Poor Girl – The Price of Fame

Evangeline Lilly has hinted she will quit ‘Lost’ unless the show’s fans stop hassling her, according to the U.K.’s Life Style Extra.

The actress is growing weary of the constant attention she receives from followers of the program and admits she sometimes considers walking away from her role as sexy fugitive Kate in the hit series.

Lilly, who is dating her ‘Lost’ co-star Dominic Monaghan, said: “I am an incredibly private person, and it’s so exhausting to me that everywhere I go people know me or think they know me. If I could act and make the income I make and be anonymous, I would never want to leave the job.”

This is not the first time Lilly has complained about her fame.

She previously admitted she would like to go on holiday to a remote island where no one would recognise her because she is so sick of being hounded by fans and the media wherever she goes.

She said: “I want to go somewhere like Mongolia or Timbuktu. Someplace where they don’t watch ‘Lost’!”

Ahhhh Evangeline…ever hear of satellite? Lost is seen everywhere!


  1. says

    Ohh, poor poor baby. Maybe she can look for a position in community theater and shed some of that attention and income.

    Oh wait, she *wants* the income, just not the attention… for, um, being an entertainer – someone who works for an audience’s attention.


  2. says

    There is a way to do it. She could go into doing voice overs for animated films. The Simpsons for instance has been on for years, and no one really knows what those actors look like. They were on TV once, being interviewed, but if they were right on the street in front of me, I would not know them from Adam. The voices they often use for the characters is often quite different than their own voice. She could remain anonymous and still act, but it’s too late now. Everyone knows her on sight. It is difficult to be anonymous when your face is being splashed all over the screen, large and small.

  3. says

    I’d take her comments a lot more seriously if she wasn’t posing for sexy pictures in the wake of her recent popularity. Not that I’m complaining, but there are actors and actresses who manage to set realistic and comfortable limits when it comes to exposure and fan interaction.

  4. says

    John from Jersey is absolutely correct. Great actors like Tom Hanks, Denzel Washington, Bill Murray, Robin Williams, Robert DiNero, Al Pacino, Meryl Streep and so forth, are all alot more popular than Lilly will ever be, and while they have had their fair share of stalkers, fan invasions and papparazzi, they seem to realize it comes with the territory, still manage to have a private life that most of us are totally unaware of and have learned to set boundries that both the press and fans respect. Lilly needs a lesson from the greats on how to handle fame and all that comes as a part of it.

  5. says

    Well, I would be willing to put her up at my place for a few days or so. You wouldn’t expect to see a star in my neck of the woods. Only thing come from Seymour is John Mellencamp. Otherwise, not much excitement around town.

  6. Barry says

    Lilly has millions of fans. She is only bothered by her fans who are also @$$h@les. People with little lives have serious self-esteem problems that drive their desire to interact with celebrity. But, the world needs hamburger flippers, too.

  7. Erinnae says

    She’s such an integral part of the show. Fans would DEFINITELY notice if they got someone else to play her, and the fans would be mad if she died, too. She can’t leave! It’s her duty to Americans… and Europeans… and Africans… and EVERYONE in the entire world to carry on with such, um… persecution. Otherwise, we’ll be forced to (God forbid!) boycott Lost (As if we could do that.). Hopefully she’s just trying to scare her fans into behaving.

  8. Aidan Hadley says

    I give it ten years until the return to obscurity makes her crave the attention so much she’ll be gagging for a spot on VH1’s The Surreal Life.

  9. Rickshaw says

    She won’t get any work after Lost anyway, so she can whine all she likes about the attention. Guess what happens when you’re a TV actress; people recognize you. Poor baby. She’ll be whining about not being recognized 2 years from now.


  10. David Leitch says

    would die to be in her place. i hate when actors go oh these people they always come up to me and say i love your show or your the greatest. i film a 45min show for 22 episodes and im in 25min or 30min of it oh my life is so hard wa, wa, wa, im a big baby i make millions a year for doing next to nothing wa, wa, bo bo.
    i feel sorry for her so much to be a highly reconized person that has lots of money wow people that work a million hours a week doing some job they hate for no respect or fame for no money are much better off! dumb bitch i don’t know why but it really pisses me off when actors go leave me alone i am just like everybody else. heres a reality check your work isn’t hard and i know. you make lots of money and people love you! suck it up!
    you put canada to shame!

  11. Phil from LI New York says

    whats her deal… thats what happen’s when you become famous… what, she thought it was all money making and hawaii… no difference now, damage done, shes gonna be bother by fans for the rest of her life. Maybe she should just be happy that people like her.

  12. Shane says

    I don’t think she has to worry much! If the show continues the way it does, it’ll be cancelled before long!

  13. KB says

    ABC should publicize this threat, fire her, and then hire an actress who would appreciate being on a hit tv series.
    everyone is replaceable, especially on a mysterious island.

  14. mike says

    oh please! SUCK IT UP BUTTERCUP! If you don’t like the spot light then don’t stand in it (PERIOD).

    Does anyone else get a little tired of these extremely well to do actors crying and bitching about the life they’ve made for themselves? Guess what Angie? You created this! Not your fans!

    What did you think would happen? If you (yes you, and only you, remember your part in this) put your damn face where everyone can see it (magazines, tv, the internet). There are plenty of actors that make plenty of money and without selling themselves for evey photo-op.

    Really do you think that the masses care that oh your life is so difficult. Come on! you go to work and “play” in front of a camera. Such a difficult job. At least famous singers (for example) have actual creative artistic talents. But actors are just playing dressup all day. Life is so tough when all your bills are paid for.

    I wish “Hollywood” would quit pissing and moaning about the cesspool it creates and clean up it’s own mess.

  15. JLM says

    I think she brought it on herself by prancing around publicly in skimpy bikini’s (believe me, no woman wears revealing clothing without expecting to be noticed), making out with her boyfriend on a public beach and by agreeing to be in nationally published magazines. This girl courted the attention!

    I used to admire EL because she just seemed like a neat person who was down to earth but I really dislike celebrities that act like this after they become known.

  16. tllgrrl says

    KB Says:

    January 4th, 2007 at 9:45 pm

    ABC should publicize this threat, fire her, and then hire an actress who would appreciate being on a hit tv series.

    There are how many actors in L.A.?
    And how many available parts are there these days in an industry which is relying more and more on “unscripted” “reality” TV programming?
    Hey, EL:
    STFU, will ya?!
    Do your job.
    Get your paycheck, get in your very nice car and go home to your very nice house.
    Be happy that you are Lucky and Blessed to have a job at all, especially as an actress in a hit TV show.

    That, or quit and let some other actress, who’s probably more talented than you but not as lucky, have a crack at a part on the show.


    By the way mike, acting isn’t as easy as you seem to think it is. You should try it sometimes and you’ll quickly learn that it ain’t all “play”. (I come from screen *and* stage. Believe me. It’s work. Especially stagework where you don’t have the luxury of “do-overs”.) And any “glamour” you see is people being at work even when they’re not on set.
    “Hollywood pissing and moaning..”?
    Believe me, most actors are grateful for their careers.
    Don’t generalize.
    EL is apparently off her rocker.

  17. Me says

    I am laughing my ass off at the fools who read and believed this! She didn’t “threaten” a damn thing. She doesn’t say anything about quitting Lost because of fans. Nothing of the sort. Somone obviously took a quote or two of hers and spun it with their own negative interpretation. How cheap and low can you be?

  18. Jess Brown says

    Evangeline, you can’t quit ‘Lost’! I understand that it would get pretty frustrating to have all these people know you, and run up to you where ever you go, and you should get away from it all. And the people how have been harrassing you and giving you crap are just pathetic! You shouldn’t quit ‘Lost’ because of them….but to keep it for yourself and for the people how admire you. I can tell that it’s alot of fun and that you wouldn’t want to give it up for anything….so don’t! I realize that i don’t know you but i know how you feel. So don’t take any notice of the idiots that are keeping you down…just take notice of the who love you and who are suporting you all the way….because i’m one of them!

  19. Caine says

    If she doesnt want the attention… “Put some Friggin clothes on!!!”

    If she topped prancing around in her underwear, alot less people will care about her.

  20. teabone says

    I am utterly a voice in the wilderness but it needs to be said. I see this kind of attack too much. and Im done being silent.

    Many of you are of the opinion that
    a) Actors have full control of their media
    b) they pick the jobs they do
    c) making good money means you deserve to be abused.

    Ive been working as an agent for over 8 years. I have been a director and been a producer.
    Look guys, Actors have less control over what jobs they land or audition for and their Image- even at the star level than you think.

    Actors do not have the option to not have their pictures taken and women definatley do not have the option of NOT having sexy photos taken. Often it is written into their contract as part of the advertizing /marketing schemes of the Production company. If they do not do it – they will be in breach of contract. If an actress chooses to go into breach of contract, they will not work again…and I DO mean never ever work again…..

    So blaming someone for doing their job makes no sense. Its like being pissed with the plummer for following union regulations….If you dont like the sexy photos then petition the friggin Studios to stop selling pinups…dont slander the women who have only two Options … do it or do not work.
    The studios are the ones trying to make the big money – and they need to SELL their product and the product is the ACTOR.

    When the pilot for “Lost” was being CAST I doubt that anyone fully knew it to be a hit. I remember at the time hearing an agent decide to not submit their best actresses for the pilot because it was a low budget pilot and they didnt think it would go anywhere….they didnt want their existing name actresses tied up shooting a low budget pilot during the busy season.

    So what exactly did Miss Lily sign up for an expect…Whats a low budget pilot worth in cash?… maybe take home after all the union and agent deductions…600.00 a day for a few weeks. So When Miss Lily auditioned for the role Im sure she was thrilled to think she might get her what? 5000.00 or 8,000.00 for the entire year….Because I doubt she counted on it going global. I also seriously doubt she really expected to work more than maybe one more job that year…

    Because may I remind you guys that most actors only work 1 – 3 times a year – 4 if they’ve become famous Go IMDB it … most actors work 1 – 3 times for the first 3 – 4 years…an actor role is one day’s pay ($ 500.00 take home- actor roles are paid less than principals) … a principal maybe 2- 4 days and a lead is rarely more than 2 – 21/2 weeks in total. So at the least an actor can work one day a year and at best maybe 9 weeks out of the year.

    But the show got picked up – When shows get picked up gereally the production will make the actors leagally agree and sign to stay for a certain number of years.
    Its great news if a pilot gets picked up for an actor because instead of facing that potential of a crappy 400.00 a year income from acting you are guarenteeed you’ll get at least same wage an electrician would, or a car mechanic, or a decent restaurant owner.

    But the unexpected happenned and the Show exploded! It went Global and the fans have completely given it a huge momenteum. every time a show expands its market an actor begins to make more money …they havent really a lot of control over it…their agent has control, and believe me we will push as hard as we can for more money. Suddenly without expecting it – you are making as much as a CEO but thrust into a spotlight where every mistake is measured and every flaw discussed, you lose your ability to be a real human to other humans. Do you really think ANYONE Chooses that?

    There is no way to tell on paper whether a project will suck. Great acting and writing can be destroyed by bad editting, crappy lighting, cheesy sets, bad sound, terrible musical scores…or any of the other parts to a movie that an actor has no control over.

    So we have a hard working nice woman that wanted to act – was not expecting to get to the level she has gotten to in the speed that she has and half of you cant figure out why shes disturbed by having men sneak into the womans bathroom to beg her to sign their napkins or whatever else weird stuff fans come up with. If you were just trying to pee and couldnt get to the bathroom because one more person wanted to touch you, how would you feel? If you couldnt drive your car out of a parkade because of media? I go nuts just when traffic is slow on the freeway…can you imagine if your entire life became one long traffic jam?

    The fans that wear actors out arent the ones that love the show – love the actor – show up to signing events or charity event or write letters or even scream when they see the actor…its the mob that will surround you and will shove and grab and hurt you in their individual efforts to get you to notice them. Its the ones that ruin an actors ability to be a human…like when your lover takes you to a restaurant and leans across to tell you that they think they might be falling for you…suddenly a fan thrusts themselves inbetween you both and yells Hey arent you____!

    Stop insisting that this bad behaviour is not abuse or else I am going to show up at your house one day – photograph your family – spread your garbage all over your lawn looking for secrets, and then when you complain I’m going to justify my actions by claiming if you didnt want my attentions then you should have known better than to have posted anything on any public blogs & websites. you obviouly wanted to be noticed and now you have been – suck it up.

    (Kidding – but thats what you are in effect justifying when you claim actors should endure the bad behaviour of their fans – No human regardless of their job should be treated like they have no right to be human to not be perfect, to have privacy.)

    Besides – its not like you can walk away…
    Once you are interesting to people the media will follow you. so even if a famous actor quit they would have a huge flood of angry fans screaming at them for years. But with no paycheck to make it bearable.

    Done with the rant now….

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