Slice of SciFi #145: Interview with “Journeyman” Producer Kevin Falls

75453340.jpgIn the News:

  • HBO, the premium cable channel, launched a new download service this week which will allow certain subscribers to download movies and their television shows over the Internet.
  • Palaeobiologists have unearthed the skeletal remains of a 2000 pound rat.

Slice of SciFi International Entertainment News Desk
This week we introduce a brand new segment on the on the show that will deal strictly with international news from the entertainment industry. It won’t be a weekly feature, but will be a special segment from time to time. Our debut story will focus on the tiny country of Israel.

Movie Talk: Contrary to reports last year that director Bryan Singer opted out of returning to helm the “Superman Returns” sequel, the famous director has decided to accept Warner Bros’ offer and return to the center seat.

Review: Trampas Whiteman (Dragonlance Canticle) provides us with a review for Part I of the recent Internet miniseries from director Tim Russ, “Star Trek: Of Gods and Men”. Don’t miss this one.

TV Talk: On February 12 at 10PM ET/PT the CBS show saved by 20 tons of peanuts returns to finish out its short but highly anticipated second season. And, there may be more good news on the horizon.

Interview: Kevin Falls, creator, executive producer and writer of the fan favorite show “Journeyman” talks about NBC’s decision to not pick-up the show for a full first season and his excitement over the huge international fan support to get his show back on the air.

Future Talk: The 2008-2009 movie season may see a rise in classic monster films like 2000-2007 saw happen with superheroes movies. If Benicio Del Toro has his way, his portrayal as the classic monster “The Wolf Man” will spark a big budget return of all those 1930’s and 1940’s classics.

Link: Star Trek: Of Gods and Men
Link: Jericho
Link: Journeyman
Link: Save Journeyman

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  1. Bob in NY says

    File downloaded via iTunes on the first try, but it seemed like I’m back to the days of 56kbs rather than broadband.
    But who’s in a rush when it comes to good content.

  2. says

    I thought I heard unsubscribing and resubscribing was the ticket. Tried that, and my download time increased!

    I don’t mind, I truly love the show, but this is a bit annoying.

  3. Mel says

    Excellent interview with Falls.
    I’m trying my best to remember to support the writers in their endeavor for a livelihood, however with the now dwindling amount of new media on the horizon, I’m having difficulty.
    I’ve sent my rice to NBC, but I’ve come to fear that Falls’ prediction is correct and that Journeyman will become another short-lived cult classic like Firefly.

    Death to Nielsen!

  4. S. says

    I couldn’t download the podcast but streamed it on Saturday. I got a message about the farpoint server being busy or down. Such a great interview. Thank you all for making it happen.

    I think Kevin’s right that the fans need to do something big for PR. And also remember sending in something to the network has the most impact.

  5. Thomas from Flag says

    The best way to reach them is email them about downloaded issues, they will see them from the comments thread, but it can take longer.

  6. says

    I put in my two cents and added my vote on the Nielson link above. You have to subscribe, but I figure that we’ll be hitting this site allot so may as well get our accounts set up now. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    If we can get the #1 spot, I’ll do a mention on the show this week.