Joe Murphy Tribute

A tribute to Joe hosted by Michael, Evo, Mur, Charlie the Beer Guy, Chris the Wingin’ It Chef, Debbie from East Mesa, Brian, Tim, Sheila, and Lorrie, featuring clips from “Wingin’ It” episodes gone by.

Raise a root beer in memory of Randy Innuendo.

Song: “Mason Rocket” by Beatnik Turtle


  1. says

    Joe’s gone? He had a nice voice and stuff.

    That’s sad (not an April Fool’s I hope)-
    thanks for keeping me company,
    Khal (from Canada).

  2. Tim's Jen says

    Brilliant tribute, everyone! Joe would be honored. I feel like I got to know him better just by listening to all you had to say about him. You’re all in my thoughts as you remember a good friend. Godspeed, Joe.

  3. says

    I only hope I have as many friends say so many nice things about me when my time comes. Thank you Joe for making me shot soda out my nose on two different occasions! I’m on my third keyboard since I found you guys almost two years ago!


  4. Vern says

    I just finished a four hour tivo-thon of The Dresden Files. In the season finale, detective Murphy’s father’s name was Joe Murphy. Was this a coincidence?

    I know Joe received a voicemail from Yvonne Erlichman saying that the Dresden crew was pulling for him. Also, in a voicemail show in February, Joe specifically asked for a shout-out on The Dresden Files.

    Does anyone know if Murphy’s father is mentioned by name in the books? Maybe someone could drop Jim Butcher a line and ask The Source.

    It would be very cool if they changed the name to Joe Murphy. Even if it is just a coincidence, it was cool.