Slice of SciFi #126: Interview With Janine Vangool, Curator of “The Shatner Show”

vangool.jpg00000000000000shatnercover380.jpg In The News:

  • Star Trek is still very much alive in the minds of fans and another audio fan production proves it. This week we take a look at “Star Trek: The Continuing Mission.”
  • Genetic engineering has been a hot-button topic for sci-fi writers since Mary Shelly. Now real science takes one step closer with the recent HFEA recommendation to approve hybrid human-to-animal genome research.
  • Indy 4 has its official title and we give it to you on today’s show.

Movie Talk:

  • We dish out loads of “Transformers” DVD release news. You are going to love this segment.
  • Our good friend, and former “Farscape” star Gigi Edley is back in good form for the Australian Film Institute Award nominated film “Last Train to Freo.” We have all the details.

TV Talk: This whole segment is dedicated to the launching of the “SaveDresdenFiles” campaign. Hope you have those drum sticks (not the Colonel Sanders kind) ready to send to SCI FI.

Interview: This week we talk to Janine Vangool, curator, designer and connoisseur of fine art who hosted and organized “The Shatner Show” for her Uppercase Gallery in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Janine talks about the show that ran for two months, what is was like to work with the over 70 different artists for the project and the new “The Shatner Show” art book now available for purchase.

She not only help to organize the highly praised, very unique and sometime bizarre artistic display showcasing the professional life of William Shatner, but she also helped put together a fantastic book with every artist’s rendition of Bill between its covers. The LIVE event called “The Shatner Show,” which was held in her gallery in Canada through the months of June through August this year, was a big success and hopes are that the book The Shatner Show highlighting the creative paintings, photographs and sculptors will also be as promising.

Future Talk:

  • Lawrence Bender, the man behind some of Quentin Tarantino’s greatest films is producing a new horror/thriller called “Outside” and is working again with Quentin on a war film called “Inglorious Bastards.”
  • Nelson McCormick, the director behind the April 2008 remake of “Prom Night” is at it again and will redo the serial killer/horror film “The Stepfather.”

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  1. jamesfrommelbourne says

    hey everybody,
    lets keep this great show on the air, click the donate button and give what you can.

  2. says

    Not at all Vanamonde. In fact just the opposite it true. Slice of SciFi is becoming more popular every week with an outreach that reaches millions of listeners to the show and readers of the Website, which means more finances are needed because the demands being placed on the show and those of us who run it are growing tremendously. Those demands include such things as necessary studio equipment upgrades, various news service fees, transportation fees to and from meetings with prospective clients and possible advertisers, CON costs – where our presence is becoming increasingly requested and needed, and so forth.

    Currently, Mike, Summer, Brian, Tim, Jeffrey and myself do not get paid for all that we do with Slice of SciFi and its parent company, Farpoint Media. It is truly a labor of love, but in order to keep up the quality and high standard of programming and professionalism fans have become accustomed to, and that we as showrunners demand, more avenues of funding are a primary concern and have become an absolute necessity.

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  3. jamesfrommelbourne says

    hey i just saw season 1 of Earth Final Conflict for $30 is this worth getting, i have heard no news on it in australia

  4. Trucker Cylon says

    $30 is the right price for Earth Final Conflict. I was good show that just missed the mark. It is not a good action sci-fi show. It is okay sci-fi. The problem is that they change the lead at the midway point. Also last few season the bad guy changes to space vampires… It started out a cool hard look at the danger of “helping” under devoloped races, aka “thrid world Poeple”, us. For $30 give it a try. Just so you know it cheeses out and changes every thing just to stay on the air at the end.

  5. says

    I would definitely buy S1 and S2 of “Earth: Final Conflict” for that price… maybe S3, too. S4 could have been an interesting shift change, but I thought S5 ran off the rails in a big way. I sometimes wondered if they wouldn’t have been better off leaving the series on a cliffhanger, and maybe just coming back with a miniseries to wrap things up.

  6. says

    I kinda of lost interest after Kevin Kilner left the show. I found his portrayal of William Boone to be the best part of the series and after he departed I simply found it a bit dull to watch.