Slice of SciFi #491: Rubber Undies: Cowboy-Style

Today’s news: Curiosity Lands on Mars! Now what? Fringe has miraculous fans, BattleStar Galactica: Singer sings a different tune, Thor 2 has a villain, Neuromancer is dying for a man, DoD kills dead satellites, three boobies are embarrassing, Daredevil reboot rights, Trivia: Cowboy Style, Jim Hines may use a disrupter gun and it’s bookapalooza for Sam!

Con Report: Pi-Con (Aug 17-19, Enfield CT) and 70th World Science Fiction Convention (Chicon 7) (Aug 30-Sep 3, Chicago IL)

Listener Feedback: Whenever you have questions or comments on anything we say or do, Call Us! Tell us we’re gods for bringing a bright spot to your mind-numbing day, or tell us we’re idiots for getting it wrong — either way, let us know.

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