Slice of SciFi Weekly Poll — Which SF Show Creator Will Get an Emmy Nod for 2008-2009?




  1. Katie says

    I believe that Damian Kindler is a fab director. Since Sanctuary is all Green screen for Sanctuary except for props. He has a Brilliant mind and Deserves and Emmy Nomination or something even more vital then that

  2. Robert says

    Dollhouse looks extraordinary. My only concern is that it might be so far out there that it might not find a large audience. It also looks like it will be far an older, more mature audience than Whedon’s previous shows. That said, it looks like something truly amazing. I’m also intrigued by Ron Moore’s two new shows. I’ve watched and enjoyed all of J. J. Abrams’s previous series so I’m interested in THE FRINGE. I’m also a huge SIX FEET UNDER FAN and enjoy Harris’s Southern Vampire novels. This season could be an embarrassment of riches for those of us who enjoy fantasy/Sci-fi. Not just a lot of new shows, but new shows by some of the top practitioners of the craft. And since we only got 9 episodes of PUSHING DAISIES last year, it almost feels like a new show as well. Thank God for TiVo!

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