Slice of SciFi #156: Voicemail Show

This is the show for our inquiring fans and listeners and their voicemails, emails. We want to hear your comments and feedback… No, really, we do! Pay no attention to how much Mike grumbles about them…you know – that guy sitting in the dark corner with all the knobs and switches.

This week, Mike, Lorrie, Brian, Summer, Tim and Krazy Joe respond to the questions and comments posed by your voicemail submissions, and once again HERE THERE BE SPOILERS!!

Listener comments: If you have any suggestions or comments, please let us know. Keep your comments brief, or funny, and maybe you’ll hear your message on the voicemail show!


  1. says

    Hey guys, not a comment on the show per se – but rather the filename you guys are using on the server. My podcatcher client, Juice, is grizzling about a 0xBB character in the filename for this show and for the last babylon podcast (Number 108). Is there any chance I could get you to not insert such characters? Because what happens is the podcatcher downloads the file, tries to rename it, fails and then marks the file as not downloaded. Meaning next time it runs it tries again and we pay for traffic out here by the megabyte…

    Alternatively do you know of a good freeware podcatcher for Windows that does have this kind of foible?