Affleck Is New Batman – Do You Like?

This has come as a shock to many Dark Knight fans but others think Warner Bros. and director Zack Snyder made a genius decision by making veteran actor and Academy Award winner Ben Affleck the new Batman. Tell us by your vote and comments what you think of the choice.

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  1. Anonymous says

    Affleck has been great in some roles and quite quite terrible in others, so the worry is that this could backfire spectacularly. I’d have been much more happy with him named as director.

  2. Sam Sloan says

    Not sure why the harping on ole Ben. He is an excellent, Academy Award winning writer, an exceptional director, a good producer and a fine actor. His portrayal of George Reeves (1950’s TV Superman) in Hollywoodland was stellar and his multi-Oscar winning film Argo was stunning to watch as was his equally mouth-dropping performance in The Town. In fact the only B-rated performances from him were Daredevil & those two horrible unmentionable pieces of tripe called Gigi and Jersey Girl. But, we all have those moments in whatever career we are engaged in that we wished we hadn’t decided to do this or that. So let’s see, he has made nearly 50 films in his 32 year movie career and a couple were mediocre and 3 were atrocious. You’d be hard pressed to find any actor with that many films under their belt that didn’t have a flop or two, including the likes of a De Niro, Pacino and Walken.

    So, please, leave Benny alone!

  3. Jake says

    He’s might be great at many things. He just isn’t an action star. His wife is pretty good at it though. (Not Elektra)

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