Slice of SciFi #238: Conversation with Richard Kelly (Director, “The Box”)

richard-kellyIn the News:

  • Halycon will sell the rights to the “Terminator” franchise next year and Joss Whedon wants to buy them.  This needs to happen…
  • Astronomers observed light from a star that exploded 13 billion years ago.
  • Want to spend three days in space?  Start saving your pennies now.  The first hotel in space is on track to open in 2012.

Movie Talk:

  • Owen Wilson will provide the voice of Marmaduke for the upcoming big-screen adaptation. At least it’s an Owen Wilson movie with a dog that will have a happy ending…
  • Ed Norton and Willem Dafoe talk about potentially reprising roles in the Marvel Universe movies.

Slice of Trivia: This week Kurt in St. George tests the studio crew and your knowledge with some Halloween film clips.    Email your clips to Kurt at sliceoftrivia at Your entries could get picked and played on the show.

TV Talk:   While there’s no official word yet that we won’t get more “Defying Gravity,” it’s not looking good.  Creator and producer James Parrott talks about the plans he had for the next couple of seasons for the show.

Interview: This week, we talk to director Richard Kelly, whose new film “The Box” hit theaters this weekend.

In the Future:

  • “Men in Black 3″ has found a writer.  Now can they get Will Smith back?
  • There’s a story circulating that NBC has told “Heroes” its time to wrap things up… for good.

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  1. ejdalise says

    Speaking as someone who would love to leave this planet, and who would love to have lots of money, I think I would take pause before spending $4M+ on a three day stay in a floating hotel . . .

    . . . I can’t help but think if I had that much disposable income I would find better ways to spend it, probably on something helping those who do not have that kind of money . . . housing, education, food . . .

    I guess people with that kind of money don’t have any compulsion against indulging their own needs while turning a blind eye to worthwhile causes and people in need. Apparently it’s what endears them to all of us.

    e j d