An Update for all “The Pretender” Fans from Series Co-creator

jarod.jpgBack in Sept. 2007 Slice of SciFi’s Linda Craddock did an interview with “Tin Man” creators Steven Long Mitchell and Craig Van Sickle. During their conversation with Linda they let it slip that the possibility of seeing their other popular series, “The Pretender,” could be resurfacing in a new media format.

Since then Pretender fans have been chomping on the bit waiting for more a fitting conclusion to Jared’s (Michael T. Weiss) adventures. It’s been 6 months and as such Craig felt it was time to update everyone by dropping these comments to Slice of SciFi.

“Steve and I are touched by your loyalty and love for ‘The Pretender.’ Please know that often times things grind slowly in Hollywood and such is the case for our desire to get you all final answers for ‘The Pretender’ and to give this series that is so dear to us a fitting and rewarding conclusion. When Steve and I talk about a final episode/movie, our intent is genuine — it just takes time, undoubtedly longer than any of us hope for. Just know we are working to make this a reality and that we so appreciate all of your kind words and patience.”



  1. mrpsangel says

    Great more news !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Just wish they would give us fans out there a timescale, knowing for sure that theres something to celebrae would be excellent.

  2. Bucky says

    Finally. This series ranks right up there with many of the classics: Farscape, Star Trek:TNG and The Avengers. It had everything. Mostly it had humanity in a strange situation, one where the soul of humanity was put to the test.

    Yes you had the “hero” but even he had his baggage, but the hero was not always the most interesting of the characters, in my opinion it belonged to his huntress Miss Parker, played to perfection by Andrea Parker.

    There are many shows existing in their upteenth year that should have been cancelled after the first year or even first episode. Interesting that the networks keep the “family” shows on forever no matter how terrible they are but sci fi gets a quick look and a quick decision. The Pretender should not have been cancelled, but then neither should John Doe. By all means keep the World According to Jim for another 10 years.

    Both Pretender and John Doe had their lame episodes, but come on, at least they were inventive. and in the Pretender’s case it’s possible that if you could have kept the big wigs out of the poker games and into the show it may not have had those weaknesses.

    We all suffer from some choices. Since there are so little intelligent shows to watch, I can honestly say I watch very few on a monthly basis.

    I hope the Pretender has a long life once they get their act together. I know a lot of fans are thrilled that they may once again get to see this show.

  3. Natalie says

    I would love for them to finally have a conclusion to this wonderful show. I hope they do this soon and update us when it will come out.

  4. Stormy says

    Great news. I have been a fan of this show since it was first aired, and I am very excited to read it will be coming back. Most importantly, I am excited the two creators of the show cherish it as much as the fans do. I really appreciate their keeping us informed.

    I truly believe this show deserves another chance. “Alias”, “John Doe”, “Kyle XY” and many other shows could not have existed without it. It came about at a period of television renewal, and was as innovative as, say, “The X-Files”. Its time slot just prevented it from getting the recognition it deserved.

    In a sense, I am very glad it takes time to prepare a conclusion. It gives Steven Long Mitchell and Craig Van Sickle time to think and write something amazing.

    Even if it takes another two years, I’ll still be waiting.

  5. anastaciabeaverhoussen says

    Oh yey! This is such great news! TP deserves an ending and I’m willing wait for it. Good to see CVS & SLM haven’t given up.

  6. Tiffany says

    Wonderful news! I eagerly await the next update on this project. No show deserves a revival more than The Pretender does. Let’s all hope that Hollywood starts cooperating!

  7. nightowl says

    I’m delighted that the rumors are verified. There was something about this show that drew me to it from the very beginning. The ensemble cast was part of it, but it was so different than anything else at the time. As someone once said they were hoping for a WOW to top the amazing episodes we had seen.

    I have to agree with that, I too am hoping for a WOW. Although like mentioned before, I would just as soon not have an ending but a continuation.

    The fans have long awaited the return of the show, we are continuing that wait with eager anticipation.

    Please keep the fans informed!

  8. gemini006007 says

    This is Great News. Thanks to the Creators for pursuing this project and giving this Wonderful Show, “The Pretender” a well deserved ending. Hope that this becomes a reality soon. All the fans around the world have been waiting for this for a long time. Please keep us updated.

  9. Jazzy says

    GREAT NEWS!!! i’m so excited that creators haven’t given up on ‘The Pretender’ because it’s the best show EVER and deserves fair and quality ending. I prefer quality over rashness. We’ve waited for 8 years. We can wait some more in order to get good ending.

  10. says

    I have been waiting forever for a conclusion to the series or something, a third movie, a miniseries, or a feature film! There is so much of this story that is meant to be told and fans like me are longing to see, of course, it’s not only the great plot but because of the fantastic cast: Michael T. Weiss, Andrea Parker, Patrick Bauchau, Jon Gries, James Denton et al. I can’t wait to see them all together again! The Pretender is one of the best TV dramas ever made, but it was so much more than pure drama. Please make more episodes or something!

  11. Angel parker says

    This is great news. I want the Pretender series to come back. Its a great show and I think it deserves to be brought back. So please bring it back with all the original actors.


  12. georgia says

    I have been missing this show so much! Longing to see Jarod reunite with his mom for one. This show could go on and deserves to live on, especially with the main actors preferably. Broots was such a character and I loved the interaction of Jarod and Ms. Parker. I will wait patiently but eagerly for the resurrection of this show!

    Much love from Texas,

  13. says

    This is great news. We have waited a long time to see our beloved show finally concluded, and answers resolved. I know all 700 plus members of the are clamouring for this third movie. It is all we talk about most of the time. We have campaigned for it, begged via emails and petitions and would be the happiest people on the planet when it is finally released.

  14. bracgirl says

    Great news! I’ve missed this show tremendously and can’t wait to see more. I just hope that it will be with the original cast members.

  15. Zipp says

    YES! I only hope that it is not just a conclusion but a continuation of one of the best shows on TV. There is so much to tell yet.

  16. Mac says

    TV has not been the same without this show. You set some wonderful plot lines in motion with remarkable actors to play them out, with this combination the show just sets the standards very high for any other show to come close.

    I hate the thought of it ending on any note! But I will be thrilled to see these character reprise their roles again.

  17. Tintinrulz says

    Great news!
    I’ve been waiting for a conclusion to The Pretender since the series ended in 2000.
    I would love for Steve and Craig to give us a time frame of when it could be released.
    I’m pleased to hear that they don’t want to rush the end, because a series like this needs an interesting but satisfying conclusion, one that could only be achieved via a mini-series of about six 45 mins episodes, or three tv movies.

    I really can’t wait to see what happens with this.
    Please hurry up the game Steve and Craig!


  18. Ruby says

    I’m thrilled to hear the creators talk as if we still may get some answers for this show, which has such loyal and enduring fans.

  19. Jay says

    This is WONDERFUL news!!! As the one of the many devoted fans across the world who’ve always held out hope of finally finding out how it all ends after many years of waiting, I’m thankful that Steven and Craig are continuing to pursue this. I know there are many fans who’d love to see final wrap-up to their favorite series, the very fact that you two recognize just how important Pretender has been to all of us is such a blessing. Thank you for keeping Pretender alive right along with us fans!!! Long Live the Pretender and efforts to bring some closure to an AWESOME series!

  20. Dolly Llama says

    Oh. My. God.
    Steven Long Mitchell and Craig Van Sickle—I LOVE YOU!…you guys are seriously amazing, as is the show. I can’t wait to hear more! *fingers, toes, legs, and eyes crossed* :)

    • virginia says

      dear everyone] i have been waiting for an awnser to all the questions every sense the last movie and nothing has happened so a look on the peak maybe but what exactly do they mean by ditgial is it going to be a cartoon or just reading it all not really sure what they are even talking about? does anyone have an answer or something or other why don’t they just stick to the original line and make a movie and finish it up it’s that simple don’t go changeing everything or they are going to mess the whole thing up they have something good there then they have to mess around and change it then it either gets canceled or don’t make any sense any more or they have to make filthy to get ratings but when they do that then they have completely lost my interest. sincerely virginia

  21. Seven says

    I would really like to see a film or mini series to bring a satisfactory conclusion to one of the best TV shows ever.

  22. Vanguard 24 says

    This is wonderful news for all of us who have fought and worked and wished SO HARD
    over these past several years to bring about the return of The Pretender. Times have
    changed. Shows have changed. Network Television has become so appallingly awful
    that Internet Networks are beginning to spring up with one new show here, another
    there. This, I assume, is in answer to the indifference and foolish shortsightedness of those
    who control network programming, who are completely indifferent to the wishes of the
    fans of their shows. The Pretender was NOT cancelled because ratings, but because of
    the capricious stupidity of a network clone who thought he had a better idea for a
    Saturday Night All-Sports line-up. This ultimately failed, but his successors merely
    moved on, forsaking what they had destroyed. Pretender DVD sales have been
    exceptional and even the (unadvertised) release of the two movies proved a success
    for something which the fans had to promote by themselves.

    What a shame that the show will only be revived in either a digital or DVD format.
    Apparently network shortsightedness lives on. Hopefully, The Pretender will live on
    even without them.

  23. Amanda says

    This is wonderful news I’ve been a huge fan of the show ever since it started and have waiting fo a conclusion to the Pretender series and the two movies that had been made I am glad that Steve and Craig aren’t rushing it in order to give it the ending that a show like this deserves. Although I would rather have it back for another series. 😀

  24. Skie83 says

    No matter how long this will take, I’ll be waiting…

    The Pretender was truly special. An unique mixture of characters and wicked sense of humour with a plot line that made you take double looks to the TV :)

  25. headless says

    Great news I have waited so long for another movie to have a real end to this wonderful TV Show. I wouldn´t mind if there will be more than one movie.

    I will wait for everything that comes.The Pretender is just the best TV show on earth.

  26. jenniflower says

    I think that this is awesome news! I really look forward to the possibility that some closure will be brought to the many fans of this great show!

    There is something just so awesome about the Pretender that sparks my imagination and sets my mind on fire. I’d love to see much more of these great characters, though I’d settle for the closure the writers say they’d like to give us.

    Thanks to the writers and all of the studio mucky-mucks for helping to keep our hopes alive!

  27. says

    It’s great to see that the creators of this show still appreciate the fans. I think that was a large part of the success of the show; the creators respect for the fans. That, along with the great plots, outstanding performances by the cast, awesome behind the scenses work by the crew, and commitment from everyone to bringing something new and different to television. The Pretender is ranked high, in my humble opinion, among the best shows in television history. It was a shame that it got cancelled when it did. It was by far the best show on the air at the time.

    There are many times that I find myself reliving the magic of The Pretender on DVD in preference to what is on the air today. I also find myself experiencing the same lack of fulfillment at the end with the lack of closure. I want all of the answers that I feel we dedicated fans deserve. It’s just nice to see fans getting respect from someone in Hollywood who is willing to let our voices be heard and says ‘we do care what you think and if closure is that important to you, we are willing to give it to you.’

    Keep us posted, Steven Long Mitchell and Craig Van Sickle. Your fans are ready and waiting excitedly for more Pretender action. Oh, and whatever form you take this closure in, please get us a DVD release of it to include with our other DVDs in our collection. The Pretender is, after all, a joy that should be re-experienced over and over again. Thanks guys!!!! And thank you Slice of SciFi for hosting their posts!

  28. Kat says

    Ganbatte! I’m still a big fan of the show and would love to see more. I know a lot of people look at shows they work on as just another job, and are quick to move on to the next and forget the old. That kind of thing always makes me sad! It’s good to see at least some in the business care about the shows they do more than just for the pay.

  29. paula says

    I was and will always be a big fan. I was on bedrest when the show was on and ended up naming my son after the character and actor, though I changed the spelling. I have all 4 seasons and the movies on DVD and got my kids all hooked on it. Even they want to see it come back or at least answer the outstanding questions.

    I await the return of jarod. What a hotty.

  30. says

    The episodes of The Pretender are still as fresh as they were back when they were first aired. Admitting, some of them weren’t the best possible ones, but over all – watching the show was pleasure.
    We have waited this long for a conclusion of the story, so in order to get a worthy one, we can easily wait for a bit longer.
    Also, better to have as many members of the original cast back together with a great script, than just plain crap.
    And while waiting for that, why not re-release the movies in a better DVD quality with bonus material, perhaps even from while filming the series?

  31. Allie says

    I’m desperately awaiting the final movie (or a whole new season – although I won’t push my luck!).

    I’m an Aussie fan. The dvds haven’t been released out here, but thanks to I now have them all (including the movies), and am constantly lending them out to family and friends.

    I wish I could win the lotto because then I’d fund the movie myself!

    ((( Jarod & Miss Parker forever )))

  32. Hope says

    the pretender was the best programe i have ever watched. i am well known among my freinds for being obsessed with star gate SG1 but i have always been even more obsessed with the prtender, somthing that alot of them dont realise mainly becuase the pretender doesnt play in my country any more. The pretender had everything, and it was original, the characters were all fantastic, there were no 2D cardbord characters, even the bad guys had other sides to them, i will never forget the time Rains cyed… ever. or how nice Sam was with Debbie that one time. there was even more to Lyal who lets face it was a serial killer, sydenys always more dangerous than people intisapate and even i continued to get suprised by him, especaily when he knocked Jaord out, it left me wondering in donoterase as to his intentions. admitidly the family trees are very warped, but that only adds to the guessing…

  33. says

    I’d really like to see the come back of jared.

    I’m from france and they regulary put ‘the pretender’ on hdtv, sames episodes again and again…

    As from another continent, this ‘new media format’ make me happy. Maybe if it appens, we will be able to see it in streaming ?

  34. Schrie says

    If this turns out to be true, many people will be walking around with a great smile on their faces for quite some time. A closure would be simply fantastic!

  35. sarah says

    That is great news! I do hope it will come true. Because the show deserves at least a decent ending. I certainly have my fingers crossed.

  36. Lish says

    This news made my day! I’m actually a newer but still avid fan. I’ve been looking for updates on the pretender movie all over the internet and I’m happy it isn’t just a rumor. The wait for a resolution will be worth it I’m sure, and ditto to the comment above that hopefully all our main characters will be returning.

  37. tpbeti says

    Great news! I would be more than happy to see more of The Pretender, hopefully with the original cast. It doesn’t matter in what form: another season, a movie, straight to dvd movie, mini-series, web series or anything else that will come, I’m willing to wait fot it. Besides that I’m really glad that Steve and Craig still remember about us and of course about the show. I have my fingers crossed.
    Thanks guys and please keep us posted.

  38. Keith says

    Awesome, own the whole series and movies on dvd, watched them all when they aired too. Been waiting a long long time for this.

  39. anamchara says

    I am a huge pretender fan! It makes me SO happy to hear that Craig and Steve haven’t given up on the continuation to the Pretender. I own only seasons one and two, but because I got my aunt onto the show, she bought seasons three and four, so while she borrowed my dvds, I borrowed hers. Now she just has to watch the movies. Although I know she will feel as I do after watching them an emptiness and a quench to have the answers. I first caught onto the Pretender when it aired on TnT in the U.S and fell in love with both sides, Jarod and his pretending and the Centre. I don’t understand why TnT dropped the series after only two movies. It was such a letdown. And left more questions than answers. I can’t wait for the continuation of the Pretender. Thanks SciFi slice for giving us Craig’s and Steve’s message and I hope all of the original actors come back!

  40. mac says

    Wonderful, although – I like so many others would love to see it continued not ended. We are happy just to see our favorite show back.

    How nearsighted of those in charge to have shot it down. It was the show that allowed other shows like Alias, John Doe, Veritus, the Quest, and many other a place to begin.

    The actors were the perfect ensemble group. I can only hope that they all come back for the ending. Without Andrea, Patrick, Jon and the rest it is just not the same show. While named “The Pretender” it was far from a one man show. In fact many times it was the “B” line that kept me watching. When I taped it many times I fast forward through the A line.

    It was the first adventure, sci-fi that gave a strong woman a lead. A strong woman, beautiful but as intelligent and burdened with baggage as many are today.

    As a friend says; FREE THE PRETENDER

  41. Kathy says

    In my opinion, this was the best show that ever aired. It’s a shame that NBC cancelled it, being that they are the ones who kept pre-empting it and changing the time slot. I have been waiting years to see how this series was supposed to end, and I am greatful that, in time, we will finally get our answer.

  42. Anne-Marie says

    Everywere in Europe we love the show. In some countries it’s still aired on tv. Lot’s of fans love to see a proper ending to a great show.
    I’ll hope we see Jarod en Parker again soon!

  43. says

    Greatings from Portugal!

    This is really great news. My thanks to the authors for not giving up on the show. It would be so easy to simply start another project and forget about The Pretender, but I understand why you didn’t. It’s the same reason why we’ve been waiting this long.

    Looking forward to hear more about this.

  44. says

    A little something to add on my previous message:

    Just watched an interview with AP and MTW on Youtube, where they’re asked what should the final scene of the final Pretender look like. Some people want the kissing, I’m more nostalgic. There’s a scene in season 2, second episode I think, where Jarod invites Sydney to a fishing trip some day. I think it would be a good way to end.

    Anyway, your call.

  45. Donna says

    I just can’t get enough of the Pretender. I miss the series so much. I have the whole series on dvd.I definitely want to see it continued.

  46. Shirley says

    In my opinion, this was the best show that ever aired. It’s a shame that NBC cancelled it, being that they are the ones who kept pre-empting it and changing the time slot. I have been waiting years to see how this series was supposed to end, and I am greatful that, in time, we will finally get our answer.

  47. Shirley says

    I am a huge pretender fan! It makes me SO happy to hear that Craig and Steve haven’t given up on the continuation to the Pretender. I don’t understand why TnT dropped the series after only two movies. It was such a letdown. And left more questions than answers. I can’t wait for the continuation of the Pretender. Thanks SciFi slice for giving us Craig’s and Steve’s message and I hope all of the original actors come back!

  48. Katrina says

    I love the Pretender! I really hope that they are able to really conclude the story. So many questions still left unanswered. I never had cable till I was in college, so I wasn’t able to see the movies till they were on DVD. I just bought them and finally got to see them. I want more! Keep us posted! And, I agree that I hope all the original actors come back especially Michael T. Weiss & Andrea Parker. And we must not forget Patrick Bauchau & Jon Gries.

  49. Frustrated Rachel says

    I just watched all four seasons of “The Pretender” and then the two movies on DVD back to back, and I have to say, I am outraged that there has been no effort to finish the storyline of the show. I mean, the last movie came out SEVEN YEARS AGO! What about a book wrapping things up? Pocket will publish anything… they even brought out “Space: Above and Beyond” tie-ins, and that show barely lasted a season.

    Seriously, it’s probably too late now to get the cast back into action, even if they could get funds for another movie, but they could publish a virtual season, just to give us SOME kind of closure. Joss Whedon has been kind enough to put out Season 8 of “Buffy” and Season 6 of “Angel” in comic book format, and — much unlike “The Pretender” — those shows actually wrapped up their fundamental questions before going off the air. I mean, sure, “The Pretender” got cancelled prematurely, but then it got a second lease on life with two TV movies. That was their chance to finish things up… not introduce more questions.

    I am so cross that I spent the past several weeks watching this show, getting invested in the characters and the mythology, knowing I had spent quite a bit of money to ensure that I had all the extant episodes of the show and thus — so I thought — would be able to see it through to its conclusion; instead, NOTHING! It’s irresponsible of the show creators, and, frankly, I would be very reluctant to watch any other shows they were to begin, as I wouldn’t be sure that they would actually complete them.

    As my parents would say: I’m not angry, just disappointed. Oh, and I’m angry.

    End of rant.

  50. Leslie says

    I have just finished re-watching the entire 4 seasons of Pretender. My roommate and I are trying to decide when to watch the movies as we know when they’re done, it’s over. I’m glad to hear the creators haven’t given up hope to finally tie up loose ends. Although honestly, can’t we get rid of some of the drivel on tv now, and bring back the crew for another season? There is so much more to tell than just one movie would allow.

    Also, in response to the person upset with the creators for not finishing the show….my understanding was that they were told they could do 3 movies to finish it up. Networks pulled the plug before they could do the third. My guess is they were planning the scripts accordingly and never had the opportunity to wrap it up. Be angry with the right people……

  51. Kelly says

    I keep picturing the closing credits rolling over a montage of scenes from Jarods life to come. His wedding day. The birth of his first child. Cheering from the sidelines as he coaches his kids little league or soccer game. Thanksgiving with his family. etc.
    I really hope I get to see that someday soon.

  52. says

    Now some three months later, and at the possible beginning of an actors strike, have there been developments in this project?
    Is there anything fans can do to get it going, besides hoping and crossing their extensions?

  53. LB says

    This is fantastic news! I hope the creators bring it back and let us know when. Using the original cast members would be the best. I have all of the episodes on DVD, including the movies. When the episodes were originally aired, it was so frustrating that some of them were pre-empted by other programming or not shown altogether. I was very happy when the DVDs came out. I finally got to see all the ones I missed. MTW and AP should be together at last!!!

  54. Evan says

    I started watching the Pretender when I was 12 years old during the re-runs on TNT and became nearly obsessed with the show…I’m 19 now and after buying all the season DVD’s and the two movies, am dying to see the series finished!
    Hopefully, the last movie wont turn out to be a “Chinese Democracy”…

  55. Lynne says

    This is wonderful news!
    It would be great if there a mini-series or series of tv movies to continue/conclude the story of Jared, Miss Parker and the rest of the
    members/victims of The Centre.

  56. Kobi Adato says

    This is great oh man i was watching this show for days few hours every day and i started just in the last 3 month and i love it please make moreeeeee

  57. Jarod says

    I have become Jarod and I know there will be an ending at some point!

    LOL, I sure hope they finally finish the series off somehow, I would love to seen The Pretender get some new life blown into it for a final conclusion.

    The show, and movies all had great storylines, and from episode to episode the viewer was captivated and touched by the interesting character development, and events taking place, as well as the reasons for such things to be happening.

    I loved this show, I would love to see it return in some form.

  58. Greg says

    The pretender series is a wonderful series that I and my wife fully enjoy. I would like there to be more seasons. I just wanted to show my support and desire to enjoy more of the storyline and immerse into the depth of intrigue always with the proper amount of irony and funny. The acting is superb the writing terrific. I would wish that the networks or whoever would listen and care. My soap box for the day, thanks for listening….err…I mean reading….

  59. Lynn says

    Eek! For real?! YES! Please tell us what we fans can do to ensure there’s a fitting conclusion and/or continuation. This was seriously the first show I ever religiously watched. I’ve never missed an episode, but I’m going to rent the DVDs just to be sure…

  60. another french fan says

    This is such great news! Like others have said, it doesn’t matter how long it takes as long as the pretender gets a quality ending. Now, I wouldn’t say that I don’t mind waiting because I really wish it would happen ASAP, but I know that SLM and CVS are doing their best to bring closure to the series. And they said that they might shoot it in France! How cool!
    Fingers crossed until we hear more about Jarod, Miss PArker, Sydney, Broots Lyle and all the others!

  61. Needs More Pretender says

    A third movie has to be made. It is imperative. The fans of the Pretender series crave and deserve closure. If it is true that the reason the pretender series was canceled was the XFL and that the final two TV movies were scrapped due to poor marketing efforts, I see no logical reason that it should not be continued and concluded. This is a cash cow, executives, with a very loyal and large fan base. Not making this movie would not only be a disservice to the fans, but it would be a poor business decision when you have potential great return on investment staring you right in the noggin.

  62. The bearded woman (France) says

    Aaa I didn’t see that article yet… always late on important things :(

    It’s so nice to get some news! My thanks to the authors for keeping us posted!!
    I really hope we get to see a final someday soon…

    *Fingers crossed* :-)

  63. lynette frisan says

    i had a horrible marrige and me and my two kids had our happy times locked in my room with the pretender, thank you and today my son had me over with his sister and we shared a pretender afternoon watching a pretender marathon. we laughed we cheered. WE WANT MORE!!!!

  64. KAthleen says

    YAY I have been hoping for so long for them to finish the series. My entire family loves The Pretender!!!! I hope that they give it a little more publicity when they create the next part. We were unaware of the movies til this year!

  65. Danny says

    It would be amazing if they could conclude the show!!! I loved the movies but thought that they raised as many questions as they answered… I would love to have some closure with these characters.

  66. says

    I would love to see the series come back. If they are going to finish the last two movies, I hope they do it soon. I feel like I’m going to burst. I have been watching this show over and over since it came out on DVD. When I finish it, I go right back to the first episode. Please, there are so many unanswered questions. Will Jarod and Ms Parker ever hook up? If anyone here is looking for good stories that people made (after the show) go to this site. Hopefully you’ll like it as much as I do.

  67. Meryl Fandrich says

    I love this show sooo much!! its my favorite and i have only been watching it for 2 years. i know you made the last movie in 2000…..that’s a long time ago. 8 years.
    we’ve all been dying to see the end results, the last one left us hanging and hungering for more. if you guys could make an end conclusion to this series we’d all love you for life!! we all are truly die hard pretender fans!
    and yea, keep all the actors, they are amazing!!

  68. João Afonso says

    I love this show.. i really do! i’m from portugal and i’ve seen all the episodes and movies. I hope we can have our final answers as a thanks to our loyalty! i’ll wait for it!!

  69. Kevin says

    I’ve been waiting so long for this!! Please keep us informed. I have actually just started watching the series on DVD for the millionth time. I can’t get enough of the Pretender. I have a trailer of the show on my Myspace profile. My email address screenname is Khameleon which is what the foreigners call the show (Le Cameleon). No show has EVER affected me so much. So let’s get ready and go find Jarod’s family.

  70. David says

    This is absolutely my favorite show of all time, and I’m really picky. I simply don’t like other shows like I’ve come to like this one. It’s been with me for a really long time. But the fact that it’s unfinished makes me extremely unsatisfied and now after 8 years, resentful. I do have to say though that at least the episodes/movies finally were released on DVD- that itself was a blessing for those of you older fans who remember the tremendous struggle that was.

    SLM and CVS you guys have released at least 3 statements promising us an ending. I hope you remember these promises, I hope you remember all of us out here waiting for you. Come on this was your baby. You can’t just do this halfway, it’s got to be as unsatisfying and disappointing for you as it is for us.

    Do it for Chip Greenfelt.
    ps MTW and AP where the heck are you guys nowadays.

  71. Wolfspiritshadow says

    My only comment is that yes this does sound like great news. And I know that the creators will try and make ends meet while also trying to appease us long time and loyal fans while staying true to the original essence of the story and the nuances and changes that occured over the last few epoisodes and the two Movies.
    If they happen to read our comments I do have a free and gratis sugestion for the name of this project. Pretender:the last revelation.
    I hope that they do see this work come to fruition with several of the original cast reprising thier roles.(It really would lose alot of it’s punch without them unless they were considering a re-boot of the series and launching it in a twist of the original direction)

    Again I for one would love to see alot of the open ends closed. Like Zoey and Jareds father, The Jared/ Miss parker/ and Nathan as well as tying up the Cain/Able and Seth tangent. While still leaving room forthe characters to grown and evolve.


  72. André Almeida says

    I’m from Portugal too all I can say is that me and some old friends love this show. We’ve been waiting for a conclusion without lost our hopes and for us, those are excellent news.

  73. Paula Regina says

    Sorry, but I dont believe in this.
    The movie “Island…” was a little.. fancy to me.
    I believe that if they really wanted, would continue, but the speculation should be more “profitable” for them.
    Sorry, but I would do the movie “Island” is a dream of some of the characters and a third film would end a more tangible and worthy of Jarod.

  74. Eve Jun says

    Mr. Mitchell and Mr. Van Sickle, You have no idea how disappointed I was when NBC prematurely canceled The Pretender. With all the fans out there, how could they do such a thing and only to be replaced by silly, unworthy “reality shows” that had no lasting future. I just finished watching the entire series including the two movies once more and it only resurrected my deepest wishes to find out if Jarod ever reunites with his entire family and if Miss Parker ever finds peace in herself. Please do whatever you can to bring us, the fans the final conclusion to this incredible series. Whether it be a movie, another series or even a book. I’m so dying to know. And I miss the adventures with The Pretender.
    Thank you so much

  75. Groggen says

    So we’re in february, OF 2009!!! I am, like so many others, irritated and extremely longing for a good conclusion… quite frankly the Island of the haunted is more of a gimmick episode, like when Broots dream about Ms. Parker. We NEED an ending that is worthy of Jarod. For heavens sake, he’s got friends in every goverment organisation I can name and more besides… get him to call his “cavalry”, the centre may be good but taking on a number of three letter organisations should be more than even they can handle.

    Any recent news on a ending sequel, more recent than spring of last year perhaps….

  76. MaryAnn says

    I am eagerly waiting for whatever! Love the series and movies. Saw something about fans raising money to fund the filming. I certainly would invest in that! Particularly because all the principle actors would be returning to film the fifth season (hope hope) or final film. With all the fans donating…it could be a possibility!

  77. Joanne and Dale says

    We have just finished viewing all four seasons and the 2 movies and are anxiously awaiting another Pretender movie.

    This was an awesome show. We can’t believe that it ended after only 4 seasons!

  78. Emily says

    I’d even be willing to take it in book form, if the movie thing doesn’t work out.
    Either way I do want to get the answers to our many questions and Miss Parkers first name,lol

  79. Marie says

    ugh I just finished watching the end of season 4… they really do need to conclude it and not leave it hanging like that.

  80. Carolyn P says

    I am so happy to hear that My Favorite TV Show of all time is coming back. Oh how I missed Jarod and Ms. Parker. I don’t care bring back the re-runs I can settle for that until the final conclusion. I even complained to the Neilsen ratings about losing this show. I couldn’t get through the day without watching Jarod Fine Self. Michael Terry Weiss, I am one of your biggest fan. Hope to see you soon!

  81. Mihael says

    I love the show. I’ve seen all the episodes and both movies, but there has been no conclusive ending and it left me wondering, why abandon such a great story and why leave it unfinished? At least the makers could film a third movie that tied all those loose ends together.

  82. Emily says

    I agree with you Bucky (who wrote back in March 2008) Miss Parker is a fascinating character. Ms. Parker is great because she would kick somebody’s teeth in, : ) Jarod is great as well but Parker is the “Ice Queen” When we finally get our answers I hope that Ms. Parker is as significant to the story as Jarod is……he doesn’t need to get all the credit. I loved the way she kicked Brigette’s but in “Toy Surprise”, very cool.

  83. Ruben says

    Partially disagreeing with Emily. The show is called “The Pretender”, and the average episode was mainly about Jarod, and therefore, the “majority of significance” should be placed on the main character. Of course, it all depends on how it’s written.

  84. Jan says

    Glad to see the idea (and the fanbase) still lives. A timetable would be nice. At least I could pinpoint my expectations onto a specific date.

    If Steven and Craig are reading this: I really did like Tin Man a lot, Still: Find some way to bring back Jarod…PUHLEEEEEEEZZZZZ!!!!!

    The greatest series finales of all time for me are for “Quantum Leap” and “Star Trek, The Next Generation”. This film, book, whatever, would top that by a landslide. And coming from a 42 year old Belgian Trekkie (yes, Belgian!), this means something. Pretender is by far the most intelligent and well written television series ever. For every answer it provided it raised three more questions, and it still keeps us going after all these years. The time for some answers and some closure has come. If I died before having them, I’d even go as far s to say that my life would be incomplete. And if this is not pathetic enough, how about this one:


    …If I were a rich man (a-yadda-dadda-dadda-dadda-dadda-dee), a big fat check to Craig and Steven would already be in the mail.

  85. Allie from Australia says

    Any updates? I’ve been an avid fan since episode 1 and am still eagerly awaiting a conclusion (and a Jarod & Miss Parker kiss!). Please!!!!!!!!!

  86. Jabbok says

    I hope to see something ‘soon.’
    This series is absolutely brilliant in my opinion. I think they should make at least one more movie (two+ depending on the depth of the story that has gone untold.)
    If such a movie would come out I’d gladly watch it instead of any of the big name movies.
    I’ve played out so many possibilities for the ‘ending’ but I’m sure they won’t even compare to the story that will be told. As a fan I have faith that The Pretender will have it’s rightful ending.

  87. Joe says

    Please bring it back! Shows not as good as this have lasted seven to ten years. Fans (and Jarod and Ms. Parker) deserve closure.

  88. Kalle says

    PLEASE finish it! I would gladly pay more for it than for a regular dvd film or something similar!! Love the show and the characters…

  89. Kelly says

    I just started watching the show again. Please, please, please give us another movie. Just to tie up the loose ends. I go back and re-watch the series every couple of years. It’s such a great story and wonderful characters. I still get enjoyment out of it after all these years.

  90. Amy says

    This would be a dream come true for me!! Its not even just that I miss it (though i do very much) but we were left with absolutely NO closure, and I desperately need it!! :( The fans really would love to hear what the creators had in mind for an end to the series, we were left with way more questions than answers in the end… please please give us an update! thank you!

  91. jan says

    It is good to here that there may be something in the future. We have been left with more questions than answers. The movies just added to those questions. No great series should be left hanging. Let’s wrap it up!

  92. Lola says

    Honestly, I hate to break it to all the fans (including me) I really don’t think that they are going to wirte a conclusion to the series. It’s what July 30, 2009 now! It’s been a few years since Steven Long Mitchell and Craig Van Sickle first mentions about wanting to do end. I think that they should fo one final hurray just to put an end, don’t make wonder anymore.As you can see there are loyal fans from all over, people watching it in reruns, getting Netflix just so they can refresh their memories, etc… If there is not going to be one just tell it straight to our faces, so we could give up and just stop waiting for something that is not gonna happen…

  93. sarah says

    have newly been initiated in to The Pretender fan base…when, oh when are they just gonna give us a fitting ending?!?! want jarod and miss p to get together soon!!

  94. Daniela says

    Shame on you, Steve and Craig, Shame on you!
    Please give us ‘our’ conclusion, ‘our’ answers!!!
    And please, OH PLEASE! Get together Jarod and miss Parker!

    Michael T. Weiss I love you!!!

  95. leanne says

    hey just finished yet again watching the 2 series with my 10 year old son who is now addicted to Jarod.May i add his name is Jarod.So could you please please finish off this series.Too many not answered questions.Bring Jarod back!!!

  96. wire says

    Hey i just watched all four season and the 2 movies and i need more!!!!!!!!

    seriously this show was great but i think after season 4 there should have been at least one more season. seems like alot was left out, forgotten, or cramped in before the 2001 movie. You can still save it though!

    make the last 2 movies as u originally planned people Will watch it i guarantee!

  97. RAINEYGURL says

    I loved The Pretender!!! That and The Profiler and La Femme Nikita have to be my faves in the past years. I love all the CSI’s but The Pretender and The Profiler were so awesome!!! I miss them. Bring ’em back!

  98. Peter says

    I hope The Pretender comes back!!! It`s one of the best series ever! I just watched all four seasons and the two movies but there should be many more movies to answer all the questions!!!

  99. says

    I speak for many, many people when I say that we want to have a finale to the Pretender Series. I watched it when it first aired, watched it as re-runs, and have bought the dvds and shown them to many people. We all want to know…what happened? How does it end? The last movie with the scrolls only opened more doors and created more layers. How about a 4-part mini series to bring it all home!!!!! (Or re-start the series and let it run for a couple of years!)

  100. carlos a. ramos says

    hello, i’ve been thinking about this show for a long time, back when it was showing I couldn’t wait for the next episode (and that was every episode) since the series ended, i’ve been thinking whatever happened to jarod, miss parker, sidney, the jeeky computer nerd, and the oxygen pumping vilain.

    This was such a great show, just awesome, i loved the characters, the storyline, the good vs. evil, this show is so relavent today. Thereare so kidnappings, abduction, and children held captive for tremendous periods of time, that the public needs to be made aware that it can happen to anyone. I believe that “the pretender” gave hope and strength to people in situations like this.

    I too would like and love for the pretender to come back, I was and still am a fan, it’s been a long time coming and the time is now, it would defenitely put some of these cases into perspective.

  101. tauni says

    i just want an ending to it does Jarod get his happy ending being able to see his family together i love this show i have all the seasons and i want the movies this was a great series there are very few series that are any good these days i’m glad that the creators want to finish it i hope its soon

  102. Emily says

    I was hooked on the Pretender series years ago and since buying all four seasons, I’ve rediscovered this show as have several friends of mine. We would love to see another movie that gives us some closure.

  103. Decibel says

    I can’ t imagine that a third Pretender movie is even a possibilty…Thank you guys for being so determined to make it happens, all of us we loved that series so much, we can really move mountains….I loved The pretender because it was so dark and secretive plus the attraction and flrtation between Miss Parker and Jarod was a tease, i a crazy about both and we need really to have closure on many things, the last Pretender movie left us disappointed with a bitter taste in our mouth and more answers to even more questions…So it is important to have another movie to close the chapter of Jarod and Miss Parker search for love and i want them to end up together, i also would love to have love scenes between the the two,,,Cross fingers for the next third movies…I hope soon.. Hey guys if there is a petition i owuld be glad to sing it…Let me know…

  104. Misake says

    I really love the show! I watched it when it first aired and I didn’t want to miss an episode. It was a family show, my sister, my parents and my self all sat there Saturday evening watching it. Then when we get to the end of season 4, we were left was an exploding train and not a single movie aired to conclude it. I know there were two movies made, but the were not shown in Canada… >.> My sister and I just finished watching the last DVD and the 2 movies (the movies I had to download) and I finally found out more!! But they still left off with soooo many questions. I can’t wait to see what will come next. The show should have never been cancelled.

  105. eliza says

    I just finished watching this show, all four seasons and the two movies, and I have to just say how amazing it really is. The characters are all so well-rounded and complex, and the story lines just really keep me on my toes. Please please please finish it! It’s way better than anything else on television! I would love to see how the creators would conclude it.

  106. pretenderfan_stillwaiting says

    I doubt there will EVER be a movie to this… they have ignored the die hard fans out there for YEARS.. why listen now??? besides it’s been a long time. AP and MTW seem to have fallen off the acting radar, and the actor who played Mr P died last year… the least they could do if they *REALLY* have the rest written is put the damn thing online at least we could freakin READ how it ends…. 😐

  107. Katerina says

    Futurama, Firefly, Sledge Hammer and – the Pretender.
    While some boring stuff is being on air for years…

    I feel sad and disappointed, because I’ve spent so much time watching (and enjoyng!) the Pretender through the years and I do deserve the decent conclusion. As well as the other fans.

    If they don’t want to film the end, they could really make it in a written form – any form, damn it! Just for us not to feel cheated!

    Thank you for attention.

  108. Gabriel Klar says

    I have just finished watching all 4 seasons and the two movies again. This was one of the greates series I have ever seen. Yeah the only series I can compare to is the Star Trek TOS and TNG.
    I liked that the episodes in the Pretender were built on top of each other, slightly tied. The best was it could keep the myth and new piece of information turned up by episodes to episodes which changed everything. I don’t know how they could do it but it’s the most interesting series I watched.
    I really would like to see an ending because either the story and the series goes forever or a good ending is needed. Personally I think one more season and a movie are needed because there are so many unanswred questions which should not be answered in a s single movie or two.
    I can’t wait to see a new season. When the final episode is out I really hope I can see the full work in a collectors’ edition DVD box. This is a must to have.

    I don’t know why good and uniq series die while the other boring still aired.
    If thay can’t or not willing to create it then they should put on the internet to read it. Or would be better to give the script to a writer to write a book. I would also buy and read it.

  109. Maria says

    I’m so pumped that they are bringing back the Pretender. It is one of my favorite shows and it really needs a good ending. I got hooked on this show when my dad bought the series. I now own all the seasons and the movies. This show was amazing and deserves a good ending, preferably Parker and Jarod finally having their happy endings. This series was one of the most intriging and interesting shows I’ve ever watched.

    Those shows that are so boring you literally get dumber after watching them, still have new seasons coming out when they should never have even started. Where the good shows that acctually hold you in suspense and make you think and keep surprising you at every turn get cancelled. the Pretender could have gone on for years and people would still be intrigued and held in suspense, but please give this show the ending it deserves. Whether it be a movie, new season, on the internet, or a book.

  110. Lindsay says

    Please give the devoted fans something!!! It’s just mean leaving us hanging like that. I need closure, all the fans need closure. It’s an epic show and the movies are insane. Would be even more amazing in my mind if we got an amazing ending! Love everything about this series!!!

  111. Dra says

    Seriously, it’s been a couple years. We need just a little more encouragement that something is in the works. Please give us something to work with. I love this show!

  112. Donoterase says

    This is my favorite tv show of all time and there is still no competition. I think that what the creators did and are doing to us as fans is just not right. They keep dropping breadcrumbs every now and again but nothing actually happens.

    All every single one of us are asking for is just to know what happens. I don’t know if the original cast would even be interested in doing something after all this time and if they are not then I won’t be interested either. I do not want to see anyone else as Miss Parker or Jarod. If they don’t want to do it I would rather pay to read the script than watch a production with a different cast.

  113. Crystal says

    My husband and I have been watching this series on dvd for the past month or so, and finally finished with both movies, last night. This series is very dear to my heart. I can relate to both Jarod and Miss Parker in so many ways, and, Sydney, is the kind of father figure I’d choose, if I had a father figure… Not knowing the ending and feeling hopeless as to ever knowing is a really torturous feeling. I mean, the two movies, “The Pretender 2001″ and “Island of the Haunted,” were both released in 2001. That was 9 years ago. If you look up a current picture of Michael T. Weiss, he’s like absolutely gray headed, and doesn’t really look the same at all. (I suppose if he shaved the mustache and died his hair dark again it could work, but, still…) As Donoterase mentioned, are the actors even still interested in finishing this? It would NOT be the same, in fact not even acceptable, with a different cast. And for that matter, are you creators still even trying? It’s been two years since this statement was released. Please, all we want is closure. Preferably in the form of a movie (or continuing season), but, even a book, would be better than nothing. Come on guys… If you weren’t going to finish it, you shouldn’t have left it opened. We are still left wondering who Jarod’s mom really was, what Catherine Parker’s “plan” was (although the last movie hinted it had to do with ending the Centre with the scrolls), what ever happened to Jarod’s clone, and if Jarod and Miss Parker are ever happy. (And personally, I had always hoped for more character exploration into things like, for example, Mr. Reins’ past and why he is so evil, etc.)

    So many questions, still in need of answering. Please….answer them!
    -A Loyal Fan

  114. koplar says

    Can do a short reprisal movie with Jarod … now gray and old telling a story to “someone” about what really happened . the ending

  115. Dani says

    I check back every few months hoping to see some word of a 3rd Pretender movie – going on almost 10 years since the cancellation and I have yet to give up hope. Does ANYONE have any updates??

  116. Emily Rugburn says

    Well, why wait for them to give us an ending? Why don’t the fans write the script or the book or even a screenplay and post it online?

    A collaborative effort perhaps?

    -Auntie EM

  117. Dan says

    I know they said to be patient (that was 2008), but it’s now mid-2010, and no new updates on it. I’m starting to give up hope that the series will ever get a proper conclusion.

    I think if they can’t finance it, they should release it in illustrated for or something cheaper avenue. It just sucks that the loyal fans never got a proper ending to this.

  118. Jake says

    I freakin love this series! I have them all on DVD + the movies. The end of island of the haunted leaves me hanging and i cant wait for the conclusio!!

  119. Jake says

    The final movie conclusion should have all the original cast because if you have different actors then its just not the same, you know?

  120. Yvette says

    I am so disappointed with this. The Pretender was THE Best series ever. I have been waiting for years to find out what happened after the explosion in the tunnel and have not had the satisfaction of finding out. You guys really should do something for all us loyal fans that watched this show.

  121. judie says

    I love the pretender series and movies, I really miss the show and wish there would finally be an ending. It is really annoying that so many bad shows are kept on the air and yet sci-fi gets cancelled. I hope they use the original characters and not mess with them as in sliders. Pretender was such a unique show with a very human quality but also full of suspense there has been nothing as good to replace it. If they do listen to the fans at all WE WILL KEEP WAITING BUT COULD YOU PLEASE HURRY UP ! More Pretender

  122. Ty says

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news here folks, but it’s not going to happen. Steve and Craig have something in common with the fictional Mr. Parker and Mr. Raines. Liars. It’s bad enough to string us along with the inner sense, pathetic excuses for movies, the scrolls, some of the worst acting and lines in the history of film but to continue dishing out false hope to fans that really believe there will be a third movie is just mean and I’m glad that I never believed them. If there was a funding issue or something else, it would be one thing but I think we all know that the show needs their main character and without that character, Steve and Craig have no show. They refuse to go on without him and the actor that plays that role no longer wants to. SO for Pete’s sake Steve and Craig, post the script online for those still curious about the ending.

  123. richard says

    I have just watched all 4 series and the 2 movies and i admit theres alot more they could add to it to give us a better ending. They could bring out another series or 2 as even after 9 or so years its still a modern show compared to todays offerings.

    Just give us at least another movie to keep us quiet! lol release it around xmas time next year and we’ll consider it a great present. i’m sure most of the cast would take on their roles again as it’s another chance for them to get their faces on the tv again to perhaps create more acting work for themselves.

    I agree with what Judie said above that when they messed about with the Sliders characters they spoilt it and it went downhill from then on which is a shame because theres nothing like that show on the tv, so if you were thinking of doing the same to the pretender show then i would rather you posted the script online like some others have said. but anyway…


  124. krystal says

    Since i don’t think a movie is ever going to happen why not do a graphic novel or something? it’s better than just posting a script and would at least make some sort of profit for them and give everyone the ending we have been craving for years.

  125. Stacy Brooks says

    I loved the series when it was on NBC and TNT. I ‘ve got all the episodes and movies. I’m missing it so. Would love them to revive it . Would love to see Michael back on tv again!!!!!

  126. Brit says

    I loved the show growing up. A year ago my friend bought the first two seasons for me and I was so enthralled. I don’t watch much t.v. today…and I don’t think I have to explain why. The Pretender was an amazing show!!!! GOD, the characters and the pschological twist and thrills. I know now that its 2011 the movie/episode idea would just sound nuts, but I’d love to have a better conclusion to this intelligent lost gem.

  127. Aaron M says

    The Pretender is the best show I have ever watched, and i have all the series and movies, please bring us a better conclusion, or even better give a season or 2 with a good conclusion.

    My life is not complete until i know what happens to Jarod, Miss Parker and Sydney. And when is Rains going to get his dues!

  128. candice parsons says

    I want to know who shot raines and what the ending of it is I have been waiting a long time to know and I want to find out before I die please

  129. missing the Pretender in Texas says

    Bring back the Pretender. It’s time. We’ve seen “Ms Parker” and “Jarod” on the screen on other shows, and it reminds us how much we miss the Pretender series. It’s time to bring it back. Come on Fans, don’t you agree????. Get on line and request it….
    Bring back Pretender,
    Bring Back Pretender,
    Bring back Pretender……

  130. John Milton Jr says

    We just want an ending for this show in a good sence and a good story. We have been waiting for so long now . Get going !!!

  131. Troy says

    Its time for the conclusion,I have just watched the four seasons and mini movies again. A fantastic story that needs finishing for all the fans. Does anybody have any contact details for the writers Steven Long Mitchell and Craig Van Sickle. Would love for people to send them encouraging Emails.
    Long Live The Pretender.

  132. BobbyJB says

    Please give us some closure. It’s been a long time coming. We just have to know if he gets to know the truth. We want the truth. What happened to Jared’s mother? What happened to Miss Parker’s mother? Who is everyone?

  133. D S says

    Everyone wants a final Pretender movie to give us a true conclusion. There’s got to be a way that producers can make it happen. With all the avenues of media available today, it’s more feasable than ever before. Make it straight to DVD, make only available online or something. The demand and the fanbase is there. If you make it, they will come (includiong me). Come on guys, make it happen! We know you can.

  134. CC says

    The Pretender is one of my favorite shows! We need closure for this series. I know Harve Presnell (Mr. Parker) died a few years ago, so it would be fitting to say he died when he jumped out of the plane in the last Pretender movie. We have to have an ending for this, so many unanswered questions! Please let us know!

  135. GeNae says

    I too am waiting all these years for closure! Ugh!!! I bought the show for myself and my mom (Who got me hooked on this and Profiler) and we NEEd to know what happens! Is there any place I can write the creators? I’d love to do that!

  136. blue says

    Thank goodness for missingpieces website filled with fanfic dedicated to the pretender.I really want them to bring back the pretender, but until they do, we can read pretender fan fic at missingpieces. Yay!

  137. A difference Blue says

    Geeeezzzz I WOULD LOVE LOVE LOVE to see the final part to this GREAT show… I LOVE PARKER and of course JARED… Throughout the whole show you could see Jared growing in maturity and in experience and coming into his own sorta coming of age type story… I WOULD LOVE for him to come back after a 10+ year absence and just overpower Parker with some action that would just change that steel look in her eyes into something soft and warm where she just “SEES” for the first time… and then you see that look go from steel cold, to soft warm, to determination to attain… LOL… I hope that all makes sense to all the fans out there… OH PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE I hope this comes out soon to where lots of the original actors will be involved…of course Micheal and Andrea and everyone else would just be icing on the cake :)

  138. Robert Breed says

    Well you have had 4 years since this update, time for another update! Pretender has been off the air for 10 years and I want to see the end of it NOW!

  139. Elizabeth Rose says

    First of all, i just love the comments about Michael being old. Excuse me?! We are the same age. He is NOT old! Andrea has never looked better. How long could it possibly take to film a conclusion? I think all of the actors would have a blast reprises their characters. Just do it!

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