Slice of SciFi #231: Conversation with Robert J. Sawyer on “FlashForward”

robertsawyerIn the News:

  • Two MIT students have sent a digital camera up high enough to take photos of the curvature of the Earth.  All for only $150.  Find out how and check out the pictures.
  • J.J. Abrams and Roberto Orci say the next “Star Trek” installment may be topical.
  • At long last we can say it–Emmy winner Joss Whedon.

Movie Talk:

  • During the recent D23 Expo, John Lasseter showed some footage of the upcoming “Toy Story 3″.
  • We’ll talk about this week’s new release of “Jennifer’s Body.”

Slice of Trivia: This week Kurt in St. George tests the studio crew and you with some “Doctor Who” clips, where you have to identify the villain the Doctor is facing.  Email your clips to Kurt at Your entries could get picked and played on the show.

TV Talk: Creator Eric Kripke talks about his epiphany moment for “Supernatural” and hints as to where season five is going.

Interview: This week, we chat with Hugo and Nebula award winning author, Robert J. Sawyer.  Rob talks about the new series, “Flash Forward,” based on his best-selling novel that debuts this Thursday on ABC. Find out about how the series went from page to screen and what we can expect to see as the first season unfolds.

In the Future:

  • Peter Berg will direct “Battleship.”
  • Universal Pictures has purchased the big-screen rights to the first book in Melissa Marr’s “Wicked Lovely.”

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  1. Dave from New Bern says

    Great interview! I think this show has a lot of great potential because looks like there are some “real” writers involved in it. Real sci-fi writers that is… Really the only new show I’ve been looking forward to seeing…

  2. KG says

    I really liked the concept of the show, and after watching it… not overly EXCITED, but I am intrigued enough to 1. read the book and 2. give this show a good 8-10 episode chance. It has potential.