Slice of SciFi #91: Voicemail Show

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This is the show for our fans and listeners! We’re receiving so much voicemail and email feedback commentary that we can’t even fit all of it into it’s own show anymore. But that’s okay… Keep it coming!

Michael, Joe, Brian and Tim swim through the voicemails this week:

  • Enormous in Australia on Charlie Jade… sort of
  • Gary from Uranus wants the BSG vs Enterprise talk to end. NOW.
  • Chad in Concord lets us know “One Missed Call” is a Japanese remake, too
  • Big and Tasty has a Zombie Channel suggestion
  • Indiana Jim didn’t quite hear what Sam had said…
  • Rapid Eye with potential SciFi Smackdown fodder
  • Rapid Eye tries to chastise Summer, but so he has no idea
  • Big Troy wants to see Spaceship Yamato vs SDF-1
  • Jim from Cape Cod on Charlie Jade, ReGenesis, and The Collector, and superhero movies
  • Alan from UK questions the desire to use Stormtroopers as event security
  • Eric in Sydney loves fast and enthusiastic interview subjects
  • No more BSG vs Enterprise calls!
  • Enormous again on Charlie Jade
  • Woody from WI on his new HD and DVR woes
  • Tim is not impressed with DirecTV’s DVR compression (this is what happens when you have the new Hughes box instead of the old TiVo box. Bad DirecTV.)
  • Rick from Texas is now hooked on BSG because of us. Yay us!
  • Tom in Wake Forest on how the BSG food shortage episode was not filler
  • Sam thinks Kirk would win in a boxing match against anyone from BSG
  • Everything Zombie!!

Submitting Listener comments: If you have any suggestions or comments, please let us know. You can now leave a voicemail comment in the comments section of the show, or call our Voicemail Number, 206-339-TREK, or email Michael with a comment you’ve recorded yourself!


  1. OK, so how many beers did you have before you posted the show notes? =-)

    That was me doing the smackdown ON Jason, not him doing it…

    And I’d NEVER dream of chastising the uber-geek-mistress. I just pointed out that she ***SOUNDED*** like she was totally unaffected by Richard Hatch hitting on her. Sounds like there was some visual reactions that didn’t come across in the mp3 =-)

    Another great idea about the new websites and podcasts!!!
    Mike – you need to get RockStar to sponsor you so that you can stay awake for it all!!!

  2. Alas, m’dear, since I was not there, I didn’t see the notes for the messages Mike ws playing. and you didn’t introduce yourself at the beginning of the message, so…

    And trying to maintain a professional demeanor while blushing is not easy at all. Trust me :)

  3. Let’s see…what did I actually say? “Jesus is a……” Ahhh, let’s just keep it a mystery except for those who really listen closely and well to my comment on the show. ;)

  4. Thanks to everyone who provided us with Charlie Jade information. I’m looking forward to finding these and watching them.

  5. And I think Sam said something about “If Kirk and Jesus were in a boxing match……”

  6. We will be featuring “Charlie Jade” in our TV Talk segment of stories for the show coming up on January 24th (SoSF Show #093), so be sure to listen in.

  7. Damn, Lenny bought it! Now what will I do on Technorama?!

  8. Chuck – did Lenny really do anything?

  9. Michael Mennenga says:

    I KNOW! Lenny can come back as a Zombie on the Zombie Channel! LOL

  10. Anyone had any luck finding Charlie Jade in the US? Looks interesting. I haven’t been able to find a ticket to fly to see it.

  11. Great flights departing several airlines! Have now watched epis 1-4 of Charlie Jade! Tickets are cheap! C’mon and join the masses Tom!

  12. Tim Morris says:

    Charlie Jade – Check out the website at

    The premise looks interesting.

    Supposedly airing on SPACE in Canada. Appears to be a one season wonder, co-produced by CBC and South Afirca’s SABC.

    For the most part, those plane tickets only seem to take you to France, for the French lanugage version. There appears to be hope, as the DVD set was released in Japan about a year ago. Supposedly, there is a English language track as well as Japaneese. Perhaps tickets to fly will be available via Japan. Who knows?

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