were lent to Paramount for use on Star Trek Enterprise. Star Trek Continues is also very well done and has professional Star Trek help (and also has Scotty Jr as Scotty), and it’s main problem is lack of experience (2 episodes vs 8 for Phase II). I’ve contributed to both and will continue to do so. I’d go with one of them, and I lean towards Phase II. Starship Exeter is dead, as is Hidden Frontiers, Odyssey, Federation One and The Helena Chronicles. Renegades is new and so we haven’t seen it to be able to vote on it. Phase II suffered from what a lot of fan productions have, rehash rash. Continues did as well, although I must say I found the last episode exceptionally well done. How wonderful to find Mr Forrest alive and well. I think Phase II has the advantage in that it is using some actual Star Trel professional scripts that were intended for professional use. I also very much like Farragut’s For Want of a Nail- the twist at the end was fantastic. I wouldn’t mind seeing Farragut popping up once in a while whether Phase II or Continues was chosen. I’d really like to give a shout-out to the Hidden Frontiers folks. I think they did a fantastic job with the money they had, and their show steadily improved over time. Sure, there was too much green screen, but that’s a function of time and money. Plus, after watching the behind-the-scenes of the latest Riddick movie, I am truly astounded what can be done with professional green screen. I thought Vin Diesel was sitting on a throne, not some kitchen chair draped with a green sheet. Hidden Frontiers did the best it could and did it surprising well- I found the writing, particularly towards the end, to be superb. However, I don’t think that Hidden Frontiers, even if it were still in operation, could be geared up to the level necessary for professional work. Since Phase II is actually using professionals, and Star Trek professionals, for so much of the work, it has the best chance of improving. If chosen, I’d really like to see it remain where it is, and the same with Continues. The sets are better than the originals- imagine what could be done with, say, a million $ to start up and $75K per episode. Improve the cameras a bit and you could put it on the air.

      • Al Hartman says

        $75k per episode doesn’t begin to pay for what Phase 2 episodes cost to produce now.

        I think each episode costs upwards of $150k after paying for rent, utilities, set building and maintenance, costumes, actors who must be paid due to union rules, server costs, and other things.

    • Marty says

      Continues *looks exactly like* TOS Star Trek. Phase II looks like a well-meaning, lovingly-made community theater version of TOS. The question (which is, frankly, kind of dumb because NONE OF THESE fan-made show is being considered for network pick-up) asks which “should be” a Paramount show. Clearly the more professionally produced fan series would be the answer. I’ve watched ALL Phase II episodes. None even come close to the quality of Continues. Or, to be perfectly honest, the newest Phase II does come close, though it took them over a year to release it. Continues is putting out vastly superior episodes faster. No question: Phase II falls short of Continues’ complete excellence.

    • michael menard says

      I voted for Star Trek Phase 2 because it was the only fan-produced Star Trek I had seen. But, I regret my vote, slightly. I’ve just watched Star Trek Continues and it is amazing, and deserves your vote. They’re both wonderful, and don’t get me wrong, I want them both to continue (no pun intended) but, STC blew my vulcan ears off! 😉 Also, you’ll be amazed by Star Trek Continues’ Captain Kirk, he is incredible!!

    • Bill Floyd says

      To be honest, I’ve not seen a single episode of phase 2. I have watched everything STC has put out. I LOVE their production.

      I voted for Renegades though because I think the poll is unfair as Renegades is still in post. The concept of a rot within the Federation is a very compelling theme. ST: Insurrection and the TNG episode involving Riker’s role in the Peas is incident come to mind.

      How do you maintain a free society when dealing with flaws in human nature?

    • anenja says

      Renegades is the one! Still wrapping post production, it will be specatacular. Check out the Star Trek series stars in Star Trek Renegades! Directed by Tim Russ and starring ST actors from all the ST series including Walter Koenig (Chekov from TOS)

    • Ralph L. Angelo Jr. says

      From everything I’ve seen it has to be ‘Star Trek Continues’ . As of now it IS a Star Trek series with the best acting and production values. What I like about ‘Renegades’ though is that it takes place in the 24th century..

  2. Bill Lutz says

    If not for Phase 2
    there would have been NONE of these other production companies. CBS KNOWS what Phase 2 can do.

  3. RayR says

    None of the above. We haven’t seen “Renegades” yet, but it has the most hope for solid acting. Hopefully the story line will be compelling. And I feel confident the production value will be great. But time will tell.
    “Continues” is doing great with production value and improved story lines but like all the others, has obvious holes in the acting department. If Paramount wants to remake TOS and pick up where it left off, I would think they would do it without picking up any Fan franchise. Again, that puts Renegades out front.

    If it ever happens, It will probably be shot in Vancouver anyway.

  4. Progman says

    I voted for ST Renegades because my most favorite ST episodes and movies have been when someone was bucking Starfleet. I like ST Continues, but I don’t think it needs to be picked up to succeed, it will succeed on its own, give something else a chance to get made.

    • Hatfield says

      Thing is, if STC wants to “succeed on its own” it will have to do so with the cooperation of CBS/Paramount, as they hold the copyright licensing for the entire franchise. ANY of these will either have to seek their support or continue in their present situations (being fan projects and not MAKING money)

  5. Nykona says

    CBS will never pick up any TOS rehash like Continues or Phase II, especially with the medicore acting or Shatner impressions. Doesn’t matter if they are re-creating TOS perfectly.

    What about Star Trek: Axanar? Leaving them off your list is a mistake since they will probably be the best offering yet.

    • David Alexander McDonald says

      There’s also Triton, which is coming along bit by bit, and it’ll be interesting to see how they do. Mind you, I may have a couple of dogs in the fight there.

    • Marja says

      Golly, you could almost make the same claim about TOS! Look how closely Roddenberry adhered to the plot points of “Forbidden Planet,” for example.

      Both Phase II and STC take up the thread from where TOS left off, dude. They are competitors in the “successor to TOS” field, but while I cannot make my way past the first five minutes of any Phase II episode [mostly due to Cawley, bless his heart], I’ve enjoyed both STC episodes, noting the accurate TOS-type lighting and performances. “Lolani” hit the ball out of the park. At the same time, the highly praised Phase II episode “Kitumba” was one I couldn’t get through. STC looks and feels like TOS, while PII seems to me an imitation.

      Sorry Phase II fans, I don’t give a care where the uniform costumes come from as long as they are accurate and fitted well. STC’s look like TOS’s third season costumes and that’s good enough for me. As near as I can tell the women’s costumes are made on the TOS pattern.

      All the same, continuing kudos to William Ware Theiss, may he rest in peace, whose TOS fashions were always “fascinating” and often extraordinarily beautiful.

  6. Chris says

    Phase 2 is the best, True to the original , fan series and should be picked up so they can continue bringing the original trek back to us 😀

  7. says

    Star Trek: Axanar is currently in the pre-production phase and has some serious scifi and Trek cred behind it — Richard Hatch, J.G. Hertzler, Gary Graham, and Michael Hogan have already been announced as cast members and they’re about to launch their Kickstarter. Isn’t there room for one more great effort on that list?! =)

    • Al Hartman says

      I can’t wait to see what Axanar puts out. I think Alec Peters will do a great job with it. The pre-production art looks great, and if you watch the P2 Vignette released recently “To Boldly Go…”, you’ll see Alec portraying Captain Garth as he intends to in Star Trek: Axanar.

      I wish he and his crew a lot of luck, and am looking forward to see the finished film.

  8. says

    Why go with only one? There’s too much great stories, work, and talent in many of these projects to limit myself like that. If CBS/Paramount were really going to pick up something like this, they should probably go the route of Star Wars with their Fan Film Festival project.

    • Anonymous says

      Agreed. From the look of this thread and the childish infighting between supporters and those involved in ST:P2 and ST:C I can’t see any one fan show being suitable to represent CBS interests.

      The only scenario that might however work is for CBS to open a channel on CBS.com or affiliate online web channels whereby ALL fan filmmakers can upload STAR TREK tm. related content that must pass CBS screener approval on an individual basis. The ratings for each approved series and/or shows would be published and ad revenue would be shared based on viewership. This is essentially the model Youtube is already using.

      As far as being ‘ready made’ I would say only two shows qualify as overall content (and especially acting) suitable for television broadcast or CBS sponsorship and licensing and those are Renegades and Exeter. Renegades is cast with professional actors with professional production value being produced by a former Voyagers cast member.

      And Exeter is the only TOS era show with an established fan base that truly lives up to TOS without being dull and cringe worthy in the acting department. In fact their one broadcast ready episode (TTI) is currently having it’s fourth act completed. It’s also the ONLY TOS fan show to follow the look of TOS in both screen format and production value 100%.

      Whereas Both ST:C and ST:P2 are shot on HD and wide screen.

      And politically ST:C and ST:P2 are so intertwined and mired in bad P.R. its tough to say who is working with who to really draw sides. Farragutt is of course teamed up with ST:C and uses the same EFX to create a nice looking show but again the screen format (and music) is not vintage TOS (unlike Exeter) and the acting is a MAJOR problem. In fact acting is a problem for every series on this list other than Renegades and Exeter.

      In short there are simply too many variables and choices for fans and ultimately I think fans will always want more choices. That’s really the joy of the net scape. And why I think there can’t really be just ONE official show. Those days are gone. This is a new frontier and the flood gates should be wide open. For CBS to choose just one or two would be limiting their profit potential and the creative passions of the fan filmmakers who would love to do this for a living.

      Finally, there are also many shows not yet available for viewership like Axnar and the long awaited Yorktown:A Time to Heal that fans want to see.

      Having said that, I don’t think its only the fancy EFX fans of star trek want, I think they want the nostalgia and they want to be entertained.

      • Anonymous says

        Ok thanks for clearing that up. If in fact there is no infighting I think the best thing both ST:C and P2 can do is to do one episode as a joint venture and let everyone know that they are in fact allied in their efforts. This would immediately debunk the wacko and at the same time bring everyone the best of both worlds as someone else in this thread suggested.

        I see both ST:C and P2 having merit-able aspects and lacking aspects respectively. I think a joining of forces would be advantageous on many levels notwithstanding creating a more congruent and affable cast with better chemistry and ideal acting skill. I for one would like to see a P2/STC joint venture show that had a new McCoy, a new Spock, and a new Sulu. Maybe even a new Uhura. I honestly don’t think either show has those characters working optimally.

        Cawley as Kirk seems to be straining his face for effect too much and the lines never seemed natural. And Brian Gross in the trailers looks and acts like he’s still in the academy and seems both too docile and inexperienced to be a captain of Kirks caliber. I don’t buy that casting thus far.

        That leaves Vic as Kirk and I think it works on many levels especially in the physical characterization. The only thing that needs work is more authoritative strength in the voice to be more like Shatner as Kirk. If the fear is it being perceived as comedic is why Vic is withdrawn in the role I don’t see a better impression being confused with comedy as long its done with class. And MORE extended fights would be nice. That double kick was cool but I can’t see that being enough to disable the hulk.

        And in reference to STC and P2 being shot in HD wide screen I should have separated the sentence to say STC is shot in HD, and P2 is shot in both HD and widescreen. My bad. Alternately, Exeter doesn’t appear to have been shot in HD and is of course also 4:3.

        What both P2 and STC could do however is offer alternate versions in 4:3 with more grain added to simulate the vintage film look. And of course the idea that were both shows to be replicating hypothetical revisionist broadcasts in the era they were hypothetically produced they would both be 4:3 anyways.

        I for one prefer everything to be as close as possible in replicating the look it would have had in the era it was supposedly broadcast.

  9. Dustin Sherrill says

    I would rather see Netflix or Amazon pick them up with exclusive offers. The major networks can stuff it. Cordkillers unite!

  10. GSN1775 says

    I would like to see a star trek based series with good starfighter battles. capital ships are cool and all but the real workhorse of any space battle is the snub fighter.

  11. Shane says

    personally Phase 2 got me into the fan made series… always been a big star trek fan since TNG, DS9, Voy and Enterprise… and went back and watched where it all started with TOS and loved it… Phase 2/New Voyages… remained faithful to its origins, breathing new life while retaining the cheese of the original series…
    I know many didn’t like Enterprise, some cos the theme was different, others cos the tech looked much better than TOS but I have to say I enjoyed it, I didn’t see the tech being any more advanced than TOS but rather a case of not too far from what tech we have now… and it was a shame that it ended too soon :/

    I would like to see Renegades and Phase 2 get funding, and tbf many of the others too… but what I wouldn’t want to see is once a studio picks up the tab and funds it on a grander scale… I wouldn’t want to see that said studio then begin re-organizing the show and molding it into something that is different from what it was originally intended…
    sure enhance the show and the capability of what the crew can achieve but dont change it so that it would appeal to other viewers cos the thing is with people
    once we get introduced to something we either… like it, love it or absolutely hate it…

    and if you divert too far from what people loved about the specific show… to appease others those who were once loyal would leave, then what happens… now you have a show that hangs in the balance of a few people who may or may not like/love it…

    so to those who would take over any of these shows… please think before you ruin everything they have achieved…. don’t destroy all the hard work and commitment put into such works of art.. after all the great man Gene Roddenberry created a vision, an inspiration for everyone…. this inspired many to live a dream… don’t destroy peoples dreams… make them better… bring them alive but never destroy them…

    • says

      Renegades got its funding and is in post at the moment. However I think Star Trek Continues is better than phase II. I would actually like to see Phase II move more towards a Series based before the 5 year mission after Pikes promotion and before Where no man has gone before.

      Phase II is fantastic, no doubt, however i think star trek continues will give it a run for its money

      • feenix219 says

        Phase II is trying to merge the post TMP 5 year mission with the end of the original 5MY and its throwing things off. The scripts, Xon, the Child script written for Ilia, etc, was all supposd to be 2nd 5 year mission, in an alternate universe where In Thy Image happened instead of TMP in the chronology. I would love a Cage era series, but even more so, I would love a pre Khan series, set on the movies ship, chronicling the major event that leads from TMP to the miltary TWK setting and change of uniforms. Unfortunately, everyone wants to build the TOS bridge rather then spending the time and money building the TMP sets (understandable financially) but its creating an odd mix of things. Put me down for just wanting the second 5YM, however we get it. STC is doing great in finishing the original.

  12. James says

    This question sort of smacks of covert trolling to get fans to takes sides, so I’m not going to play. Paramount never really respected the Star Trek franchise since day one, so why would I expect them to pick of anybody’s production, and then precede to not run it into the ground, or to make it pretty meaningless, by tampering with the stories the filmmakers want to tell?

  13. Mac Baker says

    Star Trek New Voyages / Phase 2, was one of the first fan based series, though Farragut came out about the same time, and Hidden Frontier’s green screen productions began long before either.

    That being said, Star Trek Continues is the better quality production, with good storylines, better acting, and an overall feel that is truer to the Original Series!

  14. says

    If anyone is unfamiliar with ANY of these series and wants to find easy links to watch some (or all) of them, drop by Star Trek Reviewed, http://startrekreviewed.blogspot.com/ and find the page through the Table of Contents http://startrekreviewed.blogspot.com/2009/06/2.html or Index http://startrekreviewed.blogspot.com/2009/06/100.html . I would also have liked to see Star Trek: Aurora, a 3D animation, on this list. A completely original take on the original Universe, Aurora follows the adventures of a pair of space merchants who do not have Starfleet’s enormous ships or practically unlimited weaponry or budgets… but still face all the dangers of space. Not complete (but neither is Renegades) and also a 3D animation, is Star Trek: Time Warp. There are MANY professionals involved in the higher-end fan films. No one has sole claim to professional support or production values.

    • dom says

      I read about production of a fanflm set on the klingon homeworld back in 2006 or 2007 but cannot find it. Any info on that?

  15. Makurosu says

    Phase II. Of all the fan series, Cawley’s group really “gets” Star Trek, in my opinion. It’s not perfect, but it’s the best of the fan series. It has a certain excitement to it that the others just don’t have, though Continues comes close. That said, I wouldn’t pick any of them, because I want something new that stays true to Roddenberry’s vision. What I really want is Enterprise back.

  16. says

    Which of the stated projects should be picked up? I would say none. At this point Network TV would only destroy a good thing. The cable networks are slightly better, but I think that a fan supported model is what these folks need. It’s the most egalitarian, cuts out the middle man who can corrupt the product, and results in immediate fan feedback.

    At this point I think that I’m watching more web series and independent productions than I am network and cable television. Sure, it tends to lack in multi-million dollar effects, lens flares, and ‘splosions, but the work backing it tends to be much more intelligently written.

  17. Scott E says

    With respect to Phase 2, which I truly enjoy, I believe the next series should be a ‘next, next’ generation. Trans-warp perfected, and the long theorized side-warp in development. Lasting peace with the Romulans and the Borg contained. Boldly going…

  18. Jack Timber says

    Defiantly Phase II. Not impressed with Continues as they are building off the Phase II success. Axanar isn’t on here because it’s a movie and the productions listed here are series.

  19. Brian says

    I’ve been a loyal viewer of NV/P2 for the entire run and now I am really enjoying STC. In truth, the acting in NV/P2 has always been pretty bad (Though James Cawley was darn good, as is their current Spock, and Dr. McCoy). The acting in Kitumba though made it tough to watch, I’m sorry to say. While the first two episodes of STC has been top notch in almost every way.

    So that being said, I find it hard to vote for either of them (the only two really in the running). I am looking forward to seeing what Renegades has to offer as well as Axanar. For this reason, I will abstain.

  20. Ryeman says

    I think STC has the best actors overall, although Phase II does an excellent job as well. I think Kim Stringer would have done a more realistic job as Uhura in the new ST movies.

  21. Buckdawg says

    All are great in their own merit, with “Continues” and “Phase Two” being awesome at replicating the past, whereas “Intrepid” and “Exeter” have brought new characters to the fold!

    But honestly, if they were to look at making something official or backing it somehow, they should take a look at the excellent Star Trek/sci-fi spoof comedy, Captain Quasar, which had me howling and seriously needs more love! Check it out here… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MHd8q-M0L6E

  22. Tom says

    I wish I could pick both Phase II and Continues. In my opinion,both are good but I am leaning with Phase II because they actually helped bring Star Trek back to the forefront by showing that other actors can play those roles before JJ decided to do the reboot. I don’t care about the “mudslinging” that some people talk about; all I care is that they are both entertaining and wish both the best of success

  23. John says

    They all have their positives and negatives, but Phase 2 has excellent production values and great consistency. Continues is very similar and I fear they compete a bit too much for the good of the fan base. I’ve always enjoyed Exeter and wish it would come back to life – there is something to be said about stories set on a DIFFERENT ship in the same TOS time period. It creates the opportunity for a lot more stories without getting caught up in the finer details of Trek Canon. If I were to suggest a direction for CBS to go, perhaps a series set on another TOS ship would be a way to do it well, as much as I love Spock, Kirk, McCoy, and the rest of the cast.

  24. Heidi says

    Phase 2. I am amazed by what they’ve accomplished. It beats the heck out of the ridiculous Abrams movies.

  25. Neville Watkins says

    Both Phase Two and Continues are very well done. But for my money Phase Two has never quite got it right. It’s far too fannish and writes the sort of stories that fans want to see. Not a good thing. Whereas Continues has much more of the feel of the original to me. It feels more comfortable.

  26. Frank Bailey says

    Star Trek: Continues surprised a lot of people, myself included, since it seemed to come out of nowhere and was arguably really good. It *feels* like classic Star Trek in a way (in my opinion) New Voyages/Phase II doesn’t, and Vic Mignona occupies a Kirk-like space without being Shatneresque. Then again I thought James Cawley brought something really interesting to his portrayal of JTK as well.

    To be honest, I’m really enjoying both shows. I heartily look forward to seeing Brian Gross in Phase II when their production schedule settles down. I think both production teams deserve all our support. Becoming fanboyishly divisive as to which show deserves to be picked up (a loooooong shot at best, regardless) does both a disservice.

  27. Lady Valkris says

    Just what I was afraid of happening did. Fans flaming and insulting other productions due to misguided ‘loyalty’ to a fan production as opposed to the fandom itself. Fanboys/fangirls are the worst.

    All of these productions and even those not listed are manifestations of the love folk have for the 47+ year franchise. Frankly, they all should be supported or at the very least respected for what they are, homages to Star Trek.

    To address the poll, none of the TOS era productions will be considered. Those are for the fans. IF CBS decides to go with a new show it will be an Academy based show or something edgier, darker relating to war or Section 31.

  28. X-Man T-Rex says

    How about different stories of different ships and crew every two weeks? There are very high standards compared with all the TV series. There must be much thought put into any new series for TV. Arguing this ones better or that spun off from this one is mute. I just want good Trek. No crap!

    • Dean Paul Larsh says

      This is a very good idea, X Men T Rex. It would garner an appetite like a miniseries, yet have ability to put out quality without having to rush it as soap operas do. As at least one other has said, this would enable pooling of talents with the different productions to put out the best that they have to offer. This would ensure that the cream of the crop is seen by the public and Trek fandom seen by them as more than stereotypical ‘Trekkies’ who are more than the sum of their parts.

    • Al Hartman says

      I’ve always thought an Anthology series would be a great idea.

      Most of the sets, costumes and props could be re-used. And since we don’t need to worry about the same characters coming back next week, we could show some ships and crews coming to a dramatic and more realistic end. That would be high drama, watching a crew face death in the unknown of space. This is one element that made the Aliens movies so popular.

      Of course, crews that end up being popular could recur.

      We could even get off ships, and do Starbase or Planet-based stories.

  29. Karl Hoskins says

    I have enjoyed Star Trek Continues, but Star Trek I: Spector …WOW … Look for it on YouTube.

  30. says

    Star Trek Continues will only attract the die hard fans. It will suffer low ratings and will be cancelled in short order.
    It’s appeal to the die hards (Being true to TOS) is also it’s downfall to the viewing audience as a whole.

    No one will take a show that looks like it comes out of the 60s seriously, regardless how well written it is.

  31. Scott says

    Funny they listed renegades and not ‘of gods & men’. Tim Russ is known for his directing skills, but new voyages already got a big boost by Paramount allowing them to use “Phase Two” as their title. Star Trek continues is doing very well, but they are just a little late. The others listed have been done for a few years, I doubt they would gain such a prize.

  32. Richard says

    I think both ST: Phase II and ST: Continues are amazing. I give a slight nod to Continues, because I feel the acting is stronger. I do feel the special effects in Phase II are stronger.

    In a perfect world, they should combine the two productions and take the strengths of both.

    That said, when I watch Continues, I sometimes forget I’m watching a fan series and feel I’m watching the real thing.

    Both teams are true heroes and I hope they’ll keep up the great work.

    • Snark says

      I could agree with that, except that Vic’s Kirk pulls me out of the show. It’s just too posed and smacks of a poor imitation rather than a genuine portrayal.

  33. Craig Mitchell says

    Who has episodes featuring George Takei, Walter Koenig, William Windom, Barbara Luna, John Winston…………PHASE II……Who sent a Tunic and specs to ENTERPRISE…Phase 2….Who has done it for a decade PHASE II….Who has DAVID GERROLD….PHASE II……Johnny Come lately’s are riding coat tails and using KICKSTARTER…….and the others while great fan productions are not PHASE II……..

  34. Bob says

    I am not voting as all I have seen are New Voyages and Hidden Frontier, I will, however, start looking into these others now that I know about them.
    One not mentioned is “Star Trek: Aurora”. It is an animated feature with only one episode under it’s belt and another near completion. It is all done by one individual and worth your time.

    • Will says

      Bob, I agree with you about Star Trek: Aurora, and I hope to see more of this spunky little animated webseries in the near future!

    • Karl S. Keene says

      Star Trek: Aurora is a real animated gem! I really liked the story and I’m really looking forward to the next episode!

    • says

      Sadly, that “pissing contest” is largely amongst their and our fans. We’re just continuing to do what we’ve always done. With over ten years into this, it’d be hard to claim otherwise for us.

      Robert from Star Trek Phase II

    • SNARK says

      Vic didn’t exactly steal from Starship Ajax…but he did enter into a promise that he later broke; that being that if AJAX helped build all the other sets (AJAX has the old EXETER bridge, restored and finished to a full 360) they could use them, as long as Vic’s production could use the bridge. Work began on the sets, dipping into AJAX’s supplies as well. When work was about half done, a crew came late at night and packed it all up and left AJAX holding the bag. Vic wrote a paltry check check to AJAX which didn’t even NEARLY make up for the loss of time and materials and rent. He also stiffed his now ex-partners for back rent. We have yet to see much from AJAX, since Vic broke their backs and made a like deal with FARRAGUT.
      So…Vic DID NOT steal…but he DID screw the hell out of a bunch of people…what a guy.
      I know all this because I was working with AJAX at the time.

  35. says

    Star Trek Continues has a great website and social media campaign. The shows are consistently great.

    Star Trek Phase 2 has equally great moments. But episodes are less consistent and the social media campaign is less focused.

    Still – when I voted I was torn between the two. James Cawley surely deserves a great deal of credit for taking Star Trek into new territory, especially regarding copyright issues regarding the Paramount franchise. A huge accomplishment!

    Vic Mignogna’s team understand the importance of consistency and they too have taken Star Trek yet to another level. I often wonder how close Cawley and Mignogna work together.

    Renegades also is a great show, many of the old Trek cast are part of it. They are close to Roddenberry’s vision, but only Cawley and Mignogna really understand that vision to such an extend that Star Trek, the original, is once again alive again on screen.

  36. Jack Shappa says

    I think there are a lot of biased fanboy posts here. As a huge fan of the original series with no bias toward any show, my choices came down to Phase 2 vs Continues. I’m glad they both exist, but I found ST Continues to be more like watching the show. Better camera angles, better scripts, FAR better acting (you can tell the difference between pros and amateurs right away). Phase 2 overuses camera depth of field like a kid with a new toy and frankly I had difficulty getting through entire episodes due to the lackluster writing. ST Continues kept my interest just like the original series. So it has my vote.

  37. says

    If anyone is interested there is a campaign to get Enterprise season 5 going, Star Trek Axanar that is going to be mind blowing (Michael Hogan as Robert April (in a cameo appearance) Richard Hatch as the Klingon commander, Soval returns reprised by gary himself, JG who played Martok is in it as a starfleet captain..

    And then there is Equinox, John Savage & Gary Lockwood reprise their respective roles in the 23rd century, premise is weak but its been made as we speak Check out facebook for details

  38. says

    I watched the first Continues and it was obvious they had money and had some big names, I didn’t get the feel of the original. I wasn’t even that excited about the story line. While another Star Trek series would be cool in the 24th or even the 29th century, I want more of the Original, and Phase II has gotten it’s feet and does an excellent job delivering the goods.

  39. says

    As much as i loved seeing Michael Forrest as Apollo again, the overload of cliché in STC made me cringe such that I had to vote against it. I commented on one of their Fb posts “We know it’s Star Trek—you don’t have to hit us over the head with it.”

  40. Matthew says

    Official involvement with ANY of the current fan projects would be the kiss of death.

    The last official series was “Enterprise” – OH DEAR!
    Talk about breaking every rule in the Star Trek book… too much temporal stuff, and a long story arc – previous Trek had the odd 2 parter, and maybe an “advancing menace” hint, but if you hit an episode you didn’t rate, that story would be over by the next.

  41. says

    Star Trek: Hidden Frontier was the first online series. It lasted 7 years. No one else has reached that length of production time as yet. It’s popularity helped to create other spinoff series such as Star Trek: Helena Chronicles and Star Trek: Odyssey. Please share your stories in support of your favorite online series.

    • says

      There are no other series with as many episodes as Hidden Frontier, but the English series, Star Trek: Unity, has been produced over a longer period of time. It started as a ‘Teen Trek’ series but the writer/director has gotten into his 20s. It takes the position that the Time Lords of Dr. Who are the Iconians, and connects the two franchises, following the story of a Starfleet Captain who is also a Time Lord. It is described here: http://startrekreviewed.blogspot.com/2009/06/90.html .

  42. Jack Hollingsworth says

    I would have to vote for 3, I’m afraid. Star Trek: Phase II for doing the best to the canon with limited resources (I sent them money, so I guess I already voted with my wallet). Star Trek Continues because I really like the actors and the stories. I don’t see my third choice, which is Star Trek: Secret Missions. I would vote for them because that show’s version mirrors my own perceptions of what ST:TOS should be.

  43. James says

    The moment you all start arguing over which is better and putting down other productions has made this poll completely worthless.

  44. says

    (Apologies in advance if this is a repost, but I tried posting a while ago and nothing has shown up on the thread yet. Moderators, feel free to delete or not post any duplicates. :-) )

    I like STPII and STC equally well, for different reasons. I think they both carry the TOS banner highly, completely disproving the “franchise fatigue” theory, and I would hate to lose either of them. I am not surprised to see the two productions running neck-and-neck in the polling, and I am disappointed that the poll question seems to have brought off-putting partisan rivalry to the fore. Here’s the thing: Paramount saw their Trek cash cow begin to run dry and looked for something or someone to blame. They settled on Berman and “franchise fatigue.” But both STPII and STC demonstrate that good, old-fashioned TOS-era Trek, done with passion and respect, remains just as entertaining, and potentially as popular, as it always was. The problem was that Paramount rarely, if ever, did it with the proper passion, respect, and understanding of what went into “real” Trek. The more spinoffs they made, the further away they diverged from the core of Trek, to which people have always responded and continue to respond. Predictably, the demand for Paramount Trek began to wither (from the perspective of their accountants, anyway). So Paramount gave us a Trek drought. In the midst of this drought emerged ST New Voyages (now ST Phase II), and more recently, Star Trek Continues. By sticking close to the core of genuine Trek, these two productions GAINED audience and fame as non-profit labors of love on shoestring budgets. For their part, Paramount finally gave us Abrams Trek, which, to me, is delightful and entertaining in the same way that a Lego version of Trek would be — a welcome change of pace — but never “the real thing.” Now, with the question of who deserves an official nod and support from Paramount, STPII and STC are pitted against each other, leading partisans of each to savage the other, when it is Paramount that deserves the rebuke.

    If you ask me, Paramount ought simply to have a licensing process, by which multiple production companies could, for reasonable fees, acquire the rights to Trek for purposes for their profit-making productions. If Paramount were not too greedy, they might realize similar revenue from licensed, for-profit fan productions, as from their own Trek-related video releases. On the fan-production side, they would have better income and ability to sustain their productions; they could actually PAY their casts and crews; newcomers to the industry would have opportunities to get excellent experience for their résumés, not to mention attention-getting segments for their “demo reels”; and cast members from Trek productions of old could return for more screen exposure and fan accolades. Then, we wouldn’t have to choose between the long list of productions compiled for this poll, we could have as many as we were willing to support with our own dollars. I would vote for THAT.

    • says

      Personally, I like that CBS/Paramount allows many of us to produce Fan Films of Star Trek. What would be nice is if they allowed a ‘For Profit” License where as they allow the Fan Film to be produced w/o up front fees but rather take 5%-10% residuals on the back side if the projects realize a profit. In which case as the cream rises to the top, the Producer and Paramount can realize just rewards.

      Many of the Fan Films don’t have the expertise, budgets or some of the talent necessary to realize their full potential but are, none the less, very entertaining and should be encouraged and supported.

      Phase II & Farragut I’d suggest hold the highest quality of the one’s I’ve seen. Phase II though has garnered support from much of the original players. Placing bets if/when CBS would pick one up….I’d say Phase II is by far ahead in quality and political placement.

      • says

        I’m a huge fan of this idea. Even if it were a “non profit” license with a nominal, fee, that’d be enough to quell a lot of producers’ fears. I don’t care about making money. I care about telling good stories.

  45. Will says

    “All right. In the heart. In the head. I won’t stay dead. Next time, I’ll kill you.
    And it goes on, the good old game of war, pawn against pawn!
    Stopping the bad guys.
    While somewhere, some… thing sits back and laughs… and starts it all over again.”

    James T. Kirk, “Day Of The Dove”

    Who’s the top dog of the fan productions? Who “does it best”?

    “only a fool fights in a burning house. Out!” – Kang, “Day Of The Dove”

  46. says

    There are so many fanfilms out there. “Dark Armada”, for instance. Each has its own merits, strengths and weaknesses. All of them have a heart behind them and a passion. Any one of them, however, in the hands of a studio would be altered to suit that studio’s needs and mission. That said, if we are putting up a list (which is purely for fun, of course), there should be a “write-in” option to specify one that may have been inadvertently missed from the list.

  47. brian says

    I have seen them all but phase 2 sticks out as the best of the bunch. The others are good but phase 2 has had the original actors appear in the series and the computer generated images are out of this world my vote goes for phase 2

  48. Alan says

    While Phase 2 and Continues have better production values, and Continues actually has decent acting, Hidden Frontier and its spinoffs had better and deeper storytelling. Combining their story telling with studio production budgets would make for a killer series.

  49. Dandru says

    Those calling these productions “professional” don’t understand the term. These are purely amateur fan films–ALL of them–and none of them are being done on a professional level. If they were, nearly all of the actors in every one of these productions would have never been hired.

    This poll is missing an important option: None of the above. The worst thing CBS could do would be to hire any of these teams to make official Star Trek. No way!!!

    • Sam Sloan says

      Beg to differ. Phase II has had original Star Trek writers, directors, prop masters, costume creators and even TOS and TNG actors as part of the cast. STC and Renegades have also had both actors and behind the camera professionals from the various Trek series and films work on these “fan made” episodes. Can’t get more professional than the likes of Walter Koenig, George Takei, Michael Forest, David Gerrold, John Carrigan, Chris Doohan, Denise Crosby, BarBara Luna, William Windom, Grace Lee Whitney, Eddie Paskey, Marc Scott Zicree, Bill Blair, Michael Reeves, Tim Russ, Nichelle Nichols, Garrett Wang, J.G. Hertzler, Chase Masterson, Lou Ferrigno, Alan Ruck, Gary Graham, Ethan Phillips, Herbert Jefferson, Lawrence Montaigne, D.C. Fontana……..I think I’ve made my point.

      • Dandru says

        Yes–and they still suck, since the acting is subpar and they come off as amateurish and cheaply made.

  50. Alec Peters says

    The simple fact is CBS will NEVER pick up any Star Trek fan film. Why? Because of 50 years of contracts with actors, unions, guilds and such, two owners (CBS and Paramount) and a ton of red tape. They aren’t even allowed to recognize fan films on Startrek.com or in the Star Trek magazine! I know because I have spoken to CBS and worked for them as an archivist for Star Trek. So this is all just wishful thinking.

    Enjoy fan films for what they are, expressions of love for our common passion. Heck, I am a producer on Phase II and no one there is fooling themselves into thinking we are doing anything but making a great fan film. Don’t fool yourself into thinking there is any future for any of them with CBS.

  51. John says

    I love Star Trek: Phase II and Star Trek Continues, – both awesome productions, but I voted for Phase II as it’s been at it much longer. SciFi should pick up both, and drop some of their ‘reality’ content.

  52. says

    As a long time Star Trek fan, I support and will continue to support all the fan films. Star Trek and the IDIC is about being united not as some would describe as a pi**ing contest. Each show has it’s own merits, strengths and weaknesses. I will not damn anyone for their loyalty from one series to another as that would be childish. Logically, I do not think CBS would pick up any of the series as they are not the ones profiting from it. Sadly, corporations are all about money and profit. These fans are doing it for their love of Star Trek. They make no money, they invest time, resources, and good old fashioned blood sweat and tears to make something fans can enjoy. All that being said, I abstain from voting, courteously.

  53. says

    As much as I like the TOS web series, star trek Odyssey, and by extension, hidden frontier are interesting takes on the star trek universe, though the writing may need a little tweaking. It was a lot of potential as a continuation of the star trek universe.

  54. Vinicius D. Rampazo says

    I like both series, a fair choice would be the fusion of both series, selecting the best actors of each, and behind the scenes could all work together for the greater good … everyone loves star trek!

  55. Vinicius D. Rampazo says

    I like both series “Continues” and “Phase II”, a fair choice would be the fusion of both series, selecting the best actors of each, and behind the scenes could all work together for the greater good … everyone loves star trek!

  56. says

    Definitely Star Trek New Voyages Phase II. It remains faithful to the original series and has the feel of those shows. It expands the Star Trek ‘Universe’ both on characters and situations in the original TV scripts. I’ve watched every episode and would love to see lots more.

  57. says

    IMHO, the more Star Trek fan films, the more we get to enjoy. Some will have better quality than others or bigger budgets, but it still took an effort to put together. If someone is brave enough to step in front of a camera and make an effort, I will at least give it a watch. And I hope that someone enjoys my limited acting when I had the opportunity to play a part in a fan film. We are not doing it for money, we are doing it because we love Star Trek and want to share our stories.

  58. Spuras says

    I had never heard of Star Trek Continues until I saw this vote.
    So I immediately went to watch some of this fan based/made series.
    Yes it was nice to see Scotty Junior so to speak, BUT I immediately turned it off when I saw that the 1701 appeared to have a holo-deck..
    NOT very canon imho, OK I may have missed something by doing this. BUT to me it as to be canon for it to be TOS..

    • Majuba says

      Not entirely canon, but there was an episode of the Animated Series that actually had something very like the holodeck (I forget what it was called).

      • Spuras says

        I disagree it is not canon according to the blueprints endorsed by The Great Bird himself…
        I refer to the Star Trek Blueprints, (General Plans Constitution Class U.S.S. Enterprise) published by Franz Joseph Designs, released by Ballantine Books and endorsed by Paramount in 1973…

        • Spuras says

          Further to the above post there is no holo-deck on NCC 1701 MK-IX-A, included in the blueprints and approved by Gene either. The blueprints for ST:TMP do not have a holo-deck… these prints were released by Pocket Books in 1980 and endorsed also by Paramount… There is NO holodeck on NCC 1701.

  59. Eric says

    You don’t think that Phase II looks professional? I’ve seen two eps of STC and Phase II, and I marginally give STC the award.

  60. says

    First of all, Hidden Frontier, The Helena Chronicles, Odyssey, and Federation One are all from the same production group, and only 2 are even video productions. I don’t think that an audio only production, or an out of production series, should be picked up by Paramount for anything, even if it is based in Las Angeles, just down the street from Paramount.

    Secondly, I love Continues and Phase II. And as much as I love the authentic visuals, and the use of originally written scripts for TOS being used for these 2 fan productions, they both (like Farragut) suffer from the same problem of being set in the original “prime” universe in TOS timeframe. Heck, that is the problem that all the fan series have, they are in the “prime” universe.
    Paramount, and CBS for broadcasting most likely, are likely wanting a tie-in series to go with the new movies. Which means, as much as many fans (myself included) may not want to dare speak it, Paramount wants a TV or web series set in the “JJverse”. That way, cast from the new series can make cameo appearances in the movies, and vice versa. After all, “Admiral Janeway” was giving Capitan Picard his orders at the start of Star Trek Nemesis.

    Cry all you want to about J.J. Abrams “destroying” Star Trek, he did what no other director did. He proved to Paramount that money was still to be made in Star Trek. And that is the reason Paramount will want any new series they back, either fully or in part, to be linkable to their 2 new movies.

    • says

      All four of Hidden Frontiers’ series listed here (HF, Odyssey, Helena Chronicles, and Federation One) have a video component. Odyssey had a one-off audio episode to bridge its second season and the series finale. Federation one had a two-episode video first season and an all-audio second season.

      Kindly get your facts straight before opining on something I’ve been spending the last five years of my life working on in my spare time.

      Are the HF video series shut down? Yes? Are we done telling stories? Not even close. We have three active audio series (Henglaar, M.D., Diplomatic Relations, and Grissom) ongoing. Given the number of episodes we’ve put out across the range of series and formats, I dare say we have one of the largest “fanon” universes out there.

      Honestly, given the award-winning nature of some of the audio series out there (Excelsior and Outpost spring to mind), I think we could give the “big dogs” a run for their money if we had the resources.

  61. Glenn Iverson says

    I’ve enjoyed both “Phase II” and “Continues” immensely. And if this poll had come up before the 2nd full-length episode of “Continues” was completed, I might have given the nod to “Phase II,” as the acting and post-production work were about equal, and of course “Phase II” came first. But “Continues” seriously raised the bar with their second episode, in terms of acting, story line and production, so they have earned my vote at this juncture. Of course, this is all a “wishful thinking” poll in any case, since I don’t expect CBS / Paramount to pick up either franchise; but it would be nice if they did, as long as they didn’t run it into the ground like they did with “Enterprise” (a.k.a. “Let’s completely disregard canon whenever that would be inconvenient, and do whatever the heck we want,” which of course is a theme that JJ Abrams picked up when he did his reboot — but that’s an argument for another website).

  62. says

    I enjoy both Star Trek Phase 2 and Star Trek Continues but honestly, none of them by itself would make it commercially, because each is lacking some of the special ingredients that made Star Trek TOS so special.

    Bring both productions together and you will get prime time class results, and I believe Star Trek will be reborn only when all fans get together and find a way to work together.

    In the meantime, just like summer theater, I will continue to enjoy all of them separately like one enjoys different wines.

  63. says

    People may not realize the extent of the acclaim that Star Trek New Voyages/Phase II has received from around the world. Star Trek New Voyages/Phase II has won multiple awards, including TV Guide’s award for Best Sci-Fi Webseries, outscoring Battlestar Galactica ; the Golden Icon Award for Best Science Fiction Internet Series; the Golden Icon Award for Best Actor for an Internet Series for James Cawley ; named as a finalist in Madrid’s International SciFi/Horror CineMad Film Festival ; the script for “World Enough and Time” was nominated for both Hugo and Nebula Awards; James Cawley was named “One of the 10 Most Important Fans in Star Trek History” by Trek Core.com and Star Trek New Voyages/Phase II was named “As Important to Star Trek as the Spin-Off Series” by “Sci-Fi Now”.

    In addition, Star Trek New Voyages/Phase II episodes have been shown on Australian television and episodes have also been shown in theaters in the United States, Spain, Italy, Germany, and Greece. In addition, Star Trek New Voyages/Phase II has been featured on television on CBS, G4, The TV of Tomorrow Show and in print reports in TV Guide, The Official Star Trek Magazine, Sci-Fi Now, Rolling Stone, Afterelton.com, UGO, TrekCore, Spirit of Film, The Raider, Financial Times, Metro Weekly, Inside Star Trek, Some Kind of Star Trek, Slice of Scifi, London Times, Clarion, CNN, The New York Times and others, and in the book Homemade Hollywood.

    Star Trek New Voyages/Phase II has enjoyed the endorsement of Majel Barrett Roddenberry and Eugene Roddenberry Jr and our episodes have featured as actors, writers and/or producers Star Trek alumni Walter Koenig, George Takei, Grace Lee Whitney, Denise Crosby, BarBara Luna, Mary Lynda Rapelye, Malachi Throne, John Winston, Eddie Paskey, W.Morgan Shepard, William Windom, D.C. Fontana, David Gerrold, Jon Povill and George Clayton Johnson, as well as sci-fi icon Gil Gerard.

    It might be relevant to point out that Paramount/CBS, who own the licenses to Star Trek, have borrowed costumes, props and set pieces for the production of Star Trek: Enterprise; and the freighter Ticonderoga in that series was a nod to Senior Executive Producer James Cawley’s hometown.

    With this pedigree, the vote for which Star Trek fan production Paramount/CBS should pick up for a television or online weekly series should unequivocally be Star Trek New Voyages/Phase II.

    • Brian Holloway says

      To be completely fair, IMDB is a COMPLETELY editable website and the “accuracy” of that site should be taken with a grain of salt. Secondly, in the case of most series production, members of teams are rarely listed in their entirety. To my knowledge, James worked in a modified “intern” style position but he did a large amount of work on the 1st season of TNG, working directly under the tutelage of William Ware Theiss, the man who created the uniforms for TOS and the first seasons of TNG. Most of his early work can be seen in the construction of Wesley Crusher’s sweater-uniforms. I have seen the notebook he keeps from this era in his career as well as hand written notes from Bill Theiss so I know that is credits are beyond reproach.

  64. George moses says

    Really guys? listen to yourselves……lol! Nothing is going to be bought and its nice to have options since its all amature

  65. Dave Robinson says

    When it comes right down to it, I like most of them, and support them all.

    As far as STC vs. Phase II, I think Vic does a better job of physical acting, but Cawley sounds better in the role. I also think the STC writers give Vic a bit too much of a Picard command style (especially in the first episode), while Phase II hews better to the TOS command style.

    While I liked what they were doing in Lolani, I felt that the timing of Kirk’s final decision was more in line with TNG than TOS.

    As for the remaining cast: STC has the better Scotty and Sulu, but I think Phase II has a better Spock and Bones. The most recent episodes of both have used the same actress for Uhura, and I think she’s very good.

    STC does do the best job of replicating the look of TOS, though.

  66. Megan says

    I agree with everyone that said we should all be nice. Can’t we all just get along? This poll is here for fun, since everyone knows and almost everyone agrees that nothing will be picked up. I think those that talked about how the studio would take away the passion that is fan filmmaking also have a point. We all love what we do for the passion and loyalty shown by those who make it; we should just focus on the good and not try to kill each other through silly poll comments. Just watch it, love it, and enjoy the mutual bond of a shared fandom. Be happy! 😀

  67. Michael Aaron O'Connor says

    I honestly have to say that although it would be nice to visit Kirk’s era from time to time Star Trek is about moving forward , Every time Star Trek goes back it flops case and point is Enterprise … I think Renegades has the best potential here one because it is a leap forward and second because from the looks of things this seems to be edgier than your everyday Trek !!!

  68. Ron Estes says

    There is no contest. Star Trek Continues is both new and nostalgic. The production, writing & acting are the best of all those mentioned. It would be the best option for a network to air. It is the only one I would watch. I’m sure the love for Gene Roddenberry’s creation is present in all but because of the professionally executed AWESOMENESS of STC it is my choice.

  69. Ed says

    Star Trek Continues, hands down is a winner, Vic doing the Kirk double kick in Lolani, pure awesomeness! I forgot I was watching a web series, has the feel of TOS.

  70. Rusty Morris says

    Renegades has the most support from actual ST actors, HIdden Frontiers was the one that IMO came cloest to true independence and a realization of Gene’s motives and beliefs (I mean every one , including ..omgosh…gay people…actually exist in the 24th century.of Hidden Frontiers and it’s spinoffs…lol) Still it’s over (but a reboot would be nice), so I think Renegades is the one I’d like to actually see come to life as a professional series.

  71. Kay says

    I wish I could tolerate other actors playing the old TOS characters. Every time someone calls Kirk, Spock, McCoy, etc, and it isn’t Shatner’s, Nimoy’s, or Kelley’s voice or face that answers, I cringe. I’ll admit, I haven’t watched more than a few minutes of Phase II or Continues for this reason. It’s nothing against either series, it’s just me. 😉

    That said, I’ll take one that goes in with a different crew and retains original actors if they plan to use the characters. (Revenge looks pretty sweet from the trailers… But I wish they showed more than the two that I *KNOW* can act REALLY well! (Chekov & Tuvok) It’s kinda making me wary about the rest of the crew…)

  72. D J Nash says

    Im a massive fan of Star Trek and I have 100’s of 1000’s of pounds of collectables, I have been loving STC it really takes me back to childhood watching STO and thinking this show is the best, I would now like to watch RENEGADES as it looks Amazing, so to the powers that be, get it together and bring that show to all the die hard fans around the world….

  73. says

    I am a fan of both STC and STP2…… is sad to see this turn ugly and this become a Pi***ng contest. Both of these shows have merits and bring much enjoyment to the ST community. Both of these teams work hard and deserve our respect.

    I saw that JJ ended his commitment to Star Trek because CBS did not accept his deal (demand) to pull license on all of it’s TOS items across
    the board and only sell items that were carried his JJtrek universe labels. They were also suppose to quietly put the whole TOS series in the vault, and in return they would get a new JJtrek TV series, and the right to market items based on it. CBS refused the deal as they did not think the JJTrek series would work on TV as they saw the mainstream fans pretty much hate it and they are getting 20 million a year from selling TOS items. JJ got mad and jumped starships and is now riding in the Star Wars universe as he did not get his way of turning this into his personal vision (screw Gene) and a multimedia empire.

    So here we are, word is everyone is pitching CBS a TV series, is even
    word of a show called Captain Worf that has been offered to CBS, and
    all the listed shows we have here to vote on.

    A moment of logic…. as soon as you are franchised (read sell out) to the network, the memos start coming of what you can and cannot do,
    ask Art Bell what happened when he sold C2Cam to Premiere.

    Then the union crews come in with the Hollywood contracts with, and the union actors…. add a few zeros to your budget. Then you are told you cannot do this script, or you cannot do that, or say that in a scene as some CEO does not like it. If CEOs change you can have shows made in the vault and they never get aired, look up X_OPs and Discovery Channel as an example, a 1 million series never made it to air as a new CEO did not like it… it was locked away in the vault.

    I am positive there would never have been a gay wedding plan on STP2 if it had been on the network, Gene only got as far as a few men in skirts and never was allowed to have openly gay characters in any of the films. He had one ST TNG series that the story line had Riker attracted to an alien that was essentially asexual.

    All of the things you like most about STC or STP2 would be lost if they were picked up by the network as they would bland it down to have the most wide appeal.

    The most sensible thing saw posted is that Paramount would be really wise seeing the potential here to create a hybrid for profit agreement that allowed these shows to stream from Netflix to help fund the shows,
    the shows could use props that CBS owns and promote them and help in TOS revenue creation. This would be win – win and provide a true alternative for all the people like me who thinks everything about JJtrek totally sucked.

    What goes to CBS is going to have to be more mainstream…. we true Star Trek fans have been treated to the best of Gene’s vision because we have self funded and had these shows on the web and did not have to answer to the general public. This would have been Gene’s ultimate dream for his vision and creativity.

    This being said…. can we please stop attacking each other and share in the fact that we all love Star Trek and is a passion we all share. My respect to all of you who are working hard to bring us excellent content.

      • says

        Bravo… There is talent and imagination in all fan productions, I like them all.

        Now… I would love to see Zachary Quinto play Spock alongside James Cawley as Kirk, John Kelley as Bones and Christopher Doohan as Scotty, and have STC’s producers join in with the STP2 crew to polish the results. Best of all worlds…

  74. Jose G. says

    I do love Phase II. The technical accuracy of their sets, costumes, set lighting, & support of the Roddenberry blows all other productions out of the water.

    STC is okay but Vic does come off like a Shatner parody. None of the STC actors feel like they hit their marks. It may look & feel like TOS but it’s missing something. What James Cawley has christened as “The Roddenberry Effect.”

    I also have to be critical of their most recent episode. “Lolani” has one VERY critical flaw. “Freedom at all cost”. I don’t think that’s something Gene Roddenberry, D.C. Fontana, David Gerrold, or any of the original TOS writers would have penned. Because freedom at any cost could justify atrocities in the name of freedom including terrorism. That’s not the Star Trek way.

    The whole point of the original series was showing a human race who evolves above & beyond “the ends justifying the means.” I believe that message that the ends do not justify the means is a very important one. One that the original TOS writers would have caught & altered it in a few revisions.

    If Lolani was written properly? The ending should have been “Freedom, Justice, & Equality for all.” That’s more of the Star Trekian philosophy as several original series episodes, “The Omega Glory”, “Let That Be Your Last Battlefield”, “The Cage”, & “Devil in the Dark”.

    With that said, I do like both series. I don’t like the infighting between the STC vs STPII fans. I would like to remind both of Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations. Both can live. Both have their merits. If only both cast could work together. STC’s morality with Phase II sets & screen writers would be a formidable union.

    Also to my fellow Trek fans, it’s 2014. 4:3 is so 20th century. Let it remain in the past. 16:9 in HD is perfect for the modern era. We don’t have to replicate every single detail down to 4:3. Black bars are such a waste in the HD era. The sets & actors deserve the screen time & screen space.

    At this time, as we approach the 50th anniversary, we need Star Trek fans united. We need a unified front if we’re to get new Star Trek on broadcast & officially made. We need to put the disputes behind us & work together to get our Star Trek back. Not JJ Abrams abominations but the ‘REAL” Star Trek that honor’s Gene Roddenberry’s vision of the future. Live Long and Prosper.

  75. Tom J Greene says

    Not gonna lie, my vote was for Phase 2. If you want to base this on legitimacy to the Trek name and essence Phase 2 would win any fight on that. I’m fairly certain folks can agree there. And while I have only seen one episode of continues I’m not about to “talk smack” on it because I do find enjoyment in it. And I admire the fans opinions since the passion can plainly be seen here. But I wanted something that to me felt more canon than anything. And in my opinion Phase 2 hits the all around mark for me. Yes I do find criticisms with Phase 2 though I choose not to list them here. But any Star Trek fan series made with love and passion will be a great series because you can see the love and respect exploding from all of them. So my vote is for Phase 2 but with severe respect for Star Trek Continues.

  76. says

    I love both Phase II and Continues, but I feel they should be left on the web. A series shouldn’t go backwards in time on television, it should move forward. That’s why I’m looking forward to Renegades. 10 years after Voyager. Familiar actors playing familiar, just older, characters. And a unique premise.

    • Karl S. Keene says

      I agree! Yes to Renegades, which is 10 years after Voyager with familiar actors playing familiar, just older, characters!

  77. Dave says

    Elements from both shows into one production would be great. Scotty and Sulu from STC are awesome. Didnt care for some of the side plots from phase 2. Either way the more stories both (and all) productions put out all the better for all of us. The reboot ST is just terrible and is an insult to the history of all Trek!

  78. acpiper says

    As a fan, I think Phase II & Continues are great shows that allow us to pretend that TOS never ended, but the acting is not on the level of a TV show. Although I would not be surprised to see one of these series get picked up, I would be surprised to see the same cast of either reprise their roles.

    I’m voting for Renegades – it is not a continuation of TOS – might turn out to be a bit darker, but it certainly looks more professional than Phase II or Continues. I’ve been following since starting its Kickstarter campaign and I’ve been impressed with what I’ve seen – a lot of promise there.

  79. Karl S. Keene says

    Star Trek Continues and Star Trek Phase II have done great work, but I’m most excited about the upcoming Star Trek Renegades.

    Renegades is being directed by Tim Russ and has a large group of experienced professional sci-fi actors from various Star Trek Series and movies, such as Star Trek OS; Star Trek: TNG; Deep Space 9; Voyager; Generations; First Contact and Enterprise – as well as experienced actors who have starred in sci-fi shows such as Stargate SG-1; Stargate Atlantis; Alien Nation; V; Seaquest DSV; Quantum Leap; etc.!

    I’ve been following Renegades since becoming a part of their Kickstarter campaign, and everything I’ve seen (including a great new trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WgRJWBB12GA) signals a great new incarnation in the Star Trek universe!

    Renegades is a professionally produced television pilot to be presented for a possible network show, movie or online series, and I think they have the best chance.

  80. Joseph Heston says

    I think “Starship Exeter” should be picked up because a) it would be show the voyages of another Constitution-class starship, b) The Johnson Brothers has faithfully recreated the sets, c) having an Andorrian as a regular would be different.

    Team B’Fuselek

  81. says

    Almost all of the shows listed do good work, but I have to throw in with Renegades. I doubt with the reboot of the original Star Trek universe they are going to allow a competing series to air on TV, so that leaves series that are pre-TOS or different enough from the rebooted universe to co-exist with the movie franchise. Unfortunately, Axanar is not on the list, and that production is showing a lot of promise.

    Renegades has all the ingredients to be a hit. It combines the talent with a wide range of actors from all the Star Trek incarnations to include reprisals of known character’s roles, and adds other veteran actors into the mix. The premise is new to the Star Trek universe, but not so different as to alienate Star Trek fans.

  82. Brandon Gantt says

    I’m new to the whole fan series thing, but I found STC vastly superior to Phase II. The acting, direction, the effects were really top notch. I think Vic is pitch perfect as Kirk. I’m eagerly awaiting Star Trek: Renegades. The franchise needs a new twist on it and I’m hoping this delivers. The clips and trailers look amazing so far. Renegades got my vote!

  83. Beam Me Up NYC says

    The only winner here is “Slice of Sci Fi” for all the web traffic it has brought to this site because of this poll. If anyone thinks that CBS would consider for one moment upgrading any of these fan efforts to a broadcast series, I have a bridge in Brooklyn I’d like to sell you. My hat is off to any and all fan made productions as it is a tribute to Gene Roddenberry’s vision, our beloved franchise and all the fans that together changed the course of television history. The poll is a simply popularity contest that left off quite a few notable fan creations. The way the producers of the selections are campaigning for votes on Facebook and Twitter is also quite telling. If and I hope WHEN Star Trek returns to some sort of episodic broadcast format, they will start from scratch and build a series that advances what they think will be the income potential of the franchise. There may even be many resemblances to many of the fan films because we are not operating in a vacuum here. So whatever timeline is set in and whether it is pre TOS era or post Voyager era or somewhere in between, it will be “original” and will not be connected in any way to any fan film effort, however wonderful and professionally supported they all may be. Sorry to burst your bubble, but perhaps this dose of reality will help you all CELEBRATE all fan films and all fans, which is ultimately think what Slice of Sci Fi was/is trying to do (as well as generate web traffic). LLAP to all.

  84. Philip says

    I loved Star Trek continues from every aspect. The sets, lighting, sound, effects, actors and acting. I really felt I was watching Star Trek, not an updated mess, but actual TOS carrying on from the last season of the show. Others treks are ok but mix current themes and appear to have schizophrenic uniform/set choices that neither reflect TOS nor the shows that followed. In my humble opinion nothing beats Star Trek Continues! Period!!

  85. Yuushi says

    From what I can see, there is really only one entry here that sticks out by actually having a real shot at becoming serialised, slim though it may be.
    Renegades differs by actually not merely being an ever-so-ambitious fan series, but a (mostly) professionally produced pilot, specifically aimed at selling the premise to a network for serialisation. That is a whole different animal from a fan production.
    In that sense, I would even say that given the premise of how this poll has been phrased — “Which of These Star Trek Fan Production Should Paramount Pick Up?” — Renegades doesn’t even belong here.

  86. Kevin says

    The truth is that STC was in first place until Renegades told all of their Kickstarter followers to vote here. Phase 2 campaigned on their facebook. STC did no direct push for votes. That says a lot!!

    • says

      Yes, what it says is that what you are saying isn’t true. We were in the lead from very early on (after a back and forth battle), and lost that lead to Renegades.
      Either way, it says little, and your post does nothing more than try to stir the pot some more – with inaccurate information, no less.

    • says

      I found out about this poll by reading multiple posts from Star Trek Continues urging that I vote for them here. Only later did I see others pushing this. Continues has waged a PR campaign that far exceeds that of any other fan film group. Your claim that ST Continues has not recruited for this is false.

  87. says

    I find it interesting that (almost overnight) Star Trek Renegade has surpassed all the other options. It hasn’t even been released yet, right? I think we need Al Gore to check for hanging chads…..

    • Karl S. Keene says

      Yes, there are many fans of the upcoming Star Trek Renegades, and once supporters were alerted about this poll, they voted to show their support. I think all of this great support is based on the previous work of Tim Russ and the crew on “Of God’s and Men” and I think is also due to excitement over the story-line and the many previous Trek actors being in the cast of this production.

  88. Brian Childers says

    I voted Intrepid, myself. Great bunch of people with solid stories and a good attitude about everything. Stumbled across them years ago, and they’ve not been able to be rid of me since. :) Have even contributed ship design concepts for them.

  89. says

    To all my fellow Star Trek fans. As Slice of SciFi’s editorial consultant and designated poll guru I created this particular poll for one reason only…to allow fans of the various non-canonized and unsanctioned Star Trek online series’ to vote on which of their favorites should be considered by Paramount/CBS for possible pick up as a weekly series on television or online. This poll was never intended to spark a “pissing contest” between fans or become a place to openly vent hatred concerning production crews or actors involved with the various fine projects out there. Some of the comments have been malicious and verge on the point of libel and slander in some cases and will not be tolerated by anyone here on the staff of Slice of SciFi or Farpoint Media LLC. Therefore, all future comments on this poll will be closely scrutinized by us and anyone found violating IDIC will have their comment removed and/or banned from future comments here on Slice’s website.

    Slice of SciFi is not affiliated with Paramount/CBS or any of those productions listed in the poll but like all fans out in the Trek-Verse we want to see a continuation of these fan endeavors succeed in bringing to all of us the best possible Trek that their creative talents can afford.

    We love Star Trek as I know all of you do as well. Be civil, be respectful, and honor Gene Roddenberry’s vision by learning to be tolerant of those who may not always see the world the same as you. That being said, any future violations of the Roddenberry code of civil behavior will be met with the full force and will that our virtual phasers can inflict. Live Long and Prosper – thrusters at full.

      • Sam Sloan says

        I was referring to the official longplay video (about 90 mins in length) that was edited from the video game of 1996. It starred John De Lancie as Q and was being considered as a spin-off series before Berman/Braga and Paramount decided to go with Enterprise instead in 2001. This longplay is still considered a favorite by fans across the globe and is something many of them still want to see become an actual series one day.

        Here is a link to the YouTube video — http://youtu.be/8GvEDBHAld8

        • says

          Thanks. I don’t classify as longplay videos of games as fan films. But I do include them under “Games” at Star Trek Reviewed, so I’ll add it there.

  90. says

    How a bit of weekend fun turned into a school yard fist fight is beyond me.

    Slice of SciFi has absolutely no influence over Paramount, so how anyone coming here to vote in this poll thought that their vote or voice would mean getting another Trek series on TV is beyond me. And no, I don’t know why the Kickstarter and IndieGoGo campaigns sent everyone here to vote… this was an informal poll meant to be a fun exercise for Trek fans, and a few folks with axes to grind decided to bring the fights here and make this a contest to see whose geek had a bigger… or smaller… appendage, for no reason whatsoever.

    I revel in my Firefly delusions alongside the next Browncoat, but seriously people? Everyone who thought this was a public venue to get your voice heard by Paramount executives AND influence a decision on a future Trek series being brought to air, may I refer you to a famous, decades-old Saturday Night Live skit featuring William Shatner.

    Once again, if any comments fall into the abusive variety, feel free to use the contact form to report those abuses, and those comments will be removed. If the abuse continues, that user will be flagged and banned from future participation in the conversation.

    That said, feel free to continue your disagreements in a civilized manner.

  91. Sam Sloan says

    Gene has got to rolling over in his grave at this point. I started this poll to allow Star Trek fan production fans to vote on which of their favorite online series’ would THEY (not Paramount execs) like to see get picked up by Paramount/CBS as a future weekly TV or online series. I only suggested it because I know that this idea is being bandied about at the studio as a possible option somewhere down the road and thought this might be a way for fans to let their voices be heard.

    Instead of simply voting for a favorite and posting supporting comments about their vote some have decided this was a vehicle to bloviate, rant, and bring their own personal problems with others to this forum. This is not the way of Star Trek fans of Gene’s vision, at least not real Trek fans who really do believe in that IDIC vision and it certainly is not the way of Slice of SciFi.

    Therefore, I have decided to simply TURN OFF the comments section of this poll and only allow voting. If someone wants to continue their personal fight over this and continue this ridiculous dialogue that has absolutely no place in this poll then they will have to take it elsewhere as there is no room for this kind of vitriol at Slice of SciFi or in the Trek-Verse.

    I have been part of the Star Trek family from its first inception in the 1960’s. I was part of the original movement to save TOS back then. I’m saddened and disappointed at the kind of behavior that has been displayed by some in this forum. But, I am also very proud of those that have not allowed this kind of hatred to infest their Roddenberry spirit.

    The comments section will be turned off at 20:00 hrs CST on 02/27/2014.