New Cast Added To Under The Dome

Eddie-Cahillkarla Two new cast members will be added to the upcoming season of CBS’s sleeper hit Under The Dome. Eddie Cahill (CSI: New York) is coming aboard to star as the brother-in-law of series bad guy Big Jim Rennie (Dean Morris) and will become one of the new obstacles in the path of Big Jim of gaining total control over the town. He will also likely become a love interest for Rachelle Lefevre’s character Julia causing friction between him and the show’s protagonist Dale ‘Barbie’ Barbara played by Mike Vogel.

Also joining the trapped residents of Stephen King’s fictionalized town is Misfits’ Karla Crome. She will play a school teacher named Rebecca who comes with her own set of survival skills learned growing up as an Army brat having gained unique experiences in her life that will now be put to the test as a trapped resident.

Some scary news for fans of certain characters from the show’s creators is that with the addition of these two new characters two “favorites” will die in the series’ upcoming second season premiere episode. Just who will they be? Will they be one of your favorites? Kind of feels like a Joss Whedon moment.

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