Slice of SciFi #312: Roundtable Movie Talk

In the News:

  • Game of Thrones is a hit.  And there are lots of naked people in it!
  • If you think George R.R. Martin hated the end of Lost, wait until you hear about what he thinks of the end of BSG.
  • Two 80’s icons are teaming up!  Find out who!

Multiverse News Update: Nigel features the ultimate battle… you’ll have to tune in to believe it.

Movie Talk:

  • Robert Zemeckis has bounced back from the cancellation of Yellow Submarine.  Find out about his gnome-tastic new project.
  • They might as well call Dark Knight Rises Inception 2. Well, at least based on the cast.

Slice of Trivia: Kurt’s back with some new clips to stump you.

TV Talk: What’s the real reason Terra Nova got pushed back?  We’ve got details!

Discussion: This week, the studio crew banters about some upcoming cool movies that you may not have heard of yet!

In the Future: Dr. Horrible on Broadway?!? Joss Whedon talks about this rumor and gives us hope for Dr Horrible 2.

Listener comments: Keep your comments brief, or funny, and maybe you’ll hear your message on the voicemail show! See you next week with fresh new content!

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  1. Greg M - Bay Area says

    Hey guys,

    Good show this week, but I am very curious about the changes you guys were talking about. It didn’t seem like many changes were there, other than a rundown of what you guys were going to talk about, and the end with a voicemail talking about politics, which seemed kind of weird for the show (Neither good nor bad, but it was just unexpected).

    I wonder what other changes you guys had in mind. One thing that was brought up was the introduction to the show, starting with Summer’s “Our Brains must be broken to do this”. For one, Summer is no longer on the show, and two, I do wonder if you were ever going to get a new intro to the show, as Mike mentioned on a voicemail show a few weeks ago.

    Anyway, good show this week, and looking forward to the show each week as always.

  2. says

    @Greg. Thanks for listening. There are changes coming to Slice in the near future. We couldn’t implement them all in one week so we’re rolling them out slowly. (Sometimes the real world has this way of interfering with our show production time!)

  3. Kale Barton says

    Hi, guys, long time listener, first time commenter…Just listened to the weekend Movie Talk show, and one of you mentioned a Russian film about a flying car but didn’t recall the name of it. The movie was “Black Lightning”. The movie was a note for note riff on Spider-man. Just substitute spider powers with ‘flying car’!
    And, surprise, it was fun. Netflix has the disc-no streaming, so I’d definitely recommend a viewing.

  4. says

    I are one of “them people” who can be affected by a star’s personal life.

    Not politics, religion, or other contentious subjects, although sometimes those do come into play as it relates to what really matters; whether the person is a scum-bag (or bagette). Do they lie, steal, rape, cheat, hurt others, etc. etc. ? They lose most of their shine.

    Do they give an interview, and come across as ditzes of lesser mental capacity while wanting to appear as if they are an authority on a given subject subject? They lose all their shine. (oh, so many fall in that group)

    These days, much like Sam, I tend to shield myself from finding out stuff about a favorite actor or actress. When I fail to do so, I am invariably disappointed.

    As far as Orson Scott Card, back in the early days of AOL there used to be a forum (group? community?) based on the Ender series. I think it was called Hatrack, or something like that, and Orson was an active participant.

    As it happened, there were discussions about religion (I did not know at the time he was a Mormon), and those exchanges seriously damaged my opinion of him. Not that he was nasty, rude, etc. etc.

    It was his reasoning that completely turned me off. In all fairness, those were the early days of the internet, and I had not yet been exposed to what is rampart in today’s Internet, cable news, and indeed across most of society.

    I assumed anyone with any intellect would per force first and foremost challenge his or her view lest others do it for them, and at the very least they would consider opposing views, and rebut them with logic, and sound arguments in support of their own views, and if failing to do so, they would at least be willing to reconsider their views.

    Yes, I was much younger (no longer), idealistic (that I still am), and naively optimistic (now disillusioned and demoralized). I gave away all of the books I had of his, including a few unread ones, and even Ender’s Game, which I have not read since.

    Definitively for me ignorance of the actor or writer private life is the best way to go.

  5. kurt_eh says

    Some of the changes were in the video feed. There are some new graphics for different segments, etc.