Slice of SciFi Wants to Know: How do you Read your Slice?

Yes, we keep asking you how you like your Slice of SciFi, because we want to cover getting the news and the shows to you the fastest ways possible, in the easiest ways for all of us!

We know you love listening to the show (you do, right?), and you also love watching the show (no, really, tell me?) — but how do you prefer to read the rest of the news that we can’t cover in the show?

Do you come by the website every day, chime in with a comment? Or do you browse by the headlines in the RSS feed, see which news you want to read more of? Or would you rather have the entire article in the feed and never come to the website?

That stings a little, since we work so hard on the website (and have more improvements in store), and your visits help support our ability to keep making the show and getting it out to you, but we understand if you’re too busy to come say hello now and again.

Oh, and your mother called. She heard that voicemail you left a few shows back, and wanted to know why you’re calling us instead of her. She hasn’t heard from you in a while, and wants to know when you’ll be coming by for dinner again…

How do you prefer to consume your Slice?

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  1. says

    Long time listener and reader. I don’t mind the partials and coming to the site to read more. Perhaps a little more than 15 words in the feed word be nice :-)

    Or even a condensed version to the feed and I can come read the full article. It’s not that I don’t love you guys, it’s that life is busy. I will still come by for drinks every now and again ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. says

    So you’re one of the ones who loves the excerpts, I see :)

    But what if I’m not asking you to live with what changes I’d make? What if I’m asking you if you’d like the ability to choose an RSS feed that provides either the full articles or the excerpts?

    Besides, it’s the website visitors that bring in the flow of nickels and dimes, not the RSS feeds. At least, not anymore.

    • says

      You can make a feed with full articles, but I wouldn’t read it. I’ll stay with the partials. The amount you put in now is enough, but if you feel compelled to expand it to twice as much, I wouldn’t complain. I just want enough to get the gist of the story and then I’m happy to click through to read the rest, along with any comments folks have made.

      And to your point below, I do get your Podcasts in my news feed – they are all mixed in together. Doesn’t bother me, just letting you know.

  3. Miguel says

    I have your RSS feed in my Google Reader since the ancient Evo era. I prefer the short version, specially because your articles might have occasional spoilers, and I would not mind if the feed has an ad or two. All those sharing buttons in the feed, however, seem like a waste of space; If I’m going to tweet of FB your posts, I do it from your site, after reading the whole post.

  4. says

    I like the current RSS feed design, because it takes me straight to the articles I want to read. I love listening to the show, but do tend to skip the listener feedback show. Now if you would have a spoiler show, I would be down for that every time. Just tell people not to listen till they’ve caught up.

  5. Taz in DC says

    I agree with those that ask for a bit more in the RSS with the full article on he website. I peruse your feed via Pulse ony iPhone

    • says

      Got any examples?

      Currently, the only things not in the News feed are podcast episodes (separate feed), and as I recently realized, the Polls / Surveys. Everything else should be in the main news feed.

  6. Kevin Bachelder says

    I review the RSS feed regularly and click through to the site for any articles that interest me. Works great as is for me!

  7. ALibertarian says

    I subscribe to the podcast (and donate a small monthly amount) with an RSS reader but I pull in the News Feed in Outlook. I like what you are doing now. I generally come to the site to see the full article for about 1/2 the stories in the feed.
    Not a comic fan and just seeing the “movie of the week” won at the box office is all I need for that sort of thing.
    Articles like “Summer Glau wants to be in S.H.I.E.L.D.”? Had to come read that one (but no pic of Summer 8-( neither one)

  8. says

    I subscribe to the podcast, watch the video feed when I get a chance, visit the website a couple of times a week, leave commentary occationally, follow the gang on Facebook and I’m possibly being cyber-stalked by Sweetleaf. I also think it’s important to donate every month, because I love what you do and I’d be lost without my Slice!!

  9. David Noden-Hooper says

    Im a long time listener though ive moved off itunes onto kiescast now i have the ever so small samsung galaxy note so i amm 1, downloading the episodes 2, following the RSS through google currents and 3 got the website saved on my homescreen as a bookmark so i will never miss a moment of slice…

  10. says

    I occasionally listen on Sirius ( old men forget things , what can i say), And when i’m bored i come by the website occasionally I don’t subscribe, gotta save my money for new video games, so i pretty much get what ever i’m looking for, when i want it. I admire what you guys do, but, sometimes you all are JUST a bit TOO geeky for me. Keep up the good work, btw..would asppreciate a bit of OLDER sci fi once in a while.

    • says

      Subscribing to our show online is FREE, Edward! :)

      Try it… you might like it. And now, we have an app to make it easier for some folks to send us feedback faster. (iOS only for now).

      We are also working on addressing more directly the needs of the gamers in our audience.

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