SoSF Interview With “Kyle XY” Actress Chelan Simmons

chelansimm.jpgWith Season 2 underway, Chelan Simmons, who plays “Hillary” on the ABC Family Network “Kyle XY” took time from her busy schedule to talk to our Slice of SciFi reporter/interviewer Linda Craddock about the show.

Chelan has played in a variety of movie and television shows other than “Kyle XY.” She starred in the horror/thriller “Wind Chill” and played Ashley Freund in “Final Destination 3”. Chelan has also displayed her comedic talents for films such as “Good Luck Chuck” and “John Tucker Must Die”. She has appeared in TV episodes of “Stargate: Atlantis,” “Psych,” “Smallville” and “Supernatural.”

Chelan has just completed shooting one new SciFi film for the big screen called “Ogre” and is currently in the middle of filming a family drama titled “The Christmas Cottage,” which she talks a bit about in this interview with Linda.

Linda Craddock (SoSF): Let me start by asking about the production of The Christmas Cottage? How’s it going?

Chelan Simmons (CS): Working on the movie “The Christmas Cottage” was a great experience. It was amazing to walk on set and be working right next to some incredibly talented actors such as Chris Elliott, Marcia Gay Harden, Geoffrey Lewis, Richard Moll, and of course Peter O’Toole. It is such a great movie for all ages, I am very proud to be a part of it.

SoSF: You just finished a comedy with Dan Fogler and Jessica Alba called Good Luck Chuck. Talk about that experience!

CS: Good Luck Chuck was probably the funniest movie that I’ve been in. I did most of my scenes with Dane Cook who is such a funny guy…everyday I worked with him, I was always giggling at one his jokes. Jessica Alba is so sweet and 10 times prettier in Person, and has a hilarious character in this movie, which she plays so well. This film was so much fun to work on, my hardest, and longest day on set was spent on a warm beach with Dane Cook all day…..I’m sure many girls would have wanted my job that day!!!!

SoSF: So we switch gears to talk about two horror movies you appeared in Wind Chill and Final Destination 3. Do you consciously decide after making a movie in a particular genre, that you want a change of pace?

CS: I loved, loved, loved working on Final Destination 3. I always get excited for any chance to use my vocal cords to scream. All of my friends call me “THE QUEEN OF SCREAMS” because I have the loudest, high pitched scream. I was so happy when I found out that I booked that role, I was a big fan of the other two, which is funny because it is a rare thing to catch me watching a horror movie. I get scared even watching Harry Potter (which on my behalf is totally scary). I was so excited to be part of such a great franchise. It’s not everyday that you get to fry in a tanning! I think that it’s important to switch up my roles now and then, if you’re always playing the same character that does the same things, it gets boring!

SoSF: You appeared in an episode of Psych. Did you have a lot of fun shooting that episode?

CS: The episode of Psych that I was in was directed by the famous John Landis. It was so cool to work with him. The whole time I was on set I couldn’t stop thinking….”Oh my gosh, he directed Michael Jackson’s music video Thriller”…what a legend.

SoSF: What was your first impression of the storyline and script when you were first introduced to Kyle XY series?

CS: When I first read the script for a pilot called Kyle XY, I was in love with it. I couldn’t stop thinking “What or Who is this guy”? I was actually filming FD3 when the auditions for the role of “Hillary” were going on….so thankfully when I had a 10 min break on set, they let me run to the other side of the studio to audition for Kyle XY. I actually read with April Matson, (who plays Lori) . Because her character is best friends with “Hillary”, they wanted to make sure that April had chemistry with who ever they wanted to hire to play her best friend. I remember the audition being very long, and I remember making them laugh a lot. I left there thinking “I want that role so bad, I love that character so much, and everyone in there was so nice it would be a great set to work on”.

SoSF: Your character Hilary has gone through a maturation process from the beginning of season 1 right through the 10 episodes while getting to know Kyle as he evolved. Talk a little about that period of growth for Hilary!

CS: The character Hillary that I play on Kyle XY in the first season was very head strong, outspoken, a little mean, and always wanting the center of attention. However, in season 2, I have found that she’s matured and grown into herself so much, I think she really knows who she is now. I’ve found some scenes this year…where I think ahh Hillary is soooo sweet, and mature, and she just wants the best for others, and for herself. In the second season, she finds a career that she’s very passionate about…her and Lori are even better friends….and so far there’s been no more boy drama. She’s really figured out who she is and what she wants out of life….don’t get me wrong, she does have her diva moments in some scenes…but give her a break…she can’t be perfect…lol!

SoSF: Kyle XY is in its 2nd season with a new member of the cast, Jaimie Alexander as Jessi XX. What interesting twists can we expect from the new season?

CS: The new season is bigger and better than last year. We have a whole new look about our show, tons of more stunts, characters, and secrets revealed. With the entrance of Jessi XX, there’s sure to be a lot more to look forward to.

SoSF: Tell us something about Chelan that most people don’t know!

CS: Something that most people don’t know about me is that I have really tiny pinky fingers…lol….they are the same size as my seven year old nephews. My hands are pretty small…but my pinky’s are soooo tiny, I would be a great hand double for a!

SoSF: What would you say has been your most challenging role to date?

CS: My most challenging role was probably FD3, I worked really hard trying to make my death scene a scene to remember. I had a lot of bruises the week that we filmed that. I also got over my fear of heights when I had to do a 30FT drop from the roof of our studio, For the scene where we fall out of the roller coaster…which by the way was edited out of the movie….but what a challenging and fantastic opportunity that was. I wonder if I can say on my resume now that I can do stunts….lol!

SoSF: How often do you get to pursue your modeling talent?

CS: I stopped modeling at about the age of 14 or so, my acting career took up too much time, and with going to school…I couldn’t find the time to model. Plus I don’t think it would have worked out too well….me being only 5’4″ and all. However I would love to do an add campaign. I think that that would be fun!

SoSF: What breed is your dog Talula?

CS: My love of my life that I always mention, is my dog Talula, she’s a 3 1/2 year old Yorki. I love her so much, she goes everywhere with me…she’s my little Sidekick.

SoSF: I understand you like cooking. What are your two favorite recopies?

CS: My other passion besides acting is cooking!!! My 2 favorite things to make are the two that I love to eat the most….I make a yummy Ceasar Salad, and a hearty dish of Cheesy Scalloped Potatoes…both family recipes that are our family secrets..sorry….you’ll just have to come over for dinner to taste them.


  1. Sophia says

    Hey! I remember her from Wonderfalls, a great DVD set for genre fans by the way. I looked her up and realized I also remember her from Chupacabra. No, I don’t own that DVD. :)

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