“Atlas of the Verse” Giveaway

QMx has always provided us scifi fans with quality collectibles, and now, they have graciously provided “Slice of SciFi” with a prize for our listeners and followers!

One lucky winner will receive a copy of Atlas of the Verse, Volume 1, a large-format 26-page atlas that covers an 11 planet trade run. Firefly Executive Producer Tim Minear wrote an introduction, and Serenity graphic designer Geoffrey Mandel acted as design consultant for the book — and the winner will have their copy autographed by writer/illustrator Ben Mund!

Ben sometimes posts giveaways of his own through his Twitter feed, in addition to all sorts of cool updates on projects he’s working on, so check it out, and Follow him: http://twitter.com/benmund


For more information on the atlas, read here: https://store.quantummechanix.com/Atlas-of-The-Verse_p_86.html

This contest begins March 12 and runs until midnight Pacific time on March 28.

To enter the contest send an email to contest [at] sliceofscifi [dot] com. Please put “QMX Atlas” in the subject line, and please don’t forget to include your name and shipping address in the body of the email.

If you want the Atlas signed to a different name than the mailing addressee, please specify this in the body of the email. This contest is open to all of our listeners worldwide.

Remember: One entry per person per email address per day.